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February/March 2019 Updates + Flamm's Goals · 9:18am March 8th

Hey y'all!

Missed my February 2019 SOTA (State Of The Author) so I'll lump both this month and last month's in it, since I don't foresee things changing much for the next few weeks. This will be a little lengthier as I'll cover more than just story goals and what not. Let's dive in.

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Poll Closed after 1 Hour: Results · 5:33am March 5th

12 Anthro
8 Pone
3 Either

Anthro wins. Sorry to all my purists... gotta say though, didn't expect anthro to win at all in a quick run-off.

So yeah. Surprise coming your way in the form of a oneshot clop fic. Human x Anthro because Flamm is really fucking original with foundation

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I Made a Little Something · 4:06am March 4th

It... It's not like I want you to read it or anything...

EStone or Sand?
Decades after the Great War, three ponies visit the site of a ferocious battle and reflect briefly on their lives, their struggles, and the future.
Flammenwerfer · 1.9k words  ·  82  5 · 484 views
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Join the Barcast as we interview Wubcakes! · 11:51pm February 16th

Come on down for a great time starting in about ten minutes!


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Valentine's Day Fun Dumb Stuff · 8:15pm February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all! I'm gonna steal Anonpencil's blog and repost a fun little thing if you want to participate:

For those who would like to do this: In the comments section, write down the name of any character of mine from any of my stories that you want, AND what story they are from. I will reply to your comment with a Valentine's day message from that character, to you!

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The Continent of Equidae · 8:36am February 1st

When I create lore, I go balls deep. With the help of a map generator, the continent of Equidae comes to life... well, at least the 'important' parts thus far :rainbowwild:

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A Bot Wrote a Stella Chapter · 9:57pm January 28th

So Anonpencil fed the entire story thus far into a predictive text bot and this was the result. She guided it, formatted it and presented me with this. I wasn’t ready for this...

My Best Bot Stella

The two of them crossed into an intersection of the northern mountains that she hailed from.

“ with a resolution of the greatest bird force, you can watch those shitty fuckin’ things die. " stella said flatly.

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To All My Ace Combat Peeps - Regarding Ace Combat 7 · 6:27am January 23rd

So having finished the game, I must say this was probably one of the greatest things I've ever waited for. This was Ace Combat through and through like, holy goddamn christ I felt like a little child again.

And holy fuck when the Stonehenge mission was a go and the opening music started I legitimately got half a nostalgia boner. Was a little disappointed they didn't fully remix Farbanti battle's theme from AC4 though, that would've been some extra icing on the cake.

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General Update - January 2019 · 6:47am January 16th

New year, new me (pfft, fuck that noise). Let's jump into it:

Tending Flowers.
Lots of progress. Expect part 3 in the next couple of days with more regular releases to top off the story after that. Schnee gon' get some... but not next chapter. Y'all need to hold on for just a little bit longer.

My Best Friend, Stella.

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Hit Me With Your Bad HiE Tropes · 6:31am Dec 24th, 2018

Alright, y'all. With chapter 2 in Tending Flowers out, I wanna create a collection of shitty HiE stereotype tropes that piss everyone off... because of reasons that I'm totally not going to use later on. So what are the ones that make you go "Really dude?"

I'll start:

Rarity makes the human's clothes for free just 'cuz her generosity.

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