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Not much to say except that I love video games, my favorite series being Star Fox and Mass Effect; reading, sports, etc. I have a separate FanFiction account where more of my stories can be found.


This story is a sequel to Hello From The Other Side

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, has had a lot on her plate recently. Even when she's not busy and even though she has Sunset to keep her company now, she still feels the need to get away from Equestria for awhile.

Twilight Sparkle, current student of Canterlot High, has been wanting for a long time to see Equestria for herself, to understand the origins of her powers.
Surely there must be a way for them to both get what they want. What's the worst that could happen?

Better yet, what's gonna happen between Luna and Rainbow Dash?

Something feels familiar about all this...

7/17/2017: It took awhile but this story finally got the feature it deserves.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 243 )

Could you please include Fluffle Puff in this story?

Gee, I'm getting a strange sense of deja vu here in this prologue.

It's almost like you copy and pasted this from a previous work of yours.

Other than that, well...

Here we go again!!!

And here's the sequel.

I find interesting you using the Pony of Shadows as a reminiscence of the Nightmare. That does make a sound and plausible theory. And anyway the Pony of Shadows isn't been used enough in stories, so most welcome.

Also, admit that copy-pasting the last bonus chapter from the first fic was lazy. You could have just link it in the synopsis like everyone else.



So...you're saying it's lazy when an author makes a sneak peek from a future novel and it isn't the same from the first chapter of said novel?

Well, only a day past between the two and it's not like we have the memory of a goldfish.

currently smoldering a small circular device

Should that be "soldering"?

I'm excited to see this sequel, but while I've been leaving most of the grammatical mistakes alone, one thing that you're doing has been bugging the heck out of me: don't put thoughts in quotes and italics. You only need the italics.

Aside from that, looking forward to see what kind of trouble Sci-Twi can get herself into in Equestria when she finally gets there. Also wondering if the Spikes are going to switch places as well...

Long story short...

Eyyyup. :eeyup:

Author's Note:

You want it, you got it!

And we thank you for it

Loved the first one, really looking forward to this.

...after all, what could possibly go wrong ??

What's the worst that could happen?

NEVER SAY THAT. THINGS GO TO SHI...[sees T rating]...CRUD WHEN YOU DO. Now Tirek's second escape from Tartarus is bound to occur, or Daybreak becomes a physical entity and wreaks mayhem that requires the Princess of Friendship, Former Bearer of the Element of Magic to fix.
Yet she's not exactly going to be there to do so.

Also, yay! Another human/pony-switch-places fic! Just, uh, please don't add chapters between other chapters this time? Pretty please with a cherry on top? :fluttershysad: <-- Fluttershy doing puppy-dog eyes (improvised).


You can say shit, we're mostly all adults here!

And don't worry, I'm gonna try to avoid that this time. :twilightsheepish:

Just obeying Fimfiction's "Comments should obey the rating of the thing they are a comment on, this means comments must be SFW on SFW stories" rule.
...Though teenagers these days do tend to swear quite a bit, so...would Fimfiction's moderators take that into consideration, should swearing ever become a problem...?

Eh, whatever. A gram of prevention's better than a kilogram of cure, or however the saying goes.

Well, this is gonna be interesting.

All right, Twilight's little shenanigan is commencing, but didn't she forget about her wearing glasses?


She wasn't trying to dupe her EQG friends.

Besides, Pinkie would sniff her out in a heartbeat.

And what about Sci-Twi's family and other people that know her like the Shadowbolts?


Sure, but unless her parents already bought her contact lenses before, they gonna ask how their high school daughter bought some on her own. Unless this is a thing pretty common in America, I don't know?

The next chapter " the one where Luna goes to jail"

I SO need to see if someone has done a MR. Burns doing the Joker laugh. That’d be so appropriate for this I think.:pinkiecrazy::scootangel: Of course also while he’s wringing his together

Aah family. There great, but at the same time so annoying.

“Um...just a little it...mom!” Twilight said.

I think you meant "a little bit".

Twilight Velvet is best perceptive mom. I love it!

“I'm trying to keep the picture of you having sex with a minor,” Celestia groaned. “Look, it was just a stupid dream, that's all.”

