A Displaced Machine

by Prince_Zodiac

Chapter Thirteen: Battle Between Machines

Chapter Thirteen: Battle Between Machines

Metal held a chaos emerald over Gales battered body and it glowed, sending a dark blue aura over him and repairing the damage from the battle. Metal shook his head and placed the chaos emerald back in his magic satchel.

"One thing you never do in a fight is exert all of your energy on one attack or form, a lesson I learned from Dragon Ball." Gale sat up and shook his head to get rid of his dizziness.

“Yeah, but that’s not as fun. Besides, it’s okay to do an all out attack if it’s the last attack in the fight.” Metal just rolled his eyes. Twilight had once again used a healing spell on Sonic, and he was back in prime condition.

“That was AWESOME!” Sonic, along with Metal, helped Gale up. “How do you have that much power? I remember me being able own you without a superform, so how’d you do so well?”

“That’s a little secret that I’m saving for my battle with Metal.” Everypony got back to the stands, Sonic joining them this time, and waited in anticipation.

“Alright everypony! This will be the final battle of our little tournament! Are you excited Spike?”

“Definitely Pinkie. From what we’ve been told, Gale is supposed to be the weakest of the three competitors. However, Gale was able to go toe-to-toe with Darkspine Sonic who, apparently, is stronger than Excalibur Sonic! Gale said that he was able to do this from a little trick up his sleeve that we hope will be revealed in this battle!” The crowed cheered and the two combatants took battle stances.

‘I wonder what Gale’s secret weapon is.’ Metal thought as he stared at his opponent.

‘I wonder how he’ll do when we break out the transformations.’ Gale thought, staring towards his target.

“Okay are you ready?” The two nodded at Pinkie’s question. “Alright! Three. Two. One. GO!” A gong sounded, and they charged. When the two were about to collide Metal used a last second quickstep to dodge and kicked Gale in the back full force and disappeared.

"What the?" Gale looked around but couldn't find Metal anywhere.

"Hey Gale!" Gale looked up to see Metal with a small purple orb in his hand. "If we're going to go all out, we're taking this fight to the zones!" The orb grew and enveloped them both. The audience gasped as they saw the two competitors had vanished.

"No need to worry folks, that's what the screen spell is for!" They all looked to the giant screen and watched Gale and Metal appear in a snow covered land.

"Where the hell are we?"

"Welcome to Ice Cap Zone Gale, one of my favourite levels ever created." While Metal was distracted Gale charged him and threw a punch, without looking Metal caught his fist with no resistance. "Tsk tsk, now Gale, don't you know it's rude to sneak up on people?" He spun his fist a few times before sending Gale flying into a mountain of ice which collapsed on top of him. "First Dashie hits the mountain, now you do, when will this cruel joke end?" He asked in a sarcastic voice.

Just then Gale appeared behind him and knocked him to the ground. He curled into a spinball and started sawing away at Metal. When he was done Metal was a pile of scrap. "Is that it?"

"HEY DANDYDICK!!!" Gale looked to see Metal on the side of a mountain. "YOU MISSED!!!" He dashed up the mountain side and hid himself.

Gale scowled and looked down to see only a wooden dummy with a note saying 'You're too slow' on it. "Is he seriously playing with me?" Gale dashed towards the mountain and slammed his fist into it, causing large blocks of ice to fall towards him. He smashed the ones that were about to fall onto him, when he crushed the last one Metal was on the other side and pounced on Gale.

Metal pinned Gale down and started punching him face repeatedly. Gale kicked him off and punched him in the chest, then hitting him with a spindash, damaging his engine. Metals staggered and looked at his damaged body. He looked around and saw a snowboard by a hill. 'Gonna take some time for this to repair itself, gotta buy some time.'

Metal ran over to the board and started running towards the hill, Gale tried to catch him but got a snowboard to the face. Metal threw the board into the air and jumped onto it, zooming down the mountain. "This is the most fun I've had in a while!"

Metal kept an eye out for Gale as his body slowly repaired itself. 'Good thing I scanned the healing ability from Deadpool, otherwise I'd be done for.' His body now fully healed, he shot down the mountain and off a ramp, doing a few tricks only to be caught by Gale and thrown into the ground. "CHEAP SHOT!!!"

