• Published 8th Jul 2015
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A Displaced Machine - Prince_Zodiac

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

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Bonus Chapter: Q&A Time!

Bonus Chapter: Q&A Time!

Audience: *cheering*

Prince_Zodiac: Hello everyone! Welcome to our brand new bonus episode, Q&A! I’m your host, Prince_Zodiac, and today I’m here with Alduin and the gang! So how’s everyone doing today?

Marx: I am doing amazing!

Alduin: I’m having a good day, thank you for asking.

Epidemic: Hmph.

Plague: I’M OKAY!

Amnesia: Me too!

Gale: Fine thank you.

Twilight: I am doing great, how about you Zodiac?

Prince_Zodiac: I am doing great, thank you for asking. So, is everyone ready for the first round of questions?

All: *nod*

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! But before that, we need to lay down some rules. So! Rule one, you have to answer any and all questions that you are asked! No avoiding them, and you can not lie! If you do, Marx has permission to whack you as hard as you can. Rule two! No matter the question, you can not say it’s a ridiculous question. All questions are good questions around here! Now, here we go!

Audience: *cheers*

Prince_Zodiac: Round one, THEARTIFICAILINLELIGENCE wants know! What would all do, if you were stranded in the fallout equestria universe for a week?

Alduin: Well, considering the fallout and danger everywhere, for both myself and others, I would probably gather everyone in my family up and keep them close so they wouldn’t be in danger. I would also probably save as many others as I could.

Marx: I don’t know, I would probably just open portals everywhere and have random stuff come out, whether it’s food, supplies, or monsters!

Plague: I would probably stay with my Dad and sister.

Amnesia: Same!

Epidemic: I would protect my family and kill anyone that got in my way.

Twilight: Most likely I would try and find a way to heal Equestria as much as possible.

Gale: I would fly up to the Pegasi cities and kick everyone’s asses, then make some something that could heal the world.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! Next one! If Alduin had to choose, Twilight, or the Twins, which would he choose?


Prince_Zodiac: Marx?

Marx: I got it! *whacks Alduin upside the head*

Alduin: OW! Okay okay I’ll answer. Hmm. Well, if I really had to decided, I’d say the Twins because they’re my kids.

Twins: Thanks Dad!

Twilight: It’s okay Alduin, I was hoping you’d choose them anyways.

Alduin: Phew, thought I’d make you mad.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay round two! By Players For Players has asked first for Alduin. What would you do if you meet Marsara?

Alduin: I don’t know, I guess if I meet her after the war then I might attack, but I would probably give her a second chance.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay well Twittle Light or the Twins was already asked so Nutella or Klondike bar?

Alduin: Klondike.

Prince_Zodiac: Okay! Now, for the Twins and I suppose since you’re their combined form this question applies to you too Epidemic. What would you do if you meet Marsara?

Plague: I would check out her cool bugs!

Amnesia: I wanna know what a hive mind’s like!

Epidemic: She sided with the enemy when she was invited to the war and tried to harm those in my family. She would have to watch herself should I decided to kill her.

Prince_Zodiac: Ooo, feisty! Okay next one! Would you like some toys made by a Displacer?

Twins: YES!

Epidemic: No.

Prince_Zodiac: Mhm, Nutella or Klondike bar?

Twins: Nutella!

Epidemic: Klondike.

Prince_Zodiac Okay next one! To Twittle Light, are you annoyed by me calling you Twittle Light?

Twilight: Not really no.

PZ: Nutella or Klondike bar?

Twilight: Klondike.

PZ: Okay! Round three! This one is from SentryForge223! To feed Amnesia & Plaque does one of them have to fuse with somebody or both of them?

Alduin: Both of them need to fuse with someone to feed them both. One of them can fuse with someone to feed themselves though.


Alduin: I would try to convince him not to travel the same path he once followed. If I could not, then I would give him what he deserved.

PZ: Alright! Next one! TWINS, MAC DONNELDS OR KFC?

Twins: KFC! Mcdonald's is disgusting.

PZ: Interesting, next one! EPIDEMIC, IS YO RAGE ....... OVER 9000? :3

Epidemic: What do you think? Of course it is.

PZ: Well that’s all we have for today, tune in next time where we’ll hopefully answer more of your questions!

Gale: Wait what about me?!

PZ: Sorry Gale, you didn’t get any, maybe next time.

Gale: *sigh*

PZ: Anyways, thank you all for joining us today! This is Prince_Zodiac saying, until next time.

Audience: *cheers*

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