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I'm a jackoftrades, pilot, hobby engineer, writer, philosopher of the creed: The truth is absolute & unchanging, so seek the truths that change for no one & you'll find the truths worth holding on to.


Pergasi are creatures of the sky. But what happens when one flies as high as they can only to find themselves still longing to fly higher? With a little help from the most unlikely of sources one young pegasus will find out.

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Awesome story, well done. I love Light Seeker and his rocket packs, I can totally see him sending rocket cameras up to get pictures of the sky. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Luna and Celestia come to visit and find out who was up above the sky. :scootangel:


Thank you. You are actually the first person to give me any feedback on how well/poorly I did writing any of my own characters. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I'm truly glad that Light Seeker came across as a well written character to you. :scootangel:

Keeper of time RD:
Your avatar photo thing is my iPad screen saver. Love that pic! :scootangel:

That was a fun story. I enjoyed reading it.

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