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Yakyakistan is one of the coldest places in Equestria, but it's rich in local resources. Scootaloo may be living in the closest thing to an eternal winter there is, but not even she could predict just how deep the chill cuts.

This was written for Alaborn as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Thanks to the lovely AuroraDawn and Mushroompone for editing/proofreading.

Loosely inspired by this song by 4EverfreeBrony.

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I held up a victory fist when I finished reading this story. Because Scootaloo is a winner here. This story is powerful, like Rainbow Dash, who, as part of that powerfulness, has sweetness!

An incredibly sweet little tale with a good reflection on validation and positivity. Well done!

This was a really sweet story!

Sometimes, simply getting a reaffirmation that those you hold close to your heart are still rooting for you is enough to stoke the fire in the belly once again. What a sweet truth. Not much else to this short little snippet of a story, but sometimes, there doesn't need to be.

This was great! I also reviewed your story. :twilightsmile:

I have written a review! Great story, and feel free to DM me if you have any questions/feedback.

You know how the universe is a hologram and reality an illusion? Good cause you got reviewed!

Nice, short and to the point. Like the development and imagery used to hone in on Scootaloo's feelings, and this fic is a good reminder that smalls things really do matter in the end. Great work.

This was an enjoyable read.

Aw that was cute.
It was short, simple, and had a near-forgettable premise, but it really reminds you of the age old saying "It's the little things in life that matter most".
Cheers and Happy Holidays to whoever may read this, whenever!

The emphasis on craftsmareship (which is how I refer to craftsmanship, sorry for the affectation) at the beginning was a really nice touch, making the descriptions feel really evocative. Going from

. It wasn't anything spectacular; it had sharp, shoddily-crafted poles of spruce making up the base and a cracked rooftop of marble that looked like it was ready to fall over.


There was a torn space near the front of it, patched up with a sewing job that Rarity would faint at the sight of. The holes for the wings were uneven and were riddled with various other rips closer around them.


t was filled with more shoddily-crafted furniture, ranging from decently stable to something akin to the old construction sites around Ponyville back in the day.

really sets things up for

One of them with significantly higher quality than the rest held a picture frame on top of it.

echoed later in

The whole letter was clean and neat, and visages of prior attempts were barely visible underneath the writing. Rainbow's cloudburst cutie mark was stamped over the signature. It was evident that she cared about making the letter look as good as possible.

manifesting just how much Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo mean to each other. And this story really is about growing up, or having grown up. Scootaloo's foalhood parasocial obsession with Rainbow Dash being replaced with a genuine connection and friendship as adults, borne in the care they show for each other in letters and words, presents and craft. The qualities of being "cool and awesome" that so enamored foalhood Scootaloo inverted, with Rainbow Dash genuinely esteeming her for making the best of her life in obscurity. But it's also the way that relationships we have with friends as adults is so different from the ones we have as children! As children we spend time with our friends with the intensity that is reserved for family: being physically present with each other for hours and hours at school and after school and on weekends and at summer camps. As adults, we have to fit them into the edges of our lives around our jobs and responsibilities and own families, and maintain them across long distances and sporadic contact. This is illustrated as well, with the occasional letter being all Scootaloo has left of Rainbow Dash in her day-to-day, and sadly, even less from her foalhood best friends. Melancholy, but very realistic, and reïnforcing of the theme.

An evocative and meaningful character study in so few words, excellent work.

This story has a great focus. It is about a certain emotion, and it builds a nexus of sorts around it, in which to explore it.

There's some old quote I can't remember who said that goes along the lines of, "If I could explain a story in a few words, then I wouldn't have needed to write the story." I'm butchering it, but that's what I thought of after rereading this. That kind of weird melancholy about the passage of time where you're also a little bit happy about how far you've come, but also say pretty bummed out because it will never happen again sounds hard to understand when I say it, but is captured well here. Beautifully bittersweet ending, too.

This accomplishes exactly what it set out to do.

The sounds of trotting turned from squishy crunching to the hard sounds of timber. Shaking her mane loose of excess snow, she opened her eyes and was greeted with the familiar sight of her small log cabin. It wasn't anything spectacular; it had sharp, shoddily-crafted poles of spruce making up the base and a cracked rooftop of marble that looked like it was ready to fall over.

Nothing quite feels like the feeling of welcome warmth of one's abode. A universal feeling, no matter how grandiose and humble it is.

It's gonna be empty again, Scootaloo. Like it always is. Moving out here was a mistake, nopony ever seems to remember I'm even here.

Ouch. This hits close to home, that feeling of being forgotten.

It seemed too good to be true, but to receive anything at all was an improvement from the usual routine of staring at the back of the metal box.

And so did this. Just... ouch.

Anyways, keep it up squirt! I may be awesome, but you're even more awesome than me!

Does this count as a twist? Because I think it does, and what a way to turn who the story's title refers to on its head, heh. I love it!

Overall, while this is a touch short for my tastes, I do like it as a short snippet into Scootaloo's life. You've given her much character in so few words, heh.

Good work!

Howdy, hi

I liked this. It was a short and sweet fluff piece about Scoots and Rainbow and gave me the warm and fuzzies. I'm curious to know what Scoots is doing in Yakyakistan, but also know the why isn't as important as the central relationship between the two mains.

I love the personality you put into the description of her home and how she handles herself, the keeping of mementos important to her that remind her of those she cares about and even the letter that was so professionally done by Rainbow to ensure it was of the highest caliber.

Super fun read, thank you for the story!

Rainbow Dash may be brash and over the top sometimes, but under all that she genuinely cares for her friends and family.

Who thinks we should travel to Equestria and give everypony living there a hug? God knows every single one of them needs it, or at least it's just something nice to do for them.

Scootaloo is written well in so little words, showing us character behind those eyes there. (I know there isn't eyes written here except for the occasional crying, but it's a metaphor.)

But really, I like the deeper meaning behind the story. Rainbow Dash is busy and thus she has to leave a letter for Scoots instead of being there herself. It sounds simple,but it's not.

As people gradually get more responsibilities, they have less time to spend with those they used to spend all their time with. This is usually the case, and I like how you put that in!

Thanks for writing, was a really good fluff piece.

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