• Published 12th Oct 2012
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CMC in our world - Snowkiss Windstorm

Something went wrong, and now I don't know what to do. Are they really who I think they are?

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Chapter 1

- I guess I just wasn't used to horses -

It had been in the making for 5 years now. That did not include the many years of planning and preparing before. The 5 years just included the building of the 'Gate.' I was one of the scientists on the 15 person team that had full access to the project. It was kept a secret, there were guards on level 1 of the facility and they knew nothing of the project. The Director called it ‘Project Star Reacher.’ It was a gate to the stars. A gate to the center of the known universe. It was exciting work, even the first small explosion that destroyed one-fourth of our plans was pretty neat.

This night, like most nights, I was working late. I sat in the observatory looking down at the workroom. There were large, shatter proof windows aimed down to see the workroom more clearly. Computer screens and scans hummed at the back of the large room. 40 to 50 Scans were always on, charting one thing or another. Many traced the Gate and its surrounding matter. Some even traced the Sun’s energy and the weather some 80 miles above me. The Director, Agent Manilen Roe, was very thorough about this project.

I sat at one of the many work desks in front of the windows. If you were to ask why I was on this team, I would have to say that I haven’t the slightest idea. My husband got me the job, I’m still not sure he knew what he was doing. You see, this team is made up of engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and a few combat savvy personnel. I am a Zoologist. My husband told me Agent Roe “Owed him a favor.” He knew that with this type of job, we would be set for life. Plus, the team always needed someone to do the paperwork, which I am always happy to do.

The computers hummed and some of the lights were dimmed as I wrote on the papers in front of me. I loved these lonely nights, sitting in my own thoughts, it was at least better than my lonely home...

Beep... One of the scanners called across the silent room. I nearly fell out of my chair.

“That was abnormal.” I had a habit of speaking my thoughts out loud when I’m alone, it helps me to focus when I’m with my thoughts.

Beep... Beep... Skkkrrrrrrrr... Beep... It was in the far corner. I hopped up from the chair and ran over to it. It was a black screen with lines of commands and numbers and symbols of green on it. I looked at the number of the scanner, 18. I had learned a few important things working here, this scanner pertained to inside the Gate.

“Hey, is everything okay? I thought I heard something...” Greg, the only other team member to stay late, popped his head into the room. His black framed glasses hung loosely to his face and his brown hair was in a tassel. He must have been asleep.

“Yeah... CPU scan 18 is making noises and the screen...” He quickly brushed me aside with a grumble. When it came to about everything, I was useless. Well, except the paperwork.

Greg began typing commands. He pushed up his glasses, showing that whatever was on the screen was already stressing him. Other scans started to call out too, he looked over to them and quickly started to hop from one to the other. I began to back up, letting him have all the room he could get. I had learned that here too. Soon I was back to the desk I had was originally working at. I watched him frantically when something caught the corner of my eye. I turned to look into the workroom. The Gate, a large steel hollow ring held up by a platform, had begun to glow at the edges. The glow seemed to changed from one spectrum to the next, going through the whole rainbow within a few seconds. Soon the middle of the ring, which before you could just walk under, was now black and pulsed in and out of itself, like rain drops falling onto a black water surface.

“Greg...” I continued to look into the blackness.

“I know...” He said behind me.

“The Gate is working... the scans say something is trying to come through..” I could still hear typing behind me.

“Come through... from where?” The black water seemed to move more rapidly, making waves instead of ripples.

“Get a Guns...” I said without looking back. I heard Greg quickly get up and leave. He was always the retreating type. I watched as the water moved, and I quickly ran to the door at the front of the observatory. I pushed open the door and ran down the flight of stairs. I pushed open another door and I was standing just to the side of the Gate.

The glow came with a hum, a different pitch for each color. With some odd logic, each pitch and color seemed to match perfectly. I slowly started to walk to the front of the Gate. I could hear the water, only it didn't sound like fierce waves. It sounded more like objects being smashed together, with bangs and clashes happening every time a wave hit another. It hurt my ears and caused an instant headache. I put my hands over my ears and stumbled to the floor. The water became louder and moved more violently. As I pushed myself against the wall in front of the Gate, the noise seemed to penetrate my body, making it's way into my very core. I was surrounded by it, swimming in it. It hurt like I was falling and being torn outwards at the same time. Tears ran down my face, only to be pushed away by the noise. I felt like my very atoms were being pulled away from me, one by one. I looked up at the black, the water vibrating.

