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Passion for movies, cartoons, anime and Pokémon. My waifu is Moonlight Raven.


After coincidentally watching a commercial for the newest Pokémon game, the HuMane 7 get into a discussion on which Pokémon is the best.

Sequel is in the making.: The Tournament of Passion

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Sitrus/Unburden/Belly Drum Slurpuff actually has some niche uses. Mostly, though, it's just funny to imagine.

Azumarill and Poison Types for me. Mmm, good old Water Rabbit... thing.

I'm with Rarity... i love my Shiny Gardevoir

My favorite Pokémon has to be Umbreon. Or just all of the Eeveeloutions. I consistently use them in my play throughs by breeding them on SoulSilver, and transferring them to later generations.
Also, the Eevee you get from Bill in HGSS can beat Morty's Gengar as long as you keep using Sand Attack. It then runs out of PowerPoints and struggles itself to death. Similar thing with Cynthia's Milotic and a Vaporeon with Aqua Ring and Leftovers.
Also, will this story continue?

Mine is the Totodile line. What do people think of the next movie removing Brok and Misty as Ash's original traveling companions?

I didn't plan on continuing, but if this gets enough positive feedback, I might write the tournament.

I have a lot of favorites in Pokemon because I grew up on the games, so it's hard for me to choose.

I loved every one of the Humane 7's choices when they were shown every Pokemon currently in existence. They all work so well.

"Yeah. Last time I've seen you so excited was when they accepted you into that military summer camp last year", Pinkie said, content with her slice of pizza being cold still.

I also like the reference to "Wonderbolt Academy" here.

I would really love it if a sequel to this was made! Showing Rainbow's challenge to everyone after their exams and everything with it.

Sunset knows how to get Rainbow motivated for school, she doesn't like losing so give her something to strive for so she can win

My favorite Pokémon is Espeon. And... I don't have a favorite type. But I have a favorite Pokémon for each type and a top 10 list of my favorite Pokémon! :twilightsmile:

I am not against choosing a legendary Pokémon as favorite Pokémon nor chosing your favorite Pokémon because of it's appearence, so the way the rest of the Main 7 reacted to Sunset's favorite and Pinkie's favorite... Not cool, girls.:ajbemused:

Still, this story is good enough to deserve a upvote and a favorite! Good job. And I hope we get to see the tournament.

P.S.: I think Lucario is more similar to Ryu from Street Fighter than Goku. Then again, that is because of Infernape, whose based on Sun Wukong, aka the same mythologic character Goku was based on.

Please do a sequel where they have their tournament.

My favorite Pokemon is Tauros and fave type is Water.

Arrgggg!! Curse you cliffhanger!!

Favorit Pokémon bladtoise

Type wind.

You should really make a sequel! great story!

Absolute Favorite: Flareon. It is so fluffy.

Secondary favorites: The rest of the Eevee line. THEY ARE SO FLUFFY.

Being around at the birth of Pokémon I played all the main line games up to now, most of the spin-off games and the card games; though I stop fairly quickly for the last one.

My favourite Pokémon is Blastoise and my favourite type is water.

This was a nice slice of life fic around the Pokémon game, all characters' chosen Pokémon make sense, though I would have thought Rarity would pick Persian or Glameow, or Furfrou now that I think, but nonethess Gardevoir is also a good pick.

Found some mistakes.

It just dodn't feel like

doesn't or didn't

we'll let chanc decide


I knew Rarity would choose Gardevoir :yay:

As for Fluttershy, her choice was either something cute or one of the Pokemon helping Nurse Joy






You know what? I got featured. I'm gonna write that sequel. Better follow me.

First: Great Story! I really hope of a sequel to see how the battle goes. Or maybe (I know this will be pretty Farfetch'd^^) the Earth Magic is going crazy and they land in their games and either become Trainers with Real pokemon, OR they turn into their Pokemon. I would be happy, regardless if you decide to choose one of my ideas or not.

Secondly: Favorite non-legendary Pokemon would be also Treecko.

Surprisingly close, but no. My favourite is Lucario. It's just so cool. It can sense aura, it's a fighting type, it's in Smash and it even got it's own movie. Lucario is basically Goku if he was a Pokémon."

Heh, I wonder if she knows they were both voiced by the same VA at one point? That's about the closest we're ever going to get to Goku officially being in Smash Bros.

