A Displaced Machine

by Prince_Zodiac

First published

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared. Now he has two missions. One, to protect the balance of harmony and any innocents that were protected by that balance, at any cost. And two, find his brother.

Hey everyone! Prince Zodiac here! I decided to write another displaced story! One, about Dan's, or Alduiin's, brother Gale!

Oh, and this is now

Chapter One: Arrival

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Chapter One: Arrival

{Celestia's POV}

I honestly didn't think things could get any worse. Discord was running wild, causing chaos were ever he went. He had also hid the elements of harmony, so there was no way to defeat him. After Twilight and her friends had left to find the elements, I had gone down to a secret basement that only me and Luna were allowed in. In this basement was a capsule, and in this capsule, was a being made of metal. A machine to be exact, but unlike any machine ever made. This machine came from another world, not only that, but it also had sentience. It was a machine that fought for harmony, but after being offline for so long, I doubted he would ever come back at all. I hung my head low.

"I wish you were here," I said. "You could fix this." Suddenly I heard a lot of beeping and other sounds coming from the capsule.

"System repairs complete. All systems online."

I looked up at the capsule, to make sure I wasn't hearing things. The capsule however, had indeed sprung to life. The capsule let out a lot of mist as it opened. The machine inside grabbed both sides of the capsule, then leaped out. It landed on the ground in a kneeling position, with one hand on the ground, the other in the air. It slowly stood, then I heard the capsule speak again.

"Warning: Discord's presence detected. Tracking coordinates. Coordinates obtained."

The machine in front of me kneeled one more, before jumping up a little. It turned into a spiky blue ball, with a white aura surrounding it. It then blasted through the roof and headed towards Ponyvile. All I could think was, 'Meta?'

{Twilight's POV}

This was terrible. All of my friends had been affected by Discord's magic, and now they were the opposite of their true selves. Fluttershy was mean, Rainbow Dash was disloyal, Pinkie Pie was deflated, Apple Jack was a liar, and Rarity was greedy. The magic was starting to affect me too, as I slowly became more and more depressed. I hung my head low.

"AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Discord laughed. "NOW THAT THE ELEMENTS ARE MISSING, NOTHING CAN STOP ME!" I looked up at him with a frown. He smiled as even more chaos began to spread. He turned to me and said.

"Now don't look so sad Twilight, this is your new home after all!" I just hung my head low again, but then I heard a noise. I looked around to try and find it's source. It sounded like something was flying through the air at high speeds. I then looked at Discord again. At first, he had a look of confusion on his face, but then it turned to horror when he looked towards Canterlot. I turned to see what made him so scared. I immediately saw what he was looking at. There was a spiky blue ball with a white aura surrounding it heading towards us. It then slammed into Discord, sending him flying into a wall. Discord came off of the wall once the smoke cleared, shook his head, and looked at the new arrival with complete contempt. I looked at it too.

What I saw amazed me. It was a blue, bipedal creature, with spikes that curved downwards coming out of its head. It also looked like it was made of metal, and it had one strip of blue were the eyes should have been, kind of like a cyclops's eye. The strip then moved up to reveal a strip of red with an orange dot in the center. It stood up and spoke.

"Discord," it said in a deep metallic voice. "I am giving you one chance to surrender. If you don't surrender, I will turn you to stone like I did those many centuries ago."

"Hmph," Discord scoffed. "So, you'e still around eh Meta? I thought you got destroyed a thousand years ago."

"I did," it replied, "but even you know death can not stop me. Now, this is your last chance Discord, surrender or be turned to stone."

"HA!" Discord laughed. "Well, unlucky for you I hid the elements so now there's no way to stop me!"

"Oh there are other ways," the "Meta" replied. "The elements are just the only way that doesn't end in a blood bath." Discord's eyes widened, but then narrowed.

"You think you can kill me?" he said. "Not a chance!" Discord then fired a beam of magic at the creature. It was a direct hit and I thought that this new creature was as good as gone. But then the smoke cleared and the creature appeared unfazed by the blast of magic.

"Is that the best you got?" it asked in a taunting way. It then leaped at Discord and turned into that blue spiky ball again. It nailed Discord in the chest, and it carried him into the air. It then stopped, but Discord kept going, and fired a huge beam of red energy, one that was bigger than Discord, and it landed a direct hit. Discord was blown back even further, and the blue bipedal creature flew at him. It grabbed Discord by the neck and threw him down at the ground. When Discord hit he made a little crater. It landed next to Discord, then looked to me.

"Twilight, gather the elements and your friends!" It shouted to me. I was shocked that it new my name, but nodded none the less. I ran inside, with new found hope, to grab the elements, as well as my friends.

{Gale's POV}

I looked down at discord and spoke.

"Now, before you are turned to stone once again, I will ask you once more. I know you know how the multiverse works, and that you know of displaced, so you know the answer to my question. Were is my brother. Were is Dan?"

"Now you know that I don't know where he is," Discord replied. "Besides, even if I did know where he is, you need his token if you want to see him again. All I can say is, seek out the dragons." I huffed in annoyance. I turned and saw Twilight returning with her friends. It looked like Discord's magic was no longer affecting them. They powered up their elements, and blasted Discord, turning him to stone. I turned to Twilight and her friends.

"Well now that he's out of the way, I believe proper introductions are in order," I said. "My name is Meta."

"Greetings Meta," Rarity replied. "My name is Rarity."

"Names Rainbow Dash," Rainbow Dash said. "But you can just call me Rainbow."

"Howdy!" Apple Jack said. "The names Apple Jack, or AJ for short."

"H-Hi," Fluttershy said shyly. "I'm F-Fluttershy"

"Hi!" said Pinkie Pie. "My names Pinkie Pie! But everypony just calls me Pinkie."

"And my name is Twilight," Twilight said. "But somehow you already knew that." Crap. I said her name before so now she knows that I know her somehow. Gotta think, gotta think, gotta think.

"Well, I may not be man of keeping up with current events," I said, "but I at least know our royalty." Twilight nodded at this. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

"So, um, what are you?" Twilight asked. "If you don't mind me asking that is."

"Not at all," I replied. "I am a machine, sort of. You see, I am made of a material that appears to be iron, but is stronger than titanium, and lighter than stone. But, that's not all I can do. You see, I'm also charged with a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of magic. And to top it all off, the material my body is made of is ever evolving. If I want to, or need to, my body can become liquid metal, and change it's shape, size, and function. Hence how I got the name, "Meta" which is short for metamorphosis."

"Oh wow," Twilight said as she walked up to me. "How interesting." She started to check out my body.

"How come you look like that?" Rainbow asked.

"Rainbow!" AJ scolded.

"No, it quite alright," I said. "I just look like this because this is my battle form. Let me change into something more comfortable." As I said that, my body turned all shiny and reflective, and then became liquid metal. I started to reform my body into that of a pony's body. Soon my change was complete.

"Oh wow," Twilight said. I had become a dark blue alicorn, with a blue mane and tail. My wings were metalic, and so was my horn. My mane looked like the front of Rainbow's mane, but cut off at the lower back of my head. My eyes were completely red, with small yellow circles to serve as my pupils, and my cutie mark was a wave of magic and electricity wrapped around a black sword. I was only a little taller than Twilight was.

"Ah, much better," I said.

"Y-Your an alicorn?" Apple Jack asked.

"Indeed I am," I answered calmly. Then, I heard the flapping of wings. I turned and saw two pegasi pulling the royal chariot, which Celestia was sitting on. Behind her on a similar chariot, but it was darker and was being pulled by thestrals, sat Luna. The chariots landed, and the two princesses stepped off.

"Good job Twilight," Celestia praised. "You and your friends managed to beat Discord."

"Thanks Celestia," Twilight said. "But we didn't do it alone." She gestured towards me.

"M-Meta?" Luna asked. I just stood there smiling, and nodded. They both rushed up to me and gave me a hug. I smiled and hugged them back.

"Um, Princess Celestia and Luna," Twilight started, "do you know him?"

"Indeed we do," Celestia replied after she and Luna stopped hugging me. "Meta is an old friend of ours."

"Meta," Luna said, "after what Tir-... what he had done to you, I thought you would never return."

"Well, my repairs did take much longer than I expected," I replied. "But I knew I would come back eventually."

"Well," Celestia said,"it's good to have you back."

"It's good to be back." I said happily. It really was good to be back. I had missed Equestria after my battle with Tirek. I was wondering why Celestia were referring to him as "him" but I didn't worry about it. I had something else to think about anyways. Discord had told me to seek out the dragons if I wanted to find my brother. Guess I had a trip to dragon country to make. But first, I need to find out what I missed while I had been offline. Looks like I've got some studying to do.

Chapter Two: No Studying!

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Chapter Two: No Studying!

{Gale's POV/Alicorn Form}

Hey, remember how I said I needed to study up on Equestria's history so that I would know what I missed? Well, it turns out that I already knew about what ever important events occurred due to the lore that was available back on earth! What, I'm a brony, get used to it. Actually, you can't judge because if you're reading this that means you're a brony too! Anyways, since I didn't have to study, I had a lot of free time. But, what do I do with this free time? I suppose I could scope out a new place to live. After all, sitting in the same secret basement, with no visitors, while waiting for your maintenance capsule to repair you, gets you really tired of living in the same place. So I decided that I would move elsewhere, and not squat in the royal palace for once. Of course, technically, this isn't the same castle, considering that I used to be in the castle of the two sisters. Guess they somehow moved me without me noticing. But that's besides the point. Now, time to figure out where to live.

"Hey Meta," Twilight said as she walked into my room. It had been a few days since the incident with Discord, and I had become really good friends with the mane-6.

"Oh hey Twilight," I replied. She walked up next to me.

"So, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Trying to figure out where to move to," I answered.

"How come you're moving?" she asked.

"Well, quite frankly I'm a little bit sick of the castle," I said. "I have just been sitting here for a thousand years after all. I need some place new, and exciting."

"Well, I've got room in my library," Twilight said. "You could move there till you find someplace more permanent."

"What, you saying that I wouldn't be able to become your permanent room-mate?" I said jokingly.

"W-What?" she sputtered. "N-No I didn't mean it like tha-"

"Calm down Twi," I chuckled. "I'm just pulling your chain. I'd be happy to stay at your place till I can find a permanent home." She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay good," she said. "For a second there I thought you were serious there." We both laughed at that.

"Alright then," I said, "when are you leaving Canterlot?"

"In a few minuets," she replied.

"Okay then let me just get my capsule," I said. I walked up to my capsule and pressed a button. The capsule started to compress until it was a little box. I picked it up, and used my ever evolving powers so that it would sink into my body, and went into my subspace dimension storage. I looked to Twilight.

"All set," I said.

"Honestly I have to say when it sunk into your body it looked a little odd," she said quizzically. I shrugged. We walked up to the throne room and saw her friends.

"Hey Meta," said AJ.

"Hello AJ," I said back. "And hello to the rest of you as well." They all said their hellos and then we were off. We got on the train and were headed back to Ponyvile.

"So Meta," Rarity began, "you're going to be staying with Twilight correct?" I nodded.

"For the time being anyway," I said. I looked out the window and saw we were almost to Ponyvile. After a couple of minuets we finally arrived and Twilight led me to her house. When we walked in I saw Spike sitting by a table with a stack of comics. He looked up at us when we walked in.

"Hey Twilight," he said. Then he noticed me. "Um, who's that?"

"Spike, I want you to meet Meta," Twilight said. "Meta, this is Spike."

"Hello Spike," I said.

"Hey there," Spike said while shaking my hoof. "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," I replied.

"Spike, Meta is going to be staying here until he finds a more permanent home," Twilight said. Spike nodded and I moved to the basement. I took out my little box and set it on the ground. I tapped it and it turned back into my maintenance capsule. With that done I went back upstairs to check out the rest of the house/library. It was actually a pretty good size. There was a kitchen, a bedroom upstairs, and books everywhere. This certainly the place to be if I wanted to learn something. I looked around, and saw a book that contained maps. I picked it up in my magic, which is red by the way, and opened it up. I looked through it until I saw a map that showed the way to the dragon country. I put it back, an called out to Twilight.

"Hey Twi?" I called.

"Yes?" she asked as she walked into view from upstairs.

"I'm going on a journey and I may be gone for a while," I told her. "I need to see if an old friend of mine is still alive."

"Oh, okay," she said. "But are you sure he'll still be around?"

"Oh I'm sure," I replied as I started to walk out the door. "After all, dragons live for a very long time."

Chapter Three: My Brother The King Of Dragons, And A War Among The Displaced.

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Chapter Three: My Brother The King Of Dragons, And A War Among The Displaced.

{Gale's POV/Battle Form}

It had taken me a couple days, but I had finally made it. The dragon country, were I would supposedly find answers about where my brother was. I was in my battle form just in case. After all, I've never meet another dragon besides Spike, and now I'm in an entire country of them. As I walked, I caught sight of a mountain. I ran at the mountain and began to climb. Once I reached the top, what I saw shocked me. There where tons of dragons gathered. I mean like, TONS. I shrugged of my shock, and began walking forward. The dragons then noticed me. A black one walked forward.

"What is your business here displaced one?" he asked.

"You know I'm a displaced?" I asked.

"Indeed, you aura makes it obvious," he replied.

"I'm here to get information about my brother," I stated.

"Why would you come here?" he asked.

"Because he's a dragon, a displaced like me," I said.

"Well," he started, "we can speak across the multiverse, we may be able to find him."

"Why are you so readily helping me?" I asked the dragon.

"Because our lord stated that any and all displaced must be helped should they require our assistance," he replied. "Now, what is your brother's name?"

"His real name is Dan," I started, "but as a displaced, he is known as Alduiin." All the dragons gasped. At first I thought they were reacting badly so I closed my eyes (eye?) and braced myself. However, nothing happened. I opened my eyes, and saw that all of the dragons were, bowing. What?

"Um, what is going on?" I asked.

"Lord Alduiin is our king," the black dragon from before said. "If he is your brother, then you are part of the dragon royal family. We welcome you here, royal one." Wait, so my brother, was the king of the dragons? AWESOME!

"Well, I never expected this to happen," I said. "But, if he is your king, you've got to have a way to him right?"

"Indeed we do royal one," the dragon replied. "You wish to see him?"

"Yea, I haven't seen him in over a thousand years," I said.

"Very well," he said. "Come, we shall send you to his realm." I nodded. I followed the dragon as they began to gather around me. They started to chant. The chanting got louder and louder. Soon a portal began to form underneath me. It began to grow and grow until it was full size. I began to slowly sink in. Soon the portal completely swallowed me up and I fell through the void. I fell for couple seconds, but then I saw a light, another portal.

'Here I come Dan,' I thought.

{Dan's POV}

After the whole fiasco with Buttercup and Jeffery, it was good to be home. Luckily when me and the twins got home the party was still going on. After a couple hours, we were finally heading home. That was, until I saw a portal open. From the portal came a blue bipedal creature, with spikes coming down from it's head. It was upside-down with it's arms crossed. A white aura surrounded it, and it stopped falling, and turned right-side-up. It looked around, then froze when it's gaze came to me.

"D-Dan?" it asked. From the voice it appeared to be male.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" I asked.

"Well, you wouldn't recognize me like this," it said, "but it's me, it's Gale." Gale? Well, the name definitely sounded familiar. But, I couldn't remember anything. Gale, Gale, Gale. That name sounded so familiar but....

"Your brother," Gale said. Brother? Wait, BROTHER! I remember where I heard that name. Gale was my brother's name!

"Argh!" I cried. I suddenly had a really big head ache. Everything started to go dark.

"Daddy?" Plague asked.

"Dad!" Amnesia cried. I wanted to answer, but I couldn't. everything was getting dark. Soon, everything started to go all black.


Me and Gale were walking into the convention. I was dressed up as Alduiin, and my brother Gale was dressed up as Mecha Sonic. We entered the convention and looked all around. It was packed! We went to all of the different attractions and events and we saw some pretty cool costumes. Heck, we saw one dude, who I think was blind, dressed up as Venom and this girl was leading him around. She was dressed up as Buttercup from the Power Puff Girls. Anyways, to end off the day we went to the dealer's hall. There were shops and stuff everywhere. But, there was one shop in particular that caught my eye. It was being maned by some guy who was dressed up as the merchant from resident evil. His shop had a ton of cool things. What really shocked me was the wings that were there. They looked like Alduiin's wings. I had to have them. But, one guy made it to the shop first. He bought something, we couldn't see what, and then fell through a portal that opened at his feet. I looked at Gale. He was as shocked as I was. We both glared at him. We looked at each other again, and nodded.

"Hey!" I called. The merchant turned to us.

"Oh hello, would you boys like something?" he asked us.

"Yea," Gale said. "We'd like you to atone for what you've done." He looked at us in confusion. Then we jumped him. I grabbed his shirt and threw him to the ground behind me. He got up.

"So you know who I am?" he asked.

"You bet your ass we do," I replied. "Your gonna pay for making all of those people disappear." We ran at him. I grabbed his head and brought it down onto my rising knee. Gale then punched him in the face three times before uppercutting him. He feel onto the ground and so I grabbed him and threw him behind me before jumping up and landing on him with my elbow sinking into his stomach. I picked him up and held him as Gale continuously punched him in the face. Gale then kneed him and I raised him up a little, then fell back and on him. I got up.

"You had enough yet?" Gale asked. He started to get up and coughed out some blood.

"Maybe, but the real question is, have you?" I had no idea what he meant by that, until those wings that I saw before came off the wall, and forcefully attached to my back. Once they did, a portal opened up underneath me, and I fell in.

{Flashback End}

I awoke in my cave, with the twins still fused with me.

"Daddy!" Plague cried.

"Are you okay?" Amnesia asked.

"I'm alright kids," I told them.

"Heh," I heard a voice. "Good thing I've got super strength as a robot huh? If I didn't, you might not be here right now." I turned and saw, Gale.

"G-Gale," I said.

"So, do you remember me now?" he asked.

"Yes, I do now," I answered. "I can't believe I forgot about my own brother.

"Don't worry," Gale said. "When I first got to my world, I forgot all about my life on earth too. If it hadn't been for Starswirl, I don't think I would have ever remembered." I nodded.

"Well, now that you're here, it seems I should introduce you to your nice and nephew," I said.

"Huh?" he asked. Right as he said that, the twins defused with me. The second they were done, they leaped at Gale and tackled him.

"Uncle!" they cried together as they all fell to the ground. Gale started to laugh.

"H-Hey there kids," he said as he chuckled. "How's it going?"

"Good!" they said simultaneously.

"Heh heh," I chuckled. "Gale, meet my son Plague, and my daughter Amnesia." He laughed too.

"So," he started, "who's the lucky mare?" I laughed heavily at that.

"Oh no it's not like that," I said. I then began to explain.

Time Skip

After explaining how the twins came to be, we started to head towards Ponyville. As we headed there, another portal opened up ahead of us.

"Geez," Gale said. "The amount of portals popping open in your world today." I nodded in agreement.As we approached the portal, two beings fell out. They both looked pretty familiar. as we got closer, I listened in on their conversation.

“So what displaced are we supposed to find here?” One asked in a posh voice.

“Someone named Alduiin,” the second one answered in a metallic voice when they landed. I looked to Gale. He looked back at me, then nodded. I then flew to the two beings.

“You two say you’re looking for me?” I asked. They both turned to me, and then I saw why they both looked so familiar, or, at least one of them. The other one not so much.

It looked like Rarity and a grey pegasus. But Rarity looked strange, and the other mare had a machine over her head, making what I assume was an eye-patch. Rarity had a pink mane instead of purple, pink eye-shadow, and her Cutie Mark was different, a pink apple with a silver stalk, and three blue diamonds. The other mare was grey, and had a gold mane. Her Cutie Mark a couple gears, only one looked significant though. It seemed to look like fire.

The grey one spoke. “Is that a dragon?”

The Rarity clone shook her head violently, “Is that a… I don’t know what that is…” She trailed off.

“Rarifruit! Shush! Time Spinner doesn't want us angering anything or anyone! Didn’t that fridge teach you something!?” The grey mare scolded, and ‘Rarifruit’ shuddered.

“You’re right darling.” Rarifruit turned to me and my brother and cleared her throat. “Hello sirs. My name is Rarifruit, or Debra, and this is Derpigun, or Zoey.” She pointed to herself, then to the other mare. “May I ask who here is a Displaced?”

“Um, we both are,” Gale answered.

Rarifruit clapped her hooves together, “Wonderful!” I saw Derpigun roll her eyes.

“So what business do you two have here?” I asked.

Rarifruit looked ready to speak, but Derpigun beat her to it. “We’ve been sent here on behalf of Displacer Time Spinner, Champion Lee Connors, and Dark Lord Folteren, to deliver a message to ‘Alduiin’.”

“Well, that would be me,” I said.

Rarifruit took this moment to join in. She took out a scroll of paper and began to read. “Dear Alduiin. It’s me, Lee. It most likely hasn’t been too long since you met my sister and the twin’s aunt, Amber. I am sad to say that I will soon be needing your help with a… problem. I was attacked by a Displaced named ‘Darth Folteren’. He tried killing me, and hurt my version of Ponyville. My Twilight was hurt badly, and I ended up hurting a daughter of his. I tried reasoning with him, but he’s so bent on killing me and destroying my Equestria that he’s started a war. We’ll be calling Displaced from all over the multiverse to join. Don’t worry about hurting or getting hurt, it’s set so that if you do, you’ll be healed. Other than that, a Displacer’s been following me, and he asked if I knew any Displaced I wanted to help me. I chose you, my sister(plus the others), and others. If you’re worried about the suddenness of this, don’t bro. Time Spinner assures me this is happening before the attack(P.S. Don’t try and stop it, you’ll break reality in my world because of how fixed everything is). I hate time travel, but it’s the only way to get everyone prepared.

With love, from Lee.

P.S. Give the twins my regards.”

I was shocked. Someone had DARED TO HURT MY FAMILY?!?!?!?!?!

“So, are you going to join?” asked Rarifruit. I looked down at her, and nodded.

“Some fool decided to harm my family,” I said. “I won't let that slide.”

“Neither will I,” said Gale. “I’ve got a new family now. So I’m going to protect them with everything I have.” When he finished talking, the twins decided to voice their opinion. They defused with me, but came out as Epidemic.

The letter said that the healing factor would prevent the displaced from dying right?” they asked. Rarifruit nodded. “Then we will certainly enjoy this ‘Dark Lord Folteren.’ For when we find him, we will torture him. And only when he is begging for death will we let him go. His screams will be music to our ears.

Rarifruit stared at them unblinking. “I think they rival your marefriend’s temper Zoe.”

Derpigun growled, “Boyfriend. Skylar is still a boy at heart, and no, they don’t rival him. He’s the sweetest, most caring and loving guy out there…” I saw hearts appear in her right eye.

Rarifruit rolled her eyes, “Anyway. It’s touching to see how you care about your family. If my sister was hurt, I’d go Hulk on the moron who would dare harm a hair on her head!”

“Indeed,” I said. “Family is the most important thing to all of us.”

“Damn straight,” Gale said. Epidemic just nodded.

Derpigun shrugged, “Don’t care much for family. Only ones I need are my friends and Brutalight.”

“She was an only child.” Rarifruit confirmed.

“Family can be more than just those you are related to by blood,” I said. “Your closest friends are your family too.”

Rarifruit smirked smugly, “See! Lee isn’t the only one, so you can’t say they’re all crazy!”

Derpigun sighed. “I got the same lecture from Lee… I guess you might have a point. Sky did call the other kids at the orphanage family… I’ll try… Oh, I need a rest. I know as soon as we get back, Time’s gonna put us back to work. Mind us staying here a bit?” I smiled.

“Not at all,” I said. She sighed in relief.

“Thanks,” she said. “So, where are you guys going?”

“We were heading over to Ponyville, care to join us?” I asked.

“Of course!” Rarifruit answered. I lowered my head and they hopped on to my back. Epidemic merged back with me, and we took off, with Gale flying right next to me. After a minute or so, we finally arrived in Ponyville. I landed in the town square, and then the mane-6 approached.

“Hey Alduiin,” Twilight said.

“Hello Twilight,” I replied. As I said that, Rainbow Dash took notice of my passengers and Gale.

“Um,” she began, “who are they? And does she look like Rarity, and why does she look like Derpy?”

Before I could say anything, the two jumped off my back. Derpigun’s right foreleg turned into a Mini-Gun, and she said. “I’mma Derpigun bitches!” She shot a couple times, and Rarifruit slapped her upside the head.

“She’s a moron, that’s what she is.” Rarifruit said, to which Derpigun glared. “Anyways, her name is Derpigun, and mine is Rarifruit. As for why we look like you, we are from another dimension.”

“They are displaced like me,” I finished for them. “And as for him,” I gestured to Gale, “his name is Meta, and he is my brother.”

Derpigun fired into the air again, and a bird bumped off her head. “Yeah, what they said… Call me Gun if you get confused, and call that idiot over there Fruit.” She pointed her Mini-gun at Rarifruit, who ducked behind a bush. Derpigun grumbled, “You're such a Scootaloo…”

“Knock it off you two,” I said. I looked at Twilight. She gave me a questioning look. Yeah, I had some explaining to do.

Derpigun smirked, “As Lee would say, Q&A time. Who want’s to go first!” Her gun fired at where she was pointing and hit where Rarifruit was. “I guess that wasn’t a good idea.” Her gun disappeared as she gave a sheepish grin.

“Oh geez,” Gale said as he walked over and picked up an unconscious Rarifruit up. “So, are we planning on nearly killing anyone else?”

Derpigun put a hoof to her chin. “Celestia?” She burst out laughing. “A-anymore q-q-questions? Any of you six?” Everyone glared at her.

“Not funny,” we all deadpanned.

“Are you kidding!? I was shot, burned, ripped apart, and nearly raped by her, and ever Displaced I’ve met has at least tried to kill ‘er. Heck, even Lee did after she sent a task force against him! Folteren dethroned her, and Time Spinner’s killed five! It’s pretty funny from my point of view. Heck, I’d kill all of ya in my home!” She pointed at the six Elements of Harmony.

“One,” Gale began, “tense on was. Two, every displaced has tried to kill her, whether in self defense or because they wanted to. It’s like an initiation thing. And finally three, if you tried to kill any of us, not only would I kill you myself, but I would scan your anatomy and personality, then I would replace you.” As he said that last part he put his face in her face and his one orange eye seemed to get redder.

“You are an idiot…” Derpigun started. “I’m a servant of a Displacer. My boyfriend is an Alicorn with the fire power to actually kill Celestia, and my death would bring all them, plus Darth Folteren and all his Displaced allies.” She moved her face closer, “Plus, I was talking about my Mane Six dufus. Don’t make threats to those with powerful friends. And don’t piss me off.” She backed away a bit, “And I have a friend that could eat everypony here in ten seconds flat.”

“Well,” Gale replied, “could any of them survive in a fight against something that can scan them, learn how they think in an instant, can copy all of the benefits their being, while disregarding any flaws that it sees fit, that can use but a piece of itself, get it into any one of their blood streams and forcefully control them, and gets stronger, faster, and smarter with each hit that it retains?”

She face hoofed, “Yes. You wouldn’t even see him. He’d just go back in time, and to your homeworld and kill you as a kid. Why are we even arguing. I just said I didn’t mean you guys.”

“Well,” Gale began, “I guess there’s always that option.”

Derpigun seemed grumpy, “Anyway! Anymore questions?” She looked at the girls, “Anything you’d like to ask?” They shook their heads. “Damn, thought they’d have at least one question. Even Twilight isn’t questioning me! And my Twi used a net on me to get me to talk! I think...”

“Well,” I interrupted, “I believe we’re all tired, we came here for relaxation not arguments.” Everyone nodded in agreement and we went on our way.

“Fine! I’ll just get myself a smoothy…” Derpigun looked over at Rarifruit, and smirked. She pulled a marker out of nowhere, and took off the cap. She then drew a mustache.

After that, she looked at a label, and her smile faded. ‘Permanent Ink’.


“I’ll just go get me a milkshake…” She turned around and yelled, “Where’s a place I can get a milkshake!?”

“You can get one at Sugarcube Corner!” Pinkie yelled.

Derpigun mumbled, “Yeah… Thanks…” I detected a hint of sadness, but before I could even ponder it, she flew off.

I sighed. ‘Maybe we shouldn’t have let them stay.’

“That went well,” Gale said. I glared at him. “What?” I shook my head.

“Come on let’s go to Sugarcube Corner,” I said. “I feel like treating my sweet tooth.”

“You know,” Gale said, “that’s the least serious thing you’ve said all day.” I groaned.

{Unknown Location, Dovakiin’s POV}

I trudged through the cavern that I called my temporary home. I finally made it to my camp. I sat down next to the fire.

So, how did it go?” a voice asked me. I didn’t answer.

So I can assume you failed?” I still didn’t answer. Out from the shadows walked a creature that I could consider the only ally I had in this desolate land. It was a bug-like pony, a changeling I think their called.

Do not worry, there will be more chances,” she said. She walked up to me, her turquoise chitin armor glowing from the fire’s light, her red mane flowing down her back.

“I don’t know, he is much stronger than I remember,” I said. “But, if you are sure, then we will continue as planned, Infestation.”

Chapter Four: Another Dragon?

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Chapter Thirteen: Another Dragon?

{Deathwing's POV}

Deathwing awoke off his bed inside his cave. As he did he realized his place was a mess. Giving a sigh the massive drake started to clean up. ‘Should have guessed inviting Discord was a bad idea.’ As he finished up cleaning he realized his tokens from the displaced were out. “Great.”

As he looked though the tokens to put them back he found one he did not remember. Holding it up in his claw he looked at it. It was a stone tablet with weird writing on it. ‘What is this?’ Deathwing knew it was a token so he brought it to his ear to hear the phrase. When he heard nothing, he looked at the tablet again. This time the writing was different.

Greetings, my name is Dan, or preferably, Alduiin. I am a displaced and if you ever need my help, me and my two children will be happy to help, as long as you are on the side of the ponies, or, if you are against them, but for a very, and I do mean VERY, good reason.

