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A Displaced Machine - Prince_Zodiac

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

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Chapter Nine: The Fall

Chapter Nine: The Fall

{Alduin’s POV}

I drove home after searching the school for Gale. He was nowhere to be found at school, so he might be at home. As I drove down our street, I saw Gale’s car. It was a blue 2015 Ford Mustang with red stripes. It had four seats, and Gale had somehow modified both it and my car during the short amount of time we were here. My car was a dark gray 2015 Chevrolet Camaro with black stripes. Now, you all must be wondering how in the hell we had the money for these cars as well as our house. Well, it’s a pretty simple answer. You see, over the, centuries, Gale had earned a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of golden bits. He thought that he should have some so that he could live on his own. But, because lived with the Princesses, he actually didn’t need to spend the money. He kept earning more anyways just in case, but eventually forgot about it. Our predicament about where we would live had reminded him that he had a sack full of golden bits. In total, he had 300 pounds of gold, but due to the perfect craftsmanship of bits, we were given a lot more money. To be exact, we got about double the normal amount. So instead of $4,965,074.01, we got 9,931,460.49. Basically, we were rich. With the money, we bought our house, which was two story but still average sized, our cars, and some food. We still had plenty of money to spare, but we weren’t too intent on just spending it all. I mean, do you know how much money a substitute earns? Not much.

Anyways, I pulled up into our driveway, and parked the car. I got out, locked it, and went inside. The moment I entered, I could hear noises coming from the basement. That was probably Gale. I walked down and saw he was building, something.

“What are you doing?” Gale turned to me.

“Oh good you’re home!” He turned back to his project. “Hang on, I’m almost done.”

“Done with what?”

“Well, I was never much of a Spiderman fan, but I have seen Spiderman three, unlike you. I was sitting around the house till I realized something. If memory serves, most of the songs the Sirens sing have high frequency notes. Symbiotes have a heavy weakness to high frequency sound waves and your kids are no exception. At least, I don’t think they are. If they are, then this whole thing has been a waste of time. But, I’m willing to bet that they are, so I decided to make this.”

Gale stood back from the table to let me see what he was working on. It looked like a wired gem that was heavily enchanted, and on the inside of the gem were bits and pieces of technology. I looked at Gale, confused. Gale rolled his eyes.

“It’s a defence mechanism. Basically, when a high enough frequency comes close, it will render the twin’s physical perception of sound lowered, that way, the frequency is percepted as a normal frequency instead of a high one.”

“Wow, I was looking for you to ask you if you had a solution to this problem.”

“Well I can’t take all of the credit. Something, I guessing Marx, made me think of the weakness in the first place. I mean, I was watching a Godzilla movie, that’s about as far from Spiderman as you can get, much less Venom. But, there is a problem with it.”


“Well, the gem can only block sound. If the frequency is coming from something such as a radio feedback, or a source of power, the gem can’t block it. I haven’t figured how to block those yet.”

“Well, it should serve our purpose for now.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to start working on another one soon, I only have this one.”

“Then Epidemic can use it. He seems to be out a lot recently.”

“The Twins have built up anger?”

“No, more like he’s become overprotective of them.”

“Aw, that’s nice of him.”

“You say that around him and he’ll try to rip your arm off.”

“And you know this how?”

“Detention on his second day.”

“Oh, that’s why he got pissed at those three guys.” I nodded. I picked the gem up, and Gale was about to start to make another one, but I stopped him.

“No time. The Battle of the Bands will start soon and I want to see how Twilight and her friends will do.”

“No, you just want to hear Twilight sing.” I swatted him in the back of the head. We walked out and got into Gale’s car. We drove to the school, just in time to the battle start. First, it was, Trixie? Shouldn’t it have been Twilight and her friends?

“Hey what’s going on? Shouldn’t Twilight and her friends be up there?” I nodded.

“Indeed they should, something’s not right.” We watched Trixie and her band sing that was really just a constant repeat of the chores. Sure there were parts in between, but it was mostly that. Anyways, The Dazzlings were after that. I was starting to get worried. Where were Twilight and her friends? I started to see green smoke come out of the stage. It felt, dark, negative. Then Epidemic walked up.

Twilight and her friends are trapped under the stage.


