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Who am I? Where am I? What am I? All perfectly valid questions, especially if you wake up with no memory, no voice, and being poked by a member of the CMC. Patches is a pony with a hidden past, and an ugly hide. His origins are unknown, and possibly just as scary as his looks. Three young fillies help him discover the truth behind his horrible appearance and his mysterious cutie mark.

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A little something that I woke up with in my head, and had to write down. its a short story for now, but I plan to come back an add more chapters. Yes, its a spin on a classic, the Frankenstein monster:pinkiesick:, but brought to the bright land of friendly ponies. Expect some soul searching, friend making, and alotta scared adult ponies freaking out.:pinkiegasp:

Bonus points if you can guess the cultural references. :coolphoto:

Oh, and looking for someone to make a nice image for the story! (please?:applecry:)

Looks good.
Will be looking forward to more.

good i will favorite this and aaaaaaaaaaww was actually thinking of writing a frankenstein story why am i always so slow at these things lol, well good keep writing i might enjoy this story far more than i should

I quite enjoyed this first chapter, and am looking forward to reading more.

Flankenstein. Well played. Anyway, I look forward to reading more.:pinkiehappy:

I wonder how Rarity would react to his patched clothes :rainbowlaugh:

Ponies don't usually wear clothes.:ajbemused:

That's his hide, face, body, ect...:duck:

Good news everyone!:derpytongue2:

Oh, yes.. the news. Well I got the inspiration to work on the next chapter even sooner than planned, its underway and I hope to have it published in a few days.

Poor Scoots. I bet Patches will live with her :rainbowkiss:

Yay, enjoy chapter 2. I pulled some heavy Headcanons for this one. I need to decide who to do next, Applebloom, or Sweetie Belle, and then its going back to Patches. Also, looking for an editor, since all of mine were sucked into the void, or stopped talking to me. bleh.

Wouldn't mind an artist either...

That is so touching. Poor Scoots:scootangel: Now all it needs is a picture of that intiment ending. :heart: IT!!

Still looking for an artist... *hinthint*:coolphoto:

Mhh... is it just me or does anyone else feel like "Patch" really is a combination of the main heroines? Its reactions when a certain pony got mentioned (Twilight, RD) and the color of the wings and skin - seems like it has memories about the CMC and their sisters and idols.
Oh well, I guess we will know when the other CMC meet one of their sisters after they are done sleeping.

GO PATCHES!!!!!! :raritywink: Take THAT DT and SS!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

"We may be Country. But we ain't THAT Country."

I totally lost it, that was amazing set-up and execution. Comedy, this is!

tracking and plusing this.

I luv-a dis story :twilightsheepish:

OOOhhh mesa likes! Mesa likes! Can't wait for the next update!

Anyone who teaches those brats a lesson is good in my book. Now he just needs to have a word with Blueblood and kick Gilda's ass back into G3.

Chapter 4 is underway! Its time for Sweetie belle to tell her story, and then back to Patches. Expect lots of exposition as we find out more about his past and creation. Here's a sneak peek!

“Uh, Pinkie Pie? Where the hay did you come from?” Applebloom was the first to recover.

“Oh, I was bouncing past and I heard some yelling. I thought to myself, ‘Self? What in Equestria could that noise be?’ and I replied, ‘Either somepony is in trouble, or somepony is having a party without us!’ And I hate missing out on a party, so I came in to see what was the matter. Then I saw you all playing an interrogation game with Twilight, so I thought I would play too.” She paused to look around. “Oh, but this doesn't look like a party at all. Why was Twilight screaming if she was tied up? I thought she was into that sorta thing.” Noticing Patches laying on the floor nearby she pauses. “Oh no! What happened to that poor pony? He looks like he has had way too many parties already! Did Twilight do this to him? Did she mess up another spell? For the most powerful mage in Equestria, she sure does seem to mess up alotta spells. It almost seems like a cheap, overused plot device to me.”

I couldn't help it, I had to ask. “What’s a Plot Device?”

The reaction was immediate, as Pinkie’s eyes grew wide, her rear hooves crossed and her tail drooped. She started to look everywhere but at me as she stammered, “Uh, well, um, you see... I’ll tell you when you’re older.”:pinkiegasp:

Yay, have some cover art, made it myself, with help from http://maximillianveers.deviantart.com/

BRILLIANT!!! Something tells me this will come back to haunt them though. What if somepony saw what happened??? What if DT and SS consider that the elements of harmony can take care of patches with the right kind of proof??? :unsuresweetie: Lets hope they get to tell twilight themselves first though!:twilightsmile:

cant wait for the next chapter when is it?

Its started, but i got distracted by Diablo3, then Minecraft. ugh... gonna work on it some more tomarrow, but I cant give a release date yet/

I like this story! Keep it up! also follow'd!:twilightsmile:

this is a delightful story and I'm sad that its on an "unofficial hiatus" I really liked the characterization and the dialogue. More importantly I liked the direction of the story, the ole' pony spin of Frankenstein is an interesting concept that you were handling well.

I really should make theon hiatus official, except I really am working on it. Just very slowly. Next chapter is almost done, just one more scene to finish.

Yay I am loving this story. Can't wait to read it.

Wait, hold up. I want to hear about Pinkie's Momma. Come back!...So much for that.:facehoof:

Moar damnit! This story doesn't update nearly as often as I would like! I want to read moar of this nao!

Yay the story is back! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry for the long wait, lotta stuff got in the way and I just lost all interest in writing for awhile. Still no editor, and holy damn were there alotta typos, but here it is, for what its worth. Next chapter is in the works, and may be the final one. Still undecided how Imma end this.

So far we've learned that Scootaloo's parents are dead and/or missing, Applejack and Big Mac are NOT Apple Blooms parents (maybe), and Rarity is Sweetie Belle's mom. There is a whole lot of interesting stuff going on here!

Edit: wow just saw the 100 weeks from comment /facepalm.

1601174 Please please PLEASE don't shorten this buy ending it in one more go. There's so much to work with here.

Who made Patches. possible invation/mad science/whatever
Him interacting with the main 6, Ponyville, the princesses, etc...
Learning who he is and who he wats to be.
Him possibly becoming a surrogate father figure to 3 fillies. (please no creepy pasta with him being made from the dead bodies of the CMC)'s fathers.)

You could definitely get some good mileage out of this wonderfully crafted story you created. Just please don't rush the ending. So many good fic's die at the end. Up voted and watched.

One Heck of a backstory there. :moustache:

... enough to keep him out of out hair for the foreseeable future.”

There were some other errors, but I cant be arsed right now.

I started to read this last night but demurred in favor of reading it with coffee.

Loved it.

6597783 Danke. I had alot of fun with this one, just feel bad it too so long to finish.

6598271 You're quite welcome. Don't worry, it was well written.

That Patch turned to be Scoot's father was an unexpected blow right in the feels.

I think I read the first couple chapters of this when they came out, and then it took three years to be finished, and now it took me another five years to realize that. It was worth it in the end, though, but very frustrating that they spent all that time running around being chased and only after realized he could shapeshift into a regular pony.

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