“Alduiin?” Deathwing said. “I don’t think I ever meet him.” Holding the tablet up he wondered how to activate it. ‘Perhaps I’ll just...’ He taps the tablet with his claw and magic in hopes to activate it. A vortex opens up and swallows Deathwing up. In the vortex the spell keeping him small gave out as he returned to his titanic size.

{Alduiin’s POV}

Finally, Gale, Derpigun, Rarifruit, the mane-6, the CMC, some of their friends, and I were at Sugarcube Corner. Well, more like they were all inside and I was sticking my head through the window but you get the idea. We were having cake and smoothies till we all a large boom.

“Oh come on!” Derpigun yelled in a Sweetie Belle's voice. “I was just getting into things!”

“No, you were about to do a milkshake race with a colt,” Rarifruit deadpanned.

“Oh come on, tell me you haven’t dreamed of having a milkshake race with Button Mash!” Derpigun retorted. “Anyway, we should check ou-” There was a beeping, her red eye glowed, and she froze up.

Rarifruit’s eyes widened. “OH SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT!!!”

“What’s up with her?” Gale asks.

Derpigun started bleeding, and Rarifruit forced her to sit down. “She’s having relapses! Lord Time Spinner warned me this might happen after the resurrection! I need to call Brutalight! But first, I want to know what that explosion was.”

“You guys go check it out, I’ve got this,” Gale said. He then made a small cut on Derpigun’s arm and turned part of his arm into liquid metal. He then inserted the liquid into the cut and, after a few seconds, Derpigun stopped bleeding.

“There,” Gale said. “That’ll keep her stable for now, but it’s not a permanent solution.”

“Thank you,” Rarifruit turned to the direction the explosion came from. “Let’s go.” Her horn was enveloped in a pink aura, and she disappeared and reappeared on a near by roof top. I took my head out of the window and looked toward its source as well. There, in the middle of the sky, was a portal to the void.

“How many portals is that today?” Gale asked me.

“Well, counting the one I used to get back home, that portal makes four,” I replied.

“Damn!” Gale said. With that, we all went towards the portal.

The Vortex soon spat out something big. Really big. And it seems to be made of metal. However, it wasn’t a machine and the metal was organic.

{Third POV}

Deathwing shook his head as he got back up. He recognized the town somewhat as ponyville but it wasn’t his ponyville. ‘Another Universe it seems.’ Deathwing got up as he realized he was in his full size. He looked around to find the Displaced who summoned him. “Hello?” Given his size his voice rang out across the world.

Deathwing had only been to another world once and made that mistake once. “Hello, any Displaced?” Suddenly, a blue bipedal figure flew into his vision.

“Hey man, down here!” it said. “Mind shrinking down?”

Deathwing used his powers to take on his Alicorn form. He then saw a group in front of him. Deathwing walked up to them. “Sorry but which one of you is Alduin?”

“That would be me,” I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and saw a dark grey dragon, with scales that looked like armor.

“A dragon displaced?” Deathwing raised an eyebrow. “I found your Tablet in my cave, I’m Neltharion the Earth-Wander, but I go by Deathwing.”

“Oh~ Another dragon…” I heard a mare moan. “I’m guessing you’d like to join the war as well…?”

“A war? What kind of war?” I ask. “Is that why Lee’s token seemed to go dark?"

“You know Lee?” the dark gray dragon asked.

“Yes, I summoned him along with a Displaced who went as Discord, I wondered what happened to him when the token started going dark.”

“His token has been shut down,” The white mare said. “There’s some time magic that damaged most, if not all, tokens of his. He was attacked, or will be attacked by Dark Folteren. The two spar, and Lee’s Twilight has third degree burns, damn lightning. Never liked it. She’ll be mostly ok, but the two are in a HUGE rivalry, and neither has stopped. To put it simple, they are bringing together Displaced to help them kill the other.” She finished with a flip of her mane.

“That war has ensured series of dark events,” the blue bipedal figure said. “You may not get killed, but it still won't be pleasant. However, we’re still joining because we want to protect our family.”

“Join at your own risk,” the dark gray dragon said.

Deathwing started to become mad as that. Suddenly, the wind picked up as if it obeyed a master, the ground started to shake the world over and it started to get hot. Really hot. The magma within Deathwing threaten to go all the way up to its maximum. Around him the wind earth and water flared with the heat. “I am going to drag Folteren into the very world’s core and burn his pitiful excuse of a life….” At last the world seem to shake as Deathwing gave a growl returning to his massive size! The Dragon gave a roar that seemed to break apart the very ground. “I will show him the World Given Form!”

“Nice!” the blue figure said. Everyone looked at him. “What?” The dark gray dragon rolled his eyes.

“Anyways, I believe proper introductions are in order.” he said as Deathwing began to shrink again. “I’m Alduiin.”

“I’m Gale,” said the blue figure. Then two black blobs came off of Alduiin and turned into baby versions of him.

I’m Plague!” said the first one.

I’m Amnesia!” said the second one.

The white mare stepped forward. “I am Rarifruit. The pleasure is all mine.” She punctuated this with a bow. “But if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a call.”

“Oh right,” Gale said. “I’ll get her.” He then walked to Sugarcube Corner.

Rarifruit turned around and trotted a little distance.

Deathwing turned to Alduin. “Well sorry about any damage I might have given the world.” Deathwing said to the other dragon. “Mind if I ask, what kind of dragon are you?”

“Well, I don’t think I'm a specific type, Alduiin said. “If you want to know my origins, I’m from Tamriel.”

“No!” Rarifruit cried. “I hope she isn’t too mad at me…”

“Who?” Gale asked as he came walking up, Derpigun slung over his shoulder.

“P-put her down! She doesn't like anyone touching her waifu!” Rarifruit said. She looked about ready to continue, but the sound of lightning cut her off.

“... And then he said, ‘Who da hay do you think I am!?’ And then I said, ‘I don’t give a flying feather who you are!’ Then he punched me in the face…” A metallic voice said.

“I don’t care about that! Derpigun’s having her first re-” A female demonic voice said, before stopping. A purple Alicorn and cyan Pegasus stood in front of the already big group of Displaced. The Alicorn glared at Gale.

“So anything you can do differently?” Deathwing asked Alduin.

“Well, I can shout,” Alduiin said. Suddenly they both heard a cry of fury. They both turned and saw that the purple Alicorn had tackled Gale. Two blades appeared in a purple aura, and she yelled.


“Whoa there!” Gale said. “I was just carrying her here. By the way, you should be thanking me. Had I not been here, Derpigun’s condition would have been much worse.”

“What are you talking about?” the purple alicorn asked.

“I turned part of myself into liquid metal and inserted it into her bloodstream,” Gale replied. “Now that liquid metal is regulating her organs’ functions, stopping the bleeding, making sure she doesn’t get any worse.”

The Alicorn uses her magic to pull Derpigun away from Gale. “Fine…”

A pale yellow Pegasus with a Dr. Susse hat, stepped forward. “S-sorry about Brutalight… She’s had a rough week…”

“It’s fine,” Gale said. “I would be too if I was on my period.”

The Alicorn was walking away until the word ‘period’ was said. “What. Did. You. Say?”

“S-she was a guy before she was Displaced!” The yellow Pegasus yelped quickly. And the purple Alicorn’s head started to smoke.

“I REGRET NOTHING!” Gale shouted as he charged up and took to the skies, flying away at high speeds. Until he was hit with a bolt of purple magic forced him into the ground.

“I’LL MAKE YOU!!!” Brutalight shouted. She was enveloped in a purple glow, and disappeared.

The yellow Pegasus stepped forward shyly. “I… I’m Fluttershout…”

A blue Pegasus with a dull rainbow mane flew up, “The names Rainbine! Remember it!”

An orange Earth Pony rolled her eyes, “Apple Pills…”

And a pink, straight maned Earth Pony started rolling on the ground. “And I’m Pinkis Cupcake! Can I lick your ear?” She was slapped on the back of the head by Rarifruit, Alduiin and Deathwing backed up.

“Wait,” Rarifruit said, “Why are all of you here?” The ponies looked around nervously.

Rainbine stepped forward. “Some idiot- I mean Apple Pills thought she saw a bottle of pills and opened up AssSpike’s cell.” Rarifruit face-hoofed.

“Well,” Alduiin began, “it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

“O-oh, th-thank you…” Fluttershout whispered.

“Sure thing! Rarifruit didn’t try to teach you about sewing, did she?” Rainbine said.

“I want some painkillers…” Apple Pills mumbled. They all then heard a loud boom and turned their heads towards the direction of Brutalight and Gale. Brutalight was flying in a panic as Gale was firing rockets at her

“THIS IS JUST LIKE DUCK HUNT!” Gale yelled like a mad man. His arm then changed into a REALLY big laser cannon.

“I’MA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!!!” He shouted. He then fired the laser at Brutalight and it completely engulfed her. When the laser stopped, Brutalight looked hurt, but mainly pissed off.

“You think that’s a laser!?” Brutalight shouted, and Rainbine flew up next to her. A large laser cannon appeared where Rainbine’s hooves were, and Brutalight’s horn glowed red. “THINK OF THIS AS YOUR OFFICIAL BANISHMENT FROM THE WAR!!!” The two blasted a large amount of energy that made the ponies on the ground fly when it made contact. A huge dust cloud formed and the two flying ponies landed on the ground. The dust the then started to clear. As it dissipated, they heard a noise. It sounded like a large amount of energy was gathering. When the dust was finally gone, they saw the source of the noise. It was Gale, charging up a huge amount of energy. As he did so, he looked at the two ponies in front of him.

“Impressive, I don’t usually have to do this,” Gale said in a deep, demonic voice. “Only a few people have witnessed this.” As he finished that sentence, the ground started to shake. Cracks formed in the earth, and pieces of dirt and stone rose into the air. He crossed his arms, then spread them apart, releasing a huge amount of energy, Blowing everything and everyone back. There was a bright flash of light and everyone had to avert their eyes. When the light faded, everyone looked back at Gale. He was standing there, but he looked different. Stronger, faster, smarter, and more head spines. Energy was flowing off of him like a fountain. He started to charge energy in his hand until Alduiin shouted at him.

“GALE STOP!” Gale looked at his brother. “If you continue this, you might really be banned from helping Lee with the war.” The energy in his hand then dispersed, and Gale reverted to his normal form. He looked at Brutalight who was seething.

“Alright fine, I’ll stop,” Gale said. He then said happily, “But after the war, I wanna continue this, I would love to see how you hold up against my true power.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen.” Brutalight mumbled. Rainbine pointed a hoof at her eyes, and then pointed Gale like: ‘I’m watching you’.

“There… n-now that th-that’s over-er with… Brutalight?” Fluttershout nudged the Alicorn.

“Fine… I’M SORRY PONYVILLE, FOR MAKING A REALLY COOL LIGHT SHOW!” The twins then came up to Gale.

Good first impression Uncle Gale!” Plague said.

"Yeah!” Amnesia said. Gale just shrugged and walked up to the twins.

“Yea well, self-defence,” Gale said nonchalantly.

“Is that normal?” Deathwing asked everyone there.

However another voice was heard. “I believe so, then again I never see over another displaced.” Standing there with a cloak covering every part of him reading a book was a guy. Deathwing had a flashback about something, about who this being was.

“Who’s that!?” Rainbine yelped as Brutalight picked Derpigun up, and left without a word. “Thanks…”

“Who am I? That can be answered by looking at mighty Deathwing here, both he and the Chaos entity are my more praised displaced.” The Cloaked guy said.

“Oh! He’s a Displacer like Time Spinner!” Pinkis yelled.

“It is the truth.” The cloaked guy looked at Deathwing. “Few displaced ever meet there displacer in person, as most have the asshole one as there displacer.”

The cloaked guy turned to Alduin. “Mind me asking, but could Deathwing learn a thu’um or two?”

“He’ll have to unlock the power first,” Alduiin said.

“It shouldn’t be hard, he is an elder dragon empowered by a race of elder gods in the warcraft mythos, he should be able to learn it just as you and the Dragonborn can.”

"I wish that were true, but a strange magical barrier keeps me from teaching any displaced how to shout until they learn one on their own,” Alduiin said. “But, I do have a way to make sure that can happen. You see, my token has multiple functions. One of them, is to teach the Unrelenting force shout when the displaced is in danger and could use that shout to escape or overpower that danger. Once that happens, then I can teach Deathwing how to use the Thu’um.”

“Very well,” Cloaked guy said. With a snap a portal opened up and Deathwing was tossed away into the void. “Good bye it was nice to meet you.” With that the cloak and him popped out.

“Well I think that’s enough excitement for one day,” Rarifruit said. “Come on everyone, we better get moving before ord Time Spinner forces us to come back.” With that, another portal opened up, and the mane-6 look-a-likes entered the portal, with Brutalight carrying Derpigun on her back.

“Bye everyone!”Gale said along with the twins. They all waved goodbye and the portal then closed. Alduiin sighed.

“I suppose you’re going home now?” he asked Gale. Gale shook his head.

“No way man,” he replied. “I haven’t seen you in a thousand years I think I’m gonna stay awhile.” Alduiin nodded

"Yay!” Plague and Amnesia cried. “We get to spend more time with uncle Gale!” And with that, they all walked back to Ponyville.

Update Chapter: Assistance Needed!

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Hey everyone! Prince_Zodiac here! As you can tell by the title of this blog, I need help! Why you ask? Well, I already have a few OCs, and I'm going to have more. Problem is, I can't draw for the life of me. That's why I'm asking for everyone's help. I need someone, or some people to draw my OCs because, as far as I can tell (and I'd be delighted to be proven wrong) there are no drawings of any of my OCs. So, if any of you could donate some free time, then I ask for your assistance. Just PM me the picture, or a link to it, and I'll greatly appreciate it. I'll even give anyone who sends a picture to me an early access preview of any chapter from any of my stories. One preview per picture. Anyways, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Chapter Five: The Human World

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Chapter Five: The Human World

{Gale's POV}

So after the whole fiasco with Deathwing and the others, Alduiin, the twins, the mane-6, and I were sitting in Twilight's castle, specifically, the throne room (don't ask me how Alduiin got in here, I don't rightly know myself). Or would that be council room because of all of the chairs? Ah well, doesn't really matter to me what it's called. Anyways, we were all kind of doing our own thing until a delivery stallion came into the room, with a stack of books on a cart behind him.

"Delivery for Princess Twilight Sparkle!" he said. Twilight came up to him.

"Oh thanks," she said. "Just put them all in the library."

"Even the one that's glowing and buzzing?" he asked.

"Huh?" Twilight said. I looked at the stack and there was indeed a book that was glowing and buzzing. It kind of reminded me of a cell phone buzzing from receiving a text. All of this then made me realize, it was time for Equstria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks. Aw yeah! This was one of my favorite movies, and now I was going to live it! Anyways, Twilight opened the book and read what was inside.

"What is it Twi?" Apple Jack asked.

"I think it's a message from my friends at Canterlot High!" Twilight exclaimed. "It looks like Sunset Shimmer wrote it. She says that there are five new students and two substitute teachers that seem really weird, like Equstrian weird." Wait, five students and two subs? That's not what happened in the movie. I pondered this thought as Twilight and her friends went on with their shenanigans. These extra students and subs could spell trouble. Maybe we should go with Twilight. I then looked up and saw Twilight had finished the portal and had already explained what it did. I then housed my idea.

"Hey Twi," I said.

"Yeah Gale?" Twilight asked me.

"That's quite a few possible threats, maybe me and Alduiin should go with you."

"I agree," Alduiin said.

"Well," Twilight said, pondering the idea. "from what you guys have told me about yourselves, there shouldn't be duplicates of you, so I guess that's okay." YES! We lined up and entered the portal one by one (again, don't ask me how Alduiin fit through the portal). But, when we entered, we weren't in what I thought would be the portal's passageway. We were in the void. At least, me and Alduiin, with the twins fused with him, were.

"Ah Ha ha ha ha ha!" I heard some happy laughter that sounded slightly insane, but not enough so that it required help.

"Who's there?" Alduiin called out.

"Oh it's just me guys!" said a voice that was slightly demonic, but not deeply pitched. I turned towards the source of the voice and saw, well I don't know what I saw. It was a skeleton, with a black cape tied around it's neck with a red gem holding it there. It had a staff that had a mini Tirek skull on the top, and a spear tip on the bottom.

"Who, are you?" I asked.

"My name is Marx," it said with a bow, "and I'm your displacer."

"What?" Alduiin said. "But, I thought the merchant was."

"Oh he would have been," Marx said, "had I not intervened. Remember how the items that sent you here came off the wall and forcefully attached to you?" We nodded. "Well, that was me!" he said with glee.

"But, why?" I asked.

"Well, I always hated the merchant, so I was really happy when you two attacked him. But when I saw what he was planing to do, I couldn't let it happen! You see, he wanted to send you two to Tartarus, so I gave you two another chance."

"Oh," Alduiin said. "Well thanks, I guess. But why show yourself now?"

"Well," Marx said, "the merchant wasn't too happy about me intervening, so he sent two agents to destroy you two. Alduiin, yours is the Dovakiin, but I don't know Gale's. But I didn't come to just tell you two this. You see, somehow the Dovakiin managed to go to Equestria's human world. I don't know what he looks like, or what he's doing. That's why I'm going to have you two arrive a few days early!" We both nodded.

"That's very kind of you Marx," Alduiin said. "You have my thanks."

"Mine too," I said.

"Aw, you guys are making this all sentimental," he said while whipping a red tear, that also could have been blood, from his right eye. "Well, you two better get going." He waved goodbye, and sent us on our way.

{Twilight's POV}

After my body had gone from pony to human, I launched out of the portal. After sitting up, my human friends greeted me.

"Twilight!" they all cried rushing up to help me up. Once they did, Rarity spoke.

"Are you alright darling?" I nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but the entire school could be in grave danger," I said. They all gasped. "From what you girls told me, I think three of those strange students are Sirens."

"Sirens?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yes," I replied. "Creatures from ancient times that feed on negative energy that they create by singing."

"Well, what about the other two students and subs?" Apple Jack asked.

"I have no idea what they could be," I said. "I might be able to tell once I see how "strange" they are. But first, I want to introduce you all to some friends I made recently." I looked behind the girls to where I thought they would be, but I didn't see them.

"Um, who are you talking about Twilight?" Sunset asked.

"Huh," I said. "I could have sworn that they had come in right after me. I hope they're okay."

"I'm sure they're fine darling," Rarity said.

"Maybe the portal just didn't let them through," Fluttershy said. That seemed to make the most sense.

"Well, we only have two classes left," Rainbow said. "Why don't you come with me Twilight, and I'll show you the first weird sub." I nodded and followed Rainbow. She led me down the halls that were full of other students. We turned a corner, and walked into a classroom.

"Okay Twilight, there he is." Rainbow said, pointing to the front of the class. Standing behind a desk that was in front of a whiteboard, was a man that was a little bit taller than me. He had light gray hair that was spiked back. It didn't look gray with age, it just seemed to be his natural hair color. He was wearing a gray, unzipped jacket with a white undershirt. He had gray jeans, and gray shoes. He looked really familiar for some reason. Then, I saw the name on the board.

'Oh you have got to be kidding me,' I thought. It said Mr. Alduiin. So that's were he went. Oh he has got some explaining to do.

"So, do you think he's from..." Rainbow asked.

"Oh yeah, he is," I said.

"How do yo-" Rainbow began.

"Because I know him personally," I said. I sat down next to Rainbow and stared at him. Then class began.

"Good evening class," he said.

"Good evening Mr. Alduiin" everyone replied.

"Okay, let's take attendance shall we?" he said again. He started calling out names. Eventually he got to Rainbow.

"Rainbow Dash?" he asked.

"Here," Rainbow said in a bored manner.

"Okay, Twilight Sparkle?" Wait, he called my name? Why would he, oh never mind. It's Alduiin.

"Here?" I said.

"Ah, finally decided to join us now?" he asked looking right at me. Oh screw you.

"I've been, traveling," I said.

"Oh I'm sure of that," he said. Then class went on like normal. At first, I thought that Alduiin wasn't going to be any good at teaching, but he did surprisingly well. As far as I could tell at least. After a little while, class was over. We all started to walk out but then.

"Miss Sparkle, Miss Dash, if would stay here for a moment." Alduiin said. After everyone left, we walked up to his desk. "So, took you long enough," he said.

"Oh screw you," I said. "How'd you get here before I did?"

"I got some help from an outside source, I'll explain later," he replied. "For now, I'd love to meet this world's versions of your friends."

"Oh, right" I said. "Alduiin, this is Rainbow Dash. Rainbow, Alduiin."

"Pleasure to meet you," Alduiin said holding out his hand. Rainbow took it.

"Yeah, you too," she said.

"So, I assume your going to see Gale in your next class?" Alduiin asked.

"I don't know, depends if any of my friends have his class," I said.

"Ah, you shouldn't just be going into random classes, your lucky my class just happened to be on your schedule."

"Schedule?" I said. "I don't have a schedule."

"Check your backpack," Alduiin said. I just shrugged and took off my back pack and started looking.

"I think this was what he was talking about," Spike said suddenly popping out of my backpack, holding a piece of paper.

"Oh, thanks Spike," I said. He nodded and dove back into my backpack. I took a look at the paper that he gave me. It was indeed a school schedule. I looked up at Alduiin.

"Plague slipped it in when you first got out of the portal," Alduiin said. "If you want to know how you'll have to ask him." Huh, never thought Plague could be the sneaky type.

"Who's Plague?" Rainbow asked.

"He's one of the two students that I said I didn't know what they were," I answered. "In all honesty, even though I've meet him, I don't know what he is."

"But, those two students are just little kids," Rainbow said.

"That's them," Alduiin said.

"Oh, well, how do you know them Twilight?" Rainbow asked me.

"They're Alduiin's kids," I said.

"Really?" Rainbow said. "But, he doesn't look old enough to have kids of that age."

"Well, back home I'm a huge dragon but," Alduiin said matter of factly.

"WHAT?" Rainbow cried. "YOUR REALLY A-"

"Yes I am but there's no time," Alduiin interrupted her. "You girls need to get to class."

"Right," I said. "Come on Rainbow." We then left for our next class. I looked at my schedule. My last Class was apparently P.E. We walked all the way to the gym. Once I got there, I saw the rest of my friends were there too. Me and Rainbow walked up to them.

"Hey Twi," Apple Jack said. "So, did you find out if that sub was from Equestria or not?" I nodded.

"Yeah, he is," I said. "But don't worry, both of the subs and those two other students are friends of mine. They somehow just got here before I did."

"Well that's good," Sunset said. "I thought we would be having a huge problem."

"A huge problem with what?" a said a girl's voice behind us. We all turned around and saw two kids. One, the girl, had long, black hair, that started turning purple from the center out. Except for the hair that was just above her face, that was just black. She had a purple jacket on, with black stripes, and a black undershirt. She had black jeans, and black shoes. She looked to be about, seven years old. Same with the boy next to her. He had black hair that was spiked back like Alduiin's. His was completely black, unlike his partner's. He was wearing a green jacket, and a black undershirt. He had black jeans, and black shoes. I could only guess who these two were.

"Plague, Amnesia, is that you?" I asked.

"Yep!" Plague said. So that meant they had this class with us? Huh.

"So, who are all of them?" Amnesia asked, pointing to my friends.

"Oh, these are all of my friends," I said. "From this world at least."

"Oh, I thought they looked familiar," Amnesia said. "So I guess they have the same names?"

"Yep," I answered.

"Hey wait," Plague said, "I don't recognize her." He pointed to Sunset.

"Oh, her name's Sunset Shimmer." I said.

"Nice to meet you, my name's Amnesia," Amnesia said.

"Mine's Plague," Plague said.

"Well it's nice to meet you too." Sunset said. She was about to say something else, but then the substitute came in. Now he definitely looked familiar, and I think I know why. He had light blue hair, that was long and was spiked towards the ground, running down his back. He had heterochromia eyes. One was red, the other was yellow. He had a blue jacket, with a light blue undershirt, blue jeans, and light blue shoes. I was pretty sure that was Gale.

"Alright class line up!" he shouted. Everyone lined up. "Okay, let's take attendance." I didn't really pay attention till he started calling the names of my friends.

"Apple Jack?" Gale called.

"Here," AJ replied.

"Fluttershy?" Gale called.

"H-Here," Fluttershy said in a small voice.

"Pinkie Pie?" Gale called.

"Here!" Pinkie said excitedly.

"Rainbow Dash?" Gale called.

"Here!" Rainbow said excitedly.



"Twilight Sparkle?" Again with those two calling my name. Well, I guess I should have expected it this time.

"Here," I said.

"Sparkle where have you been?" Gale asked. Oh COME ON!

"Trave-" I started.

"Nevermind, I don't need any excuses," WHAT?!?! Oh he is going to pay BIG TIME when this is over.

"Alright everyone, get to your lockers and get dressed," Gale said. Everyone nodded and walked towards the lockers. I walked up to Gale, and punched him in the face.

"OW!" he said. "What the hell was that for?"

"For calling me out and acting like I just had some random excuse for not arriving in class!" I shouted.

"Okay okay, sorry," Gale said holding his hands up. "I've got a disguise to keep though so I kind of had too."

"Whatever," I said. "Now we have a bit of a problem because I have no lock-"

"Yes you do," Gale said handing me a piece of paper. "Here. This has your locker code and number. Don't lose it." I took the piece of paper.

"Man, you guys really prepared for my arrival, but why?" I asked. "It's not like we're going to be here long."

"We might be here longer than you think," Gale replied.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I don't have the time to explain it now, but the sirens may not be the only dangerous additions to the school," Gale said.

"What do you mean by tha-" I started.

"Like I said, no time to explain," Gale interrupted me. "Now go and get dressed." He shooed me away and I entered the looker room to get changed. After we all got changed, we headed back to the gym. P.E. was pretty boring. We did sit-ups and push-ups, ran laps around the track, pull-ups. Nothing really worthy of note. Once that was over with, school was finally over. I meet my friends out in the front of the school. We waited there and talked for a while, till Alduiin, Gale, and the twins showed up. They walked out from the front of the building. I walked up to them.

"You boys have some explaining to do," I said.

"Right um, who wants to start?" Gale asked Alduiin.

"I guess I will," Alduiin said. He walked up to me. "As you know Twilight, we got sent here a few days early. This was because a being know as Marx showed up. He warned us that the Sirens may not be the only threat to this school, and sent us here a few days early so we could investigate."

"However, upon our arrival, we noticed something," Gale continued. "We didn't have the bodies of teenagers. No, we had the bodies of adults. At first, this was a problem. I mean, how would an adult enter the school during school hours if they weren't part of the staff? That's when it hit me. All we had to do was become part of the staff! So, we tracked down two of the school's teachers, and set our plan in motion."

"First, I used my magic to make them believe that they had caught a terrible flu," Alduiin said. "Then Gale used his tech expertise to make it look like we were being sent in as substitutes. We've been acting as such ever since. We also prepared for your arrival Twilight."

"We did that because we may be staying here for a couple of days," Gale said. "You see, we've been trying to track down the other threat. However, we haven't even caught sight of him. He obviously doesn't want us to find him, and he's pretty good at hiding. Because of that, we've made arrangements so that both you, me, Alduiin, and the twins can stay here for an indefinite time period. That way, we have as much time as we need to find this guy."

"Wait, so the Sirens aren't the only thing we have to watch out for?" Sunset asked.

"The Sirens are the least of our worries," Alduiin said. "The one we're hunting right now has more power than the Sirens could ever grasp, even with your magic Twilight. He's our top priority." Alduiin said. We all gasped.

"More power than the Sirens?" I said. "B-But that's crazy!"

"It's the truth Twilight," Gale said. "But we'll handle him for now. In the mean time, you girls can focus on the Sirens. We've had the battle of the bands moved back a day or so, allowing you, Twilight, to develop a counter spell."

"What?" Rarity said. "But how? When we went to principle Celestia, she was under the Siren's control."

"The Sirens aren't the only ones with mind control powers," Alduiin said "There grip on her was strong, so I couldn't get rid of the competition, I could only delay it."

"Well that certainly helps," I said. Alduiin nodded.

"Well, we're going to head home," he said. "The rest of you should too."

"Well where are you guys going to go?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh we bought a house," Gale said.

"What?" I said. "How? Actually, never mind, I don't want to know."

"Okay, and you Twilight?" Rarity asked.

"Me and Spike slept in the library last time, we should be fine," I said.

"WHAT?" Rarity said. "No way darling, we can't let you do that. Your staying with one of us."

"Really?" I said. "I don't want to impose..."

"Nonsense darling," Rarity said. "We're all friends here, and friends help other friends when they're in need."

"SLEEPOVER!" Pinkie cried.

"Sleepover?" Plague said.

"What's a sleepover?" Amnesia asked. Pinkie gasped.

"Wait, you don't know what a sleepover is?" Pinkie asked. The twins shook their heads. Pinkie gasped again. "Oh, my, GOD! How do you not know what a sleepover is? Oh we have to bring them along!"

"Ah aint got a problem with it," AJ said.

"I'm fine with it," Rarity said.

"Sure, why not?" Rainbow said.

"I-I'm okay with it if all of you are," Fluttershy said.

"I don't have a problem with them coming," I said.

"Then it's settled," Pinkie said. "You two are coming with us!"

"Yay!" the twins cried. We all piled into Pinkie's van.

"Bye Dad!" Plague said.

"See you tomorrow!" Amnesia said.

"You two be good now, alright?" Alduiin said.

"We will!" the twins both said as we drove off. They waved good bye, and Alduiin waved back. We got on the road and were on our way to Pinkie's. Halfway there, Plague spoke up.

"I'm hungry," Plague said.

"Me too," Amnesia said.

"Don't worry," Pinkie said. "There's plenty of sweets at my house!"

"That's not what they mean Pinkie," I said. I turned to the twins. "How long have you two gone without fusing with someone?"

"Maybe, two hours?" Plague said.

"Two and a half?" Amnesia said. I nodded.

