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I am a professional street nigga with a heart of kush. Honestly I kinda hate ponies, but I love 40k crossovers, if I do anything else you should know what to expect.

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Aww, thanks for joining our little group! >> Warhammer 40k Fics, Sermons and RPs. I hope to see you in the threads to join us in our weirdness! :yay:

272863 Yeah, I'm going to be volunteering for a while too, so no chance to get anything in. Also, lack of funds and processor for good games...

They're mostly just pick up games with bruvas who happen to be online at the same moment. Trying to get a routine set up, but classes started so it will be tough for a while.

272855 I have yet to be able to join our Bruvas in glorious combat/fuckery, but I severely wish to!


11th Company Commissariat. Fighting along side with 9th Company in Planetside 2 was amusing.

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