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While Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie are having a sleepover, a storm rolls in before they go to bed.

Sunny, shaken by fear, confides in the comfort of her friend, while Peachy holds a secret she desperately wishes to tell to Sunny.

They grow closer through the storm.

Proofread and Edited by EverfreePony

Cover Art by DinkyUniverse

Song by 4EverfreeBrony

Extra Character Tags: Sunny Daze, Peachy Pie.

This is a submission for the Pride and Positivity 2020 Event.

This is a submission for the Right Back At It Again 2020 Shipping Competition.

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Comments ( 13 )

This was a cute story! It's sad to see Sunny so upset after seeing that photo, but it's good that Peachy is such a good friend to her... maybe more later.

This was adorable and heart warming. I will keep this story tucked away in a safe spot so I can come back and see if there is a sequel to it later. I would like to know how things worked out between the two.

Glad that I got the cute feel across in my writing.

I might make a sequel but if so it'll be a while. Making two stories five days apart really takes a lot out of you. Especially when it's your first real attempt at writing something.

If I do, I might explore their families a bit more in depth.

Very nice and Adorable! Reminds me of that Apple Bloom fic with Twilight

This was a nice, cute story good job :twilightsmile:.

I really enjoyed the way you wrote the two characters out, and while it's a shorter story it was still a fun read!

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As per your request, have a second review for this wonderful story!

Also, the second review I gave you today!


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