"I think it's more like closer to three," I said. The twins both nodded. "Alright then, fuse with me." The twins beamed before they turned completely black. Then then became blobs that leaped at me and covered my body.

"Twi!" Apple Jack said in a panic.

"It's okay girls," I said as they started to finish fusing with me. Once they were done, any evidence of the blobs vanished, and I looked perfectly fine. "They just needed to fuse with someone."

"What?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"They don't eat," I said. "When they say they're hungry, they mean they need to fuse with someone. For some reason they can't remain out on their own for more than three hours. That's why they're usually fused with Alduiin."

"Oh," Rainbow said and everyone relaxed, apparently thinking the twins were attacking me. After a little while, we made it to Pinkie's house. We spent the whole day chatting and playing games. Eventually, everyone got into their pajamas, Fluttershy let me borrow an extra pair, and we all hung out in Pinkie's room. Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and the twins were in a video game tournament. Dash and AJ were currently playing. The twins would take on whoever won. I, in the mean time, was working on the counter spell. It wasn't going well. I had no idea on what to write. My mind was completely blank! I sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

"Everything okay Twilight?" Fluttershy asked me.

"Huh?" I said. "Oh, yeah, everything is going just great!"

"I certainly hope so," Fluttershy replied. I nodded.

"Yeah, me too. Oh, and thanks for letting me borrow your notebook, some of the songs you've written in here are really good."

"Thanks Twilight," Fluttershy responded. Suddenly, the door bell rung.

"Pizza's here!" Pinkie cried with joy. Everyone, except me and the twins, rushed out to get some. The twins were about to leave too, until they saw me. They came up to me and sat down on either side of me.

"You okay Twilight?" Plague asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," I said in a monotone.

"What's wrong?" Amnesia asked.

"It's just that the counter spell is taking longer than I thought," I replied. We sat there for a moment in silence.

"You know what dad would say right now?" Amnesia asked.

"He'd say not to give up, that no matter what, if you give it all you've got, then that's more than enough," Plague finished. I smiled and hugged them.

"Thanks you two, I needed that," I said. They smiled and hugged me back.

"You're welcome Twilight," They both said. Then Pinkie came in.

"Are you guys going to come and get your pizza?" she asked.

"Yeah!" the twins both said and rushed out of the door. I smiled and giggled at their excitement. I then followed them down the stairs to get some pizza.

Chapter Six: Meeting The Sirens

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Chapter Six: Meeting The Sirens

{Alduiin's POV

The next day I had gotten to my classroom early. Reason being? I had to review on today's lesson plans. What? I'm a substitute teacher, what did you expect me to do? Anyways, my first class started about half an hour after I got there. In my first class, I had the twins. This class served to be one of my more interesting classes because, well, they weren't old enough to be in this class. To compensate, they would become Epidemic. Now, in this world, Epidemic was smart enough to know not to draw the weird kind of attention. So, he stayed silent most of the time. Everyone stayed clear of him due to the fact that he beat up the three strongest guys in the school when they pissed him off, in thirty seconds, ten seconds for each. Some days, the twins would be him the entire day. Why? No idea. Anyways, along with the twins, or Epidemic, I also had the Sirens. They were always causing trouble. They were always talking and not paying attention in class. Their grades were incredibly low.

I was just finishing up some work when my class walked in. First was Epidemic. He was only a little shorter than me, and he had blood red hair that was spiked back like mine, and blood red eyes. He had a red jacket with black stripes, a black undershirt, black jeans, and red shoes. Then came the Sirens, then the rest of the class. I then started class.

"Good morning class," I said.

"Good morning Mr. Alduiin," the class replied. As tired as ever I see.

"Okay let's see who's here," I said. "Adagio Dazzle?"

"Here," she replied.

"Okay, Sonata Dusk?"


"Okay, Aria Blaze?"


"Okay, Epidemic?"

"..." No reply. I had to look up to see him. I swear, Epidemic gets less and less like the twins each day.

"A 'here' would be appreciated Mr. Epidemic," I said.

"Whatever," he said coldly. In this world, he didn't sound like both of the twins, he just had an older version of Plague's voice. I rolled my eyes and went on with class. Nothing to much of note happened. Unless you want to hear the entire extent of a whole history class lesson, I'll just move along. So, class ends and then I'm on my first break. My schedule was actually pretty good. I taught first period, break second, then continued classes in third, then lunch, then fourth, and then I can head home for fifth. Pretty good schedule. Anyways, I was heading down the halls, till I saw Twilight. She was talking to someone that appeared to be ignoring her. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Flash Sentury. I didn't hear what he said, but Twilight looked dejected, I even saw tears in her eyes. She walked across the hall, then she ran into Epidemic. She must have recognized him, because she cried into his shoulder. He hugged her, and glared at Flash. I was pissed to say the least.

"Mr. Sentury!" I shouted in anger. He looked at me, surprised. "That is no way to treat another student. In my classroom now!"

"But Mr. Alduiin I-" Flash began.

"I don't want to hear it!" I yelled. "In my classroom now!" He walked up to me. He followed me to my class. I swear, this guy was getting detention for at least a week.

{Epidemic's POV}

I was still hugging Twilight as dad took Flash away. He sounded mad, like, REALLY mad. I looked at Twilight. She had tears running down her cheeks. That guy was so getting it after school.

"Come on Twi," I said. I lead her to our next class, which was science. We had it with Sunset. We walked into the classroom, and Sunset saw us.

"Oh my gosh what happened?!?!" she asked. "And who are you?"

"Sunset it's me, the twins," I said. "I'm their combined formed Epidemic."

"Oh," she said. "Well what happened to Twilight?"

"Flash Sentury decided to be a dick today," I replied. "Dad got on his ass. That guy is going to get it after school."

"That's terrible," Sunset said as I let go of Twilight and Sunset hugged her. She had stopped crying, but she was still pretty sad.

"I don't understand why he said those things," Twilight said.

"Well, he might be under the Siren's control," Sunset said. Twilight thought about it.

"Yeah, maybe," she said. She seemed to feel a lot better after that. Pretty soon science class started, and I sat down next to Twilight and Sunset. In my opinion, science was pretty boring. It was easy enough to understand, and that's why it was boring. But who am I to judge? I'm the physical manifestation of the twins negative emotions, in a controlled form. Yeah I can certainly feel positive emotions, and in fact most of the time I've been out here, I haven't really been given a reason to be mad, so I'm not. At least for every time I've been let out for an entire day, the Twins let me burn off a little steam. And I would certainly be calmer once I gave that Flash Sentury ass-hole what he deserved.

{Time Skip}

I was walking home, and I wasn't given the chance to beat up Flash. Apparently his parents came and picked him up, and Dad had already left so I was walking home. Good thing there was that guy who tried to mug me because otherwise I would be pretty pissed right now. I walked away from the mugger's bloody, beat up body, content on my handy work. As I walked home, I sensed them, the Sirens. They weren't too far off. In fact, they were getting closer. I looked behind me and saw they were tailing me. I kept walking and finally stopped in the middle of a park and turned around. They walked up to me.

"What do you three want?" I asked in annoyance.

"Ooo feisty," Adagio said. "Well if you must know, it's come to our attention of all that negative emotion you have."

"So?" I said.

"Well we tried to siphoned some of that negativity out," Aria said.

"But no matter how well we sung, it just wouldn't turn into negative energy that our gems could absorb!" finished Sonata. Oh, so that's what they're here for.

"And?" I said.

"Well the only thing that could resist us that well, is something from Equestria." Adagio said as they started to surround me. "So tell me Epidemic, are you from Equestria?" I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing gets past you three does it?" I asked.

"So you are from Equestria E!" Sonata said.

"Yes I am and- wait, E?" I said.

"That's my nickname for you!" she said. She then pulled a taco out of nowhere. "By the way do you like tacos?" I could hear the twins talk in my head.

'I like tacos!' Plague said in my head.

'Me too!' said Amnesia.

'Quiet you two,' I thought to them. They quieted down and I continued my conversation.

"No, I don't," I said.

"Aw," Sonata said sadly.

"Ahem," Adagio coughed. "Anyways, if you're from Equestria, then you must have been banished right? I mean, only a villain could hold that much dark energy."

"So what if I was?" I asked.

"Then why don't you join us?" Adagio asked. "If we work together, then you can help us get our power back."

"And once we have it back," Aria said as she and Sonata joined Adagio in front of me, "then we can go back to Equestria and take our revenge!"

"And what if I wasn't?" I asked.

"What?" Adagio asked.

"I said, what if I wasn't?" I said. They all took a step back. "Do you really believe that simple words would gain you a new ally? I was sent here along with Princess Twilight Sparkle in order to stop you three. At least, it was at first, but then all of that changed. There is a much stronger and darker power here, and I'm here to remove it." I let energy radiate off of me to intimidate them. They started to back up, getting more fearful with each and every step. I eventually backed them up into a tree.

"I am going to spare you all this one time, and leave you to think," I said. "By continuing with your plan, you will all fail. There is no question about it, you will all fail. Your plans will only slow us down in our search to find the one I'm here for. By slowing us down you may very well kill not only yourselves, but everyone around you. You wouldn't want that, now would you?" They all looked to each other, then back at me. I began to walk away.

"I'll let you three think about what I've said," I said."I hope you make the right choice." I continued my long trek home. Something told me that the Sirens might be less of a problem.

Chapter Seven: Battle Of The Bands: Round One!

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Chapter Seven: Battle Of The Bands: Round One!

{Epidemic’s POV}

Hey Epidemic?’ I heard Plague ask me in my mind.

What is it?’ I asked.

How come we’re still you?’ Amnesia asked.

Well, as you two can see, a lot of things have been happening. The first round of the battle of the bands will begin soon, and I’ve got a feeling that this will be our best chance to find the Dovahkiin. Once we do, I can kill him, and this whole thing can be over with.

You do realize that this could backfire horribly, right?’ I stopped. For once, he was right. If I went after the Dovahkiin now, people would get in my way. Now, as much as I wouldn’t care if I hurt those who got in my way, I did care about the twins. If I went after the Dovahkiin, and killed anyone who tried to stop me, the twins would be seen as monsters, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed a more open opportunity to attack him, where no one would get in the way. For now, all I could do was find him, and keep an eye on him. I walked into the gym and there were students everywhere. I needed a high vantage point. I looked up to the ceiling beams. Perfect.

What are you doing?’ I didn’t pay attention. I went back stage, and began climbing the ropes and support beams. Eventually, I made it to the top and walked over to the other side of the curtain. I now had a bird’s eye view of the gym.

Don’t you mean a dragon’s eye view?


You know, because we’re dragons?’ Plague snickered. I rolled my eyes. I keep forgetting how immature these two are. I scanned the whole room, looking for any students that stood out. The only ones that did were Twilight, her friends and the Sirens. I scanned the room again. Still nothing. I decided to take a risk.

Laas Yah Nir.” I whispered. Red clouds of light began to emanate from everyone in the room, showing their aura. I scanned the room again. Once again, the only ones that stood out where Twilight, her friends and the Sirens. I was about to give up, but then, I saw him. He was in the back corner of the room, alone. He cloaked himself pretty well, but he couldn’t hide his aura. It was clear to me. The guy in the back room, was the Dovahkiin.

Wait, you can shout?

Yes, you two can as well.

We can?

Yes, when you two were first fused with Dad and your consciousness were forming, you both had your souls become part dragon. Didn’t he tell you this?

No.’ Huh, maybe Dad didn’t know? Eh, I’ll tell him later. Right now, I had a student to follow. I watched him. He didn’t move. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then I heard the singing. I looked down at the stage. The Sirens were performing. The song seemed to affect the other students. Now at first, the song did nothing to me, but like the first time I heard them sing, when they got to the higher notes, I started to feel an ache all over my body. Now normally, I would leave once this started to happen, but, well, I couldn’t really leave without drawing attention to myself right now could I? I had to wait it out.

As the song went on, and the higher notes started to become more plentiful, that ache, turned into pain. Everything started to hurt badly. It was a searing pain that couldn’t be described. It felt like a wave of, something, was coursing through me, causing me pain. I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

Argh! Why does it hurt so much?!

Epidemic! Why does it hurt?!

I-I don’t k-know.’ It hurts, so, much! What was going on? Why were we in pain? It didn’t make any sense! Was it, the Sirens? Was it, their singing? No, it couldn’t be that, could it? It was just sound! I had never reacted this way to the other students singing! The Sirens eventually stopped, but the pain didn’t. All of the students cleared out, except for Twilight and her friends that is. Everything started to go blurry. I could feel myself split in two, separating the twins. The last thing I remember, was falling, then everything went all black.

{Twilight’s POV}

After the first few rounds, the preliminaries were over. Tomorrow would be the semifinals and tomorrow night would be the finals. I was talking with my friends, until I saw them fall. It was the twins.

“No!” I cried. I dived forwards and caught them in my arms, turned in mid air, and landed on my back. I slid across the ground a little, then stopped. I looked at the twins. They were both curled up, their faces twisted in pain.

“Twi!” I heard Applejack cry. “What happened?”

“I, I don’t know,” I replied worriedly. I stood up, with both of the twins still in my arms. They started to shake violently, then they turned all black, and fused with me. I could feel how scared they were.


‘I’m here you two, I’m here.’

It, it hurts.

‘What happened?’

The Siren’s song, it hurt.’ Wait, what? The Siren’s singing hurt them? How? Oh they were so going to pay for this! But for now, I needed to find Alduin. He should still be here. I ran out of the gym, my friends trailing behind me. I ran down the halls, turned a corner, and saw Alduin at the end of the hall. I rushed up to him.

“Alduin!” He looked at me.

“Woah, woah, woah, Twilight!” he said. “What’s going on? What happened?”

“”I don’t know how, but, The Twins said the Siren’s song hurt them.”

“What?! Where are they?”

“They’re fused with me right now.”

Alduin nodded.

“Okay that might be best. Listen, keep them with you for now. They’ll need time to heal, and being fused with you will be good for them. While they’re with you, I’ll find Gale and see if he can help figure out what happened.” I nodded. Alduin left to look for Gale, and I left with Sunset Shimmer. I was staying at her place for now. We got in her car, and drove off.

“So, are the twins going to be okay?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah, they just need rest.” I could already feel their pain lessening, and that they were starting to have some restful sleep. I sighed. Them being hurt like that had really scared me. Now though, I was starting to calm down. Hopefully, we could figure out why they had gotten hurt.

{Dovahkiin’s POV}

He spotted you, didn’t he?

“How was I supposed to know he could shout like his father?”

It matters not. Our plans do not change. In fact, discovering that they have a weakness to the Siren’s song was well worth your discovery. Those Sirens may prove useful to us.

“You’re not seriously considering asking for their help are you?”

Less of ask, more like control.” Infestation laughed.

“Whatever, it’s almost time for the next phase of our plan.”

Chapter Eight: The Monster Within

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Chapter Eight: The Monster Within

{Twilight’s POV}

I was at Sunset’s house doing some homework. Alduin insisted that in order for me to blend in so that his target wouldn’t notice me, I had to have homework. Everything was relatively easy, well except for history. Sunset had to help me with that. Alduin’s homework assignments were really hard too, even for Sunset. He was getting way too into this. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was acting as a sub, he might just make the original teacher quit and then take the job. Anyways, the twins were still asleep. Even though the pain had left them, no matter what I did, they wouldn’t wake up. It was like they were in a trance. I then hear the door open.

“How goes the homework?” I turn around and I see Sunset.

“Fine, now that I’ve gotten history out of the way. How about you?”

“Just finished. I swear Alduin keeps handing out more difficult assignments every day. Do you think you could talk to him about that?”

“Probably not, I think he likes his new job too much.”


“Yeah, I’m afraid at this rate he’ll make his position permanent.”

“Huh, well anyway, how’re the twins doing?”

“Not so good. The pain’s gone but they won't wake up.” Sunset gave me a concerned look. I then felt something stir in my head.

Huh, Twilight? Where are we?

“Oh my god! Plague! Amnesia! Are you two okay?”

Yeah I think so. What happened?

“You two heard the Siren’s song and fell unconscious. I was so worried!” The twins unfused with me, and landed right beside me. Once they had finished unfusing, I hugged them both and they hugged me back. They suddenly turned all black, and fused together. When the fusing was complete, Epidemic stood before me.


I’ll be right back.

“Where are you going?”

I’ve got a bone to pick with someone. Specifically, my father’s target.”


Because, I’ve got a lot of anger built up, and the Sirens wouldn’t last long enough. Before the first minute would be over, I would be beating my anger into their corpses.” Sunset and I stared at him in shock as he walked away. I could literally feel the anger radiating off of him. It was actually kind of terrifying.

“Remind me to never get on his bad side.”

“Don’t worry, Epidemic wouldn’t hurt any of my friends, I think.”

{Epidemic’s POV}

That was it! Nobody hurts the twins and lives to tell the tale! Unfortunately, Dad had told me to not harm the Sirens, dealing with them would be Twilight’s job. Even though I had said I was going after the Dovahkiin, I might just attack the Sirens if I come across them. That didn’t happen though, because I saw the Dovahkiin first. He was about as tall as my Dad, but that was were similarities ended. He had black hair that was shoulder length, and a bit of rough stubble across the lower half of his face. He was wearing a boney, white short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He also had a dragonbone sword that was somehow concealed with an invisibility spell. He was in the middle of an empty park. I began to walk towards him. He took notice of me, and we walked in a circle, opposite sides of each other, in the middle of the park. We were glaring at each other.

“So, I can presume that you’re the son of that monster?”

You presume correctly, though the real monster of the family is me."

“I sense you are strong, this battle may actually be worth my time.”

"Don’t hold back, I prefer to kill my opponents while they’re at their best."

“Mul Qah Diiv!” A rainbow version of dragon armor appeared on the Dovahkiin. “How’s your confidence now?”

You’re not the only one with that kind of power.” Red horns grew out of my hair. Red dragon wings grew out of my back, as well as a red dragon tail. My nails sharpened into claws, and my teeth became sharp as well. My dragon side had fully formed. The Dovahkiin huffed and pulled out his sword. I formed a scythe with a blood red blade in my hand. The Dovahkiin looked shocked.

Look familiar? I designed it to look like Lee’s scythe. Of course, it’s not as powerful because it’s not a soul scythe, but it’ll do just fine.” The Dovahkiin grunted, then we both looked to the sky.

“Strun Bah Qo!” The sky darkened and it started to rain. The Dovahkiin charged. I did the same and we clashed weapons. The force of the clash made us push back from one another. We charged again, and this time when we clashed, we stayed like that, pushing our weapons against each other. Our strength was at an impasse. We separated our weapons and began to slash at each other. For every strike I made, he sent one back, and our weapons would clash. We kept slicing at each other until the Dovahkiin slashed at my legs. I backflipped and used my wings to stay in the air.

Fo Krah Diin!” A stream of frost breath left my mouth and hit the Dovahkiin. He staggered against the icy breath. Once it stopped, He looked up at me.

“Joor Zah Frul!” That was the shout dragonrend. It hit me, and did nothing. The Dovahkiin looked shocked.

“Hmph, if you think that would do anything, you thought wrong. My soul isn’t completely a dragon soul. It’s also partly a symbiote soul." I dived at him, and we clashed weapons, my scythe, against his sword. We began to slash at each other again. I slashed high, he did the same. He cut low, I followed. We cut across each other’s centers, and our weapons halted at each other. We pushed against each other, one trying to break the other’s strength to at least land one hit on each other. We both jumped back, landed, and glared at one another.

“Impressive, I don’t think I’ve ever meet an equal challenger.”

Oh you have, you just never lasted this long against my father.

“I’ll have you know I killed your father once before.”

Yes well, what do you have to show for it now? All I’ve seen is you nearly getting killed the last time you two fought.” The Dovahkiin yelled in fury and charged. I actually roared, and did the same. My scythe met his dragon bone sword once more, and this time we put all of our power into the strikes. There was a small blast of energy around us, and we separated once more. When we landed, the Dovahkiin used his magic to shoot fireballs at me. I dodged and blasted him with my own blood red fire. It nailed him, and he grimaced. Fun fact, my fire is hotter and stronger than dad’s. The reason why is because I infuse my fire with a bit of my raw energy, unlike dad does, which causes it to become hotter and stronger.As a side effect, the fire turns blood red. The Dovahkiin shook the flames off, and charged. I swung, and landed a hit. My scythe was driven deep into his shoulder. However, he tanked the hit, and drove his blade into my stomach.

GAH!” The Dovahkiin took the sword out, then slashed me. I flew back, and hit the ground, hard. I was forced to separate back into the twins. The Dovahkiin walked up to the twins. They were both shaking in fear.

“You two, are worthless abominations that must be destroyed!” He slashed them and they slammed into a wall. The Dovahkiin began to walk up to them. They were both crying in fear.

D-Daddy, h-help us.

I don’t want t-to d-die.” No, no. NO! I fused them together, and tried to form myself. However, due to all of my rage, that’s not what formed.

{Dovahkiin’s POV}

The two abominations turned black just before I was able to strike them. They started to turn into what they were before, but when the transformation was done, the foe from before was not what stood in front of me. It was a monster made of a dark red substance. As you looked to the outer parts of it's body, the color of the creature would become blood red. It had huge, completely white, monstrous eyes, and a huge gaping mouth, that was white on the inside. The monster's face seemed to also make the teeth, which were razor sharp. It had nasty claws, horns, dragon wings, and a dragon tail. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. I could feel the anger, hate, and power, oozing out of it like a waterfall. I stood in front of the creature, frozen in fear. This, this, thing is even more horrifying than what I pictured my enemy's soul to look like. It roared in anger and swiped at me. It's claw cut deep into my chest, and I was sent flying backwards. I landed on my back, and the air was knocked out of me. I tried to get up, but that thing got to me first. It grabbed me by the neck, and lifted me into the air.

"No one, hurts, the twins!" When it spoke, it had a deep, demonic voice. It tossed me across the park, and I landed face first into the dirt. I got up and charged, yelling in fury as I did so. I aimed my sword at his chest, and stabbed him. My blade went deep into his chest, right where his heart should have been, and I laughed in victory and had a smile my face. That smile however, quickly turned to a look of horror as I looked at the creature’s face. It didn't seem to care that it had been stabbed. In fact, it was grinning at me evilly. It opened it’s mouth wide, and clamped down on my right shoulder. It whipped it’s head quickly to the right, and tore my arm off. Blood spewed from the injury, and I stumbled back in shock. The monster then proceed to devour my detached arm. It swallowed it whole, armor and all, along with my sword. It then looked at me, and picked me up by my throat.

I, am going, to kill you. I will do it slowly, painfully, and once you’re dead I will devour your corpse!

“N-No, please.” I had never been so afraid in my life. I, was going, to die. Right here, right now. The monster lifted up it’s claw, about to strike me again, when there was a sudden bright flash of light. A burst of magic nailed the beast in the side, and knocked it away. I landed on the ground, and looked at the source of the magic blast. Standing, not too far in front of me, was a woman. She was only a little shorter than me. She had long turquoise hair and skin, a blue denim jacket, a turquoise undershirt, blue jeans, and turquoise shoes. It, was Infestation. She rushed up to me, grabbed me, and teleported us away. We ended up back at our house, which we were using as a base of operations. She sat me on a couch, and used a healing spell to close the wound on my shoulder.


“Well, you know how Alduin has a son and a daughter?”


“And you know that they can fuse together to make someone known as Epidemic?”

Of course I do, I was the one that found out about him in the first place!

“Well, that was him.”

T-That, was him?!?!

“Yes, when I was fighting him, I managed to split him up into the twins. I was about to kill them, but then Epidemic reformed. But, something was wrong. Apparently threatening the twins like that filled him with so much rage that not even he, a being composed of the twins’ combined rage, was able to handle it. He became that ferocious monster, and nearly killed me.”

How long did you last against him when he became like that?”

“Not even a minute.” Infestation began to pace the room, a look of worry apparent on her face.

This isn’t good. I never accounted for the possibility of Epidemic become strong enough to kill us both within seconds. Our entire plan could be compromised because of this!

“Don’t worry Infestation, we will find a way to get past this.”

I can only hope you’re right.

Chapter Nine: The Fall

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Chapter Nine: The Fall

{Alduin’s POV}

I drove home after searching the school for Gale. He was nowhere to be found at school, so he might be at home. As I drove down our street, I saw Gale’s car. It was a blue 2015 Ford Mustang with red stripes. It had four seats, and Gale had somehow modified both it and my car during the short amount of time we were here. My car was a dark gray 2015 Chevrolet Camaro with black stripes. Now, you all must be wondering how in the hell we had the money for these cars as well as our house. Well, it’s a pretty simple answer. You see, over the, centuries, Gale had earned a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of golden bits. He thought that he should have some so that he could live on his own. But, because lived with the Princesses, he actually didn’t need to spend the money. He kept earning more anyways just in case, but eventually forgot about it. Our predicament about where we would live had reminded him that he had a sack full of golden bits. In total, he had 300 pounds of gold, but due to the perfect craftsmanship of bits, we were given a lot more money. To be exact, we got about double the normal amount. So instead of $4,965,074.01, we got 9,931,460.49. Basically, we were rich. With the money, we bought our house, which was two story but still average sized, our cars, and some food. We still had plenty of money to spare, but we weren’t too intent on just spending it all. I mean, do you know how much money a substitute earns? Not much.

Anyways, I pulled up into our driveway, and parked the car. I got out, locked it, and went inside. The moment I entered, I could hear noises coming from the basement. That was probably Gale. I walked down and saw he was building, something.

“What are you doing?” Gale turned to me.

“Oh good you’re home!” He turned back to his project. “Hang on, I’m almost done.”

“Done with what?”

“Well, I was never much of a Spiderman fan, but I have seen Spiderman three, unlike you. I was sitting around the house till I realized something. If memory serves, most of the songs the Sirens sing have high frequency notes. Symbiotes have a heavy weakness to high frequency sound waves and your kids are no exception. At least, I don’t think they are. If they are, then this whole thing has been a waste of time. But, I’m willing to bet that they are, so I decided to make this.”

Gale stood back from the table to let me see what he was working on. It looked like a wired gem that was heavily enchanted, and on the inside of the gem were bits and pieces of technology. I looked at Gale, confused. Gale rolled his eyes.

“It’s a defence mechanism. Basically, when a high enough frequency comes close, it will render the twin’s physical perception of sound lowered, that way, the frequency is percepted as a normal frequency instead of a high one.”

“Wow, I was looking for you to ask you if you had a solution to this problem.”

“Well I can’t take all of the credit. Something, I guessing Marx, made me think of the weakness in the first place. I mean, I was watching a Godzilla movie, that’s about as far from Spiderman as you can get, much less Venom. But, there is a problem with it.”


“Well, the gem can only block sound. If the frequency is coming from something such as a radio feedback, or a source of power, the gem can’t block it. I haven’t figured how to block those yet.”

“Well, it should serve our purpose for now.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to start working on another one soon, I only have this one.”

“Then Epidemic can use it. He seems to be out a lot recently.”

“The Twins have built up anger?”

“No, more like he’s become overprotective of them.”

“Aw, that’s nice of him.”

“You say that around him and he’ll try to rip your arm off.”

“And you know this how?”

“Detention on his second day.”

“Oh, that’s why he got pissed at those three guys.” I nodded. I picked the gem up, and Gale was about to start to make another one, but I stopped him.

“No time. The Battle of the Bands will start soon and I want to see how Twilight and her friends will do.”

“No, you just want to hear Twilight sing.” I swatted him in the back of the head. We walked out and got into Gale’s car. We drove to the school, just in time to the battle start. First, it was, Trixie? Shouldn’t it have been Twilight and her friends?

“Hey what’s going on? Shouldn’t Twilight and her friends be up there?” I nodded.

“Indeed they should, something’s not right.” We watched Trixie and her band sing that was really just a constant repeat of the chores. Sure there were parts in between, but it was mostly that. Anyways, The Dazzlings were after that. I was starting to get worried. Where were Twilight and her friends? I started to see green smoke come out of the stage. It felt, dark, negative. Then Epidemic walked up.

Twilight and her friends are trapped under the stage.


I can sense the negative energy coming off of them. The panic, the fear. It’s overwhelming. The only one who seems to be keeping a cool head is Sunset.

“We need to help them then!” I nodded in agreement.

I’d help but this is the closest I can get without the Siren’s song hurting me.

“Oh right, Gale made this for you. It should help with that problem.” I handed Epidemic the gem. He took it, and put it in his pocket. We were going to walk up to the stage to open the door for the girls, but Spike, along with a girl that looked like a DJ, beat us to it. They let the girls out, and then ran towards a nearby hill. We watched as the girls began to sing their own song, and the battle of the bands actually became a battle.

“You know, this reminds me of Scott Pilgrim versus. The World.”

“Of what?”

“It’s a movie. I keep forgetting that you were never the movie type of person. Always the gamer right?”

“Barely, I was more of the type to hang out with family and friends.”

“Oh yeah, huh?” We all turned our attention back to the girls. Apparently they had won and the Sirens ran off. They stepped onto the stage where everyone was cheering for them.

“Thank you everyone! We couldn’t have done this without all of you knowing the meaning of friendship!”

“I don’t remember this being a part of the movie.” I looked at Gale. His face was that of confusion. I laughed and shook my head.

“We would also like to thank our history substitute Mr. Alduin, our P.E. sub Gale, and Epidemic for their help! Not many of you know this, but they’re actually from Equestria same as I am!” Everyone started to cheer. Twilight ushered us to come on stage. I looked to Gale and Epidemic They seemed fine with it. We walked up on stage and the crowed cheered. I waved at them, then Twilight spoke again.

“Now, how about we see how good they are at singing?” Everyone started cheering.

Mr. Alduin! Mr. Gale! Epidemic!” Everyone just chanted that over and over again. I looked at Twilight, shocked. Twilight had a sinister grin.

“I told you I would pay you back for all of that trouble.”

“What? No you didn’t.”

“Yeah well, I am anyways.” I then wore a grin.

“Well, unlucky for you, I can sing.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, just watch. Hey! Someone toss me a guitar!” Rainbow picked up a gray guitar a threw it to me. I caught it, and looked at it.

