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This story is a sequel to The Equestria Club

A while back, Princess Twilight Sparkle brought her friends Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer, and Dragon Lord Ember to the human world for a weekend sleepover with Sunset Shimmer.

Now, with an open invitation to come to Equestria whenever she wants to visit, Sunset Shimmer decides to take advantage of a lazy three-day weekend to go through the portal.

With new surprises and new friends awaiting her in Equestria, and her friends back home wanting to know more about where their magical friend comes from, the portal between worlds is about to see a lot of activity...

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Shouldn’t it be the Ham and Bacon club?

Turkey Bacon Club is a snappier title. Besides, Starlight Glimmer is a turkey if ever there was one. :trollestia:

Turkey, Ham, and Bacon club? THB?

There's another reason for the title. The initials. TBC, as in "To Be Continued" (since it's a sequel), or...The Breakfast Club.

This can only end well.

Yeah, the writing was on the wall when she didn't get wings in Legend of Everfree, but I'm the last person in the world who can begrudge someone for elevating Sunset to a higher level of existence. By all means, go for it.

"The portal's always open," Twilight had said.

"Really?" Sunset had written. "What happens when someone wanders into your castle?"
"You'd be amazed how much human silence you can by for just one bit."

"So Twilight has a niece? Who's a baby alicorn?" Sunset asked. "She...never mentioned it."

To be fair, that family doesn't have the best track record when it comes to communicating big events.

In any case, this definitely looks like it's going to be fun. And poor Flash.

:derpyderp1: "I told him, with his love life, he should read more science fiction. But does he listen to me?"

To be fair, you may not have told him that in this particular universe.

:derpytongue2: "You may have a point."

So, bacon's obvious, but which one is the club?

I'd upvote this for ignoring Mirror Magic alone, aside from all the other good reasons to like this fic. Wonder how long until Twilight shows up and whether Sunset's presence will throw off her schedule. Actually, I wonder how long until Pinkie throws a party for Sunset (a few hours?).

I'm going to have to completely agree with you on this. Still, holding out hope she'll get them in the next movie.

As much as I disliked Mirror Magic making Sunset not an alicorn, I loved that it made Sunset's return trip through the mirror as rough as the trip back to the EqG world. I liked the slapstick.

Setting that aside, I love what you're doing with this story. Can't wait to see more.

Uh, MythrilMoth, I'm sorry to say that I found a continuity error:

"So Twilight has a niece? Who's a baby alicorn?" Sunset asked. "She...never mentioned it."

"I didn't even know Twilight's brother was married," Sunset said. "I mean, the Twilight in my world, her brother isn't married."

Shining Armor and Cadance being married and having a baby is mentioned in the prologue of The Equestria Club as something Sunset already knows. (If her "Crap, I forgot to tell everyone!" is anything to judge by.) It's not mentioned if she knows that Flurry Heart is an alicorn.

And now I'm just hungry.

I love seeing a continuation. I do enjoy your writing style.

looking forward to more of this.

I look forward to the future updates to this Slice of Life flick.

Also, we weren't really bothered by Sunset not being an alicorn when she returned to Equestria in Mirror Magic. But go ahead, make her an alicorn here.

Besides, the slapstick in Mirror Magic was worth it.

"Pinion envy. Not a pretty sight," Maud said emotionlessly.

Damn those fluffy feathers!

And so it was, and so here Sunset was now, not ten minutes after the final bell on the Friday before a three-day weekend, roaming the halls of an unfamiliar castle in Equestria, a pony once again.

I can't blame you, you had the invitation, you took it. Nothing wrong with that.

"Unless I end up in the dungeon." She tilted her head curiously as she trotted downstairs. "Does Twilight even have a dungeon?"

I don't think so.

"It's not as if Twilight can keep track of her any better than you can," the second pony said in a flat, dull monotone. A very familiar flat, dull monotone.

*Maud Pie. Huh.*


"You're an alicorn," Maud said dispassionately.

Sunset blinked several times. "What?" She craned her head around to examine herself.

And there they were, just barely within her field of vision.


Yeah, DHX or whoever as in charge of making that decision not giving Sunset wings was a bit of a dick move.

Taking a deep breath, Flash placed a hand against the smooth marble. The surface rippled, feeling more like a cold, gelatinous substance than stone. He swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing. He took a step back, steeling himself...

