• Published 18th Jun 2017
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Turkey Bacon Club - MythrilMoth

Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and others hang out either in Equestria or the human world.

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Six Degrees of Princess Bacon

Author's Note:

Didn't mention this last chapter and it's irrelevant now since the edits to the previous chapter, but I want to say it here just in case:

As far as I'm concerned, "A Flurry of Emotions" is a misplaced season six episode. Flurry can't be more than six or seven months old at best in that episode for Cadance and Shining Armor to be that frazzled, but roughly a year passes per season give or take a couple of months. So AFoE happens at some point during season six, but just wasn't in the show until later.

"Come on, Trixie," Starlight wheedled with a roll of her eyes. "Be nice."

Trixie sighed and looked up. "Sorry," she grumbled. "It's just...where'd Twilight dig up another alicorn?! I mean...just a few years ago there was one alicorn in all of Equestria. ONE!" Trixie threw her hooves up. "Then Luna came back, then Twilight, and then Flurry was born, and now this, and there's what..."

"Six including Sunset Shimmer," Maud said in a bored tone. "Also, you forgot about Princess Cadance being around before Princess Luna returned."

Trixie rolled her eyes. "Oh, like most ponies outside of Canterlot even knew she existed..."

"That's true," Starlight pointed out. "I mean, first I ever heard of her was the wedding announcement in the Canterlot Sun Times."

"The point is," Trixie said loudly, "where'd this NEW alicorn even COME FROM?!"

Sunset started to explain, paused, then looked at Starlight. Starlight smirked. "Okay, Trixie, you know that mirror up on the fourth floor? The one Twilight told us we're not supposed to go anywhere near without her permission?"

Trixie frowned. "The one with all that junk hooked up to it?"

"Right," Starlight said. "Thing is, that mirror's a portal to a parallel dimension. Kind of...kind of an alternate Equestria. There's, well...there's an alternate version of pretty much everypony here there, except they're not ponies. They're some other species that doesn't even exist here. Also, they have science and technology instead of magic."

Trixie contemplated this. "Huh. That's...weird." She tilted her head. "You sound as if you've been there," she added slowly.

"Well...yeah," Starlight admitted. "Twilight invited me and a couple other friends to that other world a while back."

"And...and you didn't invite me?" Trixie asked, her eyes shining with dramatic tears. "Or even tell me about it?"

"It was right after we first met!" Starlight retorted. "I didn't know you that well yet! Besides, I...at the time, I thought it was..." She shuffled her hooves sheepishly. "Maybe...kind of a...secret?"

"Oh," Trixie said. She pouted, but relented. She glanced at Sunset. "I'm guessing she's telling me this now because that's where you came from?"

"Yeah," Sunset said. "Well...yes and no. Actually, I was born here in Equestria. And, umm...the alicorn thing is kinda new." She glanced at one of her wings. "I mean, I'm a unicorn. Well, used to be a unicorn. Was born a unicorn."

"Uh-huh," Trixie said slowly. "So you just randomly sprouted wings the second you returned to Equestria?"

"Kinda, yeah," Sunset said. "I mean, I'd have to talk to Twilight to figure out how and why I'm an alicorn now, let alone what triggered this, but when I left Equestria, I was a unicorn." She shrugged.

"I see," Trixie said. "And you left Equestria...why?"

Sunset cringed. "I was...I was banished from Canterlot Castle," she said. "I used to be Princess Celestia's student. Before Twilight. Only I...kinda let my arrogance and my ambition get the better of me, ticked Celestia off, stole forbidden magic books I wasn't meant to read, got banished, beat up the castle guards, and escaped through the mirror into the human world. Where...where I've been living ever since." She paused. "Oh, and I might've sort of tried to steal Twilight's crown a few years ago to use her Element of Harmony to attempt a coup of Equestria, accidentally turned myself into a literal demon, got my butt handed to me by the human versions of Twilight's friends, and..." She took a deep breath. "Now they're my friends and I'm in a better place and I really, really hate the way I used to be." She scuffed a hoof across the floor. "So...yeah..."

"Basically, she's the same as you and me," Starlight said. "Except her problem was with Princess Celestia, not Princess Twilight. Twilight just...kinda got dragged into the middle of it, and reformed her and they're friends now."

Trixie blinked. "Oh," she said. "Wow. I miss so much of what goes on around here."

"I do too," Maud said. "But I hear all about it from Pinkie Pie." She looked at Sunset Shimmer. "What are the rocks like in your world?"

Sunset blinked. "Umm...they're...rocky?"


Starlight coughed. "So anyway, yeah, I spent a weekend at Sunset Shimmer's place in the other world. It's pretty interesting, though it was really weird running into hairless lemur versions of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash and all the others."

"Hairless lemur?" Trixie asked, her muzzle crinkling in confusion.

Starlight shrugged. "That's what they look like to me," she said. "Only...taller, and with manes like ours and...hmm." She looked up at the ceiling in thought. "And they wear lots of clothes and have...umm...stuff going on with their..." She coughed. "Teats and...and stuff."

Sunset cleared her throat. "Yyyyyeah...let's not confuse the issue with a really confusing attempt to describe human anatomy, okay?" She shook her head. "The point is, it's an alternate world that only has whatever magic crossed into it from Equestria, there's alternate universe counterparts of lots of ponies you'd see here, and technology is super advanced."

Trixie raised an eyebrow. "Ponies liiiiike...me?"

Sunset rolled her eyes. "Yeah, there's a Trixie there."

