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Trixie has always had trouble making friends, so when she met Starlight, she didn't want to mess it up. It's been working out pretty well, and Trixie likes to think that they share a special bond.

Then somepony had to come along and mess all that up.

Co-Written with applezombi for the Quills & Sofas Duos Contest where it placed third.

Cover Art by 0bsydia

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This was such a blast to work on, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Thank you for letting me write alongside you for this, Emotion.

I could say the same for you, apple. You did a lot of heavy lifting. I had a great time!

I loved this fic so much!! You two really captured Trixie's voice, both internal and external, which is already quite the challenge-- but you also managed to push beyond the comedy and into something very heartfelt and sweet. It's rare that authors can bring such a well-rounded take on Trixie, and you guys knocked it out of the park! Great work!

This was a lovely piece, and it is fascinating to see how your styles just seem to compliment each other. Truly, looking forward to seeing more like this from you. <3

Trixie will have to settle for StarTrixBurst

Sweet, sweet story. Loved this story, and it only shows how excellent you two are as writers. Liked the way you portrayed both Maud and Trixie, and loved the conflict between the two of them, as well as the resolution. Good work!

This was a nice sweet story. Good job!

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