And cue something screwing him over in 3, 2, 1...

Something flew out of the statue and collided with his chest. He yelped in alarm and raised his hands reflexively.

Called it.

"Oh shit, this is bad..." Without thinking, he rushed headlong into the portal, cradling the infant.

Well, better do it now before things get TOO weird.

"Holy shit," he rasped.

Sunset coughed. "Uhh...so not to sound ungrateful or anything, but what the heck are you doing here?"

"Uhh...baby," Flash said. "Came...came flying out of the statue. Caught...caught the baby. Figured...needed to bring it back."

I think his brain is trying to reboot.

...and then he was on the ground next to the statue, hurting all over. He picked himself up, looked around, grunted, and walked away.

Guy can never catch a break.

"Yeah, we found her," Starlight said. "Weren't you supposed to be guarding the front door?"

The unicorn shrugged. "Trixie had better things to do with her time," she said.

Why does your saying that not even remotely surprise me?

Trixie's jaw dropped. Her ears laid back. "Oh, horseapples," she pouted. With a dramatic sigh, she flopped back down at the table, burying herself in her magazine.

"Pinion envy. Not a pretty sight," Maud said emotionlessly.

Maud's fucking great.

Starlight giggled. "Come on, let's go down to the library," she suggested.

i fully agree with sunset having be an alicorn now.

Flash's inclusion here: still less unnecessary than the movies :ajsmug:

A-anyway, Alicorn Sunset fics are always OK by me!

Hey, you can't expect me to remember every single word of every single story I write. >.>;;

This go to be fun! I guess a lot of people were disappointed when Sunset was denied wings after everything she's gone through, but I like how she just has it pointed out to her here.

Poor Flash never gets a break. Can't wait to see what these four and Flurry will do next.

Yeah screw the specials. I admit to not having seen them yet, but from a marketing standpoint it's rather obvious that the marketing guys couldn't handle having Sunset as the group leader for EqG and are trying to shove Sci-Twi into the position because she's 'Twilight,' and it's reflected in the fact that Sci-Twi is definitely an alicorn in her transformations. I also pointed out elsewhere that Sunset getting mind reading as her new superpower is the least flashy and therefore least marketable power, further shoving her to the sidelines. Also I have seen enough spoilers for Mirror Magic to surmise that Starlight apparently steals the spotlight despite the fact that they were supposed to be co-staring in that one...

Hey, you can't expect me to remember every single word of every single story I write. >.>;;

And I don't; after all, you're only human.

Edit: And proper replys is another bit of site functionality that no longer works for me since Fimfiction moved to 4.0.

As far as I'm concerned, "A Flurry of Emotions" is a misplaced season six episode. Flurry can't be more than six or seven months old at best in that episode for Cadance and Shining Armor to be that frazzled, but roughly a year passes per season give or take a couple of months. So AFoE happens at some point during season six, but just wasn't in the show until later.

I can buy it.

"Six including Sunset Shimmer," Maud said in a bored tone. "Also, you forgot about Princess Cadance being around before Princess Luna returned."

It's like an alicorn bargain sale.

"I do too," Maud said. "But I hear all about it from Pinkie Pie." She looked at Sunset Shimmer. "What are the rocks like in your world?"

They rock. But gems are less common.

Starlight laughed. "I don't think so," she said. "Something tells me there's more to it than just turning over a new leaf. Besides, with my track record, I...don't think me having alicorn magic would be, y'know, a good idea. At all."


Sunset flopped bonelessly to the floor. "Did this whole world go completely crazy after I left?" she moaned.


Spike shrugged. "You're basically a snarkier, less neurotic Twilight," he said. "The alicorn thing doesn't surprise me at all." He waddled over to the door. "Guess I'll go make snacks for everypony."

Spike's the freaking best.

Not sure what part got the most laughs, but my sides hurt now and my cat is staring at me like I'm insane. Good Work.

Welp, this just moved from Tracked to Faves. Honestly, the continuity error didn't bug me all that much (not because I didn't remember, because I totally did, I just... screw it, yeah, I forgot), but you already fixed it, so whatevs.
I'm waiting to see if we get a Celestia-Sunset confrontation. If we do, probably not until after Sunset meets the rest of the Mane Six—and probably Shining and Cadance, I'm guessing—but I can wait.

