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The little things. The small details. The subtle touches. Ponies don't realize just how important these things are, and how central they can really be in your life.

Keeping them in your mind is fine, but sharing them with others is an entirely different joy, one I wish I'd learned sooner. Now, listen, because the tale I'm about to tell might help you see the world in a different, more observant light.

Expanded from a story written for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Contest #76

Proofread by flutterJackdash.

Edited by C_II_R.

Audio Reading by Nailah.

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I'm surprised this story isn't much, much longer.

This was so lovely. :heart:

That was really sweet! You did a wonderful job with the warm and loving tone of the story.

Really beautiful. So much more than what I was expecting from a relatively short story, but I think it was just long enough.
You really do live up to your name, Emotion Nexus. My feels may never fully recover.

Dawwwhh! This was filled with such emotions, and such passion. I can easily see how your heart was in this. Truly, a remarkable little story that should not be forgotten.
It should have its own place in the hearts of the readers you touch. ❤️

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