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Just a fan who likes to share his ideas through stories that people seem to like.


For over a thousand years, ponies and Pokémon have lived together in peace. And why? Because they were taught to coexist by two great humans. Ash and Serena, two lovers from a distant world, transported as people they didn't used to be. But their past no longer mattered, so long as they stayed together.

But when tragedy strikes and they are taken from each other in a cruel twist of fate, one waits while the other is in a constant race of survival. Centuries have passed and yet their love still burns and begs to be together once again.

With the help of some new friends and their partners, will those years of waiting finally end?

Additional tags: Spike, Discord, Flash Sentry, Trixie, Celestia, and Luna
Edited and assisted by Inazuma
A Displaced story.
Pokémon and MLP: FiM are under their own ownership and I claim no rights to them. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 139 )

A Displaced story. If ya gonna hate, hate on it, but I dare you to comment that and see what happens.

This is as bland and generic as every displaced story I've seen for the past 6 months.

6101679 Gonna be honest here, Meeester, I would take your comment seriously... but you're pretty much a laughing stock amongst the Displaced.

Why do Displaced stories get hate anyway? They're awesome.

Because usually trends die off after a few months.


Cancer is hard to kill, so I've been told.

Comment posted by ArcIsDead deleted Jun 17th, 2015

True. Very very true.


That's because cancer is thought of as human cells with telomerase enzyme, causing them to grow cancerous. There are other definitions and causes but in the end they are all caused by the body's own cells mutating abnormally and rapidly dividing. Cancer, when given to a concept as a title, can mean two things.

Either it is a new thing brought into the old thing that will slowly degrade and destroy it, or it will simply grow and be contained if not destroyed. The displaced group as a whole is certainly not a cancer, it does not have the capacity to ruin this site entirely, but it can help it grow by providing a starting platform for authors just starting out, giving them an easy avenue to begin writing seriously as a creative venture through collaborating with other authors and incorporating their skills while also receiving rather positive feedback from others in the group.

It really isn't as cancerous as you would believe, it's more like having an extra arm or something else beneficial that those used to the human image would look at in disgust.

Ignoring the random Displaced haters that feel compelled to read and rage about the few things they hate amidst the thousands of stories on this sight, I like this start. I might not like the 'Displaced turned to stone' thread, but the story and the setting looks like it can become something bigger. The crusaders making pokemon references to describe Discord was a nice touch.

6101754 Darn right! Hell that's the case with me. I'm comfortable saying I'm a terrible writer but from writing Displaced stuff I've met some awesome people in the group, learned a great deal of things about writing and had a load of fun. People are always going to hate on any group of there (clop, shipping, the very concept of HiE in rare cases just to say a few groups that have come under fire) but the people in those groups have their own reasons for taking part and experiences gained from it. And for those people who don't like Displaced stuff then as most stories of the sort will read,

Don't like, don't read.

No ones making you read the stories (except maybe in your case Meeester, I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the processes of you fimfiction Admin's to be sure) except you. I will admit sometimes people in the group get hella defensive and can be jerks about it when someone insults them or the group but that can be said about the fanatics of any group. Regardless I've said my piece I'll get off my soapbox now.


The crusaders making pokemon references to describe Discord was a nice touch.

That's assuming this Discord isn't actually made of Pokémon bits rather than regular animal bits.

Goddamnit, Its supposed to be fucking Dupree, You, Me, and Dupree. How can these idiots in hollywood not fucking understand that!? How the hell did this shit turn into a Pokemon cross over with My Little Pony!?

Dude, what are you talking about, your on a My Little Pony fanfiction website.

Wait, what?

6101911 Actually it's a play on the song, 'You, Me, and Pokémon' from the english dub of the series.

6101989 And its a wonderful song, too.

Huh don't know what to think about it really. I still liked, but just... Huh interesting. Really want to know how it continues.

“Well, if wasn’t a pony, then what was he?” Scootaloo asked curiously.

Also I'm feeling like there is missing a "he" behind the "if".

And now call me impressed!

6102264 hello impressed I am cody
:derpytongue2::derpytongue2:well hello there

Nice ^^ I was wandering when a Displace Ash story might pop up from. Nice story you just made my day. :pinkiehappy:

6101708 unless it's Frozen, to which you'll want to seal your ears shut forever

6102315 :facehoof: Meant to say Considered but alright

This comment section is a mess. Following for more of those.

how often do you plan on updating this one?

Very nice. I love a good Displaced story.

Hmmm... not a bad start. *adds to tracking list(

6102645 hello Considered, I am your father. I LOVE STAR WARS


This is the only worthwhile Pokemon/MLP crossover I've found. I like it, good start, DEFINITELY tracking it.

*is tempted to show zeus this fanfic*

you have my attention, please continue on, I look forward to reading more

More please! :pinkiehappy:

...........Go on....

More...I WANT MOAR!!!!:flutterrage:

I LOVE THIS PAIRING!!:raritystarry:


Geez! And I thought you were rude. Way past that man... Way past that..... I speak for my story and this one when I say This

Heck, yeah. Why do people have to judge other people? This world would be better if we help each other out and stop bombing each other. Stay on your soap box, my friend.

Attitude like that is cancer. Just sayin'. There's people here that look up to the Admins... and well... there's a thing called a 'like' and a 'do not like' that are in the 'opinion' category. Obviously people will agree and disagree, but why are they reading it?

I'm aware that I'm a penny compared to the Admins, but I wish... Wishes don't always come true. When they do its either luck or effort.

Why do we like ponies? Why do we write fan fiction? Our reasons will clash, but the point stands: we like ponies and we read and write pony fan fiction. When the website is down: What do we feel? Can we feel? Why would the website be down? Probably a crappy hacker that thinks ponies are cancer.

There's social poison all around: What do we have in common?

*Shakes Auther's shoulders* Why are you not updating this?!

:twilightsmile: I like this.

:flutterrage: I demand more of this fine writing!

:fluttershysad: That is... if you are ok with it...

Is this an actual crossover or a Displaced story? (Yes, you said it was Displaced, but it actually seems like a crossover so far. So why not keep it that way. Less hate)

6345786 It's a Displaced story.

KO awesome pokemon story even if it's just the start but I really hope you continue and never give up on your dreams,

Ko when's the next chapter coming.


The Elite Four, would they happen to be Blueblood, Cadence, Twilight and Luna? In that order?

*insert epic champion theme here*Get ready for the next battle!

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