• Published 15th Apr 2012
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Patchwork Pony - Drax99

A monster pony wakes up with no memory, and is befriended by the CMC.

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Rarity Dearest

“Try again. Remember to clear your mind, and focus.” For the umpteenth time since returning to the crusader HQ, I was attempting to help my new friend use his magic, without success. “Just picture an invisible hoof, gripping the item, and lifting it.” Even a feather, loaned from Scootaloo, seemed beyond the ability of the pony before me. A pony that had just recently lifted two fillies effortlessly, and slammed them into a tree like rag dolls. A feat I couldn't even do.

“Auugh, this is taking forever! He was awesome earlier, like Twilight, swooping in and throwing those two mules around. Now he can’t even lift a feather. “Scootaloo grumped in a nearby corner, clearly bored with our efforts. “And why did he need MY feather? He has plenty of his own!”

“Because yours are smaller and lighter. We wanted to start small as possible, and work up, but it seems whatever made him able to use his magic isn't working anymore.” In fact there wasn't even a hint of a glow around his horn, as if the power had been cut off completely. Scootaloo also had more success with flying, although neither of them could do more than hover off the ground. I rubbed my chin with a hoof, totally unable to think of a reason this wasn't working.

“Hey, Fangface! Heads up!” Both of us turned in time to see a ball being launched at the larger pony from the corner.

“Scootaloo! That’s not very nice to throw things, and I can’t teach him if you keep distracting his concentration!” I glared my best glare, but was met with a wide grin from my friend. She slowly lifted a hoof to point over my shoulder, snickering. As I slowly turned around, I saw Patches staring puzzled at the ball, now hovering in front of his face encased in a faint reddish glow. The same glow that was coming from his horn.

“That’s it! Concentrate, feel how the magic flows around the ball. Remember that... Horseapples.” I stopped as the ball immediately fell to the floor and the glow vanished. Patches just blinked and looked confused.

“You gotta stop teaching him like an egghead, Sweetie Belle. It’s like Dash teaches me how to fly, you don't think about it, you gotta FEEL it. Then it just happens.” She smirked and fluttered her wings, hovering for emphasis.

“I am not an egghead, and you don't fly. All you do is hover.” I remarked dryly, wiping the smile off her face. It was mean, but it worked.

“Fine. But the truth is your method isn't working, so maybe we should try mine. He’s not a normal pony, so maybe his magic isn't normal either. He used it in instinct, not by thinking about it.”

I rubbed my chin again and thought. “Maybe you’re right for a change. He was angry and running to help when he attacked the two bullies, and just now you threw something at him. Something that was still not nice to do.”

“Hey, it worked better than your stupid feather!” she huffed.

“Don’t you mean YOUR stupid feather?” I smirked in reply.

“Grrr, don't remind me. I’m not your personal feather supply, you know.”

Slowly I rubbed up against her, doing my best imitation of Opalescence, as I rubbed my tail in her face, purring sweetly, “Oh, but your feathers are so soft and pretty, and nopony has that lovely shade of orange...”

Jumping back, she pushed my tail away, eyes dilated and blushing furiously as I giggled. “S-stop that! What are you, a filly fooler?” I just giggled harder in response, my sister had taught me well.

“Ah-hem. Should me and Patches leave you two alone? You seem like you might need the room to yerself.” Both of us jumped as a new voice drawled from the doorway as Applebloom leaned against the entrance.

“I wasn'tdoinanything!” yelped the orange mare, while I just fell over giggling harder.

“Y-you should see the look on your face, Scootaloo! I think you really do like fillies, don't you!” I full out laughed as tears filled my eyes. “No wonder you keep chasing Rainbow Dash! Ooooh, she’s so pretty!”

My teasing and laughter was interrupted by an orange missile slamming into me as my friend took her revenge. We started to scrap, but the fight was short lived as I felt myself being pulled away as my coat tingled. My look of shock was mirrored on Scootaloo as we both drifted apart, despite her furiously beating wings. I turned to see a determined look on the face of our large friend, as his horn glowed a soft crimson. I felt myself being lowered gently to the ground and the look became one of disappointment, which nearly broke my heart. Both of us hung our heads in shame, and muttered apologies.

