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Turkey Bacon Club - MythrilMoth

Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and others hang out either in Equestria or the human world.

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These Bacon Wings

After another false start, which was met with an expression frozen halfway between annoyance and amusement from Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle finally managed to wake up without immediately fainting or freaking out as soon as she saw Sunset.

Well...for relative values of "freaking out".

"Gkkkkkkgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," Twilight uttered as she pointed a hoof at Sunset.

"Is that the face she was making when the Cutie Map summoned you?" Trixie asked, lazily filing her hooves.

"Yeah, pretty much," Starlight Glimmer said.

Sunset rolled her eyes, seized a newspaper from one of the reading tables, rolled it up with her magic, floated it over to Twilight, and firmly smacked her upside the head with it. "OW!" Twilight cried, eyes crossing as she shook her head.

Sunset smirked at her. "Back with us?" she asked.

Twilight closed one eye and rubbed her head. "Yeah, thanks," she said sourly. She looked at Sunset, her muzzle crinkling. "Uhh...congratulations?" she offered. "I...this is so weird..."

"Tell me about it," Sunset said, spreading her wings and studying them.

"How come you get gradiated feathers?" Twilight wondered. "I've just got plain old one-color feathers like Celestia and Luna."

"I dunno," Sunset said, shrugging. She glanced at Flurry, who was rocking back and forth on the floor and burbling. "Honestly, I thought that was just a Cadance thing."

"Well...yeah actually," Twilight said, pursing her lips. "And Flurry now." She shook her head. "Nevermind. That's nowhere near as important as why you're an alicorn in the first place!"

"Yeah, I was kinda hoping you'd help me figure that one out," Sunset said. She studied her wings. "I mean, this doesn't just happen."

"No kidding," Twilight said. "I had to go through one of the weirdest days of my life to..." She paused. "Well, no, that was just the end of the journey," she said, starting to pace. "Ever since she sent me to Ponyville in the first place, Princess Celestia had me learning all the lessons of friendship, all the things that it means to be a good friend. My friends and I represent the Elements of Harmony, and in the end, it was understanding those elements that...that gave me what I needed, that helped me to..." She gestured vaguely with a hoof. "To understand that my friends and I, together, are capable of anything. That with all of us together—"

"There's magic without end," Sunset finished with her, her eyes widening. "That's it," she said in a tone of wonder.

"What?" Starlight asked. "Did...did I miss something?"

Sunset looked at Twilight. "I think...I think I know how this happened," she said. "It...it must've been when I fought Midnight Sparkle."

"Midnight Sparkle?" everypony present asked. Except for Flurry Heart, who just made approximate noises.

Sunset started pacing. "The Twilight in my world made this...device, it started sucking up all the magic from me, my friends, the portal..." She waved her hoof around. "Her principal and her teammates egged her on, encouraging her to use it against us Wondercolts. She did, and it turned her into a monster...Midnight Sparkle. She started destroying everything in sight and tearing holes in reality. It looked...it looked bad." She paused. "But then I realized I was still connected to my friends, and my friends were still connected to the Elements of Harmony..." She looked at Twilight. "That the magic of friendship could never truly be taken away from them, because it's the qualities they possess—honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity, laughter—that make us all special, that bring us together. I took the other Twilight's device and...and collected their magic and added it to my own, then..." She spread her wings wide. "I used it to become something equal to Midnight Sparkle, but filled with the magic of friendship. I was able to reason with her, to change her back..." She shook her head. "Well, you had to be there, but it was like looking into a mirror, seeing what I used to be, knowing that I'd come so far and learned how important friendship is."

"That's it," Twilight said, nodding thoughtfully. "That's how it happened. You connected with your friends' special magic in a way nobody else could. You became the focus of their strength...the six of you, united as one. Magic without end." She glanced at her own wings. "Yeah, that's...that's pretty close to how it happened for me. Except, you know, without the whole epic showdown with a reality-destroying monster." She laughed. "All I had to deal with was fixing my friends' Cutie Marks after I accidentally swapped them around..." She trailed off, glancing at Starlight Glimmer. Her ears folded down.

