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Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared. Now he has two missions. One, to protect the balance of harmony and any innocents that were protected by that balance, at any cost. And two, find his brother.

Hey everyone! Prince Zodiac here! I decided to write another displaced story! One, about Dan's, or Alduiin's, brother Gale!

Oh, and this is now

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6183601 what? Fourth wall breaking not any good?

I was having some hope about this one, seeing the char didn't immediately become a villain in the eyes of the Sisters.......
Then you made him into an alicorn oc :facehoof:

6189489 that's just when he is in his nonbattle form or when he is heading to a new town or city so he doesn't scare ponies. Otherwise, he prefers his battle form.Besides, later on I'll show you guys how and why he was given that form in the cirst place. Lets just say at first he was just a unicorn.

I will say this I enjoy it so far. But now:rainbowlaugh: I can't believe a partner and I used two random people to displace as metal sonic and mecha sonic in AU where a machine/robots is a main thing with rwby theme enemies. I got metal, but my partner used mecha sonic. Well the story isn't out yet until we make a chapter or at least discuss about the 1st chapter in each side.

I haven´t read it yet, but i kind of want a romance tag already, probably because of this story.


Maybe you should make a Crossover with him, both of you have a different Metal Sonic, i like the look of yours more, but it could be interessting.

6274664 well, lets just say that the romance tag has nothing to do with a pony. If you guess the answer please put it as censored.

{Celestia's POV}

I honestly didn't think things could get any worse. Discord was running wild, causing chaos were ever he went. He had also hid the elements of harmony, so there was no way to defeat him. After Twilight and her friends had left to find the elements, I had gone down to a secret basement that only me and Luna were allowed in. In this basement was a capsule, and in this capsule, was a being made of metal. A machine to be exact, but unlike any machine ever made. This machine came from another world, not only that, but it also had sentience. It was a machine that fought for harmony, but after being offline for so long, I doubted he would ever come back at all. I hung my head low.

"I wish you were here," I said. "You could fix this." Suddenly I heard a lot of beeping and other sounds coming from the capsule.

"System repairs complete. All systems online."

Nice start, just a bit weird that they actually own him.

"Warning: Discord's presence detected. Tracking coordinates. Coordinates obtained."

that was weirder, that they had Discord in their system, maybe this Displaced is very old.

"Twilight, gather the elements and your friends!" It shouted to me. I was shocked that it new my name, but nodded none the less. I ran inside, with new found hope, to grab the elements, as well as my friends.

Why can he hit Discord so easily?, or what interessted me more was, why can´t something Powerfull as Discord doesn´t even hurt Metal Sonic?

This makes me believe, that he probably would stop Tirek with one of his Arms, he seems to be to powerfull for the sake of this story, i mean something OP is always a bit difficult to enjoy.

Then the timeframe for Twilight to do all the stuff she needs to do, to arrive with the elements, and her returned friends, seems to be to short since he only said once sentence.

Not sure if it was a bad choice to make him the ultimate robot Alicorn.

"Well," he started, "we can speak across the multiverse, we may be able to find him."

Today i can´t really stand stuff like that, not only Pinkie, no now are even the Dragon able to talk with different Universes.
I don´t want to sound mean, but i just don´t like it right now.

Hmm, interesting, not to keen on the Alicorn thing but that doesn't change the fact this is a good start

6274989 it'll be shown in a later chapter why he's an Alicorn. After all, he used to only be a unicorn.

6274765 for your first part of this comment, they don't own him, Gale just had his capsule in their castle and they watched over it. For the second part, yes, Discord is VERY old. For the third part, Discord wasn't at full power yet. Had he been the fight might have gone on longer but this time he wasn't at full power. That was just implied because he just escaped his prison. And also, he got damaged badly when he fought Tirek because, well, remember how Marx said the merchant sent some agents to destroy them? Well, Tirek got some help from Gale's agent. Once you see who it is, I think you'll ask why he would do that but I'll tell you this, he was misguided. Does that answer your questions?

6274783 it's fine, I know it was a lame excuse anyways, probably should have made it sound better. The reason they can do that is because of the ancient dragon language. By using shouts (that are four words or more) they can temporarily open portals to the void, and send some one or something through. They usually send another dragon to deliver the message, but they can send displaced too.


Yep. It's us.

There's now a metal displaced too

I've notice and I can tell he's better than mines since he has a cosmo A.I and proper control use of his body.

Curious question does marx belong to you? If yes my displace needs a scan because a jackass nondisplace merchant gave mines a suit with glitches.

...... I think your missing chp 6........lol

6279453 I thought I screwed up on something.

I think my character Symbol Shattered from my story Second Universe: The story of Symbol, would get along just fine with Epidemic.

6281266 yeah probably. Or they could annoy each other and have a battle to the death.

6281332 but if you do wanna crossover just let me know, Symbol has a token now

Hmmm, this should be interesting, remember, if you wanna have Symbol help out his token is out in the multiverse now. All in all a good chapter, can't wait to see more.

No one likes displaces stories anymore they suck

6334626 please refrain from hateful comments. If you do not like the story, do not comment at all.

6334626 great, like there isn't enough of those comments already.

We get it, alright? Displaced stories have lost their touch, but that doesn't mean every single one is horrible.

(me reading the start) :pinkiehappy: (me looking at the end) :raritycry::raritycry: WHY! QUICK LOOK AT THE STUFF AN TANZLATE!?!?!?!?

:pinkiehappy: FIRST ONE TO COMMET ON THUS CHAPTOR !?!?!?!? (im doing this cuz im bored)


I loved working on this with you Zodiac, I hope that we can make Metal and Gale meeting a recurring thing in our stories.

Also, I have an idea for another crossover if you're interested.

6408572 I had a fun time too. Also, what's this crossover idea?

6410912 I'll get to writing the next chapter of Second Universe then let me know when you are ready

6410985 okay well first Lisa has to finish things up with her brand new little bro.

Well that was epic and with that: You sir deserve this.


Rough start out, keeping everything within a first person perspective is a rather difficult thing. Even more so with several scene shifts in the first chapter.

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