This doesn't work as it is currently written. It should either be 'trying not to picture you with a minor' or 'trying to keep the picture of you with a minor out of my head.' You could even cut the second option off after 'out,' but you need to go at least that far first.

the weed scene felt forced to me.

I agree, it was a little bit out there, but I found it amusing. I will spare the author's life when The Day comes, but yours? Yours is forfeit.

...so Trixie smokes pot in this storyline.


Eh. Not my story, I'm just reading it. And as long as she does it responsibly and it's legal, then that's fine.

I always have problems associating Ponies and drugs, it just doesn't fit right in the usual context.


“Who the hell has disturbed the Great and Powerful Tri-!”



...I still think she drinks!


Haha, I actually have no problem associating alcohol and Ponies at all. In fact this is one of my favourite drinking pony stories. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/52346/a-pony-walks-into-a-bar

It's rated T. Teenagers are arguably more foul-mouthed than matured adults. I know; I used to be one.

In that case, I would probably 'know' better than you; I've got a 16-year-old brother who's addicted to Minecraft and Skype (because of the latter one, I've grown to hate the program's repetitive 'ringtone'. Is it possible to change that abomination to something else?).
PLENTY of unpleasant language - something my parents aren't exactly...thrilled...about; especially when he uses the c^#t word.

But I can assure you this world's Trixie is a it more mellowed out.

Hey, FoxMcCloud, I think you should fix this - it's supposed to be 'a bit more mellowed out'. Specifically, you forgot a 'b' at the start of 'bit'.

Hey is it just just me or is that picture of Trixie moving?:derpyderp2:

Okay so we're actually going with a little AU of Dance Magic. Guess it helps you with a set up.

Mistakes found.

Applejack was the first to see her and was about to wave her over when we suddenly paused.


if it gets an hotter out there



The auto correct on my tablet is such a pain in the ass.

Yay! :yay: Funny comment time!

My patience has grown thin however. I cannot stay confined to this castle forever and I certainly won't wait for the Elements to ultimately discover me. My eyes are only on one mare and I will destroy anypony in my way. The Nightmare will rise again…

In noway possible can this be bad.OwO

“I wouldn't mind visiting the place...but would Sunset be okay with it?” More importantly, would Princess Twilight be okay with it? It still hard getting used to the fact that your counterpart from another world was royalty. Honestly, it kind of made her jealous. “Not the kind of jealousy that would make me turn back into Midnight Sparkle of course.”


“It's a little confusing isn't it?” Sunset jumped at the sudden voice and turned around to see Starlight addressing her. “Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I was about to come get you since Spike's making breakfast.”

Poof! Instant Starlight Glimmer, now coming to a store near you!

“Yep, Twilight still hasn't filed that request for members of the Royal Guard or any aides,” Starlight replied. “But I guess since she's an alicorn she hardly needs any protection.”

"Um Starlight? what are you doing?" "Oh nothing, just mounting a loaded gun on the wall."

“Wait you mean-?” Twilight's eyes narrowed. “Oh no no, I'm not doing that.”

Oh yes yes, you are doing that.

Sunset smiled. “Just get me a quill.”

And the plot widens!

The car wash idea certainly wasn't a bad one. And I imagine the only reason it didn't involve skimpier attire (not even swimwear, just short-sleeved shirts and shorts) was an attempt at keeping things G-rated.

Still, I can get why Applejack would object to dressing skimpy.


She's got morals dagnabit!

Say I just thought of something, why doesn't Princess Twilight bring any gems from the gem fields outside of Ponyville to the human world when she goes through the portal, that way she could have the girls sell them and get large amounts of money for them then and use it to help save Camp Everfree.

Oh ho ho, this Dance Magic version is going to be SO much more interesting!! I look forward to seeing it.

Same here!!!


Dang right she does.

That might get the girls in trouble with the authorities. Also it could end up disrupting the local economy.


It wouldn't need to be a lot of gems, maybe 4 or 5 gems at most that they could sell and get some money for them, not to mention if Twilight were to bring any gold bit coins from Equestria they could sell them for a high price.

Eh, maybe. Still, one could understand why they wouldn't want to ask for something like that out of the blue.


I'm pretty sure even if she offered they wouldn't take it. It just wouldn't feel right.

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