Then it stopped. The noise, the water, the pain; it all stopped. I looked at the black Gate, a white light forming at the center. The light grew bigger and bigger and bigger. It flashed into my eyes, causing a quick, stinging pain one last time. My hands drew to my eyes and my face fell to the floor. I cried out as the pain lasted only for a moment. Once it was gone, I slowly opened my eyes, to see the ground. It took only a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I turned my head towards the Gate and saw...

Hooves. 3 sets of 4 hooves. Greg did say something was trying to come through the Gate. I was struck with fear. I was laying on the floor, scared and hurt, with something with hooves standing in front of me.

Were they hostile? Would they understand me? Do they eat humanoids? Those were just some of the questions running through my mind at the moment. All the years of watching B rated horror movies came back to me at that moment.

Slowly, I moved my head up with my body. They were... horses, no bigger than newborns. Their coats were like any filly's, nothing too different, except the colors. The one in the front had a palomino coat with vivid yellow eyes. To the right was a filly with a beautiful pure white coat, her eyes an almost see-through green. The one to the left's coat was such a strange red it was practically orange. Her eyes looked blue, or maybe a purple? The middle one had a mane of wonderful red, the orange filly’s hair was... pink... and the white one's mane...

“Oh my god...” Ten years. Ten years since I had last seen...

Bang Bang Bang! “Katherine? Katherine, are you okay? I can’t see you!” It was Greg. He must have been banging on one of the windows, which must have meant the electric doors were jammed, probably from the burst of light from earlier. That would mean the Cameras were down too. I looked into each of the filly's eyes. They looked just like any filly you would see on earth. I looked at the white one’s horn and the orange one’s wings. I thought of where they were.

“This is perfect! This is excellent! Take the white one and winged one, dispose of the mutant in the middle." That’s what Roe would do. I thought of Bengal Tigers being killed for their skin and their bones in false medications. I thought of Rhinos being killed for the “magic” in their horns. I thought of all the tests and experiments and operations. If they really were who I thought they were, they wouldn't survive a day here.

“Katherine? I’m going to try to bring the power back on. Don’t worry, I’m coming!” I heard Greg walk away from the window. I knew I only had a short amount of time before he got the door open. I stood up and looked at the fillies.

“If you want to live, come with me.” I turned and started to walk away. I didn't hear any hoof movement, so I turned to face them again. They stood there, looking at me. Their eyes were human, but their faces were emotionless.

“Please?” I begged. I could feel tears come up to my eyes.

What if they couldn't understand me? What if they now had the minds of a horse? A tear ran down my cheek. I didn't want to see them die, even if they weren't who I thought.

“Please girls?” It was a force of habit. They looked at each other. The white unicorn took a step closer. I smiled and nodded my head. She took a few more steps. Now the tears were falling, I knew we didn't have much time. Then the palomino began to follow as well.

Wwwhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... The power was coming back on. I heard the click of the first door being opened, signaling that Greg would be here soon.

“Girls, now!” I turned and ran down a long hallway. I felt a huge wave of relief when I heard hooves run after me.

“Into this closest, quickly.” I shuffled them into the abandoned closet. Just before I closed the door I looked into the eyes of each one and prayed that they understood what I was doing.

I ran back to the front of the hall and smacked into Greg's forehead, causing us both to fall to the ground.

“Ohhhh...” He had hit my head hard, causing the headache to come back, though not as severe as before.

“Oh my god, Katherine, I’m so sorry! Are you hurt?” Greg asked as he and the guard, aka Guns, helped me off the floor.

“Yeah I’m fine, just a bit of a headache.” As soon as I said that I regretted it.

“A headache, oh, that could mean a concussion. We should get you out of here and—”

“NO!” I pushed his hands away and stood defensively. Guns gripped his weapon tighter as Greg looked at me in shock. I looked at him and smiled nervously.

“I’m sorry. I just know that this job is not... well, if I were to cause any trouble after something like this, I just know I would get fired, you know?” Greg looked at me, then nodded his head.

“You’re right, and then I wouldn't have to fill out any paperwork...” I knew that his laziness would get him.

“But what if she died tonight? Wouldn't that be bad for the Company?” Guns asked. He must have been about 20, and he had a dull way about him. I doubted he even knew what a concussion was. I looked at Greg, and I could tell he started to think.

“Greg, you’re a doctor, right?” I hinted to him.

“I am?” He looked at Guns, who now seemed more annoyed than worried.

“I mean, of course I am. Mister- I mean Doctor Greg here.” He seemed nervous out of his mind, like the lie would get him shot.