Starlight raised an eyebrow. "Oh really," she said. "Do tell."


"So if you want to become an alicorn, I guess you need to make three more friends who are all different from each other," Maud said, glancing at Starlight. "Then cause or solve some kind of magical disaster."

"HEY! Don't encourage her!" Twilight said. "I mean, encourage her, but don't encourage her to cause some kind of disaster!"

"Yeah, she does that just fine all by herself," Trixie added, snickering.

Spike returned, pushing a cart loaded with plates of raw vegetables, chips, nuts, and various dips, as well as a pitcher of iced tea and several glasses. "Snack time!" he called. "So, did we figure out why Sunset's an alicorn yet?"

"Pretty much," Twilight said. "Though I'd like to run it by Celestia to see what she thinks."

"Check," Spike said, pulling out a roll of parchment and a quill. "Fire away!"

"Dear Princess Celestia," Twilight began. Sunset's eyes widened.

"Wait!" Sunset cried. "D-do you really...I mean..." She looked from Twilight to Spike. "W-we don't have to let her know, right? I mean—"

"Sunset, she needs to know," Twilight said gently. "Besides, I know for a fact she'd be happy to see you again, and probably excited to hear that you're an alicorn now!"

"I don't know if excited is the word I'd use," Sunset said, rubbing one fetlock with the other hoof and dipping her head.

"Sunset," Twilight said, tilting Sunset's head up to look her in the eyes. "It'll be okay. Trust me."

Sunset sighed. "A-alright," she said. "But...but let me write the letter, alright?" Turning to Spike, she added, "And I mean write it, not dictate it." She took the scroll and quill in her own magic and levitated it over.

As Sunset began to write, Trixie beckoned Starlight over. "I don't get it," she stage-whispered. "Why's she so scared of Princess Celestia?"

"You heard what she said earlier, right?" Starlight replied. "She didn't part with Princess Celestia on very good terms. I mean, this is Princess Celestia we're talking about here."

"Well, yeah, but she forgives anypony and everypony who does anything bad, right? I mean, you're here right now and not in Tartarus."

"Trying to write here," Sunset said testily.

"They have a point though," Spike said as he munched on a handful of nuts. "Don't sweat it. Princess Celestia isn't even mad at you. She's probably more mad at herself for driving you away."

"She really is," Twilight said gently. "The first thing she asked me when I came back from your world the first time was if you were alright. She cares about you."

"Oh," Sunset said quietly. She balled up the parchment she'd been writing on and summoned another from a stack of blank scrolls on a table, then started over.

Dear Princess Celestia,

On invitation from Twilight Sparkle, I returned to Equestria from the human
world for a weekend visit. When I arrived on this side of the portal, I dis-
covered I've become an alicorn. I was surprised, of course, but Twilight and
I talked it out and we think we've figured out how and why this happened.
We were hoping you'd come to Twilight's castle, listen to our theory, and
add your two bits. Also, I'd be very happy to see you again, as it's been
a very long time and there are things I need to say to you that I should say
in person.

I'll be in Ponyville for the next few days. I hope to see you soon.

Your former student,
Sunset Shimmer

After checking it over, Sunset rolled it up, sealed it, and floated it over to Spike, who sent it on its way to Canterlot. Letting out a deep, shaky breath, she trotted over to the snack table and helped herself to some celery.

"You know," Twilight said thoughtfully, "maybe she can tell you something about those geodes you and the girls found a while back. The ones you mentioned to me?"

"Maybe," Sunset said as she dipped her celery in a bowl of ranch and took a huge bite. "I think I've more or less figured that one out on my own, though."

"Really?" Twilight asked.

"Mm-hmm," Sunset said. "Except for the part about how they got there, I pretty much figured out what they are."

"And that is...?"

Sunset swallowed. "Our world's Elements of Harmony."

Twilight nodded slowly. "That...sounds about right." She crunched down on some chips, then added, "But still—"

A golden flash filled the room. Princess Celestia appeared, wings spread wide. As the light from her teleportation faded, she looked around wildly. Her eyes locked on Sunset Shimmer and widened. Without a word, she rushed forward, sweeping Sunset into a broad, feathery hug and nuzzling her. After a long moment, she stepped back, tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, and looked Sunset up and down. "Look at you," she said, her voice hitching. "I'm so very proud of you, Sunset."

