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Apple Bloom is home alone on Nightmare Night and invites her two best friends over. They each tell a scary story about bat ponies, but one of these stories may just turn out to be a little too scary, and a little too real.

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That was a very cute, and well written little story!

I was thinking, you could put the gore tag there for Scootaloo's accident, but it would make people think that this ends with something sinister, rather than the ending you have. It'd be a small but noticeable change, I think.

Anyway, nice story, and a quick read too. This sort of thing is what gets featured a lot.

I don't think that part gets all that explicit, it's just sort of a brief mention of a past event which clearly ended fine, so I didn't feel it needed a warning. It also would give a wrong impression, as you suggest.

Glad you liked it, though :twilightsmile:

I hate you and I wanna hug you at the same time. That was awesome. You really got me scared and I watch a lot of scray stuff.
So seance you are so good at writing stories could you help me and give an idea plz.

Happy to hear. What sort of idea?

well I wanna write a story about twilight and discord shipping in witch they have an adventure tougether and in the end they fall in love:pinkiesad2::twilightblush:
but I'm scared to write it because I think it's going to be lame:raritycry:
so I don't know what to do.

If you want to write, then write what you want to write, don't worry if it'll be bad or what others might think of it. If you enjoy writing it, then that's all that matters. There's only one way to become good at writing, and that's to write a lot, and the only way to write a lot is to enjoy writing it, even when what you write is lame.

A lot of my stories are actually pretty dumb, but I don't care. If others like them, that's awesome, and if not, then at least I had fun writing them. It helps if you can laugh at yourself a lot.

thanks that helped alot:pinkiesmile:
well better get to writing then:twilightblush::raritywink:

One more thing how do you write a story I just don't know and the FAQ dosen't help:pinkiesick::ajsleepy::twilightoops::facehoof:

Click Stories in your user drop down menu, then click the New Story button and fill out the form. Then go to your new story's page and click the New Chapter button, give the chapter a name. Then click the Edit button at the top and start writing. When you're done, save it and click Publish to publish the chapter. Last, when you're satisfied with the story, go to the story's page and click Submit.

Thank you so much I know I've been a real pain but thanks a lot

This was delicious. Folklore is always choice. And Big Sis Dash at the end. Me gusta.

Author Interviewer

Scoot's story was the best, though her dialogue didn't always sound like it was coming from a filly. I really liked that you took a different approach to the "scary stories come true" trope. I kind of got sick of that after the Halloween contest. :V

Fillies! My ancient and eternal nemesiseseses! :raritydespair:

I'm glad to hear you liked it. I enjoy trying different approaches, taking little twists and turns from expectations, and I'm always happy when it seems to work.

Oh, I like that story! Don't think I've ever heard or read anything like it before; did you adapt it from something, or come up with it on your own? Either way, can I yoink the general principle for my own use?

I don't remember what spawned that story, but it wasn't based on anything specific. I agree that it turned out surprisingly well. I think I surprised myself a bit, actually :twilightsmile:

And sure, I'm always happy when people like my ideas enough to use them.

Cute, well written and fave nee the chills a couple of times. Well done!

So the Apples have a random hermit just shacked up in their attic... Sure, why not?

Not exactly what I look for during October, but I suppose not all traditional Halloween movies must R-rated either. So, still a nice li'l Halloween tale.

ok they just scared them selves silly

well that was different in the what the what huh ok that was odd but funny way

Basically a Vampire story:duck:

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