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Hello From The Other Side 2 - FoxMcCloud7921

Princess Twilight Sparkle feels the need to get away from her royal duties for awhile. Her counterpart wants to see Equestria for herself. This whole plot seems rather familiar...

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Oh Hi Twilight


The next morning, Twilight woke up to Spike sprawled against her chest snoring softly. She rolled her eyes slightly as she looked at her alarm clock. It was a little after seven in the morning.

She then heard her phone buzz, indicating she had just gotten a message. She reached over to her phone, trying not to disturb Spike and picked it up. She saw it was from Applejack.

Hey girls, we're having an emergency meeting at 10 over at Sugar Cube Corner to figure out how we're going to meet the deadline for Camp Everfree next week. Hope you all can make it!

Twilight couldn't help but smile. When it came to writing or texting, Applejack actually sounded like a proper lady instead of her Southern accent and her… “countryisms” as she called them.

She was about to text her back when she heard something else vibrate. She looked over towards her desk and saw that it was the journal that Sunset gave her. Vibrating books...Equestria sure has some interesting technology.

Twilight managed to slip out of bed as Spike continued to sleep and went over to her desk. She opened the journal and went to the most recent page. She recognized Sunset's handwriting immediately.


Whenever you get this, do you think you can meet me at the school? We need to talk about something.


Twilight frowned. It sounded important if Sunset had to speak to her in person. And if that was the case…

She went back to her phone and replied back.

I might run a little late so go ahead without me if I'm not there.

Twilight went back to the journal, picking up a pen.

I'll be there right away.

After finally getting Spike up and fed (the rattle of dry kibble always seemed to do the trick), she got dressed and left a note for her parents that she had to run a couple errands.

“Hey, you're not leaving me alone this time,” Spike said.

“Look if this is about the whole Mane-iac thing-”

“I totally wanted in on that,” Spike grumbled.

“Well excuse me for not wanting you to get blown up,” Twilight snapped. She then sighed. “Alright fine, but I have to put you in my backpack again. Make sure to go before we leave.”

Afterwards, the two made their way towards the bus stop, not having to wait long before one showed up. “So what do you think Sunset needs to talk to you about?” Spike asked once they were on board.

“No idea,” Twilight replied. “There's nothing going on here at the moment, at least to my knowledge.”

“So it's an Equestrian problem then?”

“If that's the case, I don't know why she needs me,” Twilight frowned. “I mean, she's got Princess Twilight to help her out over there.”

“I'm...detecting some hostility here.”

“It's not hostility,” Twilight said quickly.

“Oh okay, jealousy then.”

“I'm not-!” Twilight stopped. “We're not having this conversation right now.”

The rest of the trip was made in silence and it wasn't long before the bus stopped at the other side of Canterlot High. She didn't see Sunset near the entrance, meaning she was early. “I'm not sure why, but I got a bad feeling about this…”

“Just for saying that, something bad is going to happen,” Spike groaned.

The two of them approached the portal. “You know, I've been thinking,” Twilight stated. “Every time I've ponied up, I get wings right?”

“Right,” Spike answered.

“And Princess Twilight was originally a unicorn right?”


“So... hypothetically if I were to go there...I would be an alicorn right!?”

“Uh...wouldn't that make you royalty?” Spike asked. He now wished he hadn't asked that, since he saw that familiar twinkle in her eye which was usually a prelude to bad things.

“Well, it's only a theory,” Twilight said. “But you have to admit it would be super cool!”

“Right because being a princess is so easy,” Spike said, rolling his eyes.

Suddenly, the portal started to vibrate and glow as a familiar figure came out. Sunset wobbled slightly on her legs before regaining her balance. “Still not quite used to going back and forth…” she mumbled to herself.

“Sunset, is something wrong?” Twilight asked, doing away with greetings. “Is Equestria in danger?”

“Actually, about that-” Sunset was cut off as the portal flashed once again and another familiar figure stepped out, doing a similar dance like Sunset.

“Oh hi Twilight,” Spike said.

“Oh um...hi,” Princess Twilight said.

“This is still kind of weird,” Twilight commented.

“Tell me about it,” the princess replied.

“Anyway...Twilight...I mean, not Princess Twilight-”

“This isn't working,” Princess Twilight groaned. “Maybe we should come up with code names or something.”