“M’sorry Sweetie.”

“See, you two are getting along just great! An ya got Patches to learn magic finally, right Patches?” Applebloom beamed at the larger pony, but was met with a sad frown and a shake of his head. “What? you cain’t? But ya just did!”

“He can only do it when he’s upset or doesn't think about it. It’s a reflex.” I explained. “So far he can’t control it.”

“Well ponyfeathers! At least that’s a start. We will have ya makin spells like Twilight in no time!” The yellow filly beamed again and bounced for emphasis.

“That reminds me, when are we gonna take him to see Twilight, anyway?” Scoots pondered.

“Well, as soon as Sweetie gits him some clothes from her sister, we can sneak him through town. Till then, he just has ta hide out here.”

I blushed in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I really tried to get some, but my sis cornered me and made me help her with some dress designs she’s working on. Some rich pony from Canterlot wanted a dress for his daughter, and I got stuck playing guinea pig.” I put on my biggest smile, and nodded. “But I’ll get em this time, I promise!”

We soon parted ways to set about our various tasks, and I returned to my temporary home at the Carousel Boutique. I slipped undetected into the back room where pany of the completed projects were kept, both successes and failures. Of course, most of the failures would still gain my sister the highest of praise if anypony ever got to see them, for only a pony as fussy as her would notice a single stitch out of place and call it an abomination. She really was too hard on herself, and sometimes it made me sad to see how she drove herself to breakdowns. Granted, most of the breakdowns were just her overacting.

It was some of these failures that I was after. Not many colts commissioned clothes, outside of the snobby Canterlot elite, so there were very few that would fit my new friend. As I dug through the meticulously folded and sorted piles, I came to realize that I not only needed a better strategy, but would have to do some organizing of my own. I quickly spotted a hanging rack with a row of hangers for dresses and such, and used my magic to drag it closer. A quick burst of magic and the fancy garments sprang onto the hangers. I had watched my sister do this trick while working, and secretly practiced imitating her. Moving more than one thing at a time was very hard and I quickly broke into a sweat as I lined a stack of gauzy dresses on the rack, before collapsing with a groan.

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I gazed at the fruit of my labor, buried at the bottom of the pile, peeking out from a box. Last year my sister created special cloaks for each of her friends, but true to form, she went through several tries before they were up to her standards. One such attempt was actually meant for Big Macintosh, and featured a deep hood and enough fabric to cover even his massive frame. This would be perfect for a stealthy run into town with a strange stallion. As long as we didn't run into Pinkie Pie that is. The last thing we needed was a ‘Welcome the weird pony to Ponyville’ party.

A sudden horrified gasp froze me in the middle of repacking the large cloak to fit in my saddlebags, as an icy chill slithered down my spine. I was so busted. I slowly turned, fixing my most innocent smile on my face as I hastily constructed an excuse for borrowing the cloak. I turned to find Rarity not even looking at me, but instead at the rack of freshly sorted clothing, a look of pure horror on her face.

“Uhh, sis? I’m sorry I didn't ask first, but I kinda needed to borrow a cloak...” I stammered.

“What. Have. You. Done?” Was all the reply I received as she continued to glare at the rack of clothing.

I looked at the dresses, gowns, and other sundries, all neatly hung and in some cases folded on the rack. “Umm, organized?”

“They’re ruined! RUINED! My most expensive and fabulous creations are destroyed forever! This is the WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!” She gasped the last words, breaking down and sobbing.

I trotted over and looked at the clothing, then at her, not understanding. “What’s wrong sis? All I did was hang them up so they would be out of the way.”