Gale looked down to see another purple ord expanding.

Gale looked around at the fiery city he was now in.

"Welcome to Crisis City Gale, make sure to watch out for the fire tornadoes!" Metal rushed and kicked Gale off the edge of a broken highway and into a large twister of flames.

Gale regained his footing and flew up to face Metal with a serious expression. "Why are you not taking this seriously, and how the hell does your body heal like that?!"

"Like I'd tell my foe that. To answer your first question, I am taking this seriously, I'm just...using an odd tactic is all, you'll figure it out eventually." Metal curled into a spin dash and shot towards Gale, who backhanded the ball of spikes into a building. "Ow..." With that, Metal disappeared.

"How the hell, he's not using Chaos Control, he's using a separate technique."

"Allow me to explain something." Metals voice was echoed a and it came from nowhere. "You see, you and I may share similar abilities such as the copy ability, but mine are more advanced. You have to physically see a technique to scan it, I can scan memories. Although the attacks are weaker if I do this, but it's still enough to cope with."

"So what you're saying is..."

"...I can copy any move or ability I've seen without actually seeing it happen right in front of me in reality. If you're familiar with the anime One Piece you should know of the Shave ability, it's like instant teleportation but it requires physical movement of a body part." Gale knew what this meant. Metal could strike at him at a random moment, or just get to a higher vantage point.

‘He can’t hide his power though, especially if he’s being powered by chaos drives.’ Gale closed his eyes and concentrated. Pretty soon, he could see the world again, but everything was fuzzy and blue. Well, except for one thing. Metal. He was fuzzy and red, standing out in contrast with his surroundings. Metal tried to rush Gale from behind, but it was in vain. Gale lifted up his arm, then shot it backwards, elbowing Metal in the face. Metal flew back, now out of the teleportation, and hit a nearby highway. The overhang collapsed, and Metal went with it. Metal soon got out of the rubble and floated into the air.

“How in the hell?”

“Energy scanners,” Gale replied while tapping his head. “You can do what you want, but I’ll always be able to sense your power source.” Metal grimaced. If that was true, then Gale would always know where Metal was on the battle field. He shook his head and charged at Gale with a spin dash. He hit his target square in the chest, and Gale was sent flying into a nearby building, causing part of it to collapse on him. Gale quickly got out of the rubble, and grinned (well, he would have if he had a mouth). Gale closed his eye once more, and systems started to go off.


“Full battle systems?” Metal didn’t have time to wonder what this meant because as soon as Gale opened his eyes again, he was gone. Metal looked around in surprise trying to find Gale. Gale reappeared right behind him and kneed him in the back.

“GAH!” Metal cried. Gale drew back his leg, put his hands together, and slammed them onto Metal’s head, sending him rocketing down to the ground below. There was an explosion from the collision, and dust rose up. Gale watched as the dust cleared. Once it did, he saw that Metal was looking straight up at him.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that.” Gale chuckled.

“Like I said, I’m full of surprises.” Metal started to think.

‘Okay, it seems that when the fight started he wasn’t giving it his all. I wasn’t either, but I still didn’t expect him to be this good when he started trying. If I’m going to defeat him, I need to wear him down. Then, I’ll use the chaos emeralds and finish him for good.’ Metal nodded at his plan. It seemed to be pretty solid. Then he remembered something.

‘Wait, what about that hidden power? Marx said that Gale had a little trick that would allow him to use that power and if he does that could spell trouble for me. I mean, alone right now he can become stronger than Super Sonic. I can too when I go super, because I utilize all of the power Sonic doesn’t use or can’t use as well as the power he can control. That makes me more than twice as strong, but if Gale uses that hidden power his strength will be on par with mine. I need to be careful.’

Metal rushed forward and attacked with a spin dash. Gale just lifted up his arm and blocked it like he had with Sonic’s, not moving an inch. He pushed Metal back, but Metal had been hoping he would. The moment Metal was pushed back, he uncurled and fired a laser straight at Gale. Gale reacted rather quick though, and teleported away from it. He reappeared right behind Metal and attempted to punch him. