• Published 12th Oct 2012
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CMC in our world - Snowkiss Windstorm

Something went wrong, and now I don't know what to do. Are they really who I think they are?

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Chapter 2

I stared at the Computer screen. I couldn’t just type in anything, I knew they were watching everything the Team did.

“I’m sooo......” I yawned before I could finish.

“Tired.” I blinked my eyes a couple of times. I decided to get up and check on the fillies. I sat up from the leather couch, stretched my legs, and started to walk to the stairs. I walked through a hall full of pictures. We all smiled. We were happy. I walked up the stairs to the second door down the hall. The first door I past was closed, and It had been a while since I last slept in it. I didn’t bother to look in there, it always hurt too much. The second door was slightly opened, it made more noise that way. I looking through the little crack. The fillies were sleeping on the beds in there. The orange one slept on the pink bed closest to the door on her tummy. I know she probably tried so hard to keep watch, but in the end she fell asleep. The two others were fast asleep on the blue childrens bed. The yellow one had the covers over her while the white one lay on her back, legs up in the air almost. It was strange to see, giving me those chills again. I stepped into the room. Silly fairies of pink and purple lined one side of the wall while dragons and knights lined the other. This room made me sad, but seeing the fillies lay there seemed to add a new... brightness to the room, a brightness I had not felt in a very long time.

The Sun was barely coming up, slowly it crawled up the valley. I yawned. I left the room, closing the door all the way. I walked back down the stairs and slumped on the couch. The lights seemed to fade around me as I slowly gave way to sleep...

Thump... Honey, can you see what the girls are doing...

Thump.... Honey....


Thump. thump. thump. thump.

I woke up to that noise. It was loud and many. I sat up from the couch. How long had I been out?

It was coming from a room upstairs. I got up and ran through the hall and up the stairs. I walked past the first door, deep pain coming to my belly. I walked and opened the Second door. I saw the fillies were awake and hopping about. Well, trotting about, I’m so glad they weren’t actually hopping. They saw me and got even more excited. The yellow one ran behind me and pushed me forward. I was led up to the window that stood opposite to the door. They pointed their noses at the window. I didn’t understand.

“ The sun? What about it?” I looked out the window. The Sun was just over the Valley and you could see it perfectly. Over the line of pine trees and right in between the 2 large hills that formed the valley. It had been a while since I looked at the sun over the Valley. It seemed more beautiful than what I remember.

The fillies continued to stomp their hooves and point to the sky. I stuck my head out the window, looking around. No Airplanes, no people... what were they so excited about?

“I wish you guys could talk... I have no idea what you want.” I said aloud as usual. The stomping slowly subsided. I turned about to see them looking at me.

“What?” I asked, more out of habit than questioning. They looked at each other, then back at me. Finally the yellow filly with reddish hair walked up to the window, and like a great dane she plopped her hooves onto the windowsill. She did it with ease, which sent a chill down me again. it wasn’t normal in our world. Our world, I couldn’t help but giggle at my wording. The Palomino didn’t seem to notice. She pointed her nose at the sky again.

I looked at the sun. It was normal.

“Princess.” I flew back and fell onto the blue bed. I looked at the yellow pony.

“How.... but.... no....” Was all I could manage to slip out. I looked at her, then at the other two ponies. Could they really.... talk?

“No... I did hit my head. You guys are not even really here, right?” My brain didn’t seem to understand. My mind wouldn’t let me. Those chills turned into pain, a headache and my tummy began to swirl. This can’t be... The white one walked up to me. She nuzzled my hand and guided it over her head.

“You are real... but...”

“We are scared too.” The white one’s mouth moved, just like a humans. Her lips were horses, but they were very close to human lips. Horse could make many noises, why not talk?

“Vocal cords... Humans have very advanced ones, but they are smaller than a horses, they could easily fit in your guys bodies.” I looked up to see that they had not been listening, but instead were looking at the sun.


“Ohhh... Umm... That’s not Princess Celestia.” Their heads snapped back to me.

“How do you know her name?” the Orange one looked at me with purple eyes. It had been so dark before that I hadn’t noticed, but her hair was a dark purple as well. Not a blackish blue as I thought before.

“MLP:FIM.” I covered my mouth after I said it. It came so naturally to me.

“My Little Person: Fear In Multitude? like the show?” Her lips moved with ease, my headache eased up a bit.

“What? I mean My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” There was a pause. We looked at each other, trying to understand everything. Finally I sighed.

“My name is Katherine Millers. I... um... I saved you.” I didn’t know what else to say. I looked at them, waiting.

“My name is Applebloom.” The Palomino spoke, her mouth moving awkwardly to match her southern drawl.

“I’m Sweetie Bell. It’s nice to meet you.” Said the white unicorn, bowing down to show respect.

“Your name it weird. I’m Scootaloo.” She gave an epic stance to show me just how awesome she must be.

“It’s nice to meet you all, now to explain how-” I was cut off but a knock at my front door. I froze. Who could that possibly be? Then I remembered... I had work today.

“Oh god..” I quickly left the room and slammed the door behind me. I ran down the stairs and stopped at the front door. I quickly flattened my hair and checked my clothes. The knocking came again. I took in a deep breath, then opened the door.

“Oh... Hi Agent Roe.”

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