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Rainbow Dash finds herself trapped in another world. A world that her family apparently has a history with. But just what will it take to find a way home?

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I wonder what happened to the mirror world's alicorns.

I wonder when in the timeline this is set, seeing as how Twilight's still a unicorn.


I had two theories as to them but here's the clue from the story that hints at one of the answers "eventually becoming an army capable of challenging the throne itself."

As for the timeline it would have to be late session 3, after sleepless in ponyville as proven by Scoots but before the end of session 3 when twi becomes an alicorn.


Lightning will be excellent weapons of destruction.

i think Rainbow will become an even greater legend then Lightning. He only told them to fight for themselves she is gonna TEACH them how.

Thus Lightning Dash's greatest error. NO TELLING ANY PONY! So if it happened again the ponies will be unable to prepare or assist..


Perhaps not his wisest decision. But being a 300-year old event, the exact reasons and circumstances of that decision have long since been lost to time.

Okay this Twilight is really messed up to make demons of those ponies and poor Bloom. i serious hope they are all alive.

and again more confirmation the Summoner is Twilight's counterpart.

Figures that world it be Pinkemena

Yeah, at this point, it seems safe to admit that this is the 'X ends up in a shadow world where they have to fight evil versions of their friends' type of story. (Or mirror world as you seem to call it.)

dang the Apple family is screwed in that universe.


I had only really thought about the families of three of the shadow world main six when I scripted the story.

And being token trivia I see no harm talking about it here, so of the three I considered…

If it’s any consolation, only the Ponyton branch of the shadow world Apple family was whipped out. I have no reason to presume anything bad happened to the shadow world Brabern or Babs or the rest of the extended family.

As for the shadow world Dash family, the genes for rainbow manes were whipped out 300 years ago. So it was impossible for the shadow world to make shadow world Dash in the first place, so they were never born to begin with.

And yeah, Sweet Chime is the sole survivor or the shadow world Rarity family.

As for the three families I hadn't thought about before, hm... let’s see...

Given that Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie's families live in different towns, I see no reason to assume their shadow world versions were caught up in the demon ponies overthrow of Ponyton, so we can say those got out of it alive.

Seeing as Twilight’s family lives in Canterlot and the shadow world Canterlot is a ruin I’d say we can assume they didn’t survive the Dark Summoner’s takeover.

So why is Fluttershy's counterpart look like her When the rest had different colors?


There are two factors in that.

First, the demonponies are aware of their otherworldly selves.

Second, demonponies can use dye and color changing magic, just like anypony else.

As for the why, demon-Fluttershy figured it would be an advantage to look like the Fluttershy from Dash’s world, as the surprise factor would get her to look at her long enough for ‘the stare’ to take hold. Also she thought it would be cruel to make Dash fight an exact copy of her friend.

Good job so far! I'm really enjoying this story! :twilightsmile:


Thank you. It's always nice to know when I've amused some one.

Here's hoping that the rest also entertains. :scootangel:


Yeah, she didn't exactly plan on something interrupting the stare so the paladin could act on the resulting righteous indignation.

So that dark world is screwed still the best defenses are gone with the mane 6 couterparts dead. And where are the alicorn Coutnerparts, see no hint of them. So many unanswered questions.

As for Dark Twilight she had some points. Something Dash should have passed on to the Sky Knights. When the wrogn way and if she was smart would realize what a mistake it was.

this story just left so many unanswered questions is the only real fault for the whole thing.

This was pretty well written, I really did enjoy it! Great job! :twilightsmile:


Thank you again for the kind words. :scootangel:


Hence the dark tag, not everything is 'okay' for everyone in the end. The shadow world ponies still have a lot to do before they can really say things are good.

That said, what makes you think that Dash didn't pass along what she learned fighting the Dark Summoner? She had plenty of off camera time with the Sky Knights on the way back to Liberty Castle.

Not to mention the Sky Knights did take most of the Summoners books when they raided the stronghold, I really don't think they took the time to make sure that they were only taking spell books, so who's to say they didn't end up with the Summoner's personal journal too?

As for the shadow world's alicorns, if you still want to know my exact thoughts on that, I'll add it to my usual post story blog post.

Anyway, thank you for thoughts and keeping me company with your frequent posts as I was editing/posting the story.

The unanswered questions demand a sequel. :pinkiecrazy: :twilightangry2:


What unanswered questions did you have? :rainbowhuh:

And I scripted a sequel long before I actually started typing this up. Well, scripted half of it anyway. I planed out the second half but never really planed what led up to the final battle and ending.

Not to mention depending on what you want to know, it might make more since to do a prequel/write up one of Lighting Dash's adventures to answer said questions.

I might not always agree with you but when I do it's with great gusto! Especially in this case cause unless a good reason can be provided for him not doing so Lightning Dash's choice not to tell is practically criminal in several major ways.


The short version would be:

Knowledge of the unknown breeds curiosity, curiosity breeds experimentation.

That and someone understood that there would always be unicorns like starlight glimmer around (reckless, powerful and of questionable ethics,) and that the easiest way to keep the words from interfering with each other was to not tempt them to figure out how to make portals to the other word.

“…Oh one more thing. Watch out for the couch.”

Oh great. Evil Rarity Time!

“When the overlords took over the town for the Summoner they killed a lot of ponies,” Sweet Chime said. “But the first to go were their families. I just know that the Bloodsmith would have killed me along with mom and dad if I hadn’t already run away and come here by then.” With the slow shake of her head she added, “But Gloomy didn’t listen, she stayed with her family and trusted her sister… or what she thought was her sister anyway. So when those demons took over they-they…”

well all the more reason to kill the Demon 5(6?)!

Sequel please! 8/10 story!

please write the sequel as quickly as possible

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