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A Displaced Machine - Prince_Zodiac

Gale was always fascinated by the stories that were told of people disappearing at conventions and of them supposedly going to new worlds. However, he never thought he would join the massive number of people that had disappeared.

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Chapter Four: Another Dragon?

Chapter Thirteen: Another Dragon?

{Deathwing's POV}

Deathwing awoke off his bed inside his cave. As he did he realized his place was a mess. Giving a sigh the massive drake started to clean up. ‘Should have guessed inviting Discord was a bad idea.’ As he finished up cleaning he realized his tokens from the displaced were out. “Great.”

As he looked though the tokens to put them back he found one he did not remember. Holding it up in his claw he looked at it. It was a stone tablet with weird writing on it. ‘What is this?’ Deathwing knew it was a token so he brought it to his ear to hear the phrase. When he heard nothing, he looked at the tablet again. This time the writing was different.

Greetings, my name is Dan, or preferably, Alduiin. I am a displaced and if you ever need my help, me and my two children will be happy to help, as long as you are on the side of the ponies, or, if you are against them, but for a very, and I do mean VERY, good reason.

“Alduiin?” Deathwing said. “I don’t think I ever meet him.” Holding the tablet up he wondered how to activate it. ‘Perhaps I’ll just...’ He taps the tablet with his claw and magic in hopes to activate it. A vortex opens up and swallows Deathwing up. In the vortex the spell keeping him small gave out as he returned to his titanic size.

{Alduiin’s POV}

Finally, Gale, Derpigun, Rarifruit, the mane-6, the CMC, some of their friends, and I were at Sugarcube Corner. Well, more like they were all inside and I was sticking my head through the window but you get the idea. We were having cake and smoothies till we all a large boom.

“Oh come on!” Derpigun yelled in a Sweetie Belle's voice. “I was just getting into things!”

“No, you were about to do a milkshake race with a colt,” Rarifruit deadpanned.

“Oh come on, tell me you haven’t dreamed of having a milkshake race with Button Mash!” Derpigun retorted. “Anyway, we should check ou-” There was a beeping, her red eye glowed, and she froze up.

Rarifruit’s eyes widened. “OH SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT!!!”

“What’s up with her?” Gale asks.

Derpigun started bleeding, and Rarifruit forced her to sit down. “She’s having relapses! Lord Time Spinner warned me this might happen after the resurrection! I need to call Brutalight! But first, I want to know what that explosion was.”

“You guys go check it out, I’ve got this,” Gale said. He then made a small cut on Derpigun’s arm and turned part of his arm into liquid metal. He then inserted the liquid into the cut and, after a few seconds, Derpigun stopped bleeding.

“There,” Gale said. “That’ll keep her stable for now, but it’s not a permanent solution.”

“Thank you,” Rarifruit turned to the direction the explosion came from. “Let’s go.” Her horn was enveloped in a pink aura, and she disappeared and reappeared on a near by roof top. I took my head out of the window and looked toward its source as well. There, in the middle of the sky, was a portal to the void.

“How many portals is that today?” Gale asked me.

“Well, counting the one I used to get back home, that portal makes four,” I replied.

“Damn!” Gale said. With that, we all went towards the portal.

The Vortex soon spat out something big. Really big. And it seems to be made of metal. However, it wasn’t a machine and the metal was organic.

{Third POV}

Deathwing shook his head as he got back up. He recognized the town somewhat as ponyville but it wasn’t his ponyville. ‘Another Universe it seems.’ Deathwing got up as he realized he was in his full size. He looked around to find the Displaced who summoned him. “Hello?” Given his size his voice rang out across the world.

Deathwing had only been to another world once and made that mistake once. “Hello, any Displaced?” Suddenly, a blue bipedal figure flew into his vision.

“Hey man, down here!” it said. “Mind shrinking down?”

Deathwing used his powers to take on his Alicorn form. He then saw a group in front of him. Deathwing walked up to them. “Sorry but which one of you is Alduin?”

“That would be me,” I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and saw a dark grey dragon, with scales that looked like armor.

“A dragon displaced?” Deathwing raised an eyebrow. “I found your Tablet in my cave, I’m Neltharion the Earth-Wander, but I go by Deathwing.”

“Oh~ Another dragon…” I heard a mare moan. “I’m guessing you’d like to join the war as well…?”

“A war? What kind of war?” I ask. “Is that why Lee’s token seemed to go dark?"

“You know Lee?” the dark gray dragon asked.

“Yes, I summoned him along with a Displaced who went as Discord, I wondered what happened to him when the token started going dark.”

“His token has been shut down,” The white mare said. “There’s some time magic that damaged most, if not all, tokens of his. He was attacked, or will be attacked by Dark Folteren. The two spar, and Lee’s Twilight has third degree burns, damn lightning. Never liked it. She’ll be mostly ok, but the two are in a HUGE rivalry, and neither has stopped. To put it simple, they are bringing together Displaced to help them kill the other.” She finished with a flip of her mane.

