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A not so average unit armorer in the US Army. Also the hazmat, ammo handler, fueler, and occasionally mechanic Edit: Soon to be medically retired. Waiting to die


War. Noun. (1) : a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

"Soldiers are always preparing to fight the previous war" is a saying that is common amongst those of military profession. Equestria has not seen a war on her own soil in several hundred years. As such, would she be prepared for when such a thing happens? Of course not.

Battling the griffons and the minotaurs has been a challenge due to lack of experience. Fortunately, her armies adapted and started to hold her own. That was, until Tirek returned and aided in the fight to defeat Equestria. To keep his friends safe, Discord successfully defeated Tirek and sealed him away. The cost of fighting Tirek? Dying. Knowing that he would die, Discord summoned several creatures to protect his friends. These creatures, never seen before in Equestria, are very familiar with the concept of war.

Author's Note: I have deployed so updates won't exactly be plentiful. I'll definitely try to put them out but I'm pretty busy.

Author's Note V2: Deployment is done.

Author's Note V3: Gearing up for the next deployment, busy again.

Author's Note V4: Not deploying with unit, got run over by a car while walking

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*squees from pure unadultered excitement at seeing the author*:pinkiecrazy:

I'm gonna take a guess and say you're a fan of my previous story and you're excited because it has been a while, right? If so, I have been quite busy with my military career to do much.

I know. Not sure if you recognize this name, but previously my name was Wild Balance.

And i do remember an authors note that said something about military and time... can't remember quite what it was about but it was probably about you military career or something. It's been a while since i last read something from you:twilightsheepish:

No i meant to say wow!

He lives. Good to see you back battle. 11B here

Boom headshot!

*passes out from excitement*

Following for now. Waiting to see where this goes.


I'll admit, the only reason I am writing this is because the title of your story is the same as the awesome song of Children Of Bodom "If you want peace, prepare for war".

With that in mind, I'll give your story a read and tell you my opinion on your story.

Kudos to you for making a direct reference to the CoB band.

it looks like it has a nice story to it but one thing i have noticed in my time here is stories that start with a single chapter and already have a large number of tags end up being shit. just a word of caution, no harm intended

I must say I like it so far. Great job.(FYI .If you need any help with gun descriptions or guns in general. cantact me!)


I'm good with gun descriptions

I know, just in case you need help though.

What exactly does "soldiers are always preparing to fight the previous war" mean?


A lot of people in the military, myself included, say that we are always preparing to fight the previous war because it's impossible to completely prepare for the next war since it hasn't happened yet so we practice with situations from previous wars. The most extreme case of this was in WWI. At the start of the war, the British and the French did not believe that the machine gun would be a good investment and that artillery would not be of much use. Oh boy, were they incredibly wrong as their first engagements resulted in many casualties.

My favorite example of this phrase is the fact that cavalry during WWI would charge into battle, swords raised... Against machine guns.

This is awesom god bless the marine corps!

Sir that is no sniper, that by description of damage sound and look. Is a AMR anti-mineral rifle most like a Berret 50 cal of some variation. In short that gun punches through stone.

Yeah and now mech weapons are being made and we will be using out dated tactics again.


Nope. Not a .50 cal. From personnel experience, those things are just about the most annoying things to lug around.

I'd beg to differ. The US military uses the semi-automatic Barrett M82

And in it's glove hands was an absolutely massive bolt action rifle. The rifle's stock was made of a grey laminated wood stock and was absolutely void of all damage while it also featured the largest rifle scope that Scootaloo had ever seen. It had a few other minor bits like a bipod and a sling but that didn't really change how imposing it was.

If it was a .50 and bolt action like the text says, it would be the Barrett M98. I'd say the rifle would be more around the 7.62x51 NATO round than a .50 BMG. And as a bolt-action rifle, it defiantly sounds more like either an M40A1/A3, or the Remington 700. More likely the Remington 700 as it replaced the M40 for the most part.

Si vis pacem para bellum.
Humans are no strangers to war. After all, we've been fighting for as long as we can remember. War is all we know.

Pretty good, just don't forget your punctuation within your quotations marks. And I'm curious as to why you went with the UCP pattern, as that is being phased out. The issue now is OCP. OCP


I went with the UCP because I am more familiar with it than OCP. While I do wear the OCP pattern every now and then, I tend to wear the digitals more often. Also, all of my ta50 gear is in UCP and mix-matched camo tends to hurt my soul.

On the whole punctuation thing. Pls halp. Writing dialogue is one of my weaknesses with the English language as it wasn't my 1st language.

Ah ok, I see. Yea, same here. Imagine my dismay at being issued everything in OCP/Coyote Brown then getting to my duty station and all my ta-50 is freakin UCP/Foilage Green. Gah, I'm slowly acquiring everything in OCP that we use often in fields and such, as I know CIF turn in fucking sucks.

As for your dialog woes, here are 5 basic guiding rules that if you follow, will make your dialouge flow better: http://www.novel-writing-help.com/punctuating-dialogue.html

And if I may ask, what is your MOS? I don't meet too many military bronies on here, let alone ones in the same branch.

Well, I'm a 92f (Petroleum Fuel Specialist). We're also known as fuelers, people who never do our own jobs but always everyone else's. Right now, I'm with an Air Defense Artillery unit.

You might get a kick out of this. A few of the companies here still has Bofors autocannons from the WWII.

Well that sounds about right. I'm a 12N, Horizontal Construction Engineer. I'm in a Combat Engineer company though so all of my shit goes out the window. I have no idea how to do any of the shit I'm supposed to do, so it's gonna suck when I go tk an actual construction unit.

And thats pretty cool, I would have never guessed they would have kept those.


I get what you mean. They have me doing a bit of everything.

They have me as an ammo handler, an armorer, the fueler(yep), one of the NBC personnel, and a bus driver

This has to be one of the few fics in which Equestria gets fucked over for being peaceful Doris love g. I wonder where the mane six are, and Celestia feels about getting fucked over so badly.

Could anyone point me in the direction of fics like this, where Equestria gets majorly fucked over in war?

So far it only seems like there's one soldier, I'm not sure how much one person could do, unless he was at the top designing weapons and planning strategic movements.

But whether he is at the front, the back or a bit of both I'll enjoy this fic because I love both types of story.

Now that I think about it, how bad is Equestria's situation if they're willing to send in children? It's like the end of WWII were Nazi Germany was doing the same thing; it lost so many men that it resorted to using child soldiers.

As a former Usmc infantry man, all I can do is lmao! And say yup! Really like this so far. Definitely tracking it.

Do you have the others planned or are you taking recruits?

I like it, please continue!

5th Guards Division, clearly some Russian inspiration as the Guard Divisions are the best of the best, also I bet that Rainbow Dash is going to encounter either MIGs, Suhokois, Vipers, Eagles, Eurofighters, Raptors, Rafales, or Tornados enroute. Or better yet, Warthogs something that can laugh at gunfire and then turn shit into a varying degrees of dead.

I like the sniper rifle.

But i have to ask... have you ever shot a 50. Cal?

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