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A writer of many accounts. I've done writing before so I'm perfectly confident that I can bring wonderful stories to anyone who will take the time to read them.


Before doing anything, you might wanna read Cut Above The Rest by PyraFlare.

You've read the story. Treble Cleft's life wasn't all that bad. Sure there were problems here and there, but at the end of the day he was just part of a story that circle the multiverse for years to come.

But then, what would happen if we changed it up a little bit?

There's countless possibilities on what could possibly happen, and what we could add. But, why don't we skip the new random people that have some important purpose, or some legendary item is given to Treble at the beginning and get straight to the story you really want to see. What would happen...

... if we added a god?

Hey everyone! So Pyra and I are working on this story together. Why? Because we need an outlet for creativity. Or something, I don't know. Point is, we're going to have fun with this one. Hope you enjoy!

Sex tag is for mention of sex (not for a little while though. Or, maybe a while, not really sure) and a few sexual jokes (okay, probably more than a few, but you know what I mean).

Cut Above The Rest belongs to PyraFlare. (Or PyraFlare Bullet as he's calling himself now.)

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And let the mayhem begin!

Also, it says "dong" instead of "doing" in the AN

Also, it says Cleft instead of Clef in the description

Good start but there is one problem and not trying to rude though but in CATR Group in one of the rules it said

4. No special powers or anything like that, you are free to experiment with your story but no other worldly figures or super powers for you OCs, however they can be skilled in combat or use a certain weapon of you want

7167604 ...shit I did put that as a rule didn't I...

*dies half way through from laughter*

7167604 huh, I guess that's true. So, what does it mean when both admins are breaking one of their rules?


It's not specifically Vivi, just a random black mage. They were around in the first final fantasy game, and I liked the character, so a black mage was kind of my thing from then on.

7168000 might change it a little, maybe make a folder specifically for this type of story

7167993 Yeah... but Vivi's got a touch of cuteness on top of it all, that the generic Black Mages lack.

“Can’t… claw out eyes… fast enough!”

You are not Boomstick. Stop trying to be.

7170051 well I'm not meant to be cute. I'm meant to be funny.

7170626 So you admit that the Deadpool V Deathstroke Death Battle where you got the line?

Zodiac. U deserved that kick. Can't wait for more dude.

7171081 no, I just wrote it. I wasn't referencing anything.

7167993 Why did you choose that as a cover art?

Comment posted by Pokebrony2 deleted Jul 10th, 2016

Zodiac! You better be posting now! And I can't wait to see where this story goes.

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