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A Displaced Machine - Prince_Zodiac

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

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Chapter Seven: Battle Of The Bands: Round One!

Chapter Seven: Battle Of The Bands: Round One!

{Epidemic’s POV}

Hey Epidemic?’ I heard Plague ask me in my mind.

What is it?’ I asked.

How come we’re still you?’ Amnesia asked.

Well, as you two can see, a lot of things have been happening. The first round of the battle of the bands will begin soon, and I’ve got a feeling that this will be our best chance to find the Dovahkiin. Once we do, I can kill him, and this whole thing can be over with.

You do realize that this could backfire horribly, right?’ I stopped. For once, he was right. If I went after the Dovahkiin now, people would get in my way. Now, as much as I wouldn’t care if I hurt those who got in my way, I did care about the twins. If I went after the Dovahkiin, and killed anyone who tried to stop me, the twins would be seen as monsters, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed a more open opportunity to attack him, where no one would get in the way. For now, all I could do was find him, and keep an eye on him. I walked into the gym and there were students everywhere. I needed a high vantage point. I looked up to the ceiling beams. Perfect.

What are you doing?’ I didn’t pay attention. I went back stage, and began climbing the ropes and support beams. Eventually, I made it to the top and walked over to the other side of the curtain. I now had a bird’s eye view of the gym.

Don’t you mean a dragon’s eye view?


You know, because we’re dragons?’ Plague snickered. I rolled my eyes. I keep forgetting how immature these two are. I scanned the whole room, looking for any students that stood out. The only ones that did were Twilight, her friends and the Sirens. I scanned the room again. Still nothing. I decided to take a risk.

Laas Yah Nir.” I whispered. Red clouds of light began to emanate from everyone in the room, showing their aura. I scanned the room again. Once again, the only ones that stood out where Twilight, her friends and the Sirens. I was about to give up, but then, I saw him. He was in the back corner of the room, alone. He cloaked himself pretty well, but he couldn’t hide his aura. It was clear to me. The guy in the back room, was the Dovahkiin.

Wait, you can shout?

Yes, you two can as well.

We can?

Yes, when you two were first fused with Dad and your consciousness were forming, you both had your souls become part dragon. Didn’t he tell you this?

No.’ Huh, maybe Dad didn’t know? Eh, I’ll tell him later. Right now, I had a student to follow. I watched him. He didn’t move. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then I heard the singing. I looked down at the stage. The Sirens were performing. The song seemed to affect the other students. Now at first, the song did nothing to me, but like the first time I heard them sing, when they got to the higher notes, I started to feel an ache all over my body. Now normally, I would leave once this started to happen, but, well, I couldn’t really leave without drawing attention to myself right now could I? I had to wait it out.

As the song went on, and the higher notes started to become more plentiful, that ache, turned into pain. Everything started to hurt badly. It was a searing pain that couldn’t be described. It felt like a wave of, something, was coursing through me, causing me pain. I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

Argh! Why does it hurt so much?!

Epidemic! Why does it hurt?!

I-I don’t k-know.’ It hurts, so, much! What was going on? Why were we in pain? It didn’t make any sense! Was it, the Sirens? Was it, their singing? No, it couldn’t be that, could it? It was just sound! I had never reacted this way to the other students singing! The Sirens eventually stopped, but the pain didn’t. All of the students cleared out, except for Twilight and her friends that is. Everything started to go blurry. I could feel myself split in two, separating the twins. The last thing I remember, was falling, then everything went all black.

{Twilight’s POV}

After the first few rounds, the preliminaries were over. Tomorrow would be the semifinals and tomorrow night would be the finals. I was talking with my friends, until I saw them fall. It was the twins.

“No!” I cried. I dived forwards and caught them in my arms, turned in mid air, and landed on my back. I slid across the ground a little, then stopped. I looked at the twins. They were both curled up, their faces twisted in pain.

“Twi!” I heard Applejack cry. “What happened?”

“I, I don’t know,” I replied worriedly. I stood up, with both of the twins still in my arms. They started to shake violently, then they turned all black, and fused with me. I could feel how scared they were.


‘I’m here you two, I’m here.’

It, it hurts.

‘What happened?’

The Siren’s song, it hurt.’ Wait, what? The Siren’s singing hurt them? How? Oh they were so going to pay for this! But for now, I needed to find Alduin. He should still be here. I ran out of the gym, my friends trailing behind me. I ran down the halls, turned a corner, and saw Alduin at the end of the hall. I rushed up to him.

“Alduin!” He looked at me.

“Woah, woah, woah, Twilight!” he said. “What’s going on? What happened?”

“”I don’t know how, but, The Twins said the Siren’s song hurt them.”

“What?! Where are they?”

“They’re fused with me right now.”

Alduin nodded.

“Okay that might be best. Listen, keep them with you for now. They’ll need time to heal, and being fused with you will be good for them. While they’re with you, I’ll find Gale and see if he can help figure out what happened.” I nodded. Alduin left to look for Gale, and I left with Sunset Shimmer. I was staying at her place for now. We got in her car, and drove off.

“So, are the twins going to be okay?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah, they just need rest.” I could already feel their pain lessening, and that they were starting to have some restful sleep. I sighed. Them being hurt like that had really scared me. Now though, I was starting to calm down. Hopefully, we could figure out why they had gotten hurt.

{Dovahkiin’s POV}

He spotted you, didn’t he?

“How was I supposed to know he could shout like his father?”

It matters not. Our plans do not change. In fact, discovering that they have a weakness to the Siren’s song was well worth your discovery. Those Sirens may prove useful to us.

“You’re not seriously considering asking for their help are you?”

Less of ask, more like control.” Infestation laughed.

“Whatever, it’s almost time for the next phase of our plan.”

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Prince_Zodiac here! I just wanted to thank my new editor Acrosthedrake! With my new editor, MY STORIES WILL HAVE AWESOME GRAMMAR! Thanks for reading!

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