“Looks a little bland doesn’t it?” I charged up my magic, and the guitar changed. The gray turned into a scale like pattern. The two parts of it that stuck out gained a dragon horn pattern. Near the bottom, were two red eyes. It basically looked like it was my dragon face making the guitar.

“There, much better!” I looked to Gale. “You gonna take up an instrument?”

“Yea, why not?” He walked back stage. A moment later, he walked out, pushing out a blue drum set along with him. I looked at Epidemic. He walked to the side of the stage, and pulled out a guitar that was similar to mine, only, the scale design on it was black. I smiled, and walked up to the front of the stage.

“Alright! It looks like we’re all set. Let’s see how this goes shall we?” Everyone cheered. Gale walked up to me.

“Um, what song are we playing?”

“Just follow my lead, you’ll get it.” Gale shrugged and walked back to his drums. He nodded, telling me he was ready, and so did Epidemic. I then started the song.


As the song ended, everyone started cheering like crazy. Twilight and her friends ran up to us.

“That, was AWESOME!” I laughed.

“Why thank you Rainbow Dash.”

“I didn’t know you could play guitar.” Twilight had a look of pure excitement on her face.

“While I was trapped in stone for a thousand years, I learned many things. Playing a guitar was no exception.”

“How’d you learn if you were trapped in stone?”

“Well, for a while I was trapped with Discord. He created little mind realms that allowed me to practice there.”

“Oh, well what about you Gale?”

“I’m partly a machine. Anything I scan I can replicate perfectly. I scanned Flash Sentry while he was playing guitar once. Thought it would be useful. Guess I was right!”

“And you Epidemic?”

“I know everything Dad knew when he first got the Twins.”

“Well that was still amazing!”

“Thank you Twilight.”

“You could thank her with a kiss.” I glared at Gale. He started laughing, until Epidemic round kicked him in the stomach. I looked at Twilight and rubbed the back of my head, blushing. She was also blushing.

“Well, we better head home.” Everyone nodded and we started to head to the parking lot. “Anyone need a ride?”

“I’m riding home with Applejack.”

“Rarity an’ Pinkie are riding with us.”

“I don’t live too far from here so I’ll just walk, if that’s okay with you.”

Hmph.” Dragon wings grew out of Epidemic’s back, and he took to the skies. I can only guess he was flying home.

“Me and Twilight could use one. Applejack had driven us here.”

“Alright then, follow us.” Sunset and Twilight followed us to Gale’s car. They got in the back, and Gale started up the car.

“Alright where do I go?” Sunset told Gale where she lived and we started driving. We had almost gotten there, till we heard a huge blast. It came from a nearby park. Gale parked the car, and we all got out and ran to the park. When we got inside, we saw a battle taking place. It was Epidemic, and he was fighting the Dovahkiin.

YOU WON'T ESCAPE THIS TIME!” He charged at the Dovahkiin with a scythe that looked a lot like Lee’s. He slashed, but the Dovahkiin blocked it with his sword. They pushed each other back, and glared at one another. I looked at the Dovahkiin, and then charged him. As I did, gray horns grew out of my hair. Gray dragon wings grew from my back, as well as a gray dragon tail. My nails and teeth became long and sharp, and I roared in fury. The Dovahkiin turned just in time for me to slam into him. He flew back and hit a tree. He landed on the ground face first, but then stood up.


“When did he show up?”

“[color=#be434]Just now.”

“You should have called for me, you could have gotten hurt!.” Epidemic just grunted in annoyance. I rolled my eyes and charged the Dovahkiin again and so did Epidemic. Epidemic slashed him with his scythe, and I side kicked him, sending the Dovahkiin flying. He hit the ground and rolled. He stood up, and smirked.

“Good, I was waiting for you Alduin.”

“And why is that?”

“Because, you’ve been a thorn in my side for too long. Now, I have the means to destroy both you and your children!” I growled as the Dovahkiin laughed. I charged him and punched, but he blocked with his sword. Epidemic ran around us, and came at the Dovahkiin from behind. He made a huge slash, cutting the Dovahkiin deep in the back. He shouted in pain, and pushed me away. He charged me and swung, but I dodged the sword and punched him in the gut, sending him flying. He tried to get up, but Epidemic got to him first. He ran up and kicked him in the side, sending him soaring sideways. He hit another tree, and coughed up some blood. He then slowly stood up. Epidemic and I walked up to him.

“Had enough yet?”

“N-No, my quest to kill you can’t end here! I will make you pay for what you’ve done!”

We have you cornered, your back is against a tree. What makes you think you’ll live long enough to have your revenge?” The Dovahkiin grunted, but they he looked to his left. Right there, was Twilight. He started to laugh.

“I may not be able to kill you, but I can kill someone close to you!” He turned to Twilight.”Zii-los Dii Du!” I was shocked. I had no idea what that shout was. I remembered hearing it before, but I didn’t remember what it was. I didn’t have time to translate it, nor try to remember it. Obviously the Dovahkiin thought the Shout would kill her. I couldn’t let that happen!

“NO!” I ran towards Twilight and pushed her out of the way. The shout missed her, and hit me. It all happened so fast. I saw my life, flash before my eyes, then everything went black.

{Twilight’s POV}

The strange energy that had come from the Dovahkiin had hit Alduin, just as he pushed me out of the way. When it hit him, he collapsed. I rushed up to him and tried to pick him up, but I recoiled upon touching his body. It was ice cold. His eyes were blank and empty, and He wasn’t breathing.

“Alduin? ALDUIN!”I shook him but he didn’t respond. I put my head to his heart. It wasn’t beating.

“HA HA HA!” I looked up to see the Dovahkiin laughing. “I knew Alduin would lack the knowledge of that shout! I mean, why would a dragon need another dragon’s soul?” Suddenly, a red haired turquoise skinned woman appeared out of no where and then teleported them away. Gale rushed up to me.

“No no no.” he said worriedly. “What did that shout do?”

I-It, takes a dragon’s soul, and absorbs it.

“How do you know that?”

Dad knew, but it was from a distant memory. He, he didn’t have time to recall what it did so, just to be safe, he took the hit.”

“Wait, so you mean he’s?”

“Yes.” I looked to Gale as he looked at Alduin.

“Alduin, is dead.”

Chapter Ten: The Soul Cairn

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Chapter Ten: The Soul Cairn

{Twilight’s POV}

Alduin was dead.

There was no way around it. The Dovahkiin had ripped his soul out, leaving nothing but the corpse. It had been a day since it had happened. Gale had shut himself in the basement, doing Celestia knows what. The twins hadn’t stopped crying, and Epidemic hadn’t shown himself since. My friends were sad, saying that he was a good teacher. As for me? I couldn’t take it. I too, had not been able to stop crying. We hadn’t buried Alduin yet, we were still deciding where. How was I supposed to tell everypony back home about this? Currently I was sitting by Alduin’s bed, where we had laid his body.

“Why?” I asked to myself. “Why did this have to happen? Why did you have to leave me? To leave us?” I broke down crying again. I just couldn’t understand. Why had this happened? Why would the Dovahkiin do this? I cried, and cried, till I cried myself to sleep.

{Gale’s POV}

“DAMNIT!!!” I slammed fists on the table. “I JUST FUCKING GOT HIM BACK! WHY THE HELL DID HE HAVE TO FUCKING DIE?!” I had tears in my eyes. I hadn’t seen my brother in a thousand years. Finally, I manage to find him, only for him to die a few days later. It was the fucking Dovahkiin’s fault! I was going to find that asshole, and once I did I would rip out his heart and crush it before his very eyes! This wasn’t fair!

“I’m sorry.” I turned, and saw Marx.


“I had no idea the Dovahkiin would go to such lengths to get his revenge. If only Alduin had the time to remember what that shout did, he may still be alive. At least he died trying to protect those he loved.”

“Why are you here?”

“To tell you that there is hope.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I may be able to bring Alduin back.”

“R-Really?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Well then do it!”

“It’s not that simple.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I want to bring Alduin back, I need his soul, his entire soul, and 90% of it is inside of the Dovahkiin.”


“Look, Alduin’s Soul isn’t a 100% dragon soul. 10% of it is human, and for that reason I may be able to bring him back. You see, if Alduin’s soul was 100% dragon, then it would have been used to teach the Dovahkiin a new shout. However, nothing new has entered the Dovahkiin’s arsenal. That can only mean that the 90% of Alduin’s soul that the Dovahkiin has is still there. The other 10%, is still with Alduin.”

“It is?”

“Yes. Little sucker refuses to leave its body. Because of this, I can revive Alduin, but I need that missing 90%.”

“How do we get it?”

“You, as well as the Dovahkiin, need to go to the soul Cairn.”


“So I can grab the rest of Alduin’s soul.”

“Can’t you just take it now?”

“No, I can’t.”


“Simple: souls aren’t my specialty. You see, a displacer is not only someone that creates displaced, we also have the power to nearly do anything. However, that power is limited, which is the reason why there are different displacers. For example, while I can do a lot of things, many of the things I can do are limited. I specialize in portals and magic itself. Now, while I can mess with time to a certain extent, for example sending you two back in time by two days, I can’t control it. I can only send you two back to that extent, and I can’t send you forward. My control over time is limited. For a displacer like Lee’s, whose name is Time Spinner, control over time is easy because that is what they specialize in.”

“Oh, I think I get it. So, you can’t grab Alduin’s soul because that’s not what you specialize in.”


“But then, how would going to the Soul Cairn help?”

“Well, the Soul Cairn is a place that provides a loophole to that specialization thing. You see, in the Soul Cairn, souls work differently. Their anatomy, their physical behaviour becomes different, more accessible, allowing someone like me to freely grab a soul and move it from one body to another. If both the Dovahkiin and Alduin’s body is present in the Soul Cairn, I can get the two pieces of Alduin’s soul together and revive him.”

“Alright, how do I get there?”

“Whoa whoa whoa, hold on. You’re going to need some help.” Suddenly, a black diamond that was a little smaller than a baseball appeared in Marx’s hand. He tossed it me, and I got it. I then heard a message.

I am the protector of the innocent, warrior of the weak, call upon me for assistance and I shall come. Call for the Gravity Shifter and I will make those who harm others beg for mercy as they are crushed at my feet. Hold this gem close to thine heart and I shall be at your side as a fellow warrior!

“Another displaced?” Marx nodded.

“She can help you. Besides, I think the twins would enjoy meeting another member of the family.”


Marx chuckled and snapped his fingers. A portal opened, and a woman, who I could assume was the displaced of this gem, landed on the ground. Her long, golden-blonde hair hung on her shoulders and extended down her back. Her sleek black jacket and simple grey t-shirt gave her a darker appearance, while the khakis defined a more light hearted side as well. But the black, short-cropped combat boots absolutely screamed that she was a fighter. She looked at me with fierce red eyes, yet a warm smile.

“Hello there, you called?” she asked with a beautiful voice.

{Third POV}

“Marx, I don’t see how she’s related to the twins.” The displaced turned around and saw Marx. He nodded to her, then proceeded to answer Gale’s question.

“Well, she’s not, but Cancer is.”

A strange sound uttered from the girl’s jacket, the red bands on her arms shivering a bit. “You know about my symbiote?” she asked before smiling again. “Heh, look at that. Maybe I am getting a bit famous.” Marx shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know. It’s just my business to know who Alduin’s family is related to. He is my displaced after all.”

She groaned a bit. “A Displacer? Really? I don’t have time to deal with you people again. Look, it’s not my fault the Merchant got away, so stop bothering me with all these questions about him.”

“What? No no no. I completely understand that. I just summoned you here so you could help Gale. Besides, I could care less about what I know about him. The less I know, the easier it is to hate him.”

She sighed. “Good, now what’s going on? I’ll need a full briefing if I’m gonna be able to help at all.”

“Well, Gale kind of has a huge problem here. You see, his brother, Alduin, got his soul stolen by the Dovahkiin, and now he’s dead. I never meant for this to happen, so I’m offering to revive him. But, there is a slight problem with that. I can only steal Alduin’s soul back if both his body and the Dovahkiin are in the Soul Cairn, a place where souls become easy to access. I can’t grab it right away though. The Dovahkiin needs to be weakened first. Now, normally I would just send Gale along with the twins, who are Alduin’s kids by the way and are also Cancer’s cousin, but I’m afraid Infestation, a changeling queen the Dovahkiin has teamed up with, will follow him in. She’s pretty powerful, so I decided that Gale and the twins would need some help.”

The woman chuckled, almost evilly. “Powerful, you say? We’ll see about that. I’ve yet to find someone worth fighting, discounting Beerus of course.”

“Yes, she’s incredibly powerful. For one, she opened a portal from Equestria to here, the human world. That alone takes a lot of magical energy. She also has the power to give the Dovahkiin a four worded shout, something that should be impossible. Not even a displacer like the Merchant or any other that I know of can do that.”

“Doesn’t sound like too big of a problem. I’ve taken down foes much stronger and without my powers.” The woman suddenly giggled. “Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Kat. Kat Shifter, the Gravity Queen.”

“Mine’s Gale.” Gale put out his hand and Kat shook it. “Back in Equestria, I’m supposed to be Mecha Sonic. By the way, who’s this ‘Cancer’ Marx was talking about?”

“Her,” Kat pointed to her shoulder as a glob of red good slithered into view. It made a few garbled noises, reminiscent of a certain Adam’s Family member. “She doesn’t really speak much, but I always know what she’s saying.” Suddenly, everyone in the basement could hear the rush of foot-steps. The basement door flew open, and the twins Plague and Amnesia came running down the stairs.

I sensed another us!

But where is she? And who’s that?

“Oh, more symbiotes. Lovely.” The way she said it definitely didn’t sound like she thought it was lovely. “My name is Kat, and you’re probably sensing Cancer here.” The goop gurgled again, shuddering a ‘hello’, presumably.

Aw, she’s so cute.

How come she’s so small?

“Well, she’s more of an ‘Assist’ symbiote, I guess you could say.” Cancer engulfed Kat’s entire right arm, morphing it into a massive blade. “Like that! She’s also got some great healing powers, too.”

Well that makes no sense.

“I also don’t fight as much as I used to,” Kat admitted with a blush. “I’ve been trying to settle down a lot lately, so I’ve been more of a housewife, without actually being a wife.”

Wait, was Cancer made as one symbiote, or did she used to be part of another symbiote?

“Lee was nice enough to make Cancer for me, using that sacrificial magic of his and personalized her to me so we could fit well together.” The symbiote shuddered happily, giving Kat a warm smile. “Love you too, little one.”

Wait, Uncle Lee made her? COOL! That makes us cousins!

Uncle Lee made us too. But I guess it makes sense that she’s small if she’s personalized to be small. What I don’t understand is that, if she’s just one symbiote, and she’s that small, how’d we come to be? I mean, we were just one symboite when Uncle Lee made us, but then we split into two and became, well us.

“Don’t look at me, kid. I’m still learning physics and I’ve never been the best at biology.”

“My best guess is Alduin’s aura made that happen. But we can discuss this more later, for now I need to get you all to the Soul Cairn.” The twins nodded, before becoming all black, and fusing together to make Epidemic.

I’m ready.

“Woah… well, that happened.” Kat blinked, erasing the questions from her mind. “Anyway, let’s get the show on the road. Allons-y!”

“WAIT!” Everyone turned to Gale. “I need to grab Alduin’s body first.”

I should probably fuse with someone real quick before we go so I don’t have to fuse mid-battle. Mind if I fuse with you for a second?

“Sorry, only one symbiote per shifter.” Cancer even hissed at her cousins… or at least it sounded like a hiss. Epidemic just raised an eyebrow.

Don’t even go there Cancer. On my own I’m able to kill an entire army of changelings, with a dragon on their side. I was barely tapping into my power then.

“Epidemic, don’t piss off the nice displace that offered to help us.” Gale was coming back down the stairs, carrying Alduin on his back. “We need to work together, not claw at eachothers throats.” Epidemic rolled his eyes, then turned all black and forcefully fused with Kat. Kat panicked, and Cancer tried to get him out. A bunch of words started to flash through Kat’s mind, but three stood out.

‘Fus. Ro. Dah.’

After those words burned into her memory, Epidemic left her body, breathing heavily.

Damn, that hurt.

“Oh mon Dieu,” Kat groaned, feeling an ache in her head. “Fos nunon koros?” She blinked, tapping her throat. “Woah, don’t spout off draconian very often. What did you do to my mind?”

I know from Dad’s memory that the Soul Cairn can be a dangerous place. I fused with you and taught you the shout Unrelenting Force so you can better defend yourself. And, now that I’ve done that, once we get Dad’s soul back, he can teach you other shouts.

“Shouts? But it’s just draconian. How is the ancient dragon language going to help?”

Well, by shouts I meant I added power to certain words of the ancient dragon language. Now, if you focus, you can say Fus, Fus Ro, or Fus Ro Dah, and the shout will be used. I basically just unlocked your potential to be able to use shouts, and then taught you how to focus that power on those three words. It’ll only work on those three words though, if you want to learn more Dad will have to teach you.

“Wow, it’s been years since that language has been any use.” Kat smiled, shaking her head. “The strange things out there, I swear. With that out of the way, again: Allons-y!”

“ALLONS-Y!” Everyone else, except for Epidemic, shouted. Marx snapped his fingers, and a portal opened up beneath them. They all fell through and then another portal opened up.

“I’ll be in my own realm so I can move the souls! I’ll send you all back to the house once this is done!” Everyone nodded, and then they fell through the portal. After a short fall, Gale, Kat, and Epidemic landed. They stood, and looked around. It was a dark wasteland, with the ruins of buildings in random areas.

“Wow, I didn’t expect the Soul Cairn to look like this.”

This is where you end up if your soul is used in a soul gem.

“Certainly fitting for a prison,” Kat said, looking around. “Plenty of people come to mind I wouldn’t mind shoving in here.”

Yeah well, we better hope Durnehviir isn’t here.


He’s a dragon that was imprisoned here. He works for the Dovahkiin, and knows a shout that can rip your soul out and turn you into a zombie instantly. But, I’ll be fine due to the fact that I’m part symbiote. Being part symbiote makes me resistant to certain shouts, which includes that one. Gale, you’ll be fine because you’re a machine.

“Oh yeah huh?” Gale focused, and turned into his battle form. “Well, looks like I can return to normal here.” Epidemic nodded.

I do worry about Kat though, she doesn’t have a defence against that shout.

“No worries. My soul is stronger than most, and I have my own surprises for anything that comes our way.”

Yeah, and I suppose that if that shout does affect you, Marx will probably just grab your soul and put it back.

‘You know I will!’ they all heard Marx shout in their heads. ‘Okay, here they come!’ They all looked up, and saw two figures falling from the giant opening to the void in the sky above them. The figures didn’t land too far off. Gale, Kat, and Epidemic quietly ran to a nearby structure. Horns grew out of Epidemic’s hair. His teeth and nails became sharper. He grew dragon wings from his back, as well as a dragon tail. He grabbed Gale and Kat, and flew them to the top of the structure so they could get a better view.

“Thanks for the lift, but it wasn’t necessary,” Kat said. “I’m able to fly on my own, so you know.” Epidemic nodded, then looked at the new arrivals.

“That them?” Epidemic nodded.

Yeah, I would recognize that asshat anywhere. You two take Infestation, the Dovahkiins all mine.” He took to the skies and flew around the Dovahkiin without getting noticed.

“How do you wanna do this?” Kat asked. “Sneak attack or go in guns blazing?”

“Well personally,” Gale stood up, and started to charge energy in his hand. He then fired it right at Infestation, and it blew up, sending Infestation flying. “I prefer to go in the fun way.” They both charged Infestation as she started to fire spells at them. The Dovahkiin would have joined in, had he not heard a familiar roar. He looked behind him, and saw Epidemic flying at him in his rage mode. Epidemic slammed him with his tail, and sent the Dovahkiin flying. The Dovahkiin quickly got up and charged. He tried to stab, but Epidemic got the blade in his right claw.

Trying to fight me now are you? Well, I’m sure you remember how well that worked out last time.” Epidemic snapped the Dovahkiin’s dragonbone sword in half like it was a twig. He then grabbed the Dovahkiin by the neck, and lifted him into the air.

Remember what I said about how I was going to kill you? Well, this time, I’m going to follow through on my threat.” The Dovahkiin gulped in fear.

Back to Gale and Kat’s fight, they had both dodged all of Infestations magic blasts. Gale had made it to her first and had nailed her in the stomach. She was sent flying. Gale jumped after her, grabbed her, and threw her towards Kat. Kat shifted the gravity around Infestation so she came at Kat faster, and then Kat shifted gravity around her fist, making her fist fly forward fast. The punch connected with Infestations face, and she was sent flying. When she landed, she quickly got up and started to use her magic. First, she summoned some of her drones from her hive. As the drones charged, she cast a spell on the drones that made them stronger. She then made two fire snakes that rushed forward. Kat and Gale beat the drones easily enough, but the fire snakes were the real trouble. Kat tried to fire Ki blasts at them, but they kept dogging. Gale also fired some lasers, which were also dodge. Gale even went as far as to pull out his I’MA FIRIN MA LAZAR! laser cannon, and well, fired it. It completely engulfed the first fire snake, but when the laser stopped firing, the fire snake reformed. Gale grunted in annoyance. He then got and idea.



“I need you to focus gravity in one spot!”


“Just do it!” Kat shrugged, but did it anyways. She focused gravity into one spot, and Gale proceeded to fire a slow beam into the gravity center. After a second or two, he stopped firing, and there was a ball of highly condensed energy.

“Alright, stop the gravity center… NOW!” Kat nodded, and let gravity return to normal. Upon doing so, the condensed energy exploded into waves of power. The waves hit the fire snakes, and they started to slow down.

“Now! Use your Ki blasts!” Kat nodded and started to fire them off. The snakes could no longer dodge them, and they were destroyed once they were hit by the Ki blasts.

“What was that?”

“Wave of frozen energy. It slowed them down and made it so they couldn’t reform.”

“Nice.” They both turned to Infestation. She was charging up a huge amount of magic. She opened up her eyes, which now glowed purple, and shouted off her spell.

VOID BLAST!” A huge purple beam fired out of her hands.

“Don’t let that beam hit you! If it does You’ll get trapped in the void!” Kat ran left and Gale ran right. They circled around till they got close to Infestation. Kat had Cancer become her blade arm, and Gale had a laser that acted like a sword come out of his fist. Once they reached her, they slashed at her, together. She was sent flying back. She stood up and prepared another attack.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” Everyone looked to the source of the noise. It, was the Dovahkiin. He was on his knees, in front of Epidemic, who was still in his rage form, with both of his arms missing. Blood was around Epidemics mouth. Epidemic smirked.

Hmph, I’ve had my fun with you, ready to die?

“N-No, please. Have mercy.”

“Epidemic!” Kat shouted. “That’s enough. You’ve already won.” At first, Epidemic frowned. That frown turned into a grin when he saw Infestation.

Alright fine, I won’t kill him.” Dovahkiin sighed in relief. “I’ll do what he did to me. I’LL KILL SOMEONE CLOSE TO HIM!” He flew at Infestation, grabbed her, and Flew on top of a nearby structure. He lifted her into the air, and opened his mouth.

“KAT DON’T LOOK!” Gale tackled her and kept her from watching the horror that was Epidemic in this form. All Kat could hear was Infestation’s screams, and the crunching of flesh and bone. It went on for a few moments, then, all was silent. Kat got out of Gale’s grip, and looked to see what had been done.

The Gravity Queen was completely silent, staring at the scene of gore. Half of Infestation’s body was gone. She looked to be breathing, just in a coma. Epidemic had devoured her lower body while she was still alive. She clenched her hand, the ground beneath cracking. “Gale, remind me to strike Epidemic when he’s not enraged anymore. Because what he has done is unforgivable.” Gale grabbed her shoulder.

“Just watch.” Kat didn’t know what he meant, till Epidemic started to return to normal. Epidemic looked at the sight before him, and gasped.

W-What the hell?” He looked to Kat and Gale, then he understood. He looked at the barely alive changeling queen. His body became completely black, and attached to the queen. He started to form her missing body parts, and once he was done, he left her body. He stood, and picked her up. Kat was amazed. Infestations entire lower body had returned. It was red, instead of turquoise, but it was all back. Epidemic walked up to the Dovahkiin, set Infestation down, and did the same to him. Once he was done, he started to walk back to Kat and Gale, but he collapsed before he could finish the journey. Gale rushed to him, and let them fuse together.

“Is he alright?” Kat asked.

“I don’t know, he lost a lot of physical matter repairing those two.”

“I’d say it’s a fitting punishment,” she said, looking over the result.

“He’d probably say he deserves worse.”

“I would as well. This was pointless gore and death, not something I support as well as being something I usually beat the snot out of people for doing.”

“Well, you’ve got to understand why he did that. He’s very overprotective of his family, especially the twins. The Dovahkiin hurt the twins pretty badly and had also killed his father. Being a being that was created from the twins combined rage doesn’t help that fact. I mean, wouldn't you be mad if that happened to those you loved?”

Kat was silent, arms crossed and looking away. “...I’ve already been there, and I regret it for the rest of my life. More than once have I wished I could kick my cul for doing it.”

“You regret something for the rest of your life. Considering that Epidemic is part symbiote and part dragon, he’s practically immortal. He’ll be regretting this day for the rest of eternity.”

“I’m ageless, I’ll be around for quite a while to ‘enjoy’ my regrets as well. That doesn’t make it right, nor does it excuse it.”

“Never said it did.” They both heard a groan coming from behind them. They turned, and Alduin walking up to them.

“Okay, ow. Getting my soul ripped in two definitely hurt.”

“ALDUIN!” Gale rushed up gave him a hug. “Damnit dude I thought I would never see you again!” Alduin hugged him back.

“Well, I’m back now aren’t I?” Gale stopped and gestured to Kat.

“Alduin, this is-”

“I already know who she is.” Alduin interrupted.”I saw her in Lee’s memories.”

Kat bowed her head lightly. “Dren yo lok Alduin, valokein zek wah himdah do nahl.” Alduin smiled.

[Greetings Alduin. Welcome back to the land of the living.]

“Nox hi Kat. Nii los grind hifah diist tiid.” Alduin said smiling as he walked up to her. When he got close enough, he sensed a familiar energy.

[Thank you, Kat. It is good to finally meet you.]

“Eh, Zu’u koraav tol Urikras lost ofan vosmaar wah mindos. Zu’u vis mindov his zos zaan wraan hi fund med.”

[Ah, I see that Epidemic has given you the ability to shout. I can teach you some more shouts if you would like.]

Kat shrugged. “Pruzah, Zu'u lorfonaar nii fund ni ahraan wah mindok muldeytorax do gesaak draconian.” Alduin nodded.

[Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to finally have a use for my Dovahzul.]

“Hey, would you two mind speaking normally? I don’t speak dragon.” They both turned to Gale. Alduin laughed.

“Alright then Kat, if you wish to learn more, then I’ll teach you. But first, I need to get back home and see my children again.”

“Um, they’re here with us.” A green blob and a purple blob leaped off of Gale and onto Alduin.

“Hey are you two alright?” Alduin asked his children.

We’re okay Dad.

We’re just so glad to have you back!” The twins sounded like they were on the verge of tears. They un-fused with Alduin and hugged him. He hugged them back as they began to cry. Alduin smiled, and lifted his children up into his arms. Another portal opened beneath them, and they started to head home.

Chapter Eleven: Going Home

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Chapter Twenty: Going Home

{Twilight’s POV}

I woke up next to Alduin’s bed, to see his body had disappeared.

I ran down stairs.

“Gale! GALE!” I stopped and saw Gale. “Gale! Alduin’s body is gone!”

“Well, there’s a good reason for that.” He gestured behind him, and then I saw him. It, was Alduin, alive and well.

“A-Alduin?” He nodded.

“Hello, Twilight.” I couldn’t believe it.

“ALDUIN!” I ran up to him with tears in my eyes and hugged him. He hugged me back as I started to cry tears of joy. “I-I thought that you were gone, that I’d lost you forever.” He hugged me closer.

“I’m sorry to have made you sad. I promise, I’ll never leave you alone again.” I smiled and just kept hugging him.

“Hey, why don’t you two reunite with a kiss?” I turned and glared at Gale. A woman standing beside him smacked him upside the head.

“Don’t ruin the moment,” she chastised. I smiled.

“You know what? He’s right.” I turned and kissed Alduin, catching him completely off guard. I wiggled out of his grasp, he fell back, and I giggled. His face was priceless.

“Wow, that actually worked.” I turned and giggled again. The looks on Gale’s and the mysterious woman’s face were also priceless.

The woman smirked. “Well, at least this ‘Twilight’ has a sense of humor. Most have sticks stuck too far up their own culs to be able to joke like that.”

“I wouldn’t really say it was a joke.”

“WHAT HAVE I BEGUN?!” Gale’s face went from shock to horrified wonder. That made me laugh even more. The twins un-fused from Alduin and ran to hug me.

We saved Dad!” I hugged them.

“Well that must have been some adventure. What happened?” Plague and Amnesia then spent a couple minutes telling me about what happened, but there seemed to be a few details missing about what happened to the Dovahkiin and his partner. Oh well.

“My, you two were very brave.”

Thanks Mom!” I took me a second to realize what they said. I had a look of pure confusion, with a drop of sweat running down the side of my head.


Well, with the way you kissed Dad, it’s bound to happen right?

“How about we take this one step at a time, okay?” I turned to see Alduin coming towards us.

Okay.” I sighed. These two certainly had quite the imagination.

“Well, with that over, I believe I promised to teach you some Shouts, Kat?”The woman, now identified as Kat, nodded.

“I suppose so. I’m not so sure I deserve it, since I didn’t really do all that much to help you. I could have, but then it would have been a lot less fun.” She smirked after saying that.

“Well I said I would and I’m a dragon of my word. Come on, I’ll teach you outside so we can practice freely. Plague, Amnesia, you two can come to learn some Shouts as well.”