“What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG!” Her head shot up, eyes flashing in anger as she ripped one of the garments off the rack with her magic. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong! THIS!” Waving the fabric in my face, she yanked the hanger out and then shook them at me. Small marks were left where the hanger had touched the fabric, as if somepony had used bleach and left it to sit. “This is the most rare and expensive fabric in all of Equestria! This is Zebran Sand Silk! Grown using ancient spells that only the Zebras know, and spun with moonlight only once per year. It took me thousands of bits and five years to get a single bolt of it, and you ruin it forever by letting it touch bare metal!”

Horrified, I backed away stammering as she began to shriek at the top of her lungs at me. I had never seen my sister this angry before in my life, and it scared the living pony plop out of me. As I backed away, I felt a grip on my tail, and I was dragged across the floor toward my enraged sibling.

“I am sick and tired of your meddling! I feed you, I house you, I shower you with love and affection, and THIS is how you repay me?” Tear of rage were running down her face, which was livid crimson with fury. This dress was for Princess Luna herself. She was supposed to wear it to this year’s Gala, and it would have cemented my position in Canterlot as the most prominent dress designer in all of Equestria. AND. NOW. IT’S RUINED!”

“I’msorry I’msorry I’msorry!” I squealed in terror as she slowly dragged me toward her by my tail. I felt my heart hammering in my chest as my hooves fought for purchase against the floor, and i squirmed in her telekinetic embrace.

“Oh no! Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time missy! You need to be taught a lesson, not to mess with what is not yours.” I looked back to see the hanger held overhead in her magic grip.

“Noooo! I’m sorry!”

A line of fire lanced across my rump as I felt the hanger strike home, and I cried out in pain and surprise. Rarity had never hit me before in my life, and the terror was more from the surprise at her behavior than the actual pain.

Each word was punctuated by a lance of pain as the hanger was whipped across my bare flank. “YOU.” *twak* “Will” *twak* “Learn.” *twak* “To.” *twak* “Respect.” *twak* “Other.” *twak* “Pony’s.” *twak* “Belongings.” *twak* “And.” *twak* “For.” *twak* “The.” *twak* “Last.” *twak* “Time.” *twak* “No.” *twak* “More.” *twak* “Wire.” *twak* “Hangers!”

Gasping I cried out, “I’m sorry Mommy, I won’t do it again!” and suddenly the assault stopped. I heard the hanger clatter to the floor, and the hold on my tail vanish, but I was too busy sobbing to notice at first. Slowly I turned to see the look of shock on my assailant’s face and my hooves flew to my mouth as the realization of what I had said sank in.

In a voice far too small for such a fabulous mare, she muttered, “What did you call me?” Her voice sounded more in line with Fluttershy than the glamorous Rarity.

“I-I...” I stammered, not sure what to say myself.

“H-how? Who... Who told you?” Still sounding very small and afraid, my sister... no, my Mother, wilted and crumpled in on herself, tears of shame streaming down her face. The fury of a moment ago gone in an instant and replaced by fear and sadness.

“M-mother, I-I mean, grandmother told me.” I sniffled, wiping tears and snot from my muzzle, as I looked down at the floor. I couldn't bear to look at the broken mare before me. “Last year, when she was sick. W-we thought she was gonna die. She said I had a r-right to know the truth. She told me. She asked me to keep it a secret because it would hurt you if anypony knew.” A sob wracked my small frame, and bitter tears flowed down my muzzle and pooled on the floor. “Why? Why didn't you tell me mommy? A-are you ashamed of me?”

“No Sweetie, I am ashamed of myself. I was so selfish, thinking of only my career, and reputation. I am a very bad pony. I should have never hidden anything from you. If anything, you should be ashamed of me too. I’ve been a horrible sister, and an even worse mother.” Her voice grew even smaller and quieter, and I could barely hear her whisper above my own sobs.

“B-but why? Who was my daddy? Why didn’t you want me?” I cried plaintively, all the pain and loneliness pouring out of me. A dam had been breached, and emotions I had held back since hearing the truth flowed forth. “I know I’m not as good as you, but I try so hard. I want to be just like you. All I want is for you to love me!”

