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This story is a sequel to Princess Luna Visits a Wet Dream

Princess Celestia has been ruling Equestria for hundreds if not thousands of years. And yet it's always the same. They don't change, they don't learn to do things for themselves. Eventually an immortal being gets tired of it all.

A/N: I've noticed I write a lot of dialogue and not much else. As a challenge to myself, I decided to write this one without writing out any dialogue whatsoever.

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Immortality can have it's minuses.

The first story was good, but this one is a massive wall of text o_O

Try to correct this please.

2486175 Well, alright, since you asked nicely I replaced the indents with newlines. Better? :twilightsmile:

"Bitch, I'm Celestia. I don't need dialogue!"

That certainly was heavy. You did a good job showing every day is a weary and burdensome chore with a constant stream of indistinguishable faces and conversations coming and going in a blur.

The lack of dialogue really drives the point home.

(I am sorry to hear you could draw on personal experience; that certainly is a lousy cesspit to get trapped in...)

"Instead it was just a letter, like one any friend would send to another they hadn't seen in awhile."
"It was one of her most cherished possessions from any living pony."
This was so, so very touching. I don't even have a good way to describe why, but just how such a small thing, is so grand for her...

Hopefully those letters will become a nice stream of happiness for her.

This is a very depressing Celestia. Is there nothing of interest in all of her time as princess? No new innovations to check out, societal projects to delve in to, or foreign powers to interact with? It seems like her problem is that she isn't even trying.

Though if you intended her to come across as depressed then I certainly understand the reluctance to go out and do something.

For the next one can you write what she's like when she gets out of her funk?

2488210 2489421 Thank you. I'm glad to know I succeeded in my efforts.

2491005 That's the point, really. When you're depressed, you don't want to find a way out of it. Others often don't realize the depression is there and even if they do, they don't understand why, for the very reasons you're pointing out. "If you're down about [ x ], why don't you just do [ a ], [ b ], or [ c ]? Won't that help?" The fact is it probably would, at least to some extent. Also it often isn't even [ x ] that they're down about, it's something completely unrelated like [ q ] and they may or may not even realize it themselves.

At the moment I don't have any plans for a follow-up to this one, although Everypony Knows About the Wet Dream might wind up including Princess Celestia, and if it does I'll see what I can do to cheer her up.

A good description of why immortality is a curse. It reminds me of Count Magnus Lee's line: "I've lived for almost ten thousand years. Believe me you have no idea what that means: boredom. Everlasting and hideous boredom." I always thought that was why she trolled so hard.

Most depressing. Most morbid. :unsuresweetie:

Yet, most realistic. :trixieshiftright:

I'm now hoping they give Princess Celestia an episode or two reflecting her day-to-day mind state in Season 4. I'm most curious as to whether this would be spot on or anything but. :duck:

I found this story to be most excellent. :moustache:

2505465 I agree, she has to do something to alleviate the boredom.

2514513 I'm most pleased you liked it. I would love to see what the writers think about how Celestia is dealing with such long life. I think an episode in which she was depressed and was cheered up by her sister and the Mane 6 would be great.

I say let Luna run the show for about a week to let Tia take a much needed, and even more deserved, vacation (most likely in disguise) before she completely snaps!

I rather enjoyed the story; it was very poetic, and the lack of dialogue reflected the state of repetiveness and monotony. Dialogue is new; speaking is variation. It shows that something different from the usual must be said and that a different matter must be brought to one's attention, breaking a cycle of habits. Without it, the world is grey, and you masterfully reflected Celestia's grey world. I genuinely felt sorry for her, and that is a fantastic thing. Great job with the story!

2642208 Thank you very much. This is exactly the kind of response I was going for when I wrote it.

I'm cheering her up a bit in the one I'm working on now. Monotony it isn't, that's for sure.

Celestia needs a vacation. She's not the only princess anymore, she can get away with vacations now. Let Twilight run the country for a bit, and take Luna. Or let Luna run the country for a while (I'm sure she'd like that) and take Twilight along. Or take Luna one year, and Twilight the next. Actually, do that last one. Repeatedly.

Her sister was halfway under her bed and making a strange noise. Was she in pain? Princess Celestia asked her what she was doing, but the only answer was a continued muffled squealing. Princess Luna’s legs were kicking slightly, and the strange squealing was being interrupted at frequent regular intervals.

In the other story, I never imagined how weird that scene looked from Celestia's point of view. :twilightblush:

2694708 you have a point, my friend XD

Not talking doesn't always mean gray! Peacocks are crazy colorful, and I've never heard a word out of their mouths! Just really annoying squaking... And I tell you, if listening to them doesn't break the monotony of normal life, I don't know what does.

Why doesn't Celestia just walk away? Fu** this sh**, I'm outta here mmmbiyatches!:trollestia: These monotony stories are very accurate in their depression.

Well that was something. It's well written but man is it draining. Celestia is almost a robot at this point in time.

I find myself unreasonably frustrated about the situation.

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