Yay!” The twins and Kat followed Alduin outside, which gave me time to set up a party. I went to the land-line and called Pinkie.

“Hello Pinkie? Yeah it’s me, Twilight. I need you to set up a party.”

{Third POV}

“Alright, so what’s this you’re teaching?”

Alduin turned to Kat.

“Well, like I told you before, I’m going to teach you how to Shout.” Alduin sat down crossed legged, and motioned for Kat and the twins to do the same. “Now, before I begin, what do you know about Shouts?”

“That apparently they rely on the Draconian language.” Kat shrugged. Alduin nodded.

“Well yes that’s true, but they’re a lot more than that. Shouts, also known as Thu’um, are an extension of the ancient dragon language. They are words, that become power. It is The Way Of The Voice. To use Shouts, you must not only speak a word, but mean it. When you use a shout, you use three words. For example, the shout Unrelenting Force uses the words Fus, Ro, and Dah. In english, they are Force, Balance, and Push. When you speak these words with truth, with so much truth that the world itself will change to make it so, you have used a Shout. That is what it means to use The Way Of The Voice. To speak so that even the world itself believes you. Now, you have already learned one shout. By learning one, you have the ability to learn them all. Now, look at these words.” Alduin looked at the ground with intensity.

“Yol, Toor, Shul.” He spoke the words softly, but meaningfully. Strange symbols appeared on the grass in front of Kat and the twins.

“Now, I want you all to breath in deep, and try to understand the words. But don’t just understand what they say, understand what they mean. What they stand for. What they truly are.” Kat and the twins nodded, closed their eyes, breathed in deep, and attempted to understand the words. After a few moments, they all started hearing words in their heads. Whispers of thousands of words. Then, three words burned into their minds.

‘Yol. Toor. Shul.’

All three of them opened their eyes with smiles on their faces. Alduin returned the smile.

“Good good. You all learn fast.”

“Heh, that’s what Paco used to tell me when I was first learning this stuff,” Kat reminisced. Alduin chuckled.

“Well it was the truth. Now, speak the words, with meaning. With truth!” Kat and the twins looked to the sky.

“YOL TOOR SHUL!” Streams of fire came out of their mouths. The first one, Plague’s, was green. The second one, Kat’s, was a warm orange. The last one, Amnesia’s, was purple. The flames shot into the air, causing a couple birds to fly off in a panic. Once the flames were done, all three looked back to Alduin.

“Good, very good. Now, try this.” Alduin once again looked to the ground with intensity.

“Fo, Krah, Diin.” Once again Alduin spoke softly. More strange symbols appeared on the grass. Kat and the twins once again closed their eyes, breathed in deep, and focused. The whispers came once again, and then three words burned into their minds.

‘Fo. Krah. Diin.’

They opened their eyes, and spoke the words to the sky.

“FO KRAH DIIN!” Frost breaths came out of their mouths, all being an icy blue. Alduin smiled.

“None of you disappoint.” Alduin was about to teach them more, but Gale interrupted.

“Hey! Can you guys come in for a sec? We need your help with something!” Alduin nodded and they all got up. They walked into the house, which was pitch black, somehow.

“Gale? How can we help if we can’t see?” Suddenly the lights turned on.

“SURPRISE!” There was a bunch of people in the living room. Alduin saw Twilight and her friends, Gale, hell he even saw some of his students. There was a banner near the ceiling that said: “WELCOME BACK TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING ALDUIN!” Underneath that one was a banner that said: “THANKS FOR HELPING GETTING ALDUIN BACK, KAT!” Alduin laughed.

“Wow,” Kat laughed. “This really wasn’t necessary. I didn’t do much at all, honest.” Pinkie was suddenly in front of her.

“So what? Even if it was only a little bit of help, you still helped. AND FOR THAT WE THANK YOU!”

Kat laughed, her smile almost gleaming. “Just… wow. I can’t say I’ve ever had quite a reception.” A portal opened in the ceiling, and Marx came out.

“FREE OTHERWORLDLY CANDY FOR EVERYONE!” There was a sudden down pour of candy from the portal. Marx laughed along with Pinkie as candy covered the floor. Alduin picked up the candy, and took a closer look at it. It was from Equestria.

Kat graciously declined the candy, not being much of a sweets person. “I’ll pass, thank you.”

“Alright then.” Marx said. “But, I do need to thank you. I’m a skeleton of victories, and though you didn’t do much, I still thank you with this.” He gave her a weird looking, rainbow colored gem.

“A gem? Why Marx, I didn’t think you were so forward~,” Kat said with a wink. “Sorry hon, but I’m taken.” She giggled.

“Oh, you with the jokes,” Marx laughed. “That gem’s not for show though. If you hold it close to your heart, you ki will become stronger for a short time, as well as your control over gravity.”

“Is it a one time use thing, or what?” she asked, examining the gem without taking it.

“You can use it multiple times, but after every use it needs 24 hours to recharge. Also, it only lasts for an hour.”

She made a weird face at that. “Doesn’t sound all that great. No offense or anything, it just doesn’t sound like something I would ever need.” Marx put a an arm over her shoulder and gestured to the air.

“Okay, imagine being able to find, go to, and attack and beat the merchant in about ten seconds.” Kat nodded. Marx pointed to the gem. “With that you can do it in five.”

“Eh, again no offense, but that’s kinda lame. And I don’t hold any ill will against the Merchant. I’ve just been asked time and again if I would stand against him. If anything I’m grateful… save for what happened about ten years ago, but that’s in the past for now.” Marx cocked an eyebrow. A portal opened up and he dropped the gem in it.

“You’ll find that gem in your house. I’m not one to let people refuse my gifts. Besides, I know one day you’ll probably need that, maybe.”

“If you say so, and it’s not my house. It’s Typhon’s, I just live there. I kinda don’t have a home, actually.”

“If you leave that gem there it will follow you.” Marx then opened another portal and hoped through.

“He’s a pushy kinda guy, ain’t he?” Kat quipped after the Displacer made his leave. Gale walked up to her.

“Nah, he just finds it rude when someone refuses a gift. He may be insane, but he’s helpful.”

“Well, I didn’t mean to offend. I’m just not really used to having such treatment,” Kat admitted with a blush. “I’m not really the ‘hero’ type so this… this is a little different. I’m not sure whether it’s a good different or a bad one.”

“I wouldn’t know, but Alduin might. He did destroy someone else’s Canterlot once.”

“Been there, done that,” Kat muttered. “I’m sorry, I’m just being a downer here. I just… I need some air.” Kat flew off into the air, disappearing into the clouds above. She floated there, just, thinking. After a little while, the twins came into the clouds. Plague had green dragon horns, green dragon wings, and a green dragon tail. His teeth and nails were sharp. Amnesia was the same, but her horns, wings, and tail were purple.

Hey, you okay Kat?

“Yeah… I guess. It’s just… seeing that Twilight and Pinkie so happy about me… makes me want to go home,” she said forlornly.

Well, we can ask Marx to send you home.

“I can’t go home,” she said simply. “I’ve been exiled.” The twins gasped. They looked at each other, then nodded. They turned all black, and parts of them came off their horns. They turned back to normal, parts of their horns missing. They held out the black blob to her.


“What’s this?”

It’s a symbiote extension. With this, Cancer can extend herself all around your body, and change you to look however you want. You can look like a pony, a minotaur, a griffin, whatever you like.

“Well, I can already do that, but I suppose the extra boost to Cancer would give us a bit more of a fighting edge.” Cancer slid down her owner’s arm, waiting for the gift.

“[color=9426af]Well, can beings with a sort of sixth sense or something like that still see you with the disguise?”

“You tell me,” Kat smirked, tapping her jacket. In a blinding flash of green light, Kat disappeared, being replaced with a pony floating in mid air. “Well?” The twins closed their eyes, and nodded.

Yes, your aura makes it obvious. Even a basic sensing spell could tell that it’s you.

Kat pouted. “They would have to know me to be able to tell,” she complained. “I know for a fact that I am one hundred percent pony in this state.”

Your aura’s still the same. And it doesn’t matter if they know you or not, a displaced aura is much different than any kind of pony’s aura, or any other creature ponies know of. That’s actually one of the reasons ponies start out hostile towards displaced. They may not know it but the incredibly strange aura makes them subconsciously aggressive, that is unless they know it’s friendly.

“Never done that before,” she refuted. “I went five years in another world filled with ponies and barely any of them were hostile to me. There’s very little you’ll find constant in the multiverse. So I hope you’ll remember that.”

They still felt it, but since they saw that you were another pony amongst the crowd, they didn’t know it was because of you they felt this way. But anyways, this extension will prevent that aura from showing. You’ll be even better disguised.

Kat sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing facts with other worldly beings. “Alright alright. I don’t agree with what you think is fact, but I’ll still take the help. May come in handy for worlds where ponies do have such instincts.”

Yeah, and also, it does this.” Amnesia poked it, and it began to shudder. It then became a perfect copy of her, and bowed. “If it becomes necessary, it can become a copy of you and run off, distracting the danger and allowing you to get away. It’ll come back once it gets away from the danger.

“Huh, neat. Lay it on me.”

Okay, this might feel weird.” The fake Kat became a black blob once more, and it leaped at Kat. As it started to fuse with here, she felt an extra consciousness enter her mind and disappear into Cancer.

“Well, that was painless thankfully. Thank you for the gift. I think… I think I might be ready to try the party again.”

Okay! Oh and also, if Cancer starts arguing with herself, or has a wired second voice from time to time, don’t worry. That’s just the extension. We had to give it a consciousness so it could do what it needs to do.

ALRIGHT! LET’S GET DAD TO SING!” Kat chuckled at the symbiotes’ enthusiasm.

“Again, thank you both. And don’t worry about Cancer, my little girl will integrate the new powers in no time. Now let’s get back down there before Pinkie starts to think I ditched her party.” The twins nodded, and they all flew back to the house. The party had moved outside, and they all landed near Twilight. Plague whispered something into Twilights ear, and she nodded. Twilight found Vinyl Scratch, whispered her the same thing, and Vinyl nodded. After a few moments, she drove her car into the back, parked it, transformed it into its stage mode, and tossed Twilight a mike. Twilight caught and tapped the mike to get everyone’s attention. After everyone quieted, she smiled.

“How’s everyone liking the party?” Everyone cheered and Twilight laughed. “Alright, well how about we have Alduin sing again?” Everyone went nuts at this. Alduin then walked up right next to Twilight and grabbed the mic.

“So you all want another, eh?” everyone cheered. “Well then I’ll give one! Gale! Epidemic! Get up here! And someone pass me my guitar!” Everyone cheered. The twins formed Epidemic, and Gale got his drums. Rainbow Dash brought Alduin his guitar, and Sunset gave Epidemic his. They grabbed their instruments, and got ready.

“All right boys, just follow my lead you’ll get it.” Then the song started.


Once the song was over, everybody cheered. Alduin set his instrument down, and motioned for Kat to come on stage.

“Who me? Nah nah, I don’t know about that.”

Gale rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on.” He ran up to her, picked her up bridal style, ran back to the stage, and then set her down.

“Okay, one, never do that again. And two, I’m not exactly sure what you want me to sing. I doubt we’re into the same kind of music.”

“You’re not singing.”

Kat turned to Alduin. Alduin turned to the group in front of them. “Hello everyone! This, is Kat. She helped in returning my soul.” Everyone cheered at this.

“Oh boy,” Kat gulped. “Cheering, not good with cheering,” she muttered to herself, trying to look small. Gale however, wouldn’t let that happen.

“Stage fright?”

“I’m not civilian friendly. Pep talk a bunch of soldiers, no problem. Actual non-combatants… I try to avoid them at all costs.”

“Here, try this. Every Time you have to talk to a crowd of people, imagine them in military outfits.”

“I am not a child who needs a pep talk,” she hissed under her breath. “I would just rather not do this, and if you keep making me you’ll find out why your kind literally bows to me.”

“One, it’s not a pep talk, it’s advice. I remember one guy that I had to imagine was a totally different pony to keep myself from killing him, as well as many others.” Gale muttered that last part. “And two, we’re doing this so you get the thanks you deserve.”

“But I… I just… I really don’t think I should,” she mumbled.

“Hey don’t worry about it. Look, my mind is connected to the void better than most. Sometimes, little tidbits of conversations come through the void. Do you know who’s name I heard a lot? I heard yours. People thank you, or just talking about you. You get thanked, but personally, Alduin and I never thought it was enough. That’s the real reason why we’re giving you all of this thanks. Not just for what you did here, but what you’ve done elsewhere.”

“I… I uh... “ Kat really wasn’t sure what to do. Her emotions were feeling really rather conflicted and really just wanted to disappear and hide like normal. “I really don’t want to do this. I’m happy for the praise, but… I don’t want it. I don’t want to be praised for going out there and doing what needs to be done. And for the other stuff I’ve done, praise is the last thing people should be doing.”

“Oh yeah? Look around.” Kat looked around and was shocked. They were in the void.

“Okay, what is with your weird world?! Seriously, it’s like you’re living in your own little bubble of weirdness!”

“That kind of happens when your displacer is happy to help. A portal opened beneath us, and you didn’t even notice. But let me tell you one thing. Those things you did in the past, where most of them against the ponies?”

“Well, yeah… innocent ponies,” Kat admitted shamefully. “They never did anything wrong but they paid for my own mistakes.” Gale just chuckled.

“Trust me Kat, no one’s innocent. There’s innocence to certain degrees, but no one is entirely innocent. Anyways, those mistakes, were in the past. I know it’s tough love, but let me tell you one thing, move on. It may be hard, but if you forgive yourself, and move on, you’ll finally be able to accept the thanks that is given to you.”

Kat thought on that for a moment, looking out and the vastness before her. This wasn’t the first to have told her this, and his words rang with a truth… but Kat still shook her head. “No. I don’t walk the road of forgiveness. I don’t want to be forgiven for what I’ve done, as that will make it seem ok. My past isn’t okay and I will not brush it off as mistakes I’ve made. I’m sorry, but you can keep your praise and everyone else’s. It doesn’t mean anything to me.” Gale grabbed her shoulders.

“Hey, I never said that you could just brush off your mistakes, and I never said that others should just forgive you for your past. I’m telling you to forgive yourself, to live with your mistakes so they don’t happen again. If you never forgive yourself, then who’s to say you won’t just accidently make those mistakes again. Who’s to say that someone else won’t make those mistakes. If you forgive yourself, then you can forgive others, and help prevent others from making your mistakes. I’m not saying to just brush off your past. I’m saying that you should live with them, with the knowledge on how to prevent them from happening again.” Kat slowly removed his hands from her shoulders.

“Thank you for that… but I have my path. I know what I’ve done and I know I can keep others from making the same mistakes I did. That does not mean nor equal forgiveness. The citizens of Equestria will never forgive me, so neither should I. I will bear that burden and make others better because of it. Thank you for your words, but I think it’s time I should leave. This place just isn’t for me.” Gale nodded.

“Alright, leave if you wish, but just know this. If you’re ever in trouble, or just need someone to talk to, you can count on me, or Alduin.” Gale held out his hand. In it, was a blue orb. “This, is my token. Call me, whenever you want to, or need to, and I’ll be there.” Kat took it and placed it inside a strange book.

“I’m sorry things got so out of hand between us. There are just certain things that I must do to keep me going. Regret is one of those things.”

“Hey, no problem. I once had problems that I too, wouldn’t forgive myself for. Hell, I still do. I guess that means we’re in the same boat.” She smiled before beginning to float into the Void.

“Trust me when I say if we are in the same boat, may Dieu protect your soul.” Before he could respond, she took off faster than he thought she ever could into the vastness around them.

‘Goodbye Kat, Queen of Gravity. I hope one day we can meet again. And no matter how much you deny it, I think you needed that talk. After all, I too, have messed up. More than you, or anyone else, could ever know.’ With that thought, Gale took off into the void, and back to his own home.

Chapter Twelve: Metal Meets Mecha

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Chapter Twelve: Metal Meets Mecha.

In the void, a piece of the Master Emerald was floating. How it had gotten here, no one knew. It was about to fly into a peaceful world, when a skeletal hand reached out and grabbed it. The skeletal hand pulled the shard back to inspect it. The being that was holding it was a skeleton. He had a black cape, with a red gem holding it to his neck. He also had a staff that had a miniature Tirek skull on the top, and a spear tip on the bottom. His name, was Marx.

“The hell is this thing?”

Marx took a closer look at the shard. It had a faint energy signature in it, and whatever energy it did have was looked away.

“Eh, nothing I could use.” He flicked it back behind him like a coin, and accidentally snapped his fingers. A portal opened, and the master emerald shard fell through. Marx, his eyes going wide, realized what he did, and ran to the portal. It was a portal to Gale’s world. Marx grabbed the edge of the portal and peaked in, watching the shard fall down into Equestria.

“Oh no. Well, I sure hope Gale enjoys otherworldly shards from the void.” Marx looked around, trying to find the source of the shard. He saw a nearby universe and, through some calculating that made no sense but at the same time did, he deducted that the shard came from there. He walked up to the universe, and peaked in. When he did, he saw a displaced that looked like Metal Sonic.

“Huh, this should be interesting.” Marx then noticed that there was a displacer nearby. Marx smiled, then used telepathy to talk to him.

‘Hey um, Author?’

‘Oh, hello Marx, what can i do for you?’

‘Can you tell me the displacer of that Metal Sonic?’



‘What did you do?’

‘Nothing! I found a green shard floating around here and accidently threw it into Gales world.’

‘Oh, is that all? It’s fine, I’ll send Metal Sonic over to retrieve it.’

‘Wait, that’s your displaced?’

‘Yeah. I’ll overlook this one slip up because you’re my friend and you got me out of that awful meeting with the displacers council. Metal Sonic is already floating about the multiverse right now in stasis. I’ll send him over right away.’

‘Thank you, by the way how is your son doing in his Equestria?’

‘He’s doing fine, he might be in a little trouble in the romance area, since he’s got two mares that like him.’

‘You’re proud of that aren't you?’

‘Hell yeah I am.’

Gale walked through the portal from the human world back to his Equestria. “Ah, now that all of that’s over, it’s time for some R&R.” He began walking through the woods towards ponyville, then a gold ring appeared in front of him. “Huh, what’s this? It looks like a power ring.”

”If anyone out there needs some assistance or just someone to hang out with, call Metal Sonic.”

“Oh, a token.” Gale looked around and shrugged, he gripped the ring and tried to summon Metal Sonic, but the spell was canceled out. “Guess it's a bad time.” He began walking again, then a portal appeared beside him and Metal Sonic was thrown through it, causing him to smack against a tree.

“Why do all the women in my life cause me pain?” He slowly peeled himself off the tree and looked around. “Where is Author, I need to get him back some way, and Celestia for that matter. I mean, who just throws someone into a gateway to an alternate dimension?” He sighed. “Well, I’m stuck here until I do whatever I’m supposed to do here.”

“Ahem!” Metal turned to see Gale in his battle form (Mecha Sonic).

“Oh, I take it you’re the one who summoned me?”

“Was it a bad time?”

“Not really, I just met my displacer a minute ago, and Shadow the Hedgehog and Mighty the Armadillo showed up.”

“If you want I can send you back.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be an option.” They looked up to see The Author floating with a book in his hands. “There was a slight mix up and one of your master emerald shards got sent here.”

“Wait, is that Author? Does he know Marx?"

“Indeed, he and I are good friends and we're even on the same council. Now, you two play nice, tata.” With that, Author was gone. Gale looked over to where Metal Sonic was and saw he was gone, he looked around and saw he was banging his head against a rock.

“I can’t catch a break, every single day something crazy happens to me. Befriending a God of Destruction, the master emerald breaks, SEGA characters show up one by one, I end up in a love triangle, I fight Luna and Shining Armor, and now this.”

“How long have you been in your Equestria?”

“Not even a week.” Gale walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, why don’t we take some time off, calm down, get a milkshake, and get to know each other before we go searching for the emerald shard?”

“Yeah, yeah I’d like that.” They began walking towards ponyville. “So, you got sent here as Mecha Sonic.”

“Yep, although I have the copy ability of Hyper Metal Sonic.”

“Y’know, I never tested to see if I had that ability.”

“Alright then what abilities do you have?”

“Let’s see, spindash, homing attack, black shield, boost, overdrive, laser, chaos control, super sonic. I’m sure I have more i just can’t think of them.”

“Try playing back something from a fight in your memory.” He nodded and closed his eyes, he pictured his battle with Luna and how she summoned those energy swords. He scanned the memory and opened his eyes.

“Lunar Princess data has been copied.” He held out his hands and two see-through swords appeared. “Sweet.”

“Trust me, that becomes handy in a fight.”

“Hold on, before we get that milkshake I’ll need to scan one more thing. I don’t exactly have a mouth.”

After scanning several more memories. Metal Sonics arsenal had been doubled, and now had the ability to actually eat and drink.

“Perhaps we should introduce ourselves, my name is Gale, or if you'd like, Meta.” He held out his hand and they shook.

“Nathan, but I prefer to be called Metal.”

The two robots walked through town and got a few odd looks, Metal rolled his eyes and continued looking at ponyville. “You seem to be very interested in the buildings here, why is that?”

“I’ve spent all of my time in Canterlot, I did go to Ponyville one time but I didn’t stay, just had a race with Rainbow Dash that led to us crashing into a hill. I’ve kinda just screwed around most of the time, although there was that time that Luna got me to wear a suit and perform for the thestrals…”

“Wait, Luna got you to wear a suit?” Gale struggled to suppress his laughter and failed.

“Yeah yeah, laugh it up. I thought that I looked quite dashing in it.”

“Please, I bet I could pull off a suit better than you ever could in this form.”

“Willing to put your money where your mouth is, I’ve got my suit with me. Whoever wins has to do one thing for the other no matter what it is, unless it's unnecessarily creepy. What do you say we go to the one pony in this town that can give a professional opinion.”



Fifteen Minutes later

Metal stood in his suit, he wore a black tailcoat with small cuffs at the wrists, he had a dark blue shirt underneath and a black tie, black dress pants and black magic leather shoes, he also had black gloves and silver cufflinks.

Gale wore a dark blue tux with a black undershirt. he wore a top hat and held a cane in his hand while wearing very posh glasses. Rarity walked around the two and eyed them up and down. She sat down in front of them and closed her eyes.

“I have reached a verdict.” Both robohogs leaned forward in anticipation. “Gale..”


“...you cannot pull off a tux in that form.”


“It sits terribly and the way your body is the shirt has to remain unbuttoned at the top.” Gale hung his head and Metal patted his back. “Metal however, the way the suit is designed and the way his body sits, it makes it look more natural.”

“You can thank my Equestria's Luna for that, with a few modifications by myself.” Gale grunted, and changed form. He became his alicorn form, and the suit changed with him. It was now better suited to his alicorn form. Also, his glasses became a monocle that sat on his right eye.

"How about now?" Rarity nodded in approval.

"Much better, but now I can't decide."

Metal started chuckling. “You don’t need to decide, I’ve won.”

“Now hold on, she hasn’t chosen yet.”

“The bet was that whoever could sport a suit in their battle forms better would win, you just handed the victory to me.” Gales eye twitched for a second before registering his mistake. He smacked his forehead and sighed.

“Alright, you won, what do you want me to do?”

“Oh, I’m not cashing in my winnings just yet, you’re a nice guy, so I won’t subject you to something embarrassing. I just wanted a favour in the bank from someone across the multiverse.” Gale perked up at that and nodded. They took off their suits and went to Sugarcube Corner. Once they got there, they both ordered smoothies. Once they had them, they sat on a nearby table, and started to drink.

“So, how come you’re an alicorn?” Gale stopped sipping his drink.

“Short version or long version?” Metal thought for a moment.

“Mid length.” Gale nodded.

“Okay, well, you know how you came to Equestria? And no, I don’t mean by the merchant, I meant when you first entered.”

“Not really, I kind of woke up after being turned online and had to get out of a pile of rocks.”

“Hm, interesting. Well for me it was very different. You see, I came in when the princesses fought Discord for the first time. Marx sent me in while the elements of harmony activated, and used the elements open the portal into that Equestria thus, making it look like the elements created me. Anyways, after I was summoned I stopped Discord and went on from there. I stayed for a couple years, quickly befriending the princesses, honing my skills, and gaining new abilities. After a while, I stopped a tyrant from taking over Equestria, getting rid of everypony’s cutie marks, making the old ways the only way, and having a schedule for everything so nothing would change, by defeating him through change. I kept using my ever evolving ability to constantly change and defeat him.”

“How strong was he?”

“Okay, imagine Sombra, but as a powerful demon, and on steroids, and you pretty much have Moonglow Glimmer.”

“His name was Moonglow Glimmer?”

“Yeah, and now I’m starting to think that a pony named Starlight Glimmer is his descendant.” Metal nodded.

“So what happened next?”

“Well, by saving the world from Moonglow, which took two years by the way, the Tree of Harmony rewarded me by making me an alicorn. After that I fought Tirek, but lost to him because he got help from some creature, I can’t remember who it was though.”

“How come?”

“I got destroyed pretty badly during that fight. My memory receptors keep telling me that the data is corrupted.” Metal nodded.

“So wait, it took two years to stop Moonglow Glimmer?”

“Yeah, son of a bitch was really freaking powerful. I still don’t know how he got that power. My best guess is dark magic.”

“Hmm, you’ll have to tell me about that whole adventure sometime.”

“Yeah, maybe after we get that master emerald shard back.” Metal nodded. Finishing their drinks, they set out, intent on getting that shard.

“So, where do you think it is?”

“Well, according to my scanners it’s in Canterlot.”

“Oh well that shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Now it’s outside of Canterlot.”

“Oh, did it fall off a wall or something?”

“Now it’s a quarter of the way to the crystal empire.”

“What?!?! How is that possible?!?!”

“I don’t know, did maybe a-” Gale suddenly stopped. Metal looked at him confused.

“Um, you okay dude?”

“There’s only one thing in my Equestria that can move that fast besides me.”


“Well, you mentioned something about SEGA characters coming to your world right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, one came to my world too. He’s the one that helped Tirek, or rather, was tricked to help him. I just couldn’t remember him until now.”


“Sonic, the Hedgehog.”


“Look I’ll explain on the way.” They both took to the skies, Gale leading, and Metal following.

“So how is Sonic in your world?”

“Well, when Marx displaced me, he just barely saved me from becoming displaced by the merchant. The merchant, in a thirst for revenge, sent an agent after me. Only now do I realize the agent he sent was Sonic.”

“So wait, he has the master emerald shard?”

“Yeah, he must think that it being here means the others will show up. He’s been here on his own for a long time and will believe anything that says his friends are coming, or that he’s going home. I hate to bring him the bad news but that’s what needs to happen if we want the shard from him.” Metal nodded, and the two blasted off at top speed, meeting the distance between Sonic and them in seconds. They saw Sonic running alongside the train tracks. He was going pretty fast, and he had the Master Emerald shard clutched to his chest. Gale and Metal flew down in front of him. Sonic noticed them, and stopped. He watched as the two metal beings landed in front of him.

“Aw man, now eggman has sent the both of you after me.” Gale ignored the comment.

“Sonic, give us the master emerald shard.”

“Like heck I will. Knuckles needs this more than you ever would, so I’m going to keep it till I find him.”

“Sonic I’ve told you this many times before, your friends aren’t coming.”

“Then what’s this doing here?” Sonic flipped the Master Emerald shard in his hand.

“That’s a Master Emerald Shard from my world. I need it so I can complete my Master Emerald.”

“Yeah, what a load of crap. Sorry, if you want it, you’re going to have to fight me for it.” Sonic then pulled out a warp ring, and used it to escape.

“Why’d he run?”

“Well, he's standing against the two most powerful foes he’s ever faced that were created by doctor eggman. What’d you expect him to do?”

Metal looked around and spotted the blue blur off in the distance. “There he is, you follow him, I have an idea.” With that, Metal flew off in a different direction. Gale looked at him confused but did as he was asked. He flew off full speed towards Sonic until he was right behind him.

“Where’s your friend Mecha, did he give up?”


“Then why are you here alone?”

“A little thing called a distraction.” Sonics eyes went wide as they heard a loud boom in the distance. He looked over only to be sent flying by Metal that had a dark blue aura bubble around him, the emerald shard got thrown into the air. “What was that?”

“A boost, he would notice it too soon if I was right beside him.” Sonic got to his feet and saw Metal grab the emerald.

“Hey, that doesn’t belong to you scrap brain!”

“Actually if you would let me explain then you would find that I am currently guarding the master emerald!”

“Lair!” Metal walked up to him and raised his hand in the air, Sonic closed his eyes expecting to be hit, but he felt something land on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw Metal had placed his hand on his shoulder and looked at him with soft eyes.

“Look, I don’t wanna fight you Sonic, neither of us do. I get it, you’re in a world that’s unfamiliar to you and you’re alone. So are we.” Metal gestured towards Gale. “We aren’t the real Mecha and Metals, we’re just some guys that got put in their bodies. My name is really Nathan, that’s Gale.”

“This isn’t some kinda trick, because Eggman’s done his fair share of those.”

“Especially to Knuckles.” Gale stated and caused them all to chuckle. “Look Sonic, your friends aren’t coming to this world, because they’ve already been sent to another.” Metal realised what Gale was about to tell him and put a finger to his mouth.

“Excuse us Sonic, I need to tell Gale something real quick.” They walked a few meters before Metal stopped them. “Look, there is a lot of stuff I gotta straighten up back home before I throw Sonic into the mix, a lot of complicated stuff.”

“So you need me to take him in for awhile until things settle down?” Metal nodded. “Fine, but you better not take to long.”

“Look, I’m gonna be honest with you here, the complicated stuff is a...love triangle.”

Gale snickered. “A what?”