“Oh that's simple,” Spike said. “Just call this one Sci-Twi.”

“... Sci-Twi?” Princess Twilight asked.

“Yeah... Pinkie Pie apparently came up with that one and it kind of stuck,” Twilight said sheepishly.

“Well...sure we'll go with that,” Twilight said before clearing her throat. “Now then, we're here because I need to run a quick experiment.”

Sci-Twi’s eyes lit up. “Oh you had me at experiment.

Twilight grinned. “Good, because I need to see what happens when you go through the portal.”

Sci-Twi's face suddenly fell. “The... portal?”

“Don't worry, it's nothing to worry about,” Sunset assured her. “I mean, other than becoming four-legged and all that.”

Sci-Twi looked at the two girls suspiciously. “So are you two going to explain what's really going on or not?”

Twilight sighed. “Alright...you know how I told you I was really miffed about the little shtick that Celestia and Luna played?”


“I'm still really miffed about it.”

“...You know holding a grudge like that isn't good for you. Maybe you should-”

“Ahbupbupbup!” Twilight put a finger on her counterpart’s lips. “You're not playing psychiatrist with me here. Anyway, that's not really the point. I'm going to make this simple: I want to take some time off and hang out with my friends here, and you want to visit Equestria. Sunset explained all that to me.”

Sci-Twi gave Sunset a nasty look. “Well that is true but...wait are you suggesting we switch places?”


“She wants to get back at Celestia in other words,” Sunset said.

“I love Celestia and Luna, I really do.” Twilight's face then darkened. “But I won't let this one fly! Not this time Trollestia!”

“Wow, we actually used the same name for her,” Sunset said, looking surprised.

“So... you're expecting me to take over your duties?” Sci-Twi asked. “Didn't this all go horribly wrong the last time!?”

“Don't worry, I ran over a hundred diagnostic tests with the portal since last time,” Twilight said confidently.

“She's not joking either…” Sunset muttered.

“Plus you'll have Sunset and Starlight to help out with things,” Twilight said. “Actually, this is a perfect opportunity to meet my friends. I promise, they're exactly the same there as they are here.”

“Well...oh who am I kidding? This is an offer I can't refuse!” Sci-Twi said happily. “Ponify me captain!”

There was dead silence from everyone else. “Sorry... won't make that phrase again…”


Sci-Twi (why did Pinkie have to give her that name!?) thought she was a hundred percent prepared for the new experience of traveling between dimensions. She had seen plenty of science fiction movies dealing with dimension traveling and the process broke into three possible categories. The first was crossing between planes like walking down a tunnel. The second was being broken down into molecules or atoms and reforming upon reaching the new dimension. The third was the classic “body stretched and melded into the fabric of space” which was usually the most popular she'd seen. This experience fell into the third category.

She didn't quite take account of how she'd feel during the trip. Yes, being stretched thin was uncomfortable at best, painful at first, but perhaps Equestrian magic was a forgiving force, for the worst she felt was slight nausea upon finally reaching the other side.

There was also the fact that she almost got knocked into a wall but luckily someone managed to catch her just in time. “Phew, that was close. First trip can be a doozy I've heard,” a voice said.

Sci-Twi didn't recognize the voice and as she looked up, she noticed two things. One, there was a pony staring at her. Two, she didn't recognize the mare with her coloring. “Um...hi,” she said softly.

“You really do look like her,” the mare said, helping her up as Sci-Twi got her balance. “Sorry, I guess we've never met. I'm Starlight Glimmer.”

“You're a unicorn,” Sci-Twi said simply. Stupid, you already knew they were all ponies here!

“I'm glad you noticed,” Starlight chuckled. “You’re apparently an alicorn as well.”

Sci-Twi gasped as she suddenly looked towards the mirror and saw her reflection. She was fully equine now, which wasn't a surprise to her. What was a surprise was that she actually had a horn and wings. “Oh dear Faust…”

“Um...congrats?” Starlight said.

The reflection rippled as the portal activated once again as both Sunset and Princess Twilight appeared. “Well, it looks like she didn't crash into anything,” Sunset said. “Guess she got-” She suddenly stopped. “Twilight...are you seeing this?”