Also, my favorite has to be either Treecko or Sceptile, for reasons that I had a leopard gecko as a pet that lived as long as my first college years named Treecko, and my Sceptile I first got on Ruby is LITERALLY the oldest Pokémon I've owned that's still in tact.

Lucario and Eevee.

I always felt boss when I was the one with Latias...mainly because out of all the legendary arctypes in emerald the eon pokemon never showed up in Battle Frontier.

Any tips on how to care for a Gecko. I want one too. At some point.

For a while my favorite Pokemon was based on the anime but when I started playing the games starting with Emerald I based myself on those who I always used.
But in the end my favorite Pokémon is Mudkipz as he was my first ever pocket monster.
Second would be Mimikyu

Would have expected Staraptor from Rainbow Dash.

Oh, my personal favorite? Don't look at me funny...


Well, for one, and I think this goes without saying but I'm going to anyways, hands need to be washed after every single time handling it as that reduces the risk of contracting salmonella and any other diseases.

Like most reptiles, they're cold blooded and need a constant heat source to live. A ultra violet heat lamp would help so that they stay warm and that it doesn't affect their sleep schedule. (Their eyes can't pick up ultra violet colors) You MAY want to keep it off most times in summer as it's already going to be hotter then. Depends on where you live I guess.

Lastly, like any other animal, they require a clean and sanitary living space. Make sure their water isn't too dirty after usage because dirt, sand, etc. WILL get in any open body of it, clean out any waste they make, and ensure that no other insects aside from safe ones you have for them get eaten. The most commonly recommended are crickets and mealworms.

One more tip. be EXTREMLY careful not to drop them when handling them as that increases the risk of them loosing their tail or running off.

For any other info that I more than likely can't recall off the top of my head, I'd go to a pet store employee or veterinarian.

Best of luck to you! :twilightsmile:

Rarity has good taste! Mine is also Gardevoir. Non legendary, that is. My favorite legendary are the three Dogs, Entei, Raikou and Suicune

Personally, I have my favorites from each Gen. excluding Sun and Moon since I don't have the games yet

Gen 1 is Beedrill
Gen 2 is Ledian
Gen 3 is Nincada
Gen 4 is Kricketune
Gen 5 is Galvantula
Gen 6 is Espurr

my favourite legendary is Lunala, and my favourite non legendary is Roselia

It's tough to decide on a favourite, but I'm going with Vaporeon. I've really loved all of the Alola 'Mons and Alola's probably my favourite region but good ol' Vaporeon pulls on my nostalgia strings.


What kind of gecko are you interested in? That's important. Something like a Leopard Gecko is going to need more terrestrial surroundings, while something like a Crestie is going to need more climbing space.

But in general:
No sand! Gecks can end up eating it accidentally and that can lead to sand compacting in their guts. Having your lizard on something like tile would be better, as well as easier to clean when it poops. By all means use different textures, though, as they ought to be stimulating.
The temperature of the enclosure should have a warm side and a cool side within the recommended species limit, so the gecko can self-regulate its temperature by moving between the temperatures - make sure you put in multiple hides so it can feel safe in both the 'warm' and 'cool' areas of the enclosure. Heating underneath the enclosure is usually the ideal way to achieve a temperature gradient.
There also ought to be a 'moist hide' which is kept damp and filled with something like moss - having one of these aids shedding. Stuck shed is bad, and can even lead to the gecko's toes being constricted and becoming necrotic/falling off.
Feeding should probably be crickets or dubia roaches, gut-loaded (fed with quality vegetable matter) and dusted with calcium. Other feeder insects are possible too, but those are good staples and a lot of the others can be too fatty for anything beyond a nice treat, like butterworms. Tong feeding or letting your gecko hunt down the insects are both viable options, but for the second you have to check regularly for when the gecko has stopped feeding and remove the extra insects. Crickets, especially, can injure a gecko by chewing on them - more ways to lose toes! I believe some geckos, like the Cresteds, can be fed using a formula and don't need live food. iving them something to chase/waving some tongs in their face can be a good way to stimulate feeding behaviours though.