“You heard me, I’ve got to get that sorted out, as well as find the master emerald shards, make sure Shadow doesn’t do anything stupid, look after Cream, help the other mobians get settled in, figure out what the hell is going on with my memory and make sure the space colony ark doesn’t show up randomly, to name a few, and I haven’t even been awake a full week yet.” He sighed and looked up to him. “I just need some time to get all of this sorted out, can you do that for me?” Gale sighed and nodded. “Thanks bro, I promise I’ll come get him when I’m done.” They walked back over to Sonic. “Sonic, I can promise you that your friends are safe, they are on my world, well, a few of them are.” He brightened up and looked at Metal with hopeful eyes. “However, there is tons of things that need to be done on my world before we can bring you there. I promise that I will come get you when everything is straightened out.” He nodded and Metal gave a sigh of relief. He grabbed Sonics and Gales arms. “Now this might feel a little weird Gale, since this is the first time you’ll be teleported this way.” Metal closed his eyes and he glowed. “Chaos...Control!” With that they were gone.

The trio appeared outside of ponyville and Gale felt a little dizzy. “I’ve teleported before, why am I dizzy this time?”

“It’s probably because of these.” Metal held his hands out and the chaos emeralds appeared and floated around him. “These things were the ones that Author used to send me to my Equestria.” He put the emeralds away and placed his hands on their backs. “Come on, I’ve had little to no downtime on my world, I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.” the tio walked around Ponyville, wondering what to do. Gale then got an idea.

"Hey, do you guys want to spar?" Metal looked at him.

"Well, an upcoming event that I'm taking place in kind of requires that I be good at fighting, and I haven't had a battle that has really tested my abilities in a while." Metal and Sonic thought about it for awhile.

"Sure, why not? I haven't really been able to test my Super Sonic form's limits."

"I could certainly use the practice."

They nodded and walked to a nearby clearing, Gale had gathered some of the towns ponies to spectate, Pinkie and Spike were the announcers.

“Welcome everypony to the battle of the hedgehogs!”

“A lot of excitement from the ponies in the crowd Pinkie. Today we have three matchups in a friendly competition to test the warriors skills. The lineups are as follows. Metal Vs Sonic, Gale Vs Sonic and Metal Vs Gale!”

“As we all know, Gale is our town's local hero. Metal Sonic is a being from an alternate version of Equestria and Sonic comes from a separate universe. Gale has saved Equestria from Discord and many other villains when he was in action almost a thousand years ago.”

“Yes, he is really impressive Pinkie, but I think that these newcomers can give him a run for his money. Metal Sonic is a more advanced model of Gale, or as his body is named, Mecha Sonic. While Gale may have tons of firepower, Metal has more speed and agility, as well as the same copy ability that Gale has. There is no telling what he’s scanned in his world. He’s defeated his worlds Princess Luna in combat, befriended a God of Destruction and bested Captain of the royal guard Shining Armour.”

“And finally,we have the hedgehog himself. We’ve been told he is what Metal and Gale are based off of, and were directly designed to best or match him in any way. He has speed, strength and a whole lotta luck. He’s beaten Gods, spirits, monsters and aliens. Lets see if he has what it takes to beat his copies today.”

The trio looked at each other and nodded, Gale walked over to the stands. As he sat down, Author and Marx appeared beside him on the bench.

“Y’know something, I wanted to bring my son into this.”

“You have a son?”

“Yes Gale, his name is Symbol Shattered, remarkable boy. I didn’t bring him here because he has something to take care of, and he’s going to fight a displacer soon.”

“You sure he can handle that?”

“You know as well as I Gale that a displacers child is not to be underestimated, especially this one.” Marx looked at Gale with a serious expression. “Author is one of the most powerful displacers in the multiverse, and his son might even be stronger. He’d make a powerful ally, I’m sure that his token will show up here sometime.” Just then a small portal appeared and a small purple diamond fell out of it. “Huh...speak of the devil.”

Gale picked up the diamond and listened to the message it held. To those that need assistance, I will answer your call, Symbol Shattered.” Gale looked to Author who took the token.

“Marx is right, my son is powerful, but only call him if you absolutely have to, the type of magic he uses isn’t to be trifled with.”

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” Author gave him the token and he stared at it. “The child of a displacer, interesting.”

“Alright everypony, the match is about to begin!” They turned their attention to the large open field, in case the duo moved away from the audience a vision spell was cast, creating a large screen for the ponies. Some time during the preparations Luna and Celestia had shown up to watch Gale when it was his turn.

The two fighters took defencive stances, they stared at each other until a bell rang, signalling the fight to start. They both curled into their spinballs and hit each other head on, resulting in a large gust of wind. Sparks flew as they grinded against each other until they broke off, they both jumped into the air and shot towards the other in homing attacks, they collided a few times until they started spinning in the air. They broke off their attacks, stared each other down and reached behind them. Sonic pulled out caliburn (Sonic and the black Knight) and Metal summoned two magical swords.

They lunged at each other and traded blow for blow. Metal backpedalled and launched forward in a boost, when Sonic tried to dodge he used a quickstep (Sonic Unleashed, Colours and Generations) to hit him.

Sonic closed his eyes and held caliburn, he glowed and was encased in golden armour. Metal, not wanting to lose the chaos emeralds before he fought Gale, closed his eyes and looked through his memories. He copied one of Shadow's abilities from Sonic 06 and started glowing red. His body was encased in a dark red aura and he shot towards Sonic who met the attack head on. They swiped at each other, neither of them flinching from the damage they received.

Both of them charged up energy and were surrounded by blue auras.

“READY!” They both cried. “GO!”

They shot towards each other and met head on, both pushing with great force. Sonic started to run out of energy from keeping his excalibur form up and using a supercharged boost. Eventually, Metal sent Sonic flying, resulting in the end of the match. Metal returned to normal and caught his breath. “That...was for 06…”

“And the winner is Metal Sonic!” Twilight ran over to Sonic and cast a healing spell, returning him to normal. The crowd cheered and a few thestrals, that managed to hitch a ride with Author from Metals world, cheered louder than they ever have before.

“They are a loud bunch aren’t they.” Gale whispered to Metal.

“They grow on you, I’ve earned so much respect from those guys they call me the prince of the night.” Gale nodded.

“Okay! The next round will be between Sonic and Gale! Are you excited Spike?”

“Definitely Pinkie. As we all know, Gale was originally created to defeat metal Sonic. Apparently Sonic was able to best Gale, but Gale has changed since then. Let’s see if those changes make a difference today!” The crowd cheered and the two combatants stood apart from each other. They took their battle positions.

“Good luck Sonic. Let this first friendly battle of ours be a grand one.”

“Yeah, you too.”

“Okay! Is everyone ready?”

“Ready!” they both stated their eagerness for battle.

“Okay! Three. Two. One. GO!”

Gales POV

Sonic jumped and did a homing attack. I lifted up my left arm to block it, and sparks flew as he grinded on my arm. The moment he stopped, I punched him in the stomach with my right.

“GAH!” He was thrown back into a tree, and rammed right through it. He recovered quickly and ran back at me. He jumped and tried to do a mid-air down kick, but I rolled out of the way. I stopped rolling and rushed him. I threw a punch, and he dodged. He threw a punch, I dodged. We started going at it, punching, kicking, and dodging, neither of us landing a hit. Eventually, our fists meet, and there was a shock wave from the sudden clash of power and speed. Metal put up his black shield to protect himself from the sudden gust of wind.

"Woah, didn't expect that to happen in a fight, what is this anime?"

We both leaped back and stood at opposite ends of the field, glaring at each other. Sonic smiled.

“Huh, pretty good. I’m glad I saved this just for you.” Suddenly, the world rings appeared around Sonic. They came together, and there was a bright light. I had to cover my eyes (eye?), and looked once the light was gone. Sonic, had transformed. He was now Darkspine Sonic.

“So, increasing the difficulty now are we? Very well, let us see if this makes a difference!” I charged forward, and so did Sonic. We clashed and started to attack each other once more. I threw a punch, his fist meet mine. He kicked, and my kicks countered. Our attacks kept clashing. Then, we teleported. We started to teleport all around the field, and every time we appeared, we had clashed. Every strike let loose a burst of energy. We kept teleporting and striking, teleporting and striking. We continued to fight with the best of our abilities.

Metal’s POV

As Gale and Sonic continued to fight, I began to think. How was Gale this strong? I mean, Gale was Mecha Sonic, a previous version of me, Metal Sonic. Now, even though the two had never fought, it was pretty obvious that Darkspine Sonic would destroy Metal Sonic. So how was he fighting this well?

“Something up?” I turned to Marx.

“It just doesn’t make sense.”


“Well, I just don’t understand how Gale’s this strong. I mean, I know by being a displaced, he could increase his power, but he still shouldn’t be this strong. I mean, Darkspine Sonic is practically the representation of an Arabian god. And yet, Gale is able to take him on. Normally, Mecha Sonic would have to absorb some of the master emerald’s power to even get close to having the power to take on Super Sonic. But, he’s just in his normal form. And yet, he’s matching Darkspine Sonic blow for blow.”

“Ah, well that would seem confusing.”

“That’s not the only thing though. He’s holding back! He’s got a lot more power he could use but he’s not using it! Hell, there’s even more power than his body should be able to handle! It doesn’t make any sense!”

“Well, perhaps you’ll get the answer of how he has this power once your battle starts.” I nodded and turned my attention back to the battle.

Gale’s POV

After a while of fighting, Sonic and I teleported to opposite sides of the field. I crouched, with my hands at my sides, and started charging up a lot of energy. Sonic did the same.

“So, this’ll be our last attacks huh?” I nodded.

“Indeed. Let’s make them worthy of this battle.” Sonic nodded. We charged up a little more, then threw our attacks at each other. The beams of energy fired and sped off. They clashed, and Sonic and I started to battle for our victory. This would be a battle of strength and endurance. We were giving it all we had, but we just couldn’t best one another.

“AAAHHHH!” I yelled my defiance.

“AAAHHHH!” Sonic also shouted his anger. We poured the last of our strength into our attack, and it created a giant explosion.

“WOAH! That explosion is huge!”

“And it’s still growing Pinkie!”

The explosion was growing into a massive size. It even got to the point where Marx and Author had to create a shield around the crowd. Once the explosion cleared, Sonic and I were standing in the middle of the field, which was now a crater. Sonic had untransformed, and he had a couple wounds on him. Parts of my outer covering were bent, and I had some serious damage done to my inner systems. Sonic then fell to his knees, and then collapsed.

“AND THE WINNER IS GALE!” Everypony cheered. I was glad for the praise, but I soon collapsed as well, my internal systems having taken too much damage. The last thing I saw before shutting down was Metal, Marx, and Author running towards me.

Chapter Thirteen: Battle Between Machines

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Chapter Thirteen: Battle Between Machines

Metal held a chaos emerald over Gales battered body and it glowed, sending a dark blue aura over him and repairing the damage from the battle. Metal shook his head and placed the chaos emerald back in his magic satchel.

"One thing you never do in a fight is exert all of your energy on one attack or form, a lesson I learned from Dragon Ball." Gale sat up and shook his head to get rid of his dizziness.

“Yeah, but that’s not as fun. Besides, it’s okay to do an all out attack if it’s the last attack in the fight.” Metal just rolled his eyes. Twilight had once again used a healing spell on Sonic, and he was back in prime condition.

“That was AWESOME!” Sonic, along with Metal, helped Gale up. “How do you have that much power? I remember me being able own you without a superform, so how’d you do so well?”

“That’s a little secret that I’m saving for my battle with Metal.” Everypony got back to the stands, Sonic joining them this time, and waited in anticipation.

“Alright everypony! This will be the final battle of our little tournament! Are you excited Spike?”

“Definitely Pinkie. From what we’ve been told, Gale is supposed to be the weakest of the three competitors. However, Gale was able to go toe-to-toe with Darkspine Sonic who, apparently, is stronger than Excalibur Sonic! Gale said that he was able to do this from a little trick up his sleeve that we hope will be revealed in this battle!” The crowed cheered and the two combatants took battle stances.

‘I wonder what Gale’s secret weapon is.’ Metal thought as he stared at his opponent.

‘I wonder how he’ll do when we break out the transformations.’ Gale thought, staring towards his target.

“Okay are you ready?” The two nodded at Pinkie’s question. “Alright! Three. Two. One. GO!” A gong sounded, and they charged. When the two were about to collide Metal used a last second quickstep to dodge and kicked Gale in the back full force and disappeared.

"What the?" Gale looked around but couldn't find Metal anywhere.

"Hey Gale!" Gale looked up to see Metal with a small purple orb in his hand. "If we're going to go all out, we're taking this fight to the zones!" The orb grew and enveloped them both. The audience gasped as they saw the two competitors had vanished.

"No need to worry folks, that's what the screen spell is for!" They all looked to the giant screen and watched Gale and Metal appear in a snow covered land.

"Where the hell are we?"

"Welcome to Ice Cap Zone Gale, one of my favourite levels ever created." While Metal was distracted Gale charged him and threw a punch, without looking Metal caught his fist with no resistance. "Tsk tsk, now Gale, don't you know it's rude to sneak up on people?" He spun his fist a few times before sending Gale flying into a mountain of ice which collapsed on top of him. "First Dashie hits the mountain, now you do, when will this cruel joke end?" He asked in a sarcastic voice.

Just then Gale appeared behind him and knocked him to the ground. He curled into a spinball and started sawing away at Metal. When he was done Metal was a pile of scrap. "Is that it?"

"HEY DANDYDICK!!!" Gale looked to see Metal on the side of a mountain. "YOU MISSED!!!" He dashed up the mountain side and hid himself.

Gale scowled and looked down to see only a wooden dummy with a note saying 'You're too slow' on it. "Is he seriously playing with me?" Gale dashed towards the mountain and slammed his fist into it, causing large blocks of ice to fall towards him. He smashed the ones that were about to fall onto him, when he crushed the last one Metal was on the other side and pounced on Gale.

Metal pinned Gale down and started punching him face repeatedly. Gale kicked him off and punched him in the chest, then hitting him with a spindash, damaging his engine. Metals staggered and looked at his damaged body. He looked around and saw a snowboard by a hill. 'Gonna take some time for this to repair itself, gotta buy some time.'

Metal ran over to the board and started running towards the hill, Gale tried to catch him but got a snowboard to the face. Metal threw the board into the air and jumped onto it, zooming down the mountain. "This is the most fun I've had in a while!"

Metal kept an eye out for Gale as his body slowly repaired itself. 'Good thing I scanned the healing ability from Deadpool, otherwise I'd be done for.' His body now fully healed, he shot down the mountain and off a ramp, doing a few tricks only to be caught by Gale and thrown into the ground. "CHEAP SHOT!!!"

Gale looked down to see another purple ord expanding.

Gale looked around at the fiery city he was now in.

"Welcome to Crisis City Gale, make sure to watch out for the fire tornadoes!" Metal rushed and kicked Gale off the edge of a broken highway and into a large twister of flames.

Gale regained his footing and flew up to face Metal with a serious expression. "Why are you not taking this seriously, and how the hell does your body heal like that?!"

"Like I'd tell my foe that. To answer your first question, I am taking this seriously, I'm just...using an odd tactic is all, you'll figure it out eventually." Metal curled into a spin dash and shot towards Gale, who backhanded the ball of spikes into a building. "Ow..." With that, Metal disappeared.

"How the hell, he's not using Chaos Control, he's using a separate technique."

"Allow me to explain something." Metals voice was echoed a and it came from nowhere. "You see, you and I may share similar abilities such as the copy ability, but mine are more advanced. You have to physically see a technique to scan it, I can scan memories. Although the attacks are weaker if I do this, but it's still enough to cope with."

"So what you're saying is..."

"...I can copy any move or ability I've seen without actually seeing it happen right in front of me in reality. If you're familiar with the anime One Piece you should know of the Shave ability, it's like instant teleportation but it requires physical movement of a body part." Gale knew what this meant. Metal could strike at him at a random moment, or just get to a higher vantage point.

‘He can’t hide his power though, especially if he’s being powered by chaos drives.’ Gale closed his eyes and concentrated. Pretty soon, he could see the world again, but everything was fuzzy and blue. Well, except for one thing. Metal. He was fuzzy and red, standing out in contrast with his surroundings. Metal tried to rush Gale from behind, but it was in vain. Gale lifted up his arm, then shot it backwards, elbowing Metal in the face. Metal flew back, now out of the teleportation, and hit a nearby highway. The overhang collapsed, and Metal went with it. Metal soon got out of the rubble and floated into the air.

“How in the hell?”

“Energy scanners,” Gale replied while tapping his head. “You can do what you want, but I’ll always be able to sense your power source.” Metal grimaced. If that was true, then Gale would always know where Metal was on the battle field. He shook his head and charged at Gale with a spin dash. He hit his target square in the chest, and Gale was sent flying into a nearby building, causing part of it to collapse on him. Gale quickly got out of the rubble, and grinned (well, he would have if he had a mouth). Gale closed his eye once more, and systems started to go off.


“Full battle systems?” Metal didn’t have time to wonder what this meant because as soon as Gale opened his eyes again, he was gone. Metal looked around in surprise trying to find Gale. Gale reappeared right behind him and kneed him in the back.

“GAH!” Metal cried. Gale drew back his leg, put his hands together, and slammed them onto Metal’s head, sending him rocketing down to the ground below. There was an explosion from the collision, and dust rose up. Gale watched as the dust cleared. Once it did, he saw that Metal was looking straight up at him.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that.” Gale chuckled.

“Like I said, I’m full of surprises.” Metal started to think.

‘Okay, it seems that when the fight started he wasn’t giving it his all. I wasn’t either, but I still didn’t expect him to be this good when he started trying. If I’m going to defeat him, I need to wear him down. Then, I’ll use the chaos emeralds and finish him for good.’ Metal nodded at his plan. It seemed to be pretty solid. Then he remembered something.

‘Wait, what about that hidden power? Marx said that Gale had a little trick that would allow him to use that power and if he does that could spell trouble for me. I mean, alone right now he can become stronger than Super Sonic. I can too when I go super, because I utilize all of the power Sonic doesn’t use or can’t use as well as the power he can control. That makes me more than twice as strong, but if Gale uses that hidden power his strength will be on par with mine. I need to be careful.’

Metal rushed forward and attacked with a spin dash. Gale just lifted up his arm and blocked it like he had with Sonic’s, not moving an inch. He pushed Metal back, but Metal had been hoping he would. The moment Metal was pushed back, he uncurled and fired a laser straight at Gale. Gale reacted rather quick though, and teleported away from it. He reappeared right behind Metal and attempted to punch him. Metal however turned around and caught the punch, and made a swing of his own, which Gale caught.

"Something I learned from anime, the opponent always teleports behind the main character." The two struggled against each other attempting to dominate their opponents. When neither could overpower the other, they leaped away and glared. Gale was the one to rush forward this time. He threw a punch, which Metal dodged. Metal threw his own fist, but Gale dodged. The two started to throw their attacks at one another. However, neither could land a solid hit. The attacks were either dodged, or blocked by another attack. This went on for a few moments until they both punched with all of their power, causing a massive explosion. They separated and glared at each other. Suddenly, Metal smiled.

“Well, it’s seems that this battle is getting serious. I was planning something else, but it appears I'll have to change to plan B." Metal held up the purple orb again and it expanded, swallowing them both up.

When the darkness cleared, Gale looked around. He was now in a place in the sky, with ruins floating all over the place.

‘Where the hell are we now?’

“Welcome to the Sky Sanctuary!” Gale turned to see Metal floating behind him. “I thought this would be an appropriate place for our final battle.” Gale nodded.

“Well, what are we waiting for?”

“THIS!” As soon as Metal said that the chaos emeralds surrounded him and began to orbit around him at high speeds. Soon, they fused with him, and there was a bright light. Once the light cleared, Gale looked back at his opponent. Metal had gone super. He became all golden, and Gale noted the difference in his power.

Suddenly, he was gone. Gale tried to pinpoint his location, but Metal beat him to it. Metal appeared right behind Gale, and kicked him, sending Gale forwards. He teleported in front of Gale and attacked again, sending him in a new direction. This kept happening and to the onlookers, it looked like a game of high speed pinball. After getting smacked around for a while, Gale was punched straight into one of the ruins, which collapsed right on top of him. Metal just floated there, knowing the battle was not yet over. Suddenly, there was a quake. Then another, then another. The rubble that had landed on Gale was blown away, and Gale was revealed to be charging up power. Metal noticed the rapid growth of his power. His strength had skyrocketed, and was still going.

‘Is this what Marx was talking about? Is this his trick to obtain that power?’ Metal could only watch in shock as Gale glowed white. There was a bright flash and Metal had to avert his eyes. The light disappeared, and Metal looked back at his opponent. Gale had changed.

Gale was still blue, but now he was a bit bigger, had more head spikes, and just seemed more, complete. Metal was shocked. Gale had achieved his super form, without the use of the chaos emeralds.

'WHAT THE HELL? How can he become that powerful without the use of the chaos emeralds?’ Gale smirked.

“Weren’t expecting this were you?” His voice had become noticeably deeper, making him all the more intimidating.

“How in the hell?”

“Simple, the power I was given by the tree of harmony was just enough to push me over the edge and allowed me to obtain my super form without the chaos emeralds.”


“I tell you the rest later, for now, let us continue to see who is stronger!” Gale was suddenly gone. Metal didn’t even have time to wonder where he went because a kick from behind sent him forwards. He went flying through some of the ruins, causing them to collapse. Metal straightened himself out and thought.

‘Good thing this world’s version of the master emerald is still here. I may have to use it if things get ugly.’ Metal flew out of the ruins and went after Gale. He threw a punch, and Gale dodged. He threw another, same result. Metal kept attacking, Gale kept dodging. It was as if he wasn’t even trying. Suddenly, Gale brought up a knee, and nailed Metal in the stomach, shocking him so he would stop his attacks. Gale then punched Metal in the face, and sent him soaring again.

‘Time for a little revenge.’ Gale flew after Metal and started to throw him around with punches and kicks, once again playing high speed pinball. Except this time, Gale was the pins, Metal was the ball. Just before Gale was going to hit Metal agian, Metal recovered and nailed Gale in the face. Metal smirked, then looked in horror when he saw Gale’s head had only moved to the side a little.

“Hmph, I almost felt that one.” He reeled his fist back. “Almost.” He slammed his fist into Metal, sending him into another ruin. A huge dust cloud formed, and Gale just watched it. Once it cleared, Metal was standing there, not looking as damaged as he should be.

‘Near invincibility, forgot he had that.’ Metal just glared at Gale.

“How are you this strong?”



“Look, when you were offline did you have those battle simulations training you?” Metal nodded. “Well, I had them too. But, there’s one difference between you and I. You had those simulations for a decade. I had them for centuries.” Now Metal understood. It wasn’t that they had a huge difference of power, it was that Gale had been using his super form for a much longer time. Not only that, but it seemed that he was able to use this form at any given time due to the fact that he didn’t need the chaos emeralds to turn into this form. Metal could be in trouble. But, he had a back up plan. All he needed to do was find the master emerald. Then, he would be able to put his plan into action. However, he didn’t exactly know where it was, and chances were that Gale was able to sense its power, so he could be driving him away from it. Metal grunted.

“I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU!” He formed two blades in his hands and charged. Gale formed his laser blades from his knuckles and charged as well. They clashed blades, and began slashing at each other, their blades clashing each time. This went on for a few moments until Metal actually landed a pretty good hit, sending Gale flying. Gale recovered pretty fast though, and the fight continued. They kept trading blows, and soon Gale started firing lasers. Metal combated the lasers with his own.

‘This is bad. I can feel the emeralds start to lose power, but as far as I can tell, Gale’s just getting started! I need to find the master emerald now!’ Metal took off, leaving Gale to wonder what he was doing.

“Where in the hell is he going? Unless… no. NO! If he finds the master emerald I’m screwed!” Gale charged after him. By this point, Metal had gotten used to the emeralds power once again, and was now flying away at high speeds, easily breaking the sound barrier. He flew around in his desperate search.

‘Gotta find it gotta find it gotta find it!’ After a few moments of searching, he sensed the familiar energy. He rushed to it, but Gale blocked his path.

“Ah ah ah.” Gale said while shaking a finger in a “not so fast manner.” Metal just yelled in fury and tackled Gale right into another ruin. Gale kicked him off and blasted him with a laser. They started trading blows again. Whether it was through punches, kicks, lasers, or swords, they just kept fighting. After a few moments, Gale rushed Metal and slashed him with his swords, sending him flying, right to the master emerald.

“SHIT!” Gale tried to get to Metal, but he was too late. Metal got up and stood on top of the master emerald, and started to take in it’s energy.

“You think you can beat me just like that? Well? DO YOU?! BECAUSE I ASSURE YOU THAT YOU CAN’T! YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!” There was a bright flash of light, and when it ended Metal had become a silver color. He drew his hands back, and started to charge up energy. Gale was shocked, but then started to do the same. As he did, he noticed something. Hyper Metal was so strong, that free energy flowed off of him like a fountain. Gale smirked. He took the free energy, and added it to his own as he started to charge up energy as well. After a few moments, they had built up huge lasers.

“AHH!” Metal fired off his attack.

“AHH!” Gale did the same. The two attacks clashed, and forced against each other. There was a massive blast that swallowed the entirety of the sky sanctuary. Once the blast was done, both Metal and Gale could be seen floating in mid air, waiting for their opponents to fall. Suddenly, both of them returned to normal, and fell from the sky. A portal opened up, and they fell through. After falling through the void for a while, another portal opened up, returning them back to the field. They landed in front of the crowd, still unconscious.

"Well how about that folks, it's a draw!"

Author chuckled and put his hands in the air, bringing the chaos emeralds that had scattered around the world to him. "Don't want to have to stay here and look for these things."

"Yeah, I'm going to get sick of you eventually."

Author playfully punched Marx's shoulder and they turned to their broken displaced. Author set the emeralds around the two metal hedgehogs and they slowly repaired themselves. They both awoke at the same time and held their heads.

"So...who won?" The both asked in unison.

"You both did." They looked to see Sonic chuckling. "That was insane, it's a miracle you guys survived that."

They both looked at each other and sighed.

"Well, I think it's best if we both win, that way no one gets butthurt over who wins slash loses." Gale nodded and they shook hands. "You know, I actually planned to go dark super until you transformed."

"I honestly didn't expect Hyper Metal Sonic, I thought your master emerald was broken."

"That wasn't my master emerald, it was this world's master emerald, speaking of which." Metal pulled out the master emerald and gave it to Gale. "I don't need this thing and Sky Sanctuary was kinda destroyed in the explosion. I figured you could probably have use for this thing."

“Yeah probably. But wait, my world had a Sky Sanctuary? Damn it the place could have made an awesome base!”

“Well, we could repair it.” Gale turned to Marx.


“Yeah why not? We came here for damage control anyway.” Marx and Author lifted their hands to the sky. Gale looked up and saw that the Sky Sanctuary was rebuilt above them.


The three hedgehogs ran across the multiple platforms in the sanctuary, looking over all of it since they didn't have a chance to when they fought.

"Why do I feel at home here?" Gale asked to no one but Metal managed to hear it.

"It's likely because this is where your character is from. I felt the same way when Luna and I fought in Stardust Speedway, I just somehow knew where everything was."

Gale nodded and looked around until he saw a large circular platform, most likely where the Mecha Sonic Boss Battle was held in the games. "Looks like we found my new place."

Sonic latched onto Metals legs as they all flew over to the platform. Once they were there they noticed a trap door in the middle of the platform. Metal lifted it off and revealed a small flight of stairs. They reached the bottom and Metal used his eyes like torches in the darkness. "Got a few rooms in here, put some lighting and furniture and you've got yourself a pretty sweet apartment."

"You guys up for a little construction of a man cave?" They all smirked and shot out of the door.

3 hours later

The three hedgehogs stood proudly in the centre of the apartment admiring their handy work. The place was now lit by glowing crystals that they found in a cave, after fighting some diamond dogs and crystal cats of course. The walls were dark blue and the floor glowed under each step. In one of the rooms sat a large couch with a large TV in front of it. They managed to find a PS4, Xbox One, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, NES, PS2 and 3, Xbox 360 and a Gamecube all from the multiverse. They had as many games as they could fit into a wall sized bookshelf.

There was also a bar in the next room, a portal for Metal and Gale to reach each other's worlds in the next. Metal wanted to have a sanctuary for him to hang out with other guys without worrying about some crazed lunatic or demon threatening the world, so they set up the portal in this world and when he got back he would set up his in a secret location.

In the last room Gale's capsule sat in the middle, with multiple glowing crystals surrounding it.

"Well boys, looks like our work here is done." The three of them nodded, proud with their work. They walked outside and up to the shrine. They had moved the master emerald’s shrine to here so Gale could keep an eye on it.

“Hey, do you think chaos will show up in my master emerald?” Metal turned to Gale.

“Nah, I don’t think so. I can’t sense his energy so I don’t think he’s in there.” Gale sighed.

“That’s good. I wont have to deal with that problem then.” Metal and Sonic nodded.

Just then Metal felt a pulse of energy. "Ohhhhhhhh shit....."


"I need to get back to my world, something's happened to Luna."

"Alright then, be sure to visit when you can." Metal nodded and a bright light enveloped him.

"Later you guys, and thanks for that battle. I should be able to learn more from it."

The light enveloped him and he vanished, leaving behind a copy of his token.

Celestia paced back and forth in worry, hoping her message got to Metal. Just then a bright light floated into the room, when it died down Metal walked up to her.

"Ok, what in the fuck happened?"

Bonus Chapter: Q&A Time!

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Bonus Chapter: Q&A Time!

Audience: *cheering*

Prince_Zodiac: Hello everyone! Welcome to our brand new bonus episode, Q&A! I’m your host, Prince_Zodiac, and today I’m here with Alduin and the gang! So how’s everyone doing today?

Marx: I am doing amazing!

Alduin: I’m having a good day, thank you for asking.

Epidemic: Hmph.

Plague: I’M OKAY!

Amnesia: Me too!

Gale: Fine thank you.

Twilight: I am doing great, how about you Zodiac?

Prince_Zodiac: I am doing great, thank you for asking. So, is everyone ready for the first round of questions?

All: *nod*

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! But before that, we need to lay down some rules. So! Rule one, you have to answer any and all questions that you are asked! No avoiding them, and you can not lie! If you do, Marx has permission to whack you as hard as you can. Rule two! No matter the question, you can not say it’s a ridiculous question. All questions are good questions around here! Now, here we go!