“Yeah…” Twilight said. She then broke into a grin as she gave her counterpart. “This is great! Not only did I prove my theory correct but we're both alicorns!”

“Wait... where's Spike?” Sci-Twi asked.

The portal shimmered once again as the small canine appeared. Spike shuddered. “And here I thought I'd be used to traveling through dimensions by now…”

“...Spike?” Starlight said.

“That's their world's Spike,” Twilight explained. “To no surprise, he's still a dog.”

Spike looked around before returning his gaze towards the four mares. “Whoa, looking good Twilight!”

Sci-Twi blushed slightly as her wings fluttered slightly unconsciously. “So...what was this theory?”

“Oh...well after what Sunset told me, I believed based on your current powers, there's a great possibility that if you were to come to Equestria you'd reform into an alicorn as well. Just like I know if say, Rarity or Fluttershy came over they'd be a unicorn and pegasus, respectively.”

“Oh...I guess that makes sense,” Sci-Twi replied.

“Of course, Spike here is an exception because obviously dogs exist in our world but dragons don't exist in his.”

“Aw…” Spike whined. “And here I was ready to breathe fire.”

“Well, now that we know that Twilight is an alicorn here I guess your little plan might work out,” Sunset smirked slightly.

“Just one little thing,” Twilight said, looking at her counterpart. “Are those prescription glasses?”

“Yes,” Sci-Twi said. “I'm pretty much blind as a bat otherwise.”

“Hmm...I have an idea,” Starlight said as she walked up to her and magically removed her glasses. “Try not to blink for a moment.”

Her horn glowed and Sci-Twi's vision was obscured by the magical aura and suddenly her vision shifted. “Whoa...I can see now!”

Twilight looked impressed. “That’s a pretty advanced spell...but not one that's been perfected yet.”

“She'll be fine,” Starlight assured her. “Besides, how will she explain wearing glasses?”

“You don't feel any pain?” Sunset asked.

“No... everything's fine,” Sci-Twi said.

“Now you two look like twins,” Spike commented.

Twilight smiled. “Well, I guess in a way that makes us sisters.”

“I dunno about that,” Sci-Twi said as the rest of them giggled. “So...what do you need me to do?”

“Just act normal,” Twilight said. “You should meet my friends. They'll understand if you explain everything. Starlight and Sunset will be here to help of course.”

“Magic shouldn't be an issue,” Sunset commented. “She's getting quite good at it now.”

“So...do I get to stay?” Spike asked.

“Sorry Spike,” Twilight frowned. “Unfortunately, only this world's Spike has the ability to send and receive letters from Princess Celestia in case of an emergency.” Spike whined. Twilight went over and patted his head. “I promise next time I'll make it up to you.”

Spike was in deep thought. “Well...maybe I'll forgive you if you take me down to the local tasty freeze.”

“Ugh, don't listen to him,” Sci-Twi said. “Actually, you might need him to explain about home and such.”

Twilight facehoofed. “I totally forgot about our parents. They're okay with the lab?”

“Pretty sure it wouldn't be there if they weren't. Just don't worry if Shining and Cadance happen to spend the night in his room...or if you hear any weird noises.”

The three mares looked disgusted. “Too much information Twilight,” Sunset said.

“It's alright, I'm already an aunt,” Twilight said.

“...Wait you mean-?”

“It's going to be a girl and her name will be Flurry Heart. Most likely.” Twilight then paused for a moment. “Well, I guess it's time for me to go. Don't worry, everything will be fine.”

“I should probably tell you the girls are having a meeting at Sugar Cube Corner later on,” Sci-Twi said.

“Oh, alright.” Twilight looked back at her friends one last time before facing forward. “Alright Spike, let's get going.”

“Don't forget that vanilla cone,” Spike reminded her as the two disappeared into the portal.

It was quiet for a moment as Twilight stood there with the other two mares. “So...what now?” she asked.

Both Sunset and Starlight had amused looks on their faces. “You tell us, Princess Twilight.

Author's Note:

Just gonna leave this here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/745727/my-reaction-to-the-mlp-trailer

Also, I'm only referring to human Twilight as "Sci-Twi" in this chapter or whenever both Twilights are present to prevent confusion.

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