• Published 8th Jul 2015
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A Displaced Machine - Prince_Zodiac

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

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Chapter Eight: The Monster Within

Chapter Eight: The Monster Within

{Twilight’s POV}

I was at Sunset’s house doing some homework. Alduin insisted that in order for me to blend in so that his target wouldn’t notice me, I had to have homework. Everything was relatively easy, well except for history. Sunset had to help me with that. Alduin’s homework assignments were really hard too, even for Sunset. He was getting way too into this. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was acting as a sub, he might just make the original teacher quit and then take the job. Anyways, the twins were still asleep. Even though the pain had left them, no matter what I did, they wouldn’t wake up. It was like they were in a trance. I then hear the door open.

“How goes the homework?” I turn around and I see Sunset.

“Fine, now that I’ve gotten history out of the way. How about you?”

“Just finished. I swear Alduin keeps handing out more difficult assignments every day. Do you think you could talk to him about that?”

“Probably not, I think he likes his new job too much.”


“Yeah, I’m afraid at this rate he’ll make his position permanent.”

“Huh, well anyway, how’re the twins doing?”

“Not so good. The pain’s gone but they won't wake up.” Sunset gave me a concerned look. I then felt something stir in my head.

Huh, Twilight? Where are we?

“Oh my god! Plague! Amnesia! Are you two okay?”

Yeah I think so. What happened?

“You two heard the Siren’s song and fell unconscious. I was so worried!” The twins unfused with me, and landed right beside me. Once they had finished unfusing, I hugged them both and they hugged me back. They suddenly turned all black, and fused together. When the fusing was complete, Epidemic stood before me.


I’ll be right back.

“Where are you going?”

I’ve got a bone to pick with someone. Specifically, my father’s target.”


Because, I’ve got a lot of anger built up, and the Sirens wouldn’t last long enough. Before the first minute would be over, I would be beating my anger into their corpses.” Sunset and I stared at him in shock as he walked away. I could literally feel the anger radiating off of him. It was actually kind of terrifying.

“Remind me to never get on his bad side.”

“Don’t worry, Epidemic wouldn’t hurt any of my friends, I think.”

{Epidemic’s POV}

That was it! Nobody hurts the twins and lives to tell the tale! Unfortunately, Dad had told me to not harm the Sirens, dealing with them would be Twilight’s job. Even though I had said I was going after the Dovahkiin, I might just attack the Sirens if I come across them. That didn’t happen though, because I saw the Dovahkiin first. He was about as tall as my Dad, but that was were similarities ended. He had black hair that was shoulder length, and a bit of rough stubble across the lower half of his face. He was wearing a boney, white short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He also had a dragonbone sword that was somehow concealed with an invisibility spell. He was in the middle of an empty park. I began to walk towards him. He took notice of me, and we walked in a circle, opposite sides of each other, in the middle of the park. We were glaring at each other.

“So, I can presume that you’re the son of that monster?”

You presume correctly, though the real monster of the family is me."

“I sense you are strong, this battle may actually be worth my time.”

"Don’t hold back, I prefer to kill my opponents while they’re at their best."

“Mul Qah Diiv!” A rainbow version of dragon armor appeared on the Dovahkiin. “How’s your confidence now?”

You’re not the only one with that kind of power.” Red horns grew out of my hair. Red dragon wings grew out of my back, as well as a red dragon tail. My nails sharpened into claws, and my teeth became sharp as well. My dragon side had fully formed. The Dovahkiin huffed and pulled out his sword. I formed a scythe with a blood red blade in my hand. The Dovahkiin looked shocked.

Look familiar? I designed it to look like Lee’s scythe. Of course, it’s not as powerful because it’s not a soul scythe, but it’ll do just fine.” The Dovahkiin grunted, then we both looked to the sky.

“Strun Bah Qo!” The sky darkened and it started to rain. The Dovahkiin charged. I did the same and we clashed weapons. The force of the clash made us push back from one another. We charged again, and this time when we clashed, we stayed like that, pushing our weapons against each other. Our strength was at an impasse. We separated our weapons and began to slash at each other. For every strike I made, he sent one back, and our weapons would clash. We kept slicing at each other until the Dovahkiin slashed at my legs. I backflipped and used my wings to stay in the air.

Fo Krah Diin!” A stream of frost breath left my mouth and hit the Dovahkiin. He staggered against the icy breath. Once it stopped, He looked up at me.

“Joor Zah Frul!” That was the shout dragonrend. It hit me, and did nothing. The Dovahkiin looked shocked.

“Hmph, if you think that would do anything, you thought wrong. My soul isn’t completely a dragon soul. It’s also partly a symbiote soul." I dived at him, and we clashed weapons, my scythe, against his sword. We began to slash at each other again. I slashed high, he did the same. He cut low, I followed. We cut across each other’s centers, and our weapons halted at each other. We pushed against each other, one trying to break the other’s strength to at least land one hit on each other. We both jumped back, landed, and glared at one another.

“Impressive, I don’t think I’ve ever meet an equal challenger.”