“That war has ensured series of dark events,” the blue bipedal figure said. “You may not get killed, but it still won't be pleasant. However, we’re still joining because we want to protect our family.”

“Join at your own risk,” the dark gray dragon said.

Deathwing started to become mad as that. Suddenly, the wind picked up as if it obeyed a master, the ground started to shake the world over and it started to get hot. Really hot. The magma within Deathwing threaten to go all the way up to its maximum. Around him the wind earth and water flared with the heat. “I am going to drag Folteren into the very world’s core and burn his pitiful excuse of a life….” At last the world seem to shake as Deathwing gave a growl returning to his massive size! The Dragon gave a roar that seemed to break apart the very ground. “I will show him the World Given Form!”

“Nice!” the blue figure said. Everyone looked at him. “What?” The dark gray dragon rolled his eyes.

“Anyways, I believe proper introductions are in order.” he said as Deathwing began to shrink again. “I’m Alduiin.”

“I’m Gale,” said the blue figure. Then two black blobs came off of Alduiin and turned into baby versions of him.

I’m Plague!” said the first one.

I’m Amnesia!” said the second one.

The white mare stepped forward. “I am Rarifruit. The pleasure is all mine.” She punctuated this with a bow. “But if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a call.”

“Oh right,” Gale said. “I’ll get her.” He then walked to Sugarcube Corner.

Rarifruit turned around and trotted a little distance.

Deathwing turned to Alduin. “Well sorry about any damage I might have given the world.” Deathwing said to the other dragon. “Mind if I ask, what kind of dragon are you?”

“Well, I don’t think I'm a specific type, Alduiin said. “If you want to know my origins, I’m from Tamriel.”

“No!” Rarifruit cried. “I hope she isn’t too mad at me…”

“Who?” Gale asked as he came walking up, Derpigun slung over his shoulder.

“P-put her down! She doesn't like anyone touching her waifu!” Rarifruit said. She looked about ready to continue, but the sound of lightning cut her off.

“... And then he said, ‘Who da hay do you think I am!?’ And then I said, ‘I don’t give a flying feather who you are!’ Then he punched me in the face…” A metallic voice said.

“I don’t care about that! Derpigun’s having her first re-” A female demonic voice said, before stopping. A purple Alicorn and cyan Pegasus stood in front of the already big group of Displaced. The Alicorn glared at Gale.

“So anything you can do differently?” Deathwing asked Alduin.

“Well, I can shout,” Alduiin said. Suddenly they both heard a cry of fury. They both turned and saw that the purple Alicorn had tackled Gale. Two blades appeared in a purple aura, and she yelled.


“Whoa there!” Gale said. “I was just carrying her here. By the way, you should be thanking me. Had I not been here, Derpigun’s condition would have been much worse.”

“What are you talking about?” the purple alicorn asked.

“I turned part of myself into liquid metal and inserted it into her bloodstream,” Gale replied. “Now that liquid metal is regulating her organs’ functions, stopping the bleeding, making sure she doesn’t get any worse.”

The Alicorn uses her magic to pull Derpigun away from Gale. “Fine…”

A pale yellow Pegasus with a Dr. Susse hat, stepped forward. “S-sorry about Brutalight… She’s had a rough week…”

“It’s fine,” Gale said. “I would be too if I was on my period.”

The Alicorn was walking away until the word ‘period’ was said. “What. Did. You. Say?”

“S-she was a guy before she was Displaced!” The yellow Pegasus yelped quickly. And the purple Alicorn’s head started to smoke.

“I REGRET NOTHING!” Gale shouted as he charged up and took to the skies, flying away at high speeds. Until he was hit with a bolt of purple magic forced him into the ground.

“I’LL MAKE YOU!!!” Brutalight shouted. She was enveloped in a purple glow, and disappeared.

The yellow Pegasus stepped forward shyly. “I… I’m Fluttershout…”

A blue Pegasus with a dull rainbow mane flew up, “The names Rainbine! Remember it!”

An orange Earth Pony rolled her eyes, “Apple Pills…”

And a pink, straight maned Earth Pony started rolling on the ground. “And I’m Pinkis Cupcake! Can I lick your ear?” She was slapped on the back of the head by Rarifruit, Alduiin and Deathwing backed up.

“Wait,” Rarifruit said, “Why are all of you here?” The ponies looked around nervously.

Rainbine stepped forward. “Some idiot- I mean Apple Pills thought she saw a bottle of pills and opened up AssSpike’s cell.” Rarifruit face-hoofed.

“Well,” Alduiin began, “it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

“O-oh, th-thank you…” Fluttershout whispered.

“Sure thing! Rarifruit didn’t try to teach you about sewing, did she?” Rainbine said.

“I want some painkillers…” Apple Pills mumbled. They all then heard a loud boom and turned their heads towards the direction of Brutalight and Gale. Brutalight was flying in a panic as Gale was firing rockets at her

“THIS IS JUST LIKE DUCK HUNT!” Gale yelled like a mad man. His arm then changed into a REALLY big laser cannon.