I can sense the negative energy coming off of them. The panic, the fear. It’s overwhelming. The only one who seems to be keeping a cool head is Sunset.

“We need to help them then!” I nodded in agreement.

I’d help but this is the closest I can get without the Siren’s song hurting me.

“Oh right, Gale made this for you. It should help with that problem.” I handed Epidemic the gem. He took it, and put it in his pocket. We were going to walk up to the stage to open the door for the girls, but Spike, along with a girl that looked like a DJ, beat us to it. They let the girls out, and then ran towards a nearby hill. We watched as the girls began to sing their own song, and the battle of the bands actually became a battle.

“You know, this reminds me of Scott Pilgrim versus. The World.”

“Of what?”

“It’s a movie. I keep forgetting that you were never the movie type of person. Always the gamer right?”

“Barely, I was more of the type to hang out with family and friends.”

“Oh yeah, huh?” We all turned our attention back to the girls. Apparently they had won and the Sirens ran off. They stepped onto the stage where everyone was cheering for them.

“Thank you everyone! We couldn’t have done this without all of you knowing the meaning of friendship!”

“I don’t remember this being a part of the movie.” I looked at Gale. His face was that of confusion. I laughed and shook my head.

“We would also like to thank our history substitute Mr. Alduin, our P.E. sub Gale, and Epidemic for their help! Not many of you know this, but they’re actually from Equestria same as I am!” Everyone started to cheer. Twilight ushered us to come on stage. I looked to Gale and Epidemic They seemed fine with it. We walked up on stage and the crowed cheered. I waved at them, then Twilight spoke again.

“Now, how about we see how good they are at singing?” Everyone started cheering.

Mr. Alduin! Mr. Gale! Epidemic!” Everyone just chanted that over and over again. I looked at Twilight, shocked. Twilight had a sinister grin.

“I told you I would pay you back for all of that trouble.”

“What? No you didn’t.”

“Yeah well, I am anyways.” I then wore a grin.

“Well, unlucky for you, I can sing.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, just watch. Hey! Someone toss me a guitar!” Rainbow picked up a gray guitar a threw it to me. I caught it, and looked at it.

“Looks a little bland doesn’t it?” I charged up my magic, and the guitar changed. The gray turned into a scale like pattern. The two parts of it that stuck out gained a dragon horn pattern. Near the bottom, were two red eyes. It basically looked like it was my dragon face making the guitar.

“There, much better!” I looked to Gale. “You gonna take up an instrument?”

“Yea, why not?” He walked back stage. A moment later, he walked out, pushing out a blue drum set along with him. I looked at Epidemic. He walked to the side of the stage, and pulled out a guitar that was similar to mine, only, the scale design on it was black. I smiled, and walked up to the front of the stage.

“Alright! It looks like we’re all set. Let’s see how this goes shall we?” Everyone cheered. Gale walked up to me.

“Um, what song are we playing?”

“Just follow my lead, you’ll get it.” Gale shrugged and walked back to his drums. He nodded, telling me he was ready, and so did Epidemic. I then started the song.

As the song ended, everyone started cheering like crazy. Twilight and her friends ran up to us.

“That, was AWESOME!” I laughed.

“Why thank you Rainbow Dash.”

“I didn’t know you could play guitar.” Twilight had a look of pure excitement on her face.

“While I was trapped in stone for a thousand years, I learned many things. Playing a guitar was no exception.”

“How’d you learn if you were trapped in stone?”

“Well, for a while I was trapped with Discord. He created little mind realms that allowed me to practice there.”

“Oh, well what about you Gale?”

“I’m partly a machine. Anything I scan I can replicate perfectly. I scanned Flash Sentry while he was playing guitar once. Thought it would be useful. Guess I was right!”

“And you Epidemic?”

“I know everything Dad knew when he first got the Twins.”

“Well that was still amazing!”

“Thank you Twilight.”

“You could thank her with a kiss.” I glared at Gale. He started laughing, until Epidemic round kicked him in the stomach. I looked at Twilight and rubbed the back of my head, blushing. She was also blushing.

“Well, we better head home.” Everyone nodded and we started to head to the parking lot. “Anyone need a ride?”

“I’m riding home with Applejack.”