Audience: *cheers*

Prince_Zodiac: Round one, THEARTIFICAILINLELIGENCE wants know! What would all do, if you were stranded in the fallout equestria universe for a week?

Alduin: Well, considering the fallout and danger everywhere, for both myself and others, I would probably gather everyone in my family up and keep them close so they wouldn’t be in danger. I would also probably save as many others as I could.

Marx: I don’t know, I would probably just open portals everywhere and have random stuff come out, whether it’s food, supplies, or monsters!

Plague: I would probably stay with my Dad and sister.

Amnesia: Same!

Epidemic: I would protect my family and kill anyone that got in my way.

Twilight: Most likely I would try and find a way to heal Equestria as much as possible.

Gale: I would fly up to the Pegasi cities and kick everyone’s asses, then make some something that could heal the world.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! Next one! If Alduin had to choose, Twilight, or the Twins, which would he choose?


Prince_Zodiac: Marx?

Marx: I got it! *whacks Alduin upside the head*

Alduin: OW! Okay okay I’ll answer. Hmm. Well, if I really had to decided, I’d say the Twins because they’re my kids.

Twins: Thanks Dad!

Twilight: It’s okay Alduin, I was hoping you’d choose them anyways.

Alduin: Phew, thought I’d make you mad.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay round two! By Players For Players has asked first for Alduin. What would you do if you meet Marsara?

Alduin: I don’t know, I guess if I meet her after the war then I might attack, but I would probably give her a second chance.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay well Twittle Light or the Twins was already asked so Nutella or Klondike bar?

Alduin: Klondike.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! Now, for the Twins and I suppose since you’re their combined form this question applies to you too Epidemic. What would you do if you meet Marsara?

Plague: I would check out her cool bugs!

Amnesia: I wanna know what a hive mind’s like!

Epidemic: She sided with the enemy when she was invited to the war and tried to harm those in my family. She would have to watch herself should I decided to kill her.

Prince_Zodiac: Ooo, feisty! Okay next one! Would you like some toys made by a Displacer?

Twins: YES!

Epidemic: No.

Prince_Zodiac: Mhm, Nutella or Klondike bar?

Twins: Nutella!

Epidemic: Klondike.

Prince_Zodiac Okay next one! To Twittle Light, are you annoyed by me calling you Twittle Light?

Twilight: Not really no.

PZ: Nutella or Klondike bar?

Twilight: Klondike.

PZ: Okay! Round three! This one is from SentryForge223! To feed Amnesia & Plaque does one of them have to fuse with somebody or both of them?

Alduin: Both of them need to fuse with someone to feed them both. One of them can fuse with someone to feed themselves though.


Alduin: I would try to convince him not to travel the same path he once followed. If I could not, then I would give him what he deserved.

PZ: Alright! Next one! TWINS, MAC DONNELDS OR KFC?

Twins: KFC! Mcdonald's is disgusting.

PZ: Interesting, next one! EPIDEMIC, IS YO RAGE ....... OVER 9000? :3

Epidemic: What do you think? Of course it is.

PZ: Well that’s all we have for today, tune in next time where we’ll hopefully answer more of your questions!

Gale: Wait what about me?!

PZ: Sorry Gale, you didn’t get any, maybe next time.

Gale: *sigh*

PZ: Anyways, thank you all for joining us today! This is Prince_Zodiac saying, until next time.

Audience: *cheers*

Chapter Fourteen: The Monster, The Demon, And The Machine

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Chapter Fourteen: The Monster, The Demon, And The Machine

{Symbol’s POV}

I was finally heading home after this whole thing with Epidemic and getting my sister back. Once I got back, I would ask Twilight and Octavia if they had their answers yet. But that could wait until the actual Gala. I was with Zero, Wasp, and Zanny as we all put on our suits. Mine was a dark blue with a black shirt underneath, cuffs and designer magic black leather shoes. Zeros was the same except anything blue was green.

"Rarity really outdid herself on this one, how'd she get my measurements anyway?" Zero asked me in curiosity.

"We're identical twins, remember? Our bodies are exactly the same." He nodded and made his way out of the room.

I looked back to my disguised changeling roommates who had their tuxes on. Due to time restraints they had to settle for normal black tuxedos, it's a miracle black goes with blue and red.

"Alright you two, go on and have some fun while I do some things, I'll see you at the Gala." They nodded and left me to do my business. I looked myself over in the mirror before sighing. "I'm really doing this, I didn't think it was possible for me to actually find love in my life." A vision of one of my past murders flashed in my mind. "I was and still am a demon, how in the name of Griffith did I get so lucky?"

Just then a portal appeared behind me and a familiar skeleton in a black cloak walked through it.

“Hey Marx, what is it?"

“Symbol, you need to come with me."

“And why’s that?”

“Because that displaced I need you to help is finally back.”

“Oh, well then what’re you waiting for?”

“Oh I was going to grab Gale so the two of you could go together.”

“I can take care of things myself.”

“That’s not the reason why I’m sending him. She hasn’t meet Alduin or Gale yet, so I’m sending him in so she finally does.”

“Ah, right.” Suddenly, a portal opened right beside me and Gale came out.

“Huh? Oh what the fuck Marx! I was in the middle of a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle race with Sonic!”

“Sorry, but the other displaced from before has returned.”

“And yet you couldn’t let me finish my game?”

“Nope!” Gale rolled his eyes (eye?) and looked to me.

“Oh hey Symbol, didn’t see you there. Nice suit by the way."

“Hey and thanks."

“So Marx, who’s this displaced you’re sending us to?”

“Her name’s Lisa, and she’s the Slenderwoman.”

That sparked my interest a little. I knew that there had to be a Slenderman displaced somewhere in the multiverse, I didn't however expect a Slenderwoman.

“So, you think there’s a Nightmare Fuel there?”

“I’m certain of it. I need you two to go there and kill it before she does.”

“Wait what? Why would we do that? More importantly how, it can only be completely destroyed by me.”

“Because I’m afraid that it’ll piss her off and send her into one of her Mad Modes. If that happens, she’ll kill it slowly, painfully, basically enough to make it beg someone or something to kill it so the torture stops.” Gale and I shuddered. Nightmare Fuels were souless monsters, that would kill anything and everything. They also couldn’t really feel pain. If this Lisa could go to the point where it would beg us to kill it, I shudder to think of what she might actually do.

“So wait, she’s a psycho killer?” Marx shook his head.

“Only when she goes into her Mad Modes, and she’d only do as I described if it was Mad Mode Three. Otherwise she would end it quickly, and is actually quite friendly.” We nodded. So this girl was kind and friendly, but when it came down to it she could become a monster. That certainly reminds me of both me and Epidemic, well, at least the monster part.

"Alright, let me get out of this suit then we can go."

After returning to my usual wear, a portal soon opened and we fell through.

{Lisa’s POV}

“Ah, time to relax.” It had been a couple hours since I returned from my new little bro’s wedding. I had been introduced to Ponyville, and was received rather well actually. Might have been the fact that I had saved two of their princesses but you never know. Anyways I was back home, sitting outside in a lounging chair, sunbathing. I know I can’t get a tan or anything like that, but I still love sitting in the sun. Suddenly, I heard a growl.

“Oh why this now?” I turn to my right to look out into the forest. I expected to see a Rake, but instead I saw a creature made of some purple substance. It had yellow, emotionless, circles for eyes, and had tendrils coming from its back. It looked up at me, and roared.

“The hell are you supposed to be?” It didn’t give me an answer, instead it just charged at me. I teleported out of its way as it knocked away my lounge chair.

“Hey! I was using that!” The beast just ran at me again. I teleported again, and glared at it. “Okay I don’t know what the hell you are, but I’m not letting you get away with trashing my stuff.”

It sent out its tendrils to attack me. I countered with my own, able to match it blow for blow. I then used my tendrils to grab its own, and pulled it towards me. As it came flying at me, I lifted up my leg and kicked, getting it square on in the chest. I followed this up by grabbing it with my tendrils, and slamming it into the ground left and right of me a few times before tossing it at a tree.

“Puny beast.” I giggled at my own joke. This new thing however, didn’t seem to like me mocking it. It ran at me and leaped. I teleported just above it and impaled it, sending it into the ground. I picked it up and slammed it into another tree, and then proceeded to drag it around the outside edge of my little field, hitting every tree on the border. After two laps around, I threw it into the air, impaled it with two tendrils this time, and slammed it into the ground. “See? Told you that you wouldn’t get away with breaking my stuff.”

I then heard the familiar sound of a portal opening, and looked up to see two beings fall from it. One was Mecha Sonic, which I assumed was a displaced and the other was, oddly enough, a regular human. They landed on the ground, and took battle stances. Mecha Sonic sent out laser blades from his wrists and stood ready to fight, and the other just looked around with a watchful eye, but his eyes...they were the eyes of someone who had seen some serious shit.

“Alright where is it?” Mecha Sonic sounded like he was on a mission. He had a serious expression on his face, or, he would have if he had the parts of the face to make that so. I kinda just got the vibe from it, like how people get that vibe from me.

“Where’s the Nightmare Fuel?” The second guy sounded much more serious though. I got a really depressing feeling from him, but I shook it off.

“Um, I think it’s over there.” I pointed to the monster that attacked me, which was now dissipating into a purple orb. They both turned, surprised, to see it finish dissipating. “Were you looking for it? Sorry I kind of, killed it. But in my defence it attacked me first!” The human walked up to the orb and picked it up. He then proceeded to crush it. Mecha Sonic just looked at me in shock.

“Whoa whoa wait, you killed it?”

“Yep. It destroyed my favorite lounge chair too.”

“MARX!” Suddenly another portal opened up and Marx hoped out. “Can you please explain to me why I’m here if I wasn’t needed?”

“Well that’s-”

“Wait a second. You know Marx?”

“Huh, oh yeah forgot to introduce you all. Lisa, this is Gale, one of my other displaced. That over there is Symbol, he’s a friend/family member. It’s complicated.”

“Uh, nice to meet you Lisa.” Gale held out his hand.

“You too.” I took his hand and shook it. I started to think. ’You know, even for a robot he’s kind of cute.’ I shook away that thought. What was I thinking? He’s a robot, not like he’s a living thing. Besides, I wouldn't date him unless I knew him. Symbol walked back over.

“Alright it’s dead. Now can I go home?” I looked at his eyes again, inside them I saw something, something that shouldn't exist in the soul of someone his age.

“Not exactly. That’s not the Nightmare Fuel I brought you two here for.”

“Wait there’s another one of these things? It better not destroy my house.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not around here.”

“So where is it?”

“Don’t know.”

“What? How could you not know?”

“Hey I don’t know everything okay? I’ll be searching for it while you two remain here until I find it. Once I do, you guys can go after it and kill it.” Marx disappeared into a portal afterwards, leaving me with two guests to entertain.

“So… why are you two here again?”

“We’re here to kill something called a Nightmare Fuel, a monster of the multiverse. It’s completely evil, and will kill anything and everything it sees. The one you just fought was one of the weaker ones.” Symbol looked to one of the shards of the former Nightmare orb and stepped on it.

“Really? Well if that’s the case then I guess if I meet a really strong one I’ll call you guys. Otherwise I think I can kill them myself.”

Gale shook his head. “Now hold on there’s a catch to these things. We may be able to attack them and destroy their bodies, but then they’ll turn into those purple orbs that only Symbol here can destroy. After a while, they’ll just come back to life and attack again.”

“Oh I get it.”

Symbol scratched his chin in thought. “You know, I’m surprised it didn’t take on any of her abilities.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, last time I fought one I was with someone named Epidemic. When we fought it, it took on some of his abilities. I wonder why this one didn’t seem to take on any of yours.”

“Probably because it already had most of her abilities. They both could move fast, and both had tendrils. Not a lot for it to gain.”

“Hmm, I guess so.”

I looked at the two in confusion. “Well what do you two want to do in the meantime?”

“I don’t know, hang around I guess. What do you think Symbol?”

He just shrugged. “Hanging around is fine.”

“Cool! Well then how about we go to Ponyville and have some fun there?”

“Sounds good.”

“Alright then come on!”

{Gale’s POV}

So Symbol and I followed Lisa back to Ponyville. As we did, I started thinking.

’You know, for a monster she’s kind of hot.’ I then shook my head. What was I thinking? She’s a monster, I’m a robot. How the hell would that work? We continued our trek back to Ponyville, and eventually made it to the edge of the Everfree forest. She lead us out and to the edge of Ponyville.

“Okay, here we are. Now, what do you two wanna do while you’re here?”

Symbol just closed his eyes and frowned. "Now why would he be here?" He asked to no one in particular.

"What was that?" Lisa and I both asked as we looked at him.

Opening his eyes he shook his head. "Nothing...just, nevermind."

Symbol just started walking ahead with a small purple glow around him.

"What's with him?" I looked over to Lisa as she just stared at Symbol.

"Gale, you know Symbol right?"

"I met him for a short while earlier, why?"

She turned to me with an uneasy expression, well, as much of an expression she could give.

"There's something about him, it just makes me feel...I dunno, afraid." We both looked on as Symbol slowly walked down the path. Author told me that the kind of magic Symbol uses isn't to be on the opposite end of, and the kind of persona that Symbol had only made him all the more terrifying. The look of bloodlust in his eyes, the look of sorrow, the look of a madman. Symbol was afraid, afraid of himself and what he could do if he chose the wrong path.

Sighing, I began to walk after him and Lisa followed. "I know something we could do."

Lisa looked at me, a little happier that the topic was changed. "And what would that be?"

"I know another displaced, Metal Sonic, in his home he has a few portals to the levels in the Sonic games, we could give one of those a try."

“Sure, sounds like fun.” Her expression then turned cold. “You better not send us to a Sonic 06 level.” I chuckled.

“No way, that game sucked ass. The only thing I kind of liked about it was the story. It had potential. Then they had to ruin it with Eliese making out with Sonic and crap like that.” Lisa sighed in relief.

“Okay good, I really don’t want to revisit that place, ever again.” I nodded. I turned to Lisa and looked her in the eyes, or where her eyes should be, a smiled. At first I thought I saw her shudder, but I just shook it off.

{Lisa’s POV}

As Gale called Marx so we could go to the zones, I started to think. When he looked me in the eyes, I saw something. It was like a flash that I sometimes get from people about their past, a brief moment of reflection from them that I sometimes pick up on. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does I usually see some shit. This flash was weird though, I saw a silhouette of a huge, metallic monster, with flames in the background. I heard screams of fear and pain for a moment, but then it was over. Usually that moment of reflection is for something that the person did, so why did I see a beast in his. Eh, I’ll ask him later. Gale rushed up to me, holding a purple orb.

“Alright I got it, hope he knows how to get back without this.”

“What do you mean?”



{Gale’s POV}

“Hey Marx!” a portal opened up and Marx hoped out.

“What is it?”

“Can you open up a portal to Metal Sonic for me please?”

“Yeah sure.” He opened it up and I looked through. When I did, I saw Metal racing through city escape with Rainbow Dash.

“Huh, thought he was with Luna. Ah well, to each their own.”

“So are you gonna ask for it or?”

“Nah I’ll grab it without disrupting them, just get the portal closer.” Marx nodded and the portal got closer. I reached out, and tried to grab the purple orb that sent us to the zones. I reached for it, and grabbed at it. I missed once, twice, three times.

“Huh?” Marx swerved the portal out of the way as Metal looked behind him, causing me to almost fall out. He grabbed one of my metal quills and pulled me back in. He brought the portal close again, and I reached for the purple orb once more. I grabbed at it, and got a hold on it! I brought it back to me, and on the other side of the portal.

“HA! I got it!”

“Huh?” Marx hurriedly closed the portal before Metal saw us.

“Phew, that was a close one.”

“Yeah, thanks for saving my ass from falling out.” Marx nodded, opened another portal, and left. I walked back to Lisa.

Flashback End

“Oh, huh.” I nodded.

“Yep, it was a really close call.”

“So, what zone are we going to?” I put my hand to my chin and thought. Where should we go? Hmm. I snapped my fingers.

“I’ve got it!”


“Chemical Plant Zone.”

“Chemical Plant Zone? Never heard of it”

“Well then you’re about to found out what it looks like.” I took her hand and held out the orb. It expanded and sent both of us to the Chemical Plant Zone. Lisa looked around.

“So this is the Chemical Plant Zone huh?” I nodded.

“Yep. Cool huh?” Lisa nodded.

“Very cool. Hey wait what’s that city over there?” I shrugged.

“Don’t know, I don’t think we can go over there.”

“I bet you fifty bits that we can.”

“Alright I’ll take you on that bet, another time. For now, let’s beat this zone!” I was about to run off when.

“Hey wait, I’m not as fast as you.”

“Oh yeah huh?”

“So, what do we do?”

“This!” I picked her up bridal style, causing her to blush. “Hold on tight!”

She hugged her arms around me and nodded, telling me she was ready. I nodded and took off, racing away at high speeds. I destroyed every enemy we came across, and ran for the most part. It was kind of funny when I ran the loop-de-loops and Lisa yelped and held on to me tighter. She really freaked out when I went down a path that had multiple loops in a row. At the end I landed on the capsule, and let the little animals be free. I let Lisa down and she stumbled a little. I caught her before she fell.

“Whoa, you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Just never went so fast before without being in a plane or something like that.”

“You get used to it.”

“You’re a robot, you don’t feel the G-force from your speed.”

“That may be true, but I did feel every wall I slammed into when I was first adjusting to my speed.” That caused Lisa to laugh.

“You slammed into walls?”

“Yep! If memory serves I’ve slammed into 433 walls by accident from running.” That just made Lisa laugh harder.

“433? That’s hilarious!”

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask how I remember them all.” Lisa started to calm down.

“You’re a robot. I kind of put two and two together.” I nodded. “So, what now?”

“I don’t know. Want to see if Marx found that Nightmare Fuel yet?”

“Yeah sure.” Using the orb I brought us back to Ponyville.

Symbol’s POV

I walked through the Whitetail Woods along the gravel path. The sunlight only piercing through the amber leaves in small rays as I strolled through. I placed a hand to my forehead and sighed.

"What am I gonna do? If they find out about the Nightmare in me they'll most likely be scared of me." Shaking my head I looked around, taking in the beauty of the woods. "I should take them to this place back on my world some time, could make a good first date for us, if they agree that is."

Stopping, I looked behind me to find the two others missing. I sighed and pressed on, at least one of us had to be out looking for those two.

‘Hey! Don’t you mean two?’ Marx said in my head.

"Sorry...wait a minute how are you in my mindscape? I thought I had that locked."

'Doesn't matter, Gale and Lisa are...shall we say bonding.' I facepalmed and sighed.

"While there is a soulless demon and an evil clone of me here? Typical." Shaking my head I felt something stir in my body. "Hmm, seems like she's almost done developing."

‘And when she is Epidemic will have another little sibling to look out for. When you can’t that is.’

"Yeah… when I can't..." Remembering what I saw in the notebook Cipher had given me I collapsed to my knees as I felt a sharp pain in my head.

‘Symbol, what the fuck is that thing?’

"What thing?" I asked in a pained voice as I clutched the side of my head as the headache only grew.

‘The big scary faded thing that looks like you in here. It’s getting bigger and your mindscape is freezing up.’

I screamed in pain as I felt dark thoughts make their way into my mind. I grabbed my necklace and it glowed, suppressing the pain. "I... I have no idea Marx... Get Vivi, she should know."

‘Wait, you grabbing your necklace stopped… OH NO YOU DON’T! GET THE FUCK BACK HERE! I’M NOT LETTING YOU GO THIS TIME MOTHER FUCKER!’ The pain returned worse than ever, but then suddenly stopped. ‘THERE! I GOT IT!’

"Gah, BUCK!!! What exactly did you get?!"

‘Huh? Oh, well, you know that Nightmare Fuel inside of you?’

"Yeah... What about it, Posit already broke its hold on me?"

‘Yeah well, he didn’t break his sentries. This thing always comes in when Forge is around, and it warns him so he can either one, get away from you or two, prepare to fight you. I just got it and sent it to the Black Plain!’

Rising to my feet I grasped my chest. "Gotta... cut down on the energy usage... Too much to do here."

‘Yep. But hey good news! Forge doesn’t know you’re here. But I do have a question, why is Forge here? He would only come here if there was something he wanted.’

"I don't know, he was supposed to still be in that floating island."

‘Yeah well, with the way Forge works the only thing that could imprison him is if I sent him to the Black Plain, and I’m not too keen on doing that.’

I took a moment to remember something Forge had said in the past. "Reality Stars...what are those?"

'Wait! Did you just say Reality Stars?!'

"Yeah, why?"

'I know what Forge is up to… he's trying to become a displacer!'


‘Symbol, you can’t let him get those Reality Stars. If he gets enough of them, he’ll become a displacer, then the entire multiverse will be consumed by the Nightmares.’

Great, now I have to deal with the fate of every single universe.

{Gale’s Pov}

Lisa and I walked around, looking for Symbol. Suddenly, a portal opened and out popped Marx.


“Hmm? What is it Marx?”

“Okay I found the Nightmare Fuel but it’s not alone.”

“Who’s with it?”

“Someone very dangerous. Someone dangerous enough that I may need you to bring out the beast.” I stopped.



“I said no. I’m not becoming that… thing again. I became it once when Moonglow corrupted me, but I won’t become it again.”

“Gale if you don’t then-”

“I don’t care! That thing is way more dangerous than any ally of the Nightmare Fuels could ever be! Hell, if it gets out it could kill Symbol!”

"No it couldn’t! Symbol has been through way worse shit than that thing ever did!"

“Yeah? Well you know that it never even used a fraction of its power! If it couldn’t kill Symbol, it could certainly injure him pretty badly, and it would kill Lisa!” Marx stopped and thought for a second.

"You really shouldn't compare that beast to Symbol, when he's at his full power he could wipe out entire solar systems with a snap of his fingers. You don't even want to know what went into the creation of his soul, he's the result of trillions of years of study and experimentation. His soul has a part of each of the multiverse’s greatest warriors and Gods all put into one child! The only reason he doesn't show that power is because he cares too damn much about everyone that has ever showed him kindness! Auldin’s suffering can't even compare to Symbols!"

“I’m not comparing it’s power to Symbol’s, I’m comparing it to the Nightmare Fuel inside of him.”

“Why would that be a problem?”

“You know as well as I do that when that thing is around, dark beings like the Nightmare Fuel in him gain power, and in return that monster gains more power. Symbol could beat it no sweat, but that Nightmare Fuel in him is heavily restricted. When the beast comes out, he’ll come out, and in his weakened state the beast will kill him, in turn killing Symbol.”

“What the hell are you two talking about?!?!”

Marx's eyes narrowed. 'It's no use reasoning with him, he’ll do anything to not turn into that thing again. I’m pretty sure he knows none of that can happen, in fact I know he does, but he’s desperate not to become the beast again.’

“You’re just saying this so you won’t have to become it again, aren’t you?” I lowered my head.

“Please Marx, don’t make me become that thing again. I killed way too many last time, I don’t want it to happen again.”

Marx then walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "You killed many, yes. But that wasn't you that killed them, this time you'll be in control."


Marx placed a hand to my chest and it glowed. "A gift from my friend Roden on the council." I looked up at Marx.

“You’re sure it’ll stop me from losing control?”

“Absolutely.” He then mumbled. "Even if it doesn't I'll just get Nathan from his Equestria to knock you out of it..."

“Alright then… I guess I’ll try. But I’m only going to use as a last resort.” Marx nodds.

“Thank you. Now let’s go! Symbol is already on their trail!” Lisa and I nodded, and ran alongside Marx to the Whitetail Woods.

“Okay now that we’re running towards the Nightmare Fuel, would any of you care to tell me what the hell you two were talking about?!” Marx looked at Lisa, then me.

“You wanna explain?” I nodded.

“A long time ago, I fought this stallion called Moonglow Glimmer. He was very powerful, stronger than Sombra even. One day, he corrupted me and sent me out of Equestria so he wouldn’t have to deal with me. I then became a monster, and for a whole year I destroyed everything, and everyone outside of Equestria. I killed Billions of ponies, griffons, zebras, nothing escaped my wrath.”

“Oh, I guess I can see why you’re reluctant to become him again.” I nodded.

“I just hope I don’t have to when we fight, whoever we’re fighting.” We ran for a while more and eventually came across Symbol.

“You find them yet?”

Symbol turned to us with a extremely serious look on his face. "You two! Go stall them while I find these bucking stars!" With that he shot off in a random direction.

“Um, what?”

“I sent him to look for a Reality Star, it’s something you won’t understand.” I swear I saw Lisa’s eyes widen for a second, but then she returned to normal. Of course, she doesn’t have eyes but I got that vibe from her I guess. We turned to look out at the nearby field. When we did, I could see two figures. One was what I assumed was a Nightmare Fuel, while the other looked exactly like Symbol except he was all pitch black with a read aura outlining him.

“Marx, who are they?”

“The one on the left is the Nightmare Fuel. The one on the right is Forge.”

“Forge huh? Wierd name. OKay I’ll take Forge, Lisa you take the Nightmare Fuel okay?”

“Right.” I nodded and stepped out of the brush. The two took notice of me.

“Hmm? And who might you be?”

“Name’s Meta, what’s your’s?”

“That is something you won’t live long enough to have use for.” Forge swiped his hand in front of him and the Nightmare Fuel ran at me. It leaped, and then got impaled by a tendril. Lisa stepped out, then threw it into the forest.

“I’ve got this one.” I nodded and turned my attention back to Forge. He just starred back at me.

“Now will you tell me? I much rather know the name of my opponent before I battle him.”

“Hmm, very well. My name is Forge, and I will be your ticket to the afterlife.” He charged at me, and I him. We clashed our fists and glared at one another.

“You can’t hope to defeat me.”

“Who knows, I may surprise you.” We leaped back from each other and he fired some blasts of magic at me. I promptly dodged and fired back some of my own blasts. They hit him dead on, but when the smoke cleared he seemed unfazed.

“Is that the best you’ve got?”

“Nope! Just the best I think you deserve!” Forge grunted and threw another magic blast at me, which nailed me in the chest. I was thrown into a tree, which collapsed on top of me.

“Fool, thinking you could be a match for me.” I smirked. This was only the beginning. I charged up a lot of energy, and went super. The tree flew off of me, and I rose into the air.

“How about now?”

“You think that changing forms will make a difference?” I teleported behind him and kneed him in the back, then blasted him with a huge laser, sending him into the ground.

“A slight difference yes.” Forge got up and looked at me.

“Huh, that actually hurt a little.” He rose into the air. “Perhaps this will be more interesting than I thought.”

“You bet your ass it will.”

{Lisa’s POV}

I threw the Nightmare Fuel into another tree.

“Come on. Marx said you were going to be tougher than the last one.” It got up and roared, then charged at me. I teleported out of it’s way and grabbed it by the back of it’s legs. I lifted it up, then threw it down into the ground. I then picked it up and slammed it against a tree, then proceeded to do what I did last time, slam it into every tree around me. After that I tossed it into the air, impaled it with two tendrils, and slammed it into the ground once again. I turned into that purple orb thing, and I thought about how to get rid of it. Suddenly Marx appeared and took the orb.

“I’ll make sure it gets to Symbol so he can destroy it.” I nodded.

“Hey wait Marx?”


“Why is Symbol looking for the Reality Star?”

“Because he- wait, you know what that is?”

“I might.”

“And you didn’t tell me this why?!?!”

“Because I can’t remember where it is! Besides, I know what enough of those things can do, so I’m not trusting anyone with the information that I know what they are.” Marx just pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Look, how do you even know what those are?”

“Because found it once and it had immense power. I can only assume that the Reality Star that you’re looking for is that thing.” Marx sighed.

“Alright fine, I get it, you don’t trust anyone with the info you have on it. Not even me. Alright we’ll find it anyways just go help Gale!” I nodded.


{Gale’s POV}

I got slammed into another tree, but I recovered quickly. I flew at Forge and threw a punch at his face. He dodged and threw a punch at mine. I quickly dodged and threw another. We kept doing this, attacking and dodging, attack and dodging. Pretty soon we separated and glared at each other.

“I must admit, I did not expect you to last this long.”


“But I am looking for something important, and this battle is getting in the way of that. Let’s end this shall we?” He started charging up a huge attack that I was getting ready to dodge. He finished charging and was about to fire the attack when.

“Gale! I got the Nightmare Fuel!” I looked to see Lisa coming out of the Whitetail Woods. I looked at Forge. He smirked and fired the attack at Lisa instead of me.

“NO!” I teleported right in front of Lisa and spread my arms out. Taking the full force of the attack, I was blasted back, badly hurt.

“GALE!” I saw the blurry image of Lisa running up to me and lean down next to me.


“Gale are you okay?”

“N-No I… My systems are badly… d-damaged.”

“Oh god Gale I’m so sorry. This is my fault.”

“N-No it’s n-not.” While Lisa was distracted Forge snuck up behind her. Before I could warn her Forge’s hand had pierced through her chest.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this sad moment, but I can’t just let my targets live can I?” He threw her across the field and walked to her. Lisa got up and tried to attack with her tendrils but Forge just dodged them. He got to her and grabbed her by the throat, and started to choke her.

“Hm hm hm. This was fun while it lasted, but now it’s about time I killed you both.” I was furious. I could feel the beast inside, raging within me. I got up and glared at Forge.

“Get, your hands off of her, you sick BASTARD!” A dark aura surrounded me and I changed. My plating went from blue to black, my eyes (eye?) went completely black, and I grew in power. Forge just looked at me.

“Another form? You think that will stop me?” I teleported right in front of him, took Lisa out of his grasp, and impaled him with a red laser blade.

“Yes, I think it will.” I took the blade out and kicked him across the field, slamming him into a tree. He fell off, then got up.

“What the hell? How are you suddenly this strong?” I lifted my laser blade and stroked it with a finger.

“Giving into the darkness in your heart makes you that much stronger, don’t you think?”