A pair of hooves wrapped around me and pulled me close as we both sobbed into each other’s manes. Time seemed to stretch on and the pain flowed forth bitter and cleansing like a foul medicine for the soul. Finally the tears stopped and only a hollow pit was left as I pulled away to look into the bottomless blue eyes of my real mother. I saw there a haunted look, full of shame and regret. But I also saw what I had longed for my entire life, love.

“I do love you my little Sweetie. I have always loved you from the moment you were born, and I will love you til the end of time.” Gently she leaned forward to kiss my horn, and hugged me fiercely again, before pulling away and looking into my eyes again. “I owe you so much. I regret every day that I failed to be there for you as your mother. I did my best to be there as a sister, but it still tore at my heart. Every day since I gave you up has been a wound on my conscience and I can never be forgiven for what I did.”

“But why momma?”

“I was too young, and stupid. Too full of pride and heartbreak. Your father was a very famous actor in the Canterlot Opera, and I was a young schoolfilly enamoured with his fame. He told me he loved me and I let myself be swept up by his charm.” She sighed heavily and looked away at something only she could see. “He was so handsome, and had the voice of an angel. Herds of fillies flocked to him, but he only had eyes for me. Or so I thought. I discovered too late that he was fooling around with over a dozen fillies, and even a few colts.” A look of disgust formed on her muzzle.

“When the story broke, I was devastated, but it was too late. He was arrested for corrupting underage foals, and I was already pregnant with you. If the news had gotten out that I was one of his victims, it would have ruined my life forever. Instead of being known for my skill, I would have been known as the foolish filly that was corrupted by a horrible stallion. I ran home to mother and father, and told them of my shame. I begged them to help me, to hide me, and much to my shame, they agreed. We went off on a vacation to other lands, visiting Roam, Prance, and even Stalliongrad. When we returned, I had a new sister, and I returned to my studies at the Canterlot School of Art.”

Looking down at me I could see the years of pain and regret, and my heart began to fill again. Instead of pain and longing, it was filling with love. Love that I had longed for for, and was finally receiving. “I love you momma, and I forgive you.”

Sobbing, she embraced me fiercely and we cried together. The reservoir of tears refreshed as we held each other all over again. “I love you too Sweetie Belle. I don’t deserve you or your forgiveness, but I will always love you, my little filly.”

Several hours later found us parting ways, the cloak in my bag and smiles on our faces. My bottom felt fine, as my pride had been hurt more than my hide. Being a lady, Rarity didn't hit very hard, despite her rage. We had a very long awaited talk, and many fences were mended. A new life had begun for both of us. Some strings would be pulled and favors called to obtain new cloth to repair the dress, and a very nervous explanation was given for the cloak. Never again would there be secrets between us. She was rather apprehensive at first, not trusting a strange pony with three young fillies, but seemed to relax a bit when I told her of his rescue from the school bullies. She offered herself to arrange a meeting with Twilight, and even placed a minor enchantment on the cloak to prevent anypony from looking too closely at the wearer. I could tell this really bothered her more than anything, since her magic was usually for making ponies take notice, not look away. I was soon on my way back to my friends, humming an improvised tune. Imagine that, my father was a famous singer!

“I wonder if I should try for a singing cutie mark?” I pondered aloud as trotted along. The moment the idea was out of my mouth I shuddered. “Naa, no way I am ever gonna get back on stage. That’s just scary!”

Soon enough I was nearing the HQ, and my friends were eagerly awaiting me. As much as I wanted to tell them of my newfound parentage, we agreed that it would be best if things stayed the way they were. In private, she would be my mom, but to the rest of the world, she was still my sister. I was happy with that, and I loved her no matter what. And it was a secret that bound us together.

In the shade beneath the tree, Scootaloo and Patches were practicing hovering, while Applebloom was once again spreading out a haul of food from her farm. It always made me happy to be in time for food, and they were just as happy to see me return.

“Well its bout time you showed up. We though yer sister dun held ya captive agin.” The yellow filly beamed, and hopped off the table.