“I’MA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!!!” He shouted. He then fired the laser at Brutalight and it completely engulfed her. When the laser stopped, Brutalight looked hurt, but mainly pissed off.

“You think that’s a laser!?” Brutalight shouted, and Rainbine flew up next to her. A large laser cannon appeared where Rainbine’s hooves were, and Brutalight’s horn glowed red. “THINK OF THIS AS YOUR OFFICIAL BANISHMENT FROM THE WAR!!!” The two blasted a large amount of energy that made the ponies on the ground fly when it made contact. A huge dust cloud formed and the two flying ponies landed on the ground. The dust the then started to clear. As it dissipated, they heard a noise. It sounded like a large amount of energy was gathering. When the dust was finally gone, they saw the source of the noise. It was Gale, charging up a huge amount of energy. As he did so, he looked at the two ponies in front of him.

“Impressive, I don’t usually have to do this,” Gale said in a deep, demonic voice. “Only a few people have witnessed this.” As he finished that sentence, the ground started to shake. Cracks formed in the earth, and pieces of dirt and stone rose into the air. He crossed his arms, then spread them apart, releasing a huge amount of energy, Blowing everything and everyone back. There was a bright flash of light and everyone had to avert their eyes. When the light faded, everyone looked back at Gale. He was standing there, but he looked different. Stronger, faster, smarter, and more head spines. Energy was flowing off of him like a fountain. He started to charge energy in his hand until Alduiin shouted at him.

“GALE STOP!” Gale looked at his brother. “If you continue this, you might really be banned from helping Lee with the war.” The energy in his hand then dispersed, and Gale reverted to his normal form. He looked at Brutalight who was seething.

“Alright fine, I’ll stop,” Gale said. He then said happily, “But after the war, I wanna continue this, I would love to see how you hold up against my true power.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen.” Brutalight mumbled. Rainbine pointed a hoof at her eyes, and then pointed Gale like: ‘I’m watching you’.

“There… n-now that th-that’s over-er with… Brutalight?” Fluttershout nudged the Alicorn.

“Fine… I’M SORRY PONYVILLE, FOR MAKING A REALLY COOL LIGHT SHOW!” The twins then came up to Gale.

Good first impression Uncle Gale!” Plague said.

"Yeah!” Amnesia said. Gale just shrugged and walked up to the twins.

“Yea well, self-defence,” Gale said nonchalantly.

“Is that normal?” Deathwing asked everyone there.

However another voice was heard. “I believe so, then again I never see over another displaced.” Standing there with a cloak covering every part of him reading a book was a guy. Deathwing had a flashback about something, about who this being was.

“Who’s that!?” Rainbine yelped as Brutalight picked Derpigun up, and left without a word. “Thanks…”

“Who am I? That can be answered by looking at mighty Deathwing here, both he and the Chaos entity are my more praised displaced.” The Cloaked guy said.

“Oh! He’s a Displacer like Time Spinner!” Pinkis yelled.

“It is the truth.” The cloaked guy looked at Deathwing. “Few displaced ever meet there displacer in person, as most have the asshole one as there displacer.”

The cloaked guy turned to Alduin. “Mind me asking, but could Deathwing learn a thu’um or two?”

“He’ll have to unlock the power first,” Alduiin said.

“It shouldn’t be hard, he is an elder dragon empowered by a race of elder gods in the warcraft mythos, he should be able to learn it just as you and the Dragonborn can.”

"I wish that were true, but a strange magical barrier keeps me from teaching any displaced how to shout until they learn one on their own,” Alduiin said. “But, I do have a way to make sure that can happen. You see, my token has multiple functions. One of them, is to teach the Unrelenting force shout when the displaced is in danger and could use that shout to escape or overpower that danger. Once that happens, then I can teach Deathwing how to use the Thu’um.”

“Very well,” Cloaked guy said. With a snap a portal opened up and Deathwing was tossed away into the void. “Good bye it was nice to meet you.” With that the cloak and him popped out.

“Well I think that’s enough excitement for one day,” Rarifruit said. “Come on everyone, we better get moving before ord Time Spinner forces us to come back.” With that, another portal opened up, and the mane-6 look-a-likes entered the portal, with Brutalight carrying Derpigun on her back.

“Bye everyone!”Gale said along with the twins. They all waved goodbye and the portal then closed. Alduiin sighed.

“I suppose you’re going home now?” he asked Gale. Gale shook his head.

“No way man,” he replied. “I haven’t seen you in a thousand years I think I’m gonna stay awhile.” Alduiin nodded

"Yay!” Plague and Amnesia cried. “We get to spend more time with uncle Gale!” And with that, they all walked back to Ponyville.

Author's Note:

Wow! That's a lot of displaced!!! The pony look-a-likes belong to brony parasite, and Deathwing belongs to NewUnitedEmpire. As always, thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed!

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