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Hello everypony! I'm here for a good story and, if things progress as they should, I might start doing reviews on every fan fiction I've read on my Youtube account. So write good stories everypony!

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Thanks for the fav!

It's basically set the earliest that I've written in the 'timeline' - You also might want to look at Calm Wind's Wonderverse stories since our stories are based on those. :twistnerd:

Thank you. While the story was good, decent and generally okay I kept feeling as if this was a small part of a larger whole. Though I couldn't be sure because I don't remember ever seeing anything stating it was a sequel.

I'll be sure to read the others in order.

Hope you enjoy Nighttime Prayers! Admittedly, it’s part of a series... You can find the recommended reading order HERE.

2410590 Thanks! That feeling of being true to the show was exactly what I was going for!

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