There are a lot more things you need to be aware of too, like minimum enclosure requirements (best to go bigger than the minimum by as much as you can afford), humidity levels, if you get a female they might lay eggs even without being fertilised so you'll have to make sure their calcium levels are fine, don't cohabitate any geckos, except maybe mourning geckos. Most lizards are solitary animals, and can suddenly attack their tankmates even after years of being together - they just don't have the internal chemistry of the brain that allows for affectionate bonding. They can learn trust - as in 'this big weird thing feeds me and is warm to sit on, it's probably not a predator and I'm okay with it existing near me', but not friendship, if you know what I mean. Not like a dog or a cat. Mourning geckos are slightly different - they're one of those all-female species and are happy to live in small swarms, ha. Still not exactly brimming with oxytocin though.

Basically, whatever you do, do a bunch of research before you commit to anything because reptile care is a lot harder than a lot of people realise and they live for quite a while. Leopard geckos, for example, live to around 20 years old or more if they're kept in the right conditions!
I personally don't keep any geckos because I'm a little too squeamish over handling live insects, but I've got several friends with them and I've seen a lot of the effort that goes towards them.

Sorry for rambling about lizards on your story, ahaha.

Personally, I'm not a HUGE Pokemon fan.
But! Me and my brother have a running joke about Sylveon, so I'd have to go with her.

My favorites are Eevee and the Eeveeloutions.

Charmander and 🔥 types all the way. Favorite legendary: Articuno. Least favorite: the Piplup line.

My faves are a three way tie between Absol, Aggron, and Mudsdale.

I loved the Mudsdale I caught in Moon only ever fainted once and it was against a water type that had high sp att that hit me with a crit hydro-pump and was 10 lvls higher.

I know he would have survived had it not been a crit because he had tanked two non crits already.

My favourites are Emboar and Tsareena.

My favourite type is probably fire.

Bug is my favorite type too! Though Fairy came pretty close to overtaking it. I love what fairy did to shake things up, giving poison some legitimacy and helping counter the dragons, plus since gen II I wanted a light type to match dark. But bugs still win in my book. From tearing up at Ash releasing butterfree to soloing the elite four with shuckle and irritating friends with shedinja, bugs always make things interesting.
Favorite pokemon, though, has to be Sylveon. Love the eeveelutions! And sylveon not only is fairy type, but has that soothing design and color scheme. Love it!
Fave starter is Piplup/Empoleon, for what it's worth, and not sure about fave legend. Maybe Heatran?


Favorite Legendary: Darkrai
Favorite non Legendary: Lucario

favorite legendary - Regigigas. mainly because the work you had to put in just to get to him made it so rewarding when you caught him.
favorite non-legendary - gen 1 magikarp. you could literally teach it ANYTHING. i had one that knew Solar Beam, Thunder, Fire Blast, and Fly. cause i thought it would be hilarious. though mine could've just been glitched idk. it was still funny regardless

I can't answer for certain really.
THere are many pokémon I love equally and will be a bitch of a time to pick between them.

If I had to make a small list, it would include:

Definitely Smeargle and Snorlax.

My top ten favorite non-legendary Pokemon (by lines) are:

Chimchar (it's line is based on the Monkey King)
Eevee (so many evolutions to choose!)

My all-time favorite legendary is Mewtwo.

I'm curious as to how this Pokemon battle would turn out. Shame the story's completed.

The zoura line is my favtorie! And I love requaza!

Ninetails all the way. And with the new Alolan one it makes the whole contest scene more beautiful with old and new paired up. :raritystarry:


My Golem was my star player in Sapphire even outshining Blaziken by the elite four. The earth heaved when I brought it out and with double edge and earthquake it basically soloed the Elite Four with the exception of Phoebe and her levitating ghost types which Blaziken easily obliterated.

My favorite Pokemon would hafta be: Meganium, Lanturn, Donphan, Granbull, Togepi, Gyarados and Mimikyu. I'mma gonna save up for PKMN Sun so I can catch that cinnamon roll and give it lotsa love. I also found out that you can migrate Gen 1 Pokemon to Sun and Moon via Poke Bank and Transporter.

Favorite pokemon:
And every eevee-lution
Favorite type:

also shouldn’t this story be teen?? it seems like it should be >_>

Ok this was made to kick of whose your favorite Pokémon. While I have a long list number one, Eevee

Personally,my favorite has always been Aggron, (First Pokémon game was Sapphire.) with my favorite typing being Steel/Poison.

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