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I'm a jackoftrades, pilot, hobby engineer, writer, philosopher of the creed: The truth is absolute & unchanging, so seek the truths that change for no one & you'll find the truths worth holding on to.

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Ten years ago Equestria fell into ruin and anarchy consumed the land. Many chose wicked ways to survive. But despite the hazards of the wastelands, some good ponies seek to rebuild from the ashes.

Chapters (12)

In a nation enthralled by the dawn of engineering, a young courier engineer and her airplane are hired for a simple delivery. But that delivery soon leads her and her friends down the path of adventures greater than any of them had wanted.

Special Thanks to AugieDog for editing.

Chapters (25)

Rumble needs somepony to help him train for an upcoming race. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are having an argument over Dash’s training style, resulting in Fluttershy agreeing to train Rumble.

But can Fluttershy's kinder approach get the results needed to help Rumble?

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash finds herself trapped in another world. A world that her family apparently has a history with. But just what will it take to find a way home?

Tag note: Oh hey, new tags. tags edited on: 1/5/2018

Chapters (15)

It was the first time Rainbow Dash asked for Scootaloo's help with something, and it turned into a disaster.

Chapters (1)

With her friends out of town for the holiday it's looking like Scootaloo will have a very lonely Hearth's Warming Eve. As fate would have it her honorary big sister is having a similar problem.

Chapters (1)

Of the many timelines Starlight Glimmer created, even if they only existed for a moment, many stories could be told. This is one of them.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to In Another Pony’s Hooves

Scootaloo has always had secrets in her family. Secrets that she has diligently kept for quite some time. But all that changes when an unexpected chain of events drags her best friends into the side of her life she's always kept secret from them.

This is a sequel to In Another Pony's Hooves, and placed several months after it, though reading it isn't required to understand what's going on here it does help set the stage.

A special thanks to Gadgetphile for editing.

Chapters (5)

Twilight and friends wake up one day only to find out they aren't really themselves, but robots build in their likeness. On top of that they were built to help put an end to a war.

Mega Man X style story using ponies.

Chapters (9)

Following the events of nightmare night Luna sets out to find her place in a world that's changes so much in her 1000 years away. Her efforts soon lead her to find that there are dark forces working to shape the future of Equestria.

Tag notice: teen and dark ratings are solely for the last chapter, the rest is more or less general audience.

Chapters (7)
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