“Why don’t you check my head, Doctor Greg.” I grabbed his hand and yanked it to my head. He looked shocked at first, but then began to play along. As he felt the back of my head I noticed he seemed to like my hair. Then he started to feel my neck.

“Ooh, okay there, Doctor.” I stepped back.

“Are you sure you feel alright? Maybe I should check your vital organs.” He looked like such a pervert.

“Well... I guess I should go call the Director, tell her all about this.” Guns looked around awkwardly, trying to step away without just leaving.

“You should join him, Greg... I think I saw some paperwork fly back there...” I pointed to the back of the hall.

Guns and Greg started to walk back up the stairs.

“You should of let me look up her shirt...” Greg said to Guns, who then blushed a feverish red.

I waited until I heard the faint click of the first door before I walked calmly over to the closest. I had the strangest thought that maybe I had hit my head and the 3 fillies were not even going to be in there. The thought past as I opened the door. They were all laying on the ground, legs tucked underneath them. The orange one was the first one up, taking a battle stance in front of the other two. They all looked up, the white one’s eyes seemed to be watery. I hoped that it was from dirt.

“Okay, um, come with me?” I still hadn't figured out if they were who they looked like or if they were normal fillies. I had this strange feeling every time I looked into those human eyes on those horse faces. It was an abnormal feeling, but seemed to fit perfectly. The orange one just stood there, ready to attack at any threat I would make. Before the orange one could succeed in killing me, however, the Palomino stood up and walked over to me, past the Pegasus. She looked up to look into my eyes. I thought of it as soul searching, her horse body the only thing making me think otherwise. After a few seconds of intense eye staring though, she turned and looked at the other two. The white one got up and the orange one relaxed, or at least stopped looking like it was going to kill me.

“I need you girls to follow me very precisely. I don’t want any cameras seeing you...” I almost laughed. I was talking to horses. This was going to be interesting night.

As I walked them out of the complex, we walked at the very edge of every hallway and room, making sure that we were out of camera sight. The real problem, however, were their hooves. I would turn to tell them to be quiet, only to stop myself. The faint click click click on the floors drove me crazy. I guess I just wasn't used to horses. Finally we made it to the car garage. I looked around. No Guns seemed to be around, most likely off sleeping somewhere. I never said that this place was perfect, even for what we were trying to do down the levels.

I turned to face the three fillies following me. They looked back at me, sweat on their skin-tight coats. I noticed for the first time just how chiseled their bodies were. The muscles hugged their skin tight and sweat beamed from the curves of their bodies. Horse bodies, human eyes. Still gave me chills if I looked at both at once.

I put my hands up, showing I wanted them to stay here. I started to walk away from the fillies and, luckily, didn't hear any clicks behind me. I pulled out my Duran-go and parked it in front of them. I opened the trunk and padded the inside, signaling I wanted them to get in. I’m sure that their eyes grew in shock.

Was it the car? Did I do a secret code? Would they leave me? All these weird things ran through my head when I felt something soft nudge my hand. I looked down to see the horned white one looking up at me. She then walked over to the trunk and put her head on the footstool. It was too high for them, they needed help up!

I picked up the white one like you would a newborn baby. She was soft, like very fine velvet. Her fur was short, almost to her skin. As I moved her up to the car I saw that her under skin was a light pink.

Next I picked up the Palomino. Her hair was rough, like it had seen a lot of damage. It was a little dull with some flakes, her skin being a darker pink.

I went over grab to Pegasus, only to have her do a battle stance again. Her ears twitched with her tail. I could just imagine what was going through her head right now. I heard a door open and looked around. I couldn't see them at the moment, but I could hear the Guns talking in the distance. Coffee break was over, it would be soon enough that they would see my car and ask questions. I moved towards the filly, but she opened her wings, which made me freeze in place. Her wings were like Owl wings, they made no noise as they opened, and the bones and muscles were beautiful. I stood still and I could see that if she could fly away, she would. If... I smiled. Hopefully the show was accurate.

I ran to the pony and quickly scooped up her body with her legs flaring. I put her in the car and grabbed the lid.

“You'll have to try harder than that! I've had harder times with bunnies.” I smiled as I closed the lid. I quickly got into the driver's side and looked back at them. I smiled. They had taken a blanket and put it on top of themselves. I was about to say the same idea.

I started the car and pulled up to the gate, swiped my card, and was out before the Guns made it back to their post. I smiled and showed that I wouldn't tattle on them. Once I saw them wave in my back view mirror, I sighed. I was very very tired... and my headache was back.