“Rarity an’ Pinkie are riding with us.”

“I don’t live too far from here so I’ll just walk, if that’s okay with you.”

Hmph.” Dragon wings grew out of Epidemic’s back, and he took to the skies. I can only guess he was flying home.

“Me and Twilight could use one. Applejack had driven us here.”

“Alright then, follow us.” Sunset and Twilight followed us to Gale’s car. They got in the back, and Gale started up the car.

“Alright where do I go?” Sunset told Gale where she lived and we started driving. We had almost gotten there, till we heard a huge blast. It came from a nearby park. Gale parked the car, and we all got out and ran to the park. When we got inside, we saw a battle taking place. It was Epidemic, and he was fighting the Dovahkiin.

YOU WON'T ESCAPE THIS TIME!” He charged at the Dovahkiin with a scythe that looked a lot like Lee’s. He slashed, but the Dovahkiin blocked it with his sword. They pushed each other back, and glared at one another. I looked at the Dovahkiin, and then charged him. As I did, gray horns grew out of my hair. Gray dragon wings grew from my back, as well as a gray dragon tail. My nails and teeth became long and sharp, and I roared in fury. The Dovahkiin turned just in time for me to slam into him. He flew back and hit a tree. He landed on the ground face first, but then stood up.


“When did he show up?”

“[color=#be434]Just now.”

“You should have called for me, you could have gotten hurt!.” Epidemic just grunted in annoyance. I rolled my eyes and charged the Dovahkiin again and so did Epidemic. Epidemic slashed him with his scythe, and I side kicked him, sending the Dovahkiin flying. He hit the ground and rolled. He stood up, and smirked.

“Good, I was waiting for you Alduin.”

“And why is that?”

“Because, you’ve been a thorn in my side for too long. Now, I have the means to destroy both you and your children!” I growled as the Dovahkiin laughed. I charged him and punched, but he blocked with his sword. Epidemic ran around us, and came at the Dovahkiin from behind. He made a huge slash, cutting the Dovahkiin deep in the back. He shouted in pain, and pushed me away. He charged me and swung, but I dodged the sword and punched him in the gut, sending him flying. He tried to get up, but Epidemic got to him first. He ran up and kicked him in the side, sending him soaring sideways. He hit another tree, and coughed up some blood. He then slowly stood up. Epidemic and I walked up to him.

“Had enough yet?”

“N-No, my quest to kill you can’t end here! I will make you pay for what you’ve done!”

We have you cornered, your back is against a tree. What makes you think you’ll live long enough to have your revenge?” The Dovahkiin grunted, but they he looked to his left. Right there, was Twilight. He started to laugh.

“I may not be able to kill you, but I can kill someone close to you!” He turned to Twilight.”Zii-los Dii Du!” I was shocked. I had no idea what that shout was. I remembered hearing it before, but I didn’t remember what it was. I didn’t have time to translate it, nor try to remember it. Obviously the Dovahkiin thought the Shout would kill her. I couldn’t let that happen!

“NO!” I ran towards Twilight and pushed her out of the way. The shout missed her, and hit me. It all happened so fast. I saw my life, flash before my eyes, then everything went black.

{Twilight’s POV}

The strange energy that had come from the Dovahkiin had hit Alduin, just as he pushed me out of the way. When it hit him, he collapsed. I rushed up to him and tried to pick him up, but I recoiled upon touching his body. It was ice cold. His eyes were blank and empty, and He wasn’t breathing.

“Alduin? ALDUIN!”I shook him but he didn’t respond. I put my head to his heart. It wasn’t beating.

“HA HA HA!” I looked up to see the Dovahkiin laughing. “I knew Alduin would lack the knowledge of that shout! I mean, why would a dragon need another dragon’s soul?” Suddenly, a red haired turquoise skinned woman appeared out of no where and then teleported them away. Gale rushed up to me.

“No no no.” he said worriedly. “What did that shout do?”

I-It, takes a dragon’s soul, and absorbs it.

“How do you know that?”

Dad knew, but it was from a distant memory. He, he didn’t have time to recall what it did so, just to be safe, he took the hit.”

“Wait, so you mean he’s?”

“Yes.” I looked to Gale as he looked at Alduin.

“Alduin, is dead.”

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