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After Hearth's Warming Eve dinner, the Student Six gather privately... to discuss who else was considering sabotage...

Follow-on to the episode The Hearth's Warming Club

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Oh wow Another early Christmas story awsome And it looks like this is the same au story of the school flying ship so anyway After the event of the episode Every creature admitted that they wanna to sabotage of going home for the holidays huh wow lol and it looks like fizzypop knows about there little Conversation but the side to let that slide and I love the name odd Squad this was a pretty good Christmas story of the young six keep up the good work 😉

Thanks! Actually this is intended to be the "canon", land-based School of Friendship, though I did take the liberty of "back-porting" Tempest over from Twilight's Pirate School, still in her truant officer role, since having her walk in on them near the end was just too good a cameo scene to pass up!

But I deliberately kept the focus on the Young Six in this story, since that was the intent: a quick, light-hearted, six-way dialogue between all of them, given that I haven't really done a story focused solely on the students themselves up to this point.

I'd say you succeeded, because I didn't even make the connection this was from the same author as "Twilight's Pirate School" (I mean the author name was definitely familiar, but so what else is new? That'd describe a lot of other authors too :rainbowlaugh:) until about when Sandbar mentioned the "Odd Squad" moniker and I was sitting there thinking "Okay...now where have I seen that before?" Didn't place it finally until Tempest appeared on the scene, and even then, the story totally works on its own. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, fun little read. From a logistics standpoint, I'm not sure I totally buy all of the Young 6 having the idea to sabotage their return trips because that'd seem a little too implausible from a IRL perspective, but it's not such a big deal that it breaks the immersion in any meaningful way.

Thanks! Yeah, this was basically a "what if" story, played somewhat for laughs. One of the students had to get there first, but what if all the students actually had the same idea? I did vary things a little so their individual plans reflected differing levels of commitment/seriousness, according to each character's personality. (I mean Yona smashing an engine? Maybe, though I doubt she was being serious about it. She was just getting into the spirit of the conversation, the way she typically does.) But in the end, it turns into a unique, if unusual, way for the group to find common ground. Which is the point, really...

Tempest best authority figure!

"It's all in the spices, really," Sandbar said. The lime-coated pony smiled as he pulled up a comfortable chair. "Though I'd say pretty much anything tastes better fried."

Fried black licorice.

""They have very low mass," Ocellus pointed out. "Most of their strength is in the surface tension of the magic field comprising their thaumic envelope."

So you, too, have been bugged by the inconsistency between Twilight's bear-levitating feat and her telekinetic ability in, well, about every episode afterwards? It's a good explanation, and certainly better than my "the writers are constantly nerfing Twilight and therefore later poor performance doesn't count" attitude. :twilightsheepish:

Ah, yeah. A fun, comedic tale based on one of the 'okay' Student episodes. I like this.

The real Twilight powerhouse moment was actually in Mysterious Mare Do Well when she caught the debris from the collapsing dam and repaired it. Lowball estimates put it at over a thousand tons of concrete. The costume hid her expression and horn so we don’t know how much it was straining her.


Quite forgot that one!

This was just lovely.


Can i do a humanish version of this story? Plz. I will give you credit.

Human-ish? You mean anthro versions of the same characters? If it's the same story, I'm not sure I see the added value, but maybe I'm missing something...

1st: My apologies. I am very bad at explaining things. 2nd. I was just meaning if i could like use elements from your story as inspiration.

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