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I'm a jackoftrades, pilot, hobby engineer, writer, philosopher of the creed: The truth is absolute & unchanging, so seek the truths that change for no one & you'll find the truths worth holding on to.

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Forgive me that this is long overdue, though better late then never, I wish to thank the group Under-Rated for choosing to feature two of my stories in their group. you can find the link to them in War of the Pegasus Tribe and In Another Pony's Hooves.

It would also seem I owe my thanks to the groups:
Filly 5
Fluttershy's Library
Cadence's Library

All of whom having chosen to feature The Sisters of Loyalty in their groups.

To everyone that thought one of my stories was worth sharing, I am truly grateful, Thank you. :scootangel:


Yeah, considering that Scoots can be seen air braking since show stoppers and cutie mark chronicles that's a bit of inference on your part.

As far as perceiving the shows timeline. To each his own. I like presume that each session happened more or less in order. However, you are perfectly correct in noticing that there's no evidence that hearths warming eve (session 2) can't have occured before winter wrap up (session 1).

To me part of the point of 'Grand design story telling' is that the larger story is playing 'in the background' and thus isn't necessary to enjoying any give story that just so happens to be tied to the larger one. Much like how the gala itself stand on its own even though it's the culmination of the larger story that wove through ticket master, dressed for success, and sonic rainboom. I look at it more like a bonus story to those observant enough to see the thread that ties the stories together.

If anything I'd probably throw a notice in the author's notes on the first chapter of a story that's meant to be on its own, away from my standard lore universe. Otherwise it's probably better to just assume that most of my stories happen in the same universe (whether they are relevant to any give larger story or not.). Hope that helps.

876199 Huh I figured To deny Thyself was set a bit into When Wings are Earned when Scoots flared her wings to slow down, but I guess that's kind weak to base everything on.

As for your stories timeline vs the shows timeline, I have no idea... The shows goes something like Nightmare Moon -> Gala -> Discord -> Wedding -> Crystal Empire -> Twilycorn -> Equestria Girls -> Tree of Harmony, any more than that I don't care to remember. I don't really think of the shows timeline as a line, I mean some clearly are before or after another but the rest can be whenever.

Also I like the 'Grand design story telling' concept, but it would be nice if it was mentioned in the description of the stories. If you did that I think your readers will be more likely to check out your other stories. I almost left after reading When the Sky Isn't High Enough, luckily it felt like there was something more and I checked to be sure.


I'm a fan of what I call 'grand design story telling' that is to have a larger story playing out in the background of smaller otherwise self contained stories. Much like the grand galloping gala arch or the crusaders continuing quest to find their place in life.

As a result most (but not all) of my stories tend to follow the same lore timeline/universe.

If you wanted a timeline of when the current stories played out in my head it would look something like this:

Most of To Deny Thyself: mid session 2, ending after session 3 (most of the story only acknowledges events up to ponyville confidential. only the events 'one year later' acknowledge anything later)

Most of When Wings are Earned: late session 3 (as can be seen, even the beginning acknowledges sleepless in ponyville. However, the story technically has an infinite time laps allowing any amount of time to pass between the bulk of the story and ending.)

When the Sky Isn't High Enough: late or after session 3, (as the events near the beginning of When Wings are Earned are acknowledged but Scootaloo still hasn't learned to fly yet.)

Hey, I'm liking the stories and I can't wait for the next one (or one of those epic stories you were talking about).

There is just one thing, your stories are connected right? With When Wings are earned as a base and the others taking place during or slightly after it. If so you might want to mention it, I mean they stand on their own but I like when there's a universe behind the stories.

Also you might want to find a proofreader, I would volunteer but I might miss all of the mistakes :twilightblush:.

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