Forge just started laughing. "Oh that is hilarious, look at you, so sure that you can beat me with the very same power I was born with." That last part came out in a dark serious voice as his expression became stern.

“Oh I don’t think it’ll beat you. In fact I very much doubt it. But, I do know it can hold you off till the one that can kill you comes.”

“The hell do you mean by that?”

“Did you honestly think I came alone Forge? No, I came with the one person that you fear, fear that he will break you, that he destroy everything that you have worked for, fear that he will end you.” I teleported in front of him again. “But for now, all you’ve got is me.”

I grabbed him by the face, and threw him into the air, then came up and kneed him in the stomach. I grabbed him, threw him down into the ground, and blasted him with a huge laser. I then curled up into a ball and spin dashed him even further into the ground. He kicked me off and flew into the air. He punched me in the face and sent me even higher in the air. He rushed up and nailed me with a few more kicks before sending me into the ground. He charged up a huge laser glared at me.

“Say goodbye to your existence.” The laser hit me head on, causing serious damage.

I landed beside Lisa and she looked at me with worry. She shakily placed her hand in mine as we watched Forge slowly walking towards us.

"It was fun, but now you two need to die!" As he raised his hand in the air he froze in place, a look of horror on his face. We looked around and saw dark purple mist seeping into the area, surrounding us three and blocking out the sun. "No..." Just then something shot out of the trees and hit Forge, they tumbled around for a second before Forge through whatever it was hit him off.

Just then something was leaning over us. I looked up to see Symbol there with a extremely enraged glare. Although his presence made me feel more frightened than safe. His skin was dark grey, his hair was now spiked and jet black. His shirt had became dark purple and his fingers were claws. His teeth were razor sharp and his eyes were a dead black, with only glowing red dots as pupils, blood had seeped from his eyes creating a led line from the eyes to his chin. He also had four dark tendrils growing out of his back.

"You...will not...touch them!" He was on all fours, shielding us like a predator would protect its young while breathing heavily.

The look of fear that was plastered on Forges face was enough to tell me that Symbol was indeed a force to not be reckoned with. "You...y-you...why are you here?!"

"What's wrong Forge, you were talking all that good shit a minute ago! What's the matter?! Scared of your brother?!"[/ color]

Forge shot a beam at Symbol but was deflected by a tendril. Symbol got to his feet and took a fighting stance. He shot his tendrils towards Forge but they were dodged, expecting this, Symbol flung himself forward and the tips of his claws glowed dark purple. When he swiped at Forge he created a few slash marks in the air. Everything in the path of the blow, including Forge, was cut deeply.

As Forge lay on the ground trying to recover from the wound, Symbol stamped his foot on his back. He then shot all four tendrils into Forges back, causing him to scream in pain.

"No one...and I mean NO ONE hurts my friends!"

Forge screamed in pain as Symbol repeatedly stabbed him with his tendrils. Suddenly, a Nightmare Fuel came out of nowhere and tackled Symbol. Symbol pushed it off of him and killed it instantly, but that had given Forge enough time to get up and prepare an attack.

“I won’t go down, unless I take you with me!” Forge fired the blast, which Symbol didn’t have time to dodge. It hit him straight on, and he was sent flying into a tree. Symbol quickly got up, only to get nailed by another blast of magic. Forge rushed up to him and grabbed him by the neck, slammed him into the ground, and started to stomp on his back relentlessly.

“DON’T LIKE IT WHEN THE TABLES ARE TURNED DO YOU?! THIS TIME, I WILL KILL YOU!” I couldn’t let this happen. I slowly got up.

“G-Gale… no.” Lisa sounded weak, which just made me angrier. I stood up, and limped forward. Froge looked at me.

“Oh? You’re still standing?! Well then, let’s finish you off shall we?”


“No one, hurts my friends like this. NO ONE!” A rush of power went into me and I started to turn into the beast. My body grew, and my head changed appearance. It changed into the head of Metal Overlord, but that’s not what I was becoming. My body was becoming huge, and I was growing spikes out of my back, as well as wings. I grew a long tail that ended with spikes, and my legs bent backwards. My feet grew talons, and my arms grew longer, with my hand gaining five long claws, one for each finger. My transformation complete, I roared into the air. But then, something wrestled the control of my body away from me, and I blacked out.

{Symbol’s POV}

I watched as Gale grew into a huge monster. Once it was done, he roared into the air, and smirked.

Ah, to be free again at last.” I looked at Gale. Something was wrong, he had a lot more power than he should have.

“W-What? H-How, are you h-here?” Gale just looked at Forge.

“Ah Forge, one of those that could actually be a threat to me. Oh and Symbols here too. Now I can eliminate two of some of my most dangerous threats.”

"What the hell? What's going on?" Gale looked at me.

“Oh? I presume you never told about me were you Symbol? Well then allow me to introduce myself. I am not Gale, that is the body I am merely possessing. My name, is Xram, and I am here to kill you all.” Suddenly he was gone, and then he appeared right behind Forge. He impaled him with a claw, flung him into the air, and blasted him with a massive laser from his mouth. Forge fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Hm hm hm. Well, that takes care of him for now. Time to eliminate the more prominent threat.” Gale- er, Xram turned to me and smirked. “Say goodbye to all you hold dear Symbol, for once I throw you into hell, your world will soon follow.” He swiped me with his claw and I was sent flying into a tree. I got up and charged at him, and attacked with my tendrils. All four hit him, but he acted as if they were nothing. He rushed me at blinding speeds and spun, getting me with his tail. I was sent into the air and he followed, grabbing me in mid air with his teeth and throwing me back into the ground.

I got to my feet and stared at my opponent. I then rushed over to Lisa and opened a portal to my world.

"Symbol...what are you-?"

"At least one of us is making it out of here." Once the portal opened Zero was standing there with a confused look.


"Take care of her and our friends brother." I tossed Lisa through the portal and closed it, Lisa yelling in protest. Once I made sure the way to my world was sealed I glared at my opponent.

"Sacrificing yourself to make sure your friend is safe? A good choice of your last act in your existence."

"If I die here at least Lisa can form a plan to take you down."

Suddenly, a portal opened up and Marx hoped out.

“I can’t believe this.”


“I’m here to fight with you. Xram was never supposed to escape his imprisonment.”

”What is he?”

“If we survive this, I’ll tell you.”

“Ah Marx, come to die as well my weaker counterpart?”

“If I was weaker than you, then how did I imprison you? Moreover, how did you escape?!”

“Did you really believe that you could keep me from becoming free forever? All I needed was a suitable vessel, and this one was perfect. He was filled with such unbridled rage that I couldn't help but be drawn to it. Though there is one problem, this body can’t even begin to unleash my power. But that will change once I get my true body back.”

“My body was never yours.”

“Foolish Marx. Your body was always mine.”

I looked to Marx and to my necklace. I took the symbiote pony out of my body and threw it into Marx, along with my necklace. "Symbol, what a-"

”Marx I'm sorry." A portal appeared behind him and I pushed him through it, making sure to seal his access to this world, before the portal closed I threw the yellow crystal through it as well. "No more interruptions, we fight now."

Xram grinned and we both charged each other.

My name is Symbol Shattered, and this is the day I died, defending my loved ones.

{Xram’s POV}

That foolish mortal thought that he stood a chance. But, he was already dead. When the battle started, I had attacked with my claws, which I energized, and sliced clean through him. He still stood and fought me after that, but he died in the end. I looked upon the universe I had just left, and snapped my fingers. In moments, it was gone, sucked away into a rip in time and space, never to be seen again.

“Hm hm hm. Now, where did that Lisa girl go?” I looked around and saw Symbol’s universe. Bingo. I flew towards it. “Get ready Symbol, you’re about to watch me destroy everything you know and love from your front row seat in hell.”

I flew into Symbol’s world, with his body as my trophy.

{Lisa’s POV}

I woke up in a bed, surrounded by strangers.

“She’s awake.”

“Is she okay?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where, am I?” I asked as I looked around.

“Miss you’re in another universe. Can you tell me what you last remember?” A boy that looked exactly like Symbol asked me.

“Um… I was in my universe with someone named Gale, and another named Symbol. We were fighting this guy named Forge, until he started winning. He, counterattacked Symbol after Symbol beat him for a while, then Gale, who had been badly hurt like I had, stood up and became this monster. It claimed to be something called Xram, and it attacked Symbol and Forge. Symbol tried to fight it, but he stood no chance. Then he sent me to his world, and that’s the last thing I remember.”

“Well at least she doesn’t have amnesia.” The Symbol look-a-like glared at the person next to him.

“Yes, but what about Symbol? You heard her she said he had no chance!”

A little unicorn filly jumped onto the bed and glared at them. "You're wrong, Symbol can handle anything!" A portal opened and Marx fell out. He got up and tried to rush into it but closed before he could.

“SYMBOL NO! DAMMIT!” Marx banged his fist on the ground in anger.

“Um, who the hell are you? And what happened with Symbol?”

“My name is Marx, and Symbol… is dead.”

The group all gasped, I looked over to see this worlds versions of Twilight and Octavia break down into tears. I guessed that they were his partners or soon to be partners. The Symbol lookalike just shook his head in disbelief.

"No...no I can't lose him too..." Suddenly there was a loud boom outside and everyone rushed up to a nearby window. Then, I heard his voice.


“What the hell is that thing?!”

“Look it’s got Symbol!”

“He… he’s limp and… lifeless.” Now Xram was here? Why? Why was this happening? First there’s a Nightmare Fuel in my world. Then Gale and I get badly hurt fighting Forge. Then Gale gets possessed, and then Symbol gets killed. Why? Why was this happening?

To be continued…

Chapter Fifteen: The End

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Chapter Fifteen: The End

A long long time ago, there was a council. This council was created by Displacers, with the head of them all being a powerful displacer named Author. They were created to fight off the Nightmare Fuels that plagued the multiverse, and fight them they did. For countless centuries they fought, doing whatever they could to keep the multiverse safe. However, they never could have prepared for what came next. From the realm of nightmares, the Black Plain, a being of absolute power arose. His name, was Xram. He took control of one of the council members, the only one that could open a portal to this realm, and escaped the empty void of nightmares that he called home. When he escaped, the entire multiverse was doomed. The council tried to fight him, but they could not even compare to his power. Then, one day, the council members found the Reality Stars. With these, they were able to seal Xram away, and get their old council member back. However, Author knew one day he would break out again, so the only thing he could do was prepare. Prepare by creating a warrior that would fight off the Nightmares, and Xram.

{Lisa’s POV}

Why? Why was this happening? What did we do to deserve this shit? First, I find someone that I, kind of like. Gale was nice, he was funny, and he sacrificed himself to save me. Now he’s possessed by something that is trying to kill us all. And then there’s Symbol. He had a future, he had friends and family that miss him, and now they’re all going to die because Symbol and Gale came to my world which now I’m pretty sure is gone. Marx can’t open a portal to it, and Xram wants to destroy every universe. Why would he spare mine?


I can’t even begin to understand what’s happening. Now, I’m afraid. I’ve been afraid of many things, now mostly I’m afraid to die. To die here, and to die now.


There’s nothing we can do either, is there? Symbol, the most powerful of us got killed easily by Xram, what chance do we have?

“LISA!” Marx jolts me awake.

“Huh? What?”

“Come on we’ve gotta go!” Marx helps me up and we rush out of the building which I now realize, is collapsing. We rush outside to see the chaos and carnage that has been unleashed.

There was pillars of fire everywhere, the sky had turned blood red and the clouds black. Cities and Villages burned, screams of dying ponies could be heard throughout the land. Celestia looked out in horror.

"Why...why is this happening?" We then heard Xram give out a bloodcurdling evil laugh.

We all looked up to see him floating above us with a ball of light floating beside him.

"Enjoying the view mortals? I know a certain spirit of chaos that would absolutely love all this chaos!" The Symbol look-alike stepped forward.

“Why? Why are you doing this? What did we ever do to you?! What did Symbol ever do to you?!”

“Well for starters Symbol is the only one that has a chance to stop me. As for the rest of you, nothing. But that’s what makes this enjoyable.” He tossed us Symbol’s dead body.

“Here. I suppose during your last moments I’ll let you grieve.” As he fell, the Symbol look-alike caught him, and kneeled with him in his arms. Everyone was either crying their eyes out, or gritting their teeth in anger. So this was all really happening. It was the end of the multiverse. All life as we know it, will cease to exist. This was all my fault. I broke down into tears. Marx walked up to me and hugged me.

“I-It’s my fault. This is all my fault.”

“What do you mean?”

“If they never came to my world, then Gale wouldn’t be possessed and Symbol would still be alive.” Marx just hugged me tighter, as did some of the others. Marx got out of the group hug and looked at Xram in fury. A portal opened and another person stepped out.

”So he’s back now is he?”

“Yes, he is. And our only hope, your son, was killed by him.”

He’s too strong for any of us, isn’t he?”

“Way too strong. None of us even come close. Not even with our power combined.”

”So then what should we do?” Marx grimmanced.

“Even if it means we are just killing ourselves, I say we go and avenge those that have died by his hands.”

”I couldn’t agree more.”

Author looked around until he spotted Symbol in the other boy's arms. He walked over and placed a hand on Symbols head. "You did good son, you did good."

{Marx’s POV}

Author and I stood, facing the monster that was Xram. He was destroying everything. Then, once he was done with this place, he would send it into a rip in time and space. The only one that could possibly defeat him, was dead. We could only hope that we could hold him off long enough to let everyone else escape.

“XRAM!” He turned to us.

“Ah Marx, oh and Author's here too. Excellent. Now I’ve already killed my most dangerous opponents, but getting my revenge on the same day? Now that’s a bonus.” Author and I glared at him. Then, we took to the skies and charged. Xram grinned and charged at us. He threw a claw at us but we dodged. I charged up a magic blast and hit him in the back of the head, while Author did the same to his chest. Xram grunted in annoyance, turned in mid air, and smacked us both down with his tail. We recovered and flew around him, firing magic blasts all the while. Xram just smirked, and held out his hands. Suddenly, we were stopped by his magic, and he levitated slammed us together in front of him. Then, he charged up a huge amount of magic, and fired it at us, point blank. We were sent flying back to everyone.

“Oh god Marx!” I just grunted in pain, and held out my hand. A portal opened up, and out popped Alduin and the Twins, all of them were back to being normal dragons.

“Marx? What’s happening?”

“A very... powerful being has… possessed Gale. It...killed Symbol. Now it’s… destroying everything.” Alduin looked at his brother in horror. “Please, get everyone out of here. Your universe is far enough away that you’ll all be able to live for a few years before he gets to you.”

Alduin looked to the group of people and ponies gathered in front him. He studied them, before his face turned furious. The Twins fused together to make Epidemic, and he walked up to Alduin.

Are we?

“Yes, I think we will.” Epidemic nodded before becoming all black, and fusing with Alduin. They started to grow to a massive size, as big as Xram was. They grew three heads, three tails, and massive wings. They had even grew fore legs, and their wings moved to their back. Their scales turned red, and their eyes, were like Venom’s. They finished fusing, and roared in fury. They took to the skies and flew at Xram. Xram turned, and then got slammed by the new being. He was slammed into the ground before he was grabbed and tossed into the mountainside. Xram got himself out once the dust cleared, and glared at Alduin and Epidemic’s combined form.

“Alright, I must admit I’m impressed, that actually hurt. This world may have actual challenge to it.”


“Very well, you want to kill me? Fine! Go ahead and try! But before this battle starts, I must know your name.”


“Hm, you truly believe that? Very well then, let this battle commence!” They flew at each other and clashed, trying to overpower one another. Xram lifted his right arm back and tried to punch one of Apocalypse's heads, but he swerved his heads away. He then clamped one onto Xram’s neck and bit down.

“AHH!” Xram grabbed Apocalypse and tore him off, then punched him in the chest, sending him back down to the ground. He recovered, and roared in anger. He flew at Xram and blasted him with blood red fire. Xram grimaced from the fire, but charged through it and tackled Apocalypse. As they went down, Apocalypse bit Xram with all three of his heads, hard. They slammed into the ground, but then Xram was kicked off of Apocalypse and into the air, where he was blasted by a huge amount of fire. Xram crossed his arms in front of him and took the flames. The flames stopped, and Apocalypse quickly rose into the air and tackled Xram, biting him on the way down. They slammed into the ground, and Apocalypse stood back up.

“Wait did… did they kill him?”

“They.. they did! We’re saved!” Everyone started cheering. At first I too thought it was over, but then a giant red energy blade rose up and impaled Apocalypse through the chest. Xram got up, and slammed Apocalypse into the ground. He took to the skies and started charging up a huge amount of power.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME?! ME AND MY MISSION TO MAKE THE MULTIVERSE IN MY IMAGE?! NOT A CHANCE!!” He continued to charge up the blast till it was at full power. He was about to fire it when...


{Lisa’s POV}

Apocalypse stood triumphant over Xram. I thought it was over, I thought we won, then Apocalypse got impaled by one of Xram’s blades. He threw Apocalypse down, and started to charge up an attack. I didn’t know what happened next. I was just gone. I teleported in on top of Apocalypse and shouted at the top of my lungs.

“STOP!” Xram stopped and looked at me.

“Ah, well if it isn’t little Lisa. Come to die with this fool that thinks he can stop me.”


“You’re calling out to Gale? But my dear, he’s already gone.”


Just then a portal appeared beside Xram and a blue blur shot out. Upon further inspection I found that it was the Metal Sonic displaced that Gale had mentioned. He shot towards Xram and landed several hits before landing beside me.




{Third POV}

Xram looked out as everyone kept shouting for Gale.

‘Hmph, what fools. Thinking that just by calling out to Gale that he’ll come back.’ Unbenounced to him, Gale was stirring.

‘Huh… wha? Dan? Epidemic? Metal? Lisa?’ Gale saw all of his friends calling out to him, begging him to come back.

“MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You think that by calling for Gale, that he’ll just come back? What a joke!” Xram was about to fire off his attack when…

“N-No.” Xram froze in the mindscape, and turned around, to see Gale.

“You’re not… gonna… lay a finger on them.”

“What? How are you awake? I subdued you, I destroyed your mind!”

“Yeah well, I die hard.” Gale now sounded stronger, and stood taller.

“Grr, no matter! I’ll just do it now!” Xram charged at Gale, prepared to kill him. He charged up an attack in his fist and threw it out, nailing Gale in the face. He smirked.

“You know something?” Xram’s faces gained a look of horror. “In my mindscape, it’s kind of hard to kill me. Also...Metal hits harder than you ever could." Xram backed away as Gale turned to him with a glare. “In my mindscape, you’re nothing but a puny insect that has been bugging me for far too long.” He started to walk towards Xram, with that same look. He started getting bigger, and was changing into the beast. “In my mindscape, I AM THE GOD! IN HERE, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A PUNY MORTAL TO ME! IN HERE, YOUR POWER MEANS NOTHING! THIS IS MY MIND! AND I WILL HAVE IT BACK!”

“AHH!” Xram yelled in pain as he was ejected from Gale’s mind.once he was, the beast started to fall. It turned back into Gale, and fell to the ground. Lisa jumped up and caught him, and landed in the middle of the little group that had gathered. Marx teleported everyone to the spot, and they all watched as Gale woke up in Lisa’s arms.

“Huh.. wha? What the hell happened?”

“GALE!” Lisa hugged Gale tight to her body as she cried tears of joy. Gale was shocked for a moment, but then he returned the hug. Then, Alduin, Epidemic, Metal, and Marx joined the group hug. After a few moments they separated, but Gale had Lisa in his arms now, as she continued to cry tears of joy.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“I was just… so scared. There was chaos, everypony kept dying, and you were being possessed by a monster. I… I just couldn’t…”

“Hey now, I’m back aren’t I? Xram is gone now. Everything is back to normal.”

“Not exactly.” Gale looked at Marx.

“What do you mean?”

”Xram destroyed Lisa’s universe. Although we might be able to bring it back, it will take a long time. She’s got nowhere to go now.”

“Not only that, but Symbol is dead. Now what will we do about the Nightmare Fuels?”

”I don’t know, we’ll think of something. For now, we should celebrate that we all survived. And that Xram is gone.”

"Not exactly.” Everyone turned to see a skeleton that looked very similar to Marx floating in the air. But, there were some differences. For one his bones were black, his cape was white, and the gem on his neck was blue. His staff was blue as well, but the mini-Tirek skull was black.

“I-Is that?” Marx nodded.

“Yes, that’s Xram.”

“Well isn’t it nice to see the heroes together again at last. It’s such a shame too, now I have to kill you all. And once I do, I’ll get my body, and my true power back.” Everyone cringed in fear. Then, out of the the corner of her eye, Lisa saw Symbol twitch. She looked at him and he twitched again. Xram started to charged up a huge attack.

“SO LONG FOOLS!” He fired it and everyone braced themselves.

After a moment of tension, the group felt no pain. They all looked up to see that the blast was no longer there. Just then a pillar of purple fire shot out of the ground, sending a huge gust of wind across the area. A silhouette could be seen in the fire. Xram started shaking in fear at the sight of the figure before him.

A being made entirely of purple fire floated out and stared him down.


The figure didn't answer. All it did was hold out its hand and close its eyes. Time slowed down as a huge invisible force blew across the battlefield. Just then the surrounding area was set ablaze. The fire floated upwards and started to converge at the figures hand. A huge ball of purple fire was now being aimed at Xram, who was frozen in fear.

The being opened it's glowing yellow eyes and drew his hands back. "Xram, I will give you one chance to return to the Black Plain, or I will end you!"

"N-N-NEVEEEEEEEEERRR!!!" Xram charged towards the being.

"That's what I wanted to hear!" The being threw its arms forward and the huge ball of fire was flung towards Xram. It hit him head on and slowly started to break him.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" The last piece of him melted away and the ball of flames burst into a large bubble of light that spread across Equestria, restoring everything to its former glory, including the ponies and other creatures in the land. The sky returned to normal and the ball of light that we knew as the sun shone brightly over the restored world.

The being of fire slowly started to disappear with a satisfied look on its face. It looked down at the group before vanishing.

Lisa's POV

I stared at where the strange being once was. "Was that...Symbol?"

"That was the last reminiscent of his soul, in a last desperate act he gave up his chance to enter the afterlife to save us all."

I looked over to Symbols lifeless body. "Symbol..."

"GUYS!!!" We all looked around to see this worlds version of Vinyl Scratch rushing towards us with something on her back. "SOMEPONY HELP! TAVI ISN'T BREATHING!" She came to a screeching halt and lay an unconscious Octavia in front of us.

Author looked around and closed his eyes. He then rushed over to Marx and took a necklace from him, the medallion on the necklace being the symbol of the sun with blue gems. He placed the necklace on Octavia's body which then began to glow. A small orb of purple energy floated out of the medallion and entered Octavia's body.

She slowly started to stir and opened her eyes. "Wha...what happened?"

Author stood up and looked at the necklace. "Symbol must have known that he was going to die and placed a small amount of his life force in this medallion. Just in case something like this happened, I have never been so proud to call someone like him my son."

We all gathered around Symbols body and hung our heads. Just then a woman appeared, she was completely light blue and had a ponytail. She walked over to Symbols body and hugged it. Author knelt down and patted her on the back.

"He wasn't supposed to die this way, there is too much left for him to do. Looks like I'll have to start all over again." Suddenly his eyes shot open and he looked at Octavia. "Oh you clever boy." Octavia looked at him confused.

"What?" Author shook his head and placed the necklace around her neck.

"Hey, how about we all celebrate this victory with a party?!" Yelled Marx as he tried to lighten the mood. "Also to remember Symbol of course." Everyone smiled and nodded.

They all began to walk towards the castle, I stayed behind with Gale as we looked at Symbols body.

“So, what now?” Gale looked to me.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what do we do now? What do I do now? My home’s gone, so I have nowhere to go. I lost some many ponies that were important to me, and now I’ve got no one.” Gale put his arm around me.

“Hey now, don’t be sad. I mean, you’ve got me.” I looked at him.

“Thanks.” I leaned into him and he picked up Symbol’s body.

“So, does this mean we’re dating now?” I put a finger to my chin in thought.

“You know, after something like this I’d say that’s fair game. But don’t get any ideas buddy boy, I want to take this slow.” He looked at me and kissed me on the cheek. Well, as close to a kiss that it could be.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” I smiled and we walked towards the castle together.

Three days later

We all sat down outside of Ponyville's graveyard, all of us wearing some form of black wear. I looked to my right to see Symbols friends all sitting with sad expressions. To my left sat Gale, Alduin, Metal, Epidemic and a displaced Bill Cipher, who probably knew Symbol from an adventure in the past. The entire displacers council had shown up, apart from one member that they called 'Roden.'

In front of the rows of chairs sat a stage with a coffin and a large photo of Symbol. Celestia was the first to speak on the stage.

"I was the first pony Symbol ever met in this world. He was always honest to me and everypony around him. He fought with bravery, determination and a burning desire to protect those dear to him. We would on occasion come to disagreements and on a few occasions to blows, but we had a deep respect for each other. He protected my ponies when I could not, and for that I thank him." She walked up to the coffin and placed her hoof on it. "Rest in peace dear friend, knowing that we are all safe thanks to your bravery."

She stepped down from the stage and Bill Cipher was next.

"I only ever met Symbol once, but what he taught me in the few hours we were together I will never forget. When he had made a mistake in my world and lost my trust, he did everything in his power, even risking his own life, to making sure that I could complete my mission. He showed me that even though I had these dark thoughts and memories, that they were never my own, and he freed me from my curse." He placed his hand on the coffin. "Farewell Neo, my old friend."

Bill floated back to his seat and closed his eye. Twilight was next to speak.

"Symbol was more than just a friend to me, so much more. He helped me with my research, showed me there was more to life than just books and making friends, there is also adventure, a drive to reach new heights. We would go on quests together to find artifacts and new information, a lot of those times he would have to save me from a crumbling temple or whatever. With all of that, I found something I never thought I would find, somepony to give my heart to." She placed her hoof on the coffin. "Goodbye Symbol, I love you, even though you'll never hear me say it."

Octavia walked up. "A lot of those things that Twilight has said can also be used for me. Symbol showed me more to life than just getting better at my talent, but also looking out for those I hold dear. I too found somepony I could trust with my life, for I loved him too." She placed her hoof on the coffin. "No one can ever replace you, rest in peace Symbol."

A few more ponies said a few words before Gale and I walked up together.

"What's to say other than what's already been said? We may not have known Symbol for that long, but what he did in that small time frame affected us both in more way than we could imagine."

Gale then took over. "He protected us when we were defenceless, he gave his own life to make sure Lisa and Marx survived. He brought Lisa and I together, and that is the greatest gift he could have ever given."

"We are eternally grateful to him, he saved us all and gave us a second chance at life. None of us will ever forget him."

"Let the multiverse cheer his name, for he was the one that saved them all! Praise the spirit of all that is pure, praise Symbol Shattered!" The crowd cheered and threw their hats into the air, cheering Symbols name. We both looked to each other and placed our hands on the coffin.

"Rest in peace, Symbol." We both said in unison.

Zero's POV

I stood at the top of the hill overlooking the funeral. Beside me was the grave that Symbol and I had made for our sister, Abigail. Shaking my head I fought back the tears.

"Damnit Symbol...why did you have to leave me all alone?"

Turning away from the grave I looked down at the funeral.

"Farewell, Neo Rayleigh, my dearest brother."

Third person POV

Everyone had returned to their own worlds. Lisa and Gale walked hand in hand as they walked through a portal back to Gales world. "Hey Gale?"

"Yes Lisa?"

"I was just thinking about all of this, all that's been happening I mean, and one thing just came to my mind."

"What's that?"

"Symbols soul is now completely gone, he doesn't even get to go to heaven or hell. He's just...not there. Did he really deserve that kind of fate?"

Gale remained silent as he held Lisa's hand tighter. "I don't know...all we can do now is remember who he was, what he did for us and move on."

She nodded and looked up at the sky. 'If any of your soul managed to survive Symbol, I hope we meet again someday, so I can thank you for saving me, and everyone else in the multiverse.'

"GAAAALLLEE!!!" Gale didn't have time to react as he was tackled by Metal Sonic. "YOU TRAPPED ME AND RAINBOW IN CITY ESCAPE YOU JERK!!!"

Lisa watched as Metal chased Gale around, giggling as the two fought.

Meanwhile in Symbols world. Celestia stared out of her balcony at the large floating island that would remain there, waiting for its purpose to be fulfilled one day.

"Oh Symbol..." She wiped a tear from her eye and went back to signing her paperwork.

In the void of the multiverse, a tiny purple flame floated in place. A light appeared beside it and out walked a strange figure with a green tracksuit with a metal sash over his torso. He also had a scarf that covered his mouth. His hair was comprised of large spikes, much like Vegeta's from Dragon Ball Z. The figure reached into his pockets and pulled out five black gemstones, each of them being in the shape of four pointed stars.

The gems floated around the flame and glowed.

"We're not done with you yet young one, there is still much to do."

The small flame expanded and formed a humanoid figure.

"Here we go."

Three weeks later

The mane six and side five all sat together in the middle of Ponyville at a small cafe, along with Zero, Wasp and Zanny.

Everyone had noticed that Octavia's eating habits had become...odd. She was currently stuffing her face with cotton candy and chocolate milk.

"Uh, Tavi? You wanna cut down on the sugar? You're gonna have a heart attack if you keep this up."

Octavia stopped momentarily and placed her food down. "Sorry...I've been having a very strange craving for sweets lately and a bit of a...of a..." She grabbed a bucket and emptied her stomach into it.

"That's it, we are taking you to a doctor." Twilight stated in an authoritative tone. Over the past three weeks Twilight and Octavia had kept the herd alive and were growing to have genuine feelings for each other.

An hour later, Octavia lay in a hospital bed with Twilight sitting beside her. A pony with a brown coat and black straight mane walked in with a clipboard in his magic.

"What's wrong with me doctor?"

The stallion stuttered for a bit before taking in a breath. "Congratulations Miss Melody, you're pregnant!"


Sequel Is Out!

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