“Yea, we were gonna have to come and do a daring rescue! I was all gonna swoop in and distract Rarity while Applebloom untied you and escaped!” My energetic pegasus friend did a flip off the top of Patches’ head and landed in front of me.

“Naw I was fine guys. I just had my mo-err, sister catch me moving her stuff, and had to explain what was going on.”

A gasp from both of them caught me by surprise. “You told her? How could you do that? Now she’s gonna tell everybody in town!” Scootaloo almost knocked me over jumping in my face.

“No no no! It’s all ok! I told her how he helped us after school, and she’s okay with it. She even offered to help!” I quickly backed up and tried to explain. “She is even gonna talk to Twilight for us and help us meet her.”

“Well Ah dunno. Yer sister likes to gossip an awful lot.” Skeptical Applebloom was skeptical, as usual.

“No, honest, its fine! She even put a spell on this cloak so ponies wont notice him.” I pulled the embroidered garment out of the bag, showing it to them. The cloak was originally a stunning red and orange piece, meant for Applebloom’s brother, but the spell on it made it kinda nondescript ... well I really dunno what color it was. And the more I tried to look at it, the less interested I was in finding out. Wait, why did I have this cloak in my hooves?

“Wow its... uhh. Something.” Scootaloo looked strangely at the cloth.

“Yea, an we really like, something, umm, don't we?” Applebloom started to look away.

“Wow, the spell really works!” I cried.

“What spell? What is that in your hoof?” Scootaloo looked again.

“Nevermind, lets just make sure it fits.” I trotted over to Patches, who was just standing around with a bemused look on his face the entire time. Unlike my friends, he looked directly at the cloak I was carrying, and didn't seem effected. He quickly hunkered down and let me jump onto his back to attach the cloak around his neck. A few quick adjustments, and most of him was covered, save for his hooves. Hopefully the spell would keep anypony from noticing they were different colors. And most of all, it covered both his wings, and his unusual horn.

I hopped off and he stood, and I got a good look at my hoofwork. My eyes immediately began to wander away from him, and only by staring directly at him did I really see him. Wow, my mom does awesome work!

“Wow, that’s just creepy! I need to get your sister to make me one of those for Nightmare Night. Think of all the pranking I can do with Rainbow Dash!” Of course, Scootaloo would be the one to use her gifts for evil.

“Meh, as long at it works in town. What time was we sposed ta meet Twilight?” Applebloom shook her red mane and looked at me.

“Well, right after dusk, when its a lil dark and easier to sneak around. Most of the ponies will be indoors by then.” I recited the plan that Rarity had given me.

“Werks fer me! now let’s chow down!” A cheer was had all around, and another meal was tackled.

Soon enough Celestia started to lower the sun, and the shadows were long and creepy. The four of us started towards Ponyville in high spirits, and before we knew it were approaching the library. Not a single pony paid us any mind, as we were a common sight running around at odd hours, and our companion... Well they didn't even see him. A swift knock on the door revealed a rather sleepy looking Spike, who greeted us.

“Oh, high girls. Twilight said we were getting visitors, but she didn't say it was you three. Who’’s your creepy friend?” He yawned hugely and waved us in.

“You kin see him? He’s not makin ya wanna look away?” Applebloom asked, sidling up to the purple dragon to see his point of view. Her eyes began to slide away, while Spike looked straight on, if a little bleary eyed.

“Of course I can see him. He’s not much of a looker, no offense mister, but there’s no reason not to look at him. Why do you ask?” He muttered.

“Oh, my sister made that cloak, and nopony else can seem to look straight at him.” I piped up.

“Pfft, magic illusion gems. Doesn’t work on dragons. They are tasty though!” Grinning, he wandered into the library. “Twilight! The girls are here!” Yelling upstairs, he made his way up to the bedroom. Before he disappeared, he yawned again and waved over his shoulder. “You girls have a good night, I’m gonna get some shuteye. Twi’s had me digging out old books all day...”