Sunset shuffled her hooves, ducking her gaze. "I don't deserve it," she said.

"But you do," Celestia insisted. "Look how far you've come. How much you've grown and changed in such a short time!" She tilted Sunset's muzzle up with a hoof. "This would not have happened to you if you had not earned it." She tilted her head. "I believe you must have quite a story to tell, yes?"

Sunset laughed shakily. "Y-yeah..."

* * * * *

The entire group of mares laid on plush velvet pillows, diminishing the snacks Spike had delivered. Flurry Heart roamed around the room, tugging on manes, tails, and ears for attention as Sunset told her tale. When she was finished, Celestia nodded. "Yes," she said thoughtfully. "I see. I believe the conclusions you and Twilight have drawn are correct. It would seem that drawing upon the magic of friendship to challenge this Midnight Sparkle did indeed provoke your ascension."

Sunset let out a heavy breath. "Well, it's nice to know how it happened," she said. "Although I guess it doesn't really matter since, heh...I'm not exactly planning to move back to Equestria."

Celestia sighed, her eyes sad. "I...suppose not," she said. "Though you would be very welcome if you chose to, you understand. But...I can understand why you would not wish to leave the life you've made for yourself, your friends..." She looked at Twilight and smiled wistfully. "A pony belongs with her friends, after all. Especially a Princess of Friendship, which...in a sense, is what you now have become." She drew herself up. "Just as Twilight Sparkle is the Princess of Friendship in Equestria, you are now the Princess of Friendship in your world."

Sunset bowed. "I'm honored." She chuckled. "Though the title won't have as much, well, meaning there as it does here."

"Oh, it's pretty hit-or-miss here too," Twilight said, rolling her eyes. "I can't even get a cab in Manehattan!" Everypony laughed.

"Well, if new alicorns keep coming out of the woodwork like they are lately," Trixie said, "it'll mean even less. I mean, are we shooting for a fourth pony tribe here, or what?"

"Alicorns were once quite numerous," Celestia said. "But that was long before Equestria. In a way, it is a relief to see my kind returning." She glanced at Flurry Heart. "And perhaps if my sister and I ever found time to find a special somepony, there would be a great many more alicorns," she added ruefully.

"Well Twilight's got plenty of time on her hooves," Starlight said with a teasing smirk. "I'm sure she could pop out a foal or two no sweat!"

"HEY!" Twilight cried, face flaming. Sunset snickered.

"Speaking of time, I must be going," Celestia said. "I will make a point of finding time to return before you leave, Sunset. We have a great deal of catching up to do."

"Yeah...I'd like that," Sunset said with a smile.

Celestia looked around the room, nodding to each pony and dragon present, then disappeared in a golden flash.

"So!" Sunset said. "How about this castle, huh?" She looked around with interest. "I gotta say, Twilight, you've got some pretty odd tastes."

Twilight let out a high-pitched, nervous giggle. "Well...I didn't exactly have any say in what this place looks like," she said.

"You think this is weird, you should see it from the outside," Trixie said.

"Come on, Starlight," Spike said. "Let's give Sunset the grand tour."

"Sure, why not," Starlight agreed, finishing off the last of the celery.

"Mind if we bring Flurry along?" Sunset asked. "She's so adorable!"

"Gababu," Flurry declared as Sunset levitated her onto her back.

"Sure, go ahead," Twilight said. "Just be careful, she's a little unpredictable."

"I'll go tell Pinkie Pie to set up the welcome back and congratulations on becoming an alicorn party," Maud said. "It'll be at Sugar Cube Corner at sunset." She paused, then added, "Because that's also your name."

"Sounds great," Sunset said.

"Well, I have important Trixie things to take care of," Trixie announced. "I will see you all at the party!"

"I'll just get a guest room ready for you while you're getting the tour," Twilight said. "And...I guess I'll clean up this mess too, give Spike a break for a change."

With that, everypony went their separate ways.

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