I don't really have anything of substance to say, so I'll just say that Sunset and Flurry Heart's interactions make me smile.


It's like an alicorn bargain sale.

Manic Myth's Amazing Alicorn Emporium of Total Bargain Madness?


I was aiming for a DBZ reference, but sure, that works.

DBZA is overquoted. We more Brave Little Toaster references.

Which I just realized abbreviates to "BLT," so it's double appropriate here!


No, no, no DBZA, regular DBZ, TFS hasn't gotten to the Buu Saga yet.

... oh yeah! Vegeta in the gravity room with Trunks!


Nope! Still going with BLT.

The hell? Where are people getting the idea that Sunset should be an alicorn?


Her Daydream Shimmer form at the end of Friendship Games.

"Oh." Sunset calmed down. "Good. Still...just..." She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time with this. You forced Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to switch special talents so they'd stop fighting, and not only are you not in Tartarus for an assault on the Royal Sisters, your crazy plan actually worked?!"

Sounds like Sunset could use a newspaper right about now...

"You're basically a snarkier, less neurotic Twilight, The alicorn thing doesn't surprise me at all."

Spike hitting the nail out of the park like normal. Or...something like that at least.

some people think her phoenix like form at the end of "My Past is Not Today"

"They should really call you the Princess of Drama,"

No, that's Rarity's title. :rainbowlaugh:

While I heartily agree Sunset deserves her wings (the finale of Friendship Games was fantastic even if the rest of the movie was lacking), I feel it's understandable that they would be wary of another unicorn ascension considering what happened last time. If comments here are anything to judge by, they just misread the audience. All the people who get upset over new alicorn song are long gone...

Well, that's just silly. We've seen repeatedly that Equestrian magic does not translate over the dimensional barrier. What happens in Equestria stays in Equestria, and vice versa.

I don't mind Sunset being an alicorn in this, but I don't agree at all that she should've been one in canon. That's just Sunset fanboyism speaking. Not every character who helped defeat a villain of several using magic automatically deserves alicornization. The scope of Twilight's deeds far outmatches Sunset's.

I agree. Just said as much in the comments to the first chapter. No logical reason to expect Sunset to be an alicorn in canon, and people who dislike Mirror Magic over that are really silly.

Really looking forward to how this is justified in this story, if at all. Far as I'm concerned, while Sunset's as good a person as Twilight, she hasn't achieved even remotely enough to become an alicorn. Twilight's circumstance was pretty specific, including discovering a new form of magic (as I undersood it, pretty much learning how to make "friendship magic" happen or something). An alicorn form isn't gonna be given to everyone who has a good personality and has done some magic in the past. And her transformation in Friendship Games means precisely nothing, I mean, even Sunset Satan had wings. They just come with harnessing a bunch of different people's magic in the human world, it seems.

Except that's not the reason at all. Watch the end of Friendship Games again. Midnight Sparkle had drained the magic out of the Rainbooms. Facing her down, Sunset rekindled their magic with the power of friendship, then absorbed all of it into herself to become Midnight Sparkle's supercharged equal. In that moment, she understood true friendship and harmony equally as well as Princess Twilight.

That's how and why she earned her ascension. Not because "beat a couple major baddies", but because understood friendship and harmony on the same level as Twilight.

(As an aside, Sci-Twi having wings in Everfree was a STUPID mistake.)

Hear, hear. While it is kind of fast, we've seen Sunset mature into a much better person. Part of why Rainbow Rocks is popular is because Sunset has grown into such a great character, and without Twilight's neurotic tendencies even. While its not quite the same as Twilight's ascension, she did basically charge herself up with friendship power and turned into kind of a goddess compared to the demonic Midnight Sparkle (or her own earlier demon form). That seems to symbolize that she does understand friendship.

And yeah, still annoyed Sci-Twi apparently automatically gets wings because she's Twilight and the franchise must revolve around Twilight apparently.

Another fun chapter, Twilight is such a lightweight when it comes to surprises. Spike takes everything much more in stride, like setting up Sunset's ascension party. Wonder if she'll get a coronation or if Celestia will do a recap song for her.

You can't ascend if you're not in a universe where ascension happens. She's got magic human powers, not magic pony powers.

Says who? You? You don't make those rules.

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