"I see," Trixie said. "Is she...grrrrrrrreat and powerful?"

"Eh...I know she does some illusions, but I've never actually seen her act," Sunset said. "I do know she's an okay singer and not a bad guitar player, but she's nowhere near as good as Rainbow Dash."

Trixie considered this. "Guitar player, huh?" Her brow furrowed. "Well, I suppose an alternate Trixie could conceivably have an alternate talent." She shrugged. "Eh. As long as she puts on a good show, I guess."

"Well, she made it into the semifinals of the CHS Battle of the Bands," Sunset said with a shrug.

"Say," Trixie said slowly, looking at Sunset curiously. "If you used to be totally evil, but Twilight reformed you and now you're an alicorn..." She looked at Starlight thoughtfully, a slow grin spreading across her face. "What do you think, huh? Princess Starlight and Princess Trixie?"

Starlight laughed. "I don't think so," she said. "Something tells me there's more to it than just turning over a new leaf. Besides, with my track record, I...don't think me having alicorn magic would be, y'know, a good idea. At all."

"Hmm. You have a point," Trixie said. "I mean, normally I get a kick out of hearing about all the chaos you cause with your horn, but that little stunt you pulled in Canterlot even scares me."

"What stunt?" Sunset asked.

Starlight paled. "Oh. Well. Umm." She coughed. "The Cutie Map summoned me to Canterlot to solve a friendship problem. It turned out the problem was with, well...the Royal Sisters."

"Celestia and Luna?" Sunset snorted. "Doesn't surprise me. Their human counterparts get a little snippy with each other from time to time."

"Yeah, well, they were both...feeling kinda neglected by each other," Starlight said. "And it was getting pretty...tense. So I confronted them about it, and they started arguing, and it got out of control and I..." She trailed off, fidgeting with her hooves.

Trixie snickered. "She swapped their Cutie Marks," she said.

Sunset's eyes bugged out. "YOU DID WHAT?!"

Starlight flinched. "I...I switched their Cutie Marks," she said.

Sunset's wings flared out. "You...assaulted...the DIARCHS OF EQUESTRIA?!"

"Not assaulted!" Starlight said heatedly. "I just...I just maybe kinda forced them to take each other's place for a day? Anyway, it worked out in the end. They both realized the other one had a tougher job than they thought, and they made up and everything's great again. No chance of another Nightmare Moon or Daybreaker happening."


"Apparently that's what Princess Celestia would call herself if she snapped and turned evil," Maud said dispassionately.

Sunset reared in alarm. "PRINCESS CELESTIA TURNED EVIL?!"

"Not really!" Starlight said frantically, waving her hooves. "It...it happened in a nightmare."

"Oh." Sunset calmed down. "Good. Still...just..." She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time with this. You forced Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to switch special talents so they'd stop fighting, and not only are you not in Tartarus for an assault on the Royal Sisters, your crazy plan actually worked?!"

"Well...yeah?" Starlight offered hesitantly.

Sunset flopped bonelessly to the floor. "Did this whole world go completely crazy after I left?" she moaned.

"Babu, gigi, gahuu," Flurry Heart said, gliding over to Sunset and rubbing her cheek with tiny hooves.

Sunset chuckled. "Hey," she said, nuzzling Flurry. "Thanks. I needed that."


"But anyway, yeah, Twilight's...still a little peeved at me for how that went down," Starlight said sheepishly.

A bright magenta flash lit up the library. "Starlight! I'm back!"

Everypony looked to where Princess Twilight Sparkle had just appeared, saddlebags slung over her back. She levitated them off and set them by the door, which opened to admit Spike. "How was everything with Flurry while I was gone?" Twilight asked.

"Fine, just fine!" Starlight said. "She...got plenty of exercise? Also, we have a guest."

"Oh?" Twilight asked.

Sunset sat up. "Hey Twilight," she said, smiling.

"Sunset Shimmer!" Twilight exclaimed with a happy gasp. "It's so good to see you! It's been so long!" Twilight moved to hug Sunset. Sunset returned the hug. "I had no idea you were coming!"

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Sunset said. She chuckled. "Ended up being a surprise for me when I got an alicorn baby right in my face." She tousled Flurry's mane, eliciting a giggle from the foal.

Twilight giggled. "Yeah, she does that," she said. "So how long are you here for?"

"Three days, if that's cool."

"Of course it's cool!" Twilight said. "We don't get to see each other nearly often enough! We have so much catching up to do! So much has happened here, and I can't wait to hear what you and my CHS friends have been up to, and wait a second why do you have wings? You didn't have wings the last time I saw you!"

"Yyyyeah about that," Sunset said as Twilight drew back, her jaw hanging open and her eyes wide. "It's...I was actually hoping you'd help me figure that one out, because I have no idea why I'm suddenly an alicorn."

"I bu—hizzawha...haaaaaaaa..." Twilight fainted dead away.

Spike snorted. "Seriously? This is worth fainting over?" He looked up at Sunset. "Congrats. I'll let Pinkie Pie know to throw you an alicorn party."

"Uhh...thanks, Spike," Sunset said. "How are you so calm about this?"

Spike shrugged. "You're basically a snarkier, less neurotic Twilight," he said. "The alicorn thing doesn't surprise me at all." He waddled over to the door. "Guess I'll go make snacks for everypony."

Twilight woke up, took a look at Sunset, let out a long whining-groaning-sighing sound, and fainted again.

Maud glanced at her. "They should really call you the Princess of Drama," she said.

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