Oh you have, you just never lasted this long against my father.

“I’ll have you know I killed your father once before.”

Yes well, what do you have to show for it now? All I’ve seen is you nearly getting killed the last time you two fought.” The Dovahkiin yelled in fury and charged. I actually roared, and did the same. My scythe met his dragon bone sword once more, and this time we put all of our power into the strikes. There was a small blast of energy around us, and we separated once more. When we landed, the Dovahkiin used his magic to shoot fireballs at me. I dodged and blasted him with my own blood red fire. It nailed him, and he grimaced. Fun fact, my fire is hotter and stronger than dad’s. The reason why is because I infuse my fire with a bit of my raw energy, unlike dad does, which causes it to become hotter and stronger.As a side effect, the fire turns blood red. The Dovahkiin shook the flames off, and charged. I swung, and landed a hit. My scythe was driven deep into his shoulder. However, he tanked the hit, and drove his blade into my stomach.

GAH!” The Dovahkiin took the sword out, then slashed me. I flew back, and hit the ground, hard. I was forced to separate back into the twins. The Dovahkiin walked up to the twins. They were both shaking in fear.

“You two, are worthless abominations that must be destroyed!” He slashed them and they slammed into a wall. The Dovahkiin began to walk up to them. They were both crying in fear.

D-Daddy, h-help us.

I don’t want t-to d-die.” No, no. NO! I fused them together, and tried to form myself. However, due to all of my rage, that’s not what formed.

{Dovahkiin’s POV}

The two abominations turned black just before I was able to strike them. They started to turn into what they were before, but when the transformation was done, the foe from before was not what stood in front of me. It was a monster made of a dark red substance. As you looked to the outer parts of it's body, the color of the creature would become blood red. It had huge, completely white, monstrous eyes, and a huge gaping mouth, that was white on the inside. The monster's face seemed to also make the teeth, which were razor sharp. It had nasty claws, horns, dragon wings, and a dragon tail. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. I could feel the anger, hate, and power, oozing out of it like a waterfall. I stood in front of the creature, frozen in fear. This, this, thing is even more horrifying than what I pictured my enemy's soul to look like. It roared in anger and swiped at me. It's claw cut deep into my chest, and I was sent flying backwards. I landed on my back, and the air was knocked out of me. I tried to get up, but that thing got to me first. It grabbed me by the neck, and lifted me into the air.

"No one, hurts, the twins!" When it spoke, it had a deep, demonic voice. It tossed me across the park, and I landed face first into the dirt. I got up and charged, yelling in fury as I did so. I aimed my sword at his chest, and stabbed him. My blade went deep into his chest, right where his heart should have been, and I laughed in victory and had a smile my face. That smile however, quickly turned to a look of horror as I looked at the creature’s face. It didn't seem to care that it had been stabbed. In fact, it was grinning at me evilly. It opened it’s mouth wide, and clamped down on my right shoulder. It whipped it’s head quickly to the right, and tore my arm off. Blood spewed from the injury, and I stumbled back in shock. The monster then proceed to devour my detached arm. It swallowed it whole, armor and all, along with my sword. It then looked at me, and picked me up by my throat.

I, am going, to kill you. I will do it slowly, painfully, and once you’re dead I will devour your corpse!

“N-No, please.” I had never been so afraid in my life. I, was going, to die. Right here, right now. The monster lifted up it’s claw, about to strike me again, when there was a sudden bright flash of light. A burst of magic nailed the beast in the side, and knocked it away. I landed on the ground, and looked at the source of the magic blast. Standing, not too far in front of me, was a woman. She was only a little shorter than me. She had long turquoise hair and skin, a blue denim jacket, a turquoise undershirt, blue jeans, and turquoise shoes. It, was Infestation. She rushed up to me, grabbed me, and teleported us away. We ended up back at our house, which we were using as a base of operations. She sat me on a couch, and used a healing spell to close the wound on my shoulder.


“Well, you know how Alduin has a son and a daughter?”


“And you know that they can fuse together to make someone known as Epidemic?”

Of course I do, I was the one that found out about him in the first place!

“Well, that was him.”

T-That, was him?!?!

“Yes, when I was fighting him, I managed to split him up into the twins. I was about to kill them, but then Epidemic reformed. But, something was wrong. Apparently threatening the twins like that filled him with so much rage that not even he, a being composed of the twins’ combined rage, was able to handle it. He became that ferocious monster, and nearly killed me.”

How long did you last against him when he became like that?”

“Not even a minute.” Infestation began to pace the room, a look of worry apparent on her face.

This isn’t good. I never accounted for the possibility of Epidemic become strong enough to kill us both within seconds. Our entire plan could be compromised because of this!

“Don’t worry Infestation, we will find a way to get past this.”

I can only hope you’re right.

Author's Note:

Well, like I promised the chapter was released on Tuesday, just a bit latter than I wanted. Anyways, now we see the full extent of Epidemic's rage. Even he can be overwhelmed if the twins are in danger. I hope you all enjoy!

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