Trotting down the steps in the opposite direction, Twilight gave her assistant a cross look, then dismissed it with a beaming smile at us. “Hello girls! Rarity told me you had a friend that needed some help.” She paused then rolled her eyes. “Then she promptly announced she had an idea for some new stealth gear for the Canterlot military, and rushed back to her shop.” Sighing, she looked us over, blinking at the spot next to our new friend. “Oh, hello? Care to explain what’s going on?” She rubbed her eyes, then looked directly at Patches.

Patches undid the clasp on the cloak, and slid it off, handing it to me. A gasp from the purple unicorn let us know the spell was broken, and we all looked at one another, not sure where to start.

“Well, we found this colt passed out near the forest...” I started.
“And he cain’t talk none, but he’s real nice, like. He even saved us from some bullies.” Applebloom continued.
“And he can fly and do magic sometimes like a pegasus AND a unicorn!” Scootaloo chimed in.
“But something is wrong with his throat, and he can’t talk, or remember much about how it happened.”
“But he’s really nice, an friendly-like...” Applebloom took her turn.
“Even though hes all kinda monster-scary with pointy teeth and wicked scars!” Scootaloo finished.

“Wait, slow down girls! Does he have a name?” Twilight tried to stem the rapid fire barrage.

“Well, he says he cain’t remember, so we been callin him Patches. Y’know, on account of his hide an all.” the yellow filly beamed.

Twilight addressed our friend directly, looking concerned. “Patches, is it? Well if the Crusaders vouch for you, I am willing to lend a hoof. Welcome to Ponyville, I am Twilight Sparkle.” She nervously held out a hoof, which he shook with a warm smile.

“So, Rarity said something about the memory loss, and I happen to have some experience with memory spells.” Turning to gather a small pile of books, she pulled one out of the pile and flipped through it with her magic. “I have one that I had to use on my friends when Discord made them forget their true natures, and turned them all mean. It should help unlock your memories so you can remember what happened to you.”

She stopped a moment and looked him over carefully. “Are you sure you want to do this? Judging by your appearance, whatever happened to you must have been very traumatic, and you may not want to relive that.”

In response, Patches only nodded enthusiastically. He paused a moment to think, then gave one last serious nod.

Sighing, Twilight began to clear a space in the center of the room. “You girls need to stay back while I do this, and whatever you do, keep quiet! It’s not an easy spell, and I want to get it right without any distractions. okay?”

We all chimed in with a chorus of agreements, and stepped back to the sides of the room. Patches stepped into the cleared space, and Twilight stepped up in front of him.

“Okay, the last time I did this, my friends were fighting me, but I was only bringing back happy memories of friendship. This time the memories may be bad, so I will still restrain you so that you don’t accidently hurt me or yourself.” As she spoke, her horn began to glow and a rope slid around the colt’s hooves, hobbling him. He just shrugged, and closed his eyes.

With a deep breath, the unicorn’s horn began to concentrate, as her horn glowed softly. Suddenly she stopped and grinned. “You know, I will be able to see your memories too. I sure hope there isn't anything naughty in there.”

Patched just grinned, popping open an eye, and wiggled his eyebrows at her. The three of us burst into a fit of giggles, and Scootaloo even managed a wolf whistle. Twilight just blushed and chuckled, before closing her eyes and concentrating again.

Slowly she lowered her horn to touch the larger colt’s forehead, and at first nothing seemed to happen. And then she began screaming. And screaming. And screaming. It went on for over a minute, before Patches slumped to the floor, and Twilight fell over next to him, clutching her head.

“The voices! So many voices! Make them stop!” Still screaming, the lavender pony grabbed her head in her hooves and then her horn started to glow again. “Stay back! Everypony stay away from me, you all are after me!”

As we tried to step closer, there was a purple flash and she teleported across the room. Turning around, she saw us again and performed another random teleport, seeming unable to control where she went as she tried frantically to get away from us and her imagined pursuers.

“We gotta stop her an calm her down! She’s gone plumb loco, an she’s gonna hurt somepony!” Applebloom cried, and ducked as a book was telepathically thrown in her direction.

Scootaloo tried her best to tackle the possessed unicorn, but only managed to trip and fall on her face as another teleport put her out of reach. Finally I tried one of the spells that rarity had been teaching me, and I levitated one of the curtains free. Sending it after Twilight I managed to wrap it around her legs to stop her running, as well as blindfold her to prevent her from trying to teleport again.

“That won’t hold her long, we gotta do something!” I cried as I felt my magic giving way already.

Digging herself out of a pile of books, Scootaloo retorted. “But what can we do? You’re the only one that can do magic!”

Thinking back, I remembered my sister and all the panic attacks she had whenever the Worst Possible Thing happened, and how Rainbow Dash sometimes snapped her out of it. “I know, when my sister goes all nutty, slapping her usually snaps her out of it!”

I quickly ran up and smacked her gently with a hoof, but Twilight just screamed louder, and I almost lost my hold on the dumb fabric.

Shoving me aside, Scootaloo tried tried. “Let me try!” and smacked her with a wing. As small as her wings were, this had even less effect.

“Darnit, let me try!” as Applebloom shoved in and gave a mighty earth pony clop upside the poor unicorn’s head. Still the screaming went on.

“Ooh, ooh! My turn!” A pink blur bumped all three of us aside, and a loud thud rang out, ending the screaming, followed by a second as the lavender mare slumped unconscious to the floor. “Umm, I dunno girls, I may have hit her too hard. What kind of party game is this anyway?”

“Uh, Pinkie Pie? Where the hay did you come from?” Applebloom was the first to recover.

“Oh, I was bouncing past and I heard some yelling. I thought to myself, ‘Self? What in Equestria could that noise be?’ and I replied, ‘Either somepony is in trouble, or somepony is having a party without us!’ And I hate missing out on a party, so I came in to see what was the matter. Then I saw you all playing an interrogation game with Twilight, so I thought I would play too.” She paused to look around. “Oh, but this doesn't look like a party at all. Why was Twilight screaming if she was tied up? I thought she was into that sorta thing.” Noticing Patches laying on the floor nearby she pauses. “Oh no! What happened to that poor pony? He looks like he has had way too many parties already! Did Twilight do this to him? Did she mess up another spell? For the most powerful mage in Equestria, she sure does seem to mess up alotta spells. It almost seems like a cheap, overused plot device to me.”

I couldn't help it, I had to ask. “What’s a Plot Device?”

The reaction was immediate, as Pinkie’s eyes grew wide, her rear hooves crossed and her tail drooped. She started to look everywhere but at me as she stammered, “Uh, well, um, you see... I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Me and the girls shared a confused glance and rolled our eyes in unison. That was Pinkie Pie for you.

Walking over to the unconscious mare, I poked her with a hoof, and looked over at where Applebloom was doing the same for Patches. She shook her head, and I did the same. Both were out cold, and seemed inclined to remain that way.

“Well, they are both down for the count. I guess we should make them comfortable, and get some rest. We can sort it all out in the morning.” I sighed and started pulling some pillows from the wreckage of the room.

“Oh, oops. I guess I dunno my own strength sometimes.” Pinkie grinned and started helping us find more bedding. She was a bit faster at finding things than the rest of us and we soon all had a ring of soft blankets and pillows arranged.

“Ooh! I know, lets make it a sleep over and tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows n stuff!” Piped Scootaloo. She had a huge grin on her face, that matched the one that appeared on Pinkie’s at the same moment.

“Uhh, I don't think that’s such a good idear, you guys. Twilight might not like us raidin her pantry, and Ah’m a bit tired anyway.” Ever the voice of reason, Applebloom spoke up, deflating the party pony and her new accomplice.

“Well, we can still tell stories.” I replied. If you guys can all Pinkie promise, I got one doozy of a story to tell ya.”

All eyes were on me, and in perfect sync, they all made the motions. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!”

Still a bit wary, I looked around at my closest friends and took a deep breath before beginning. “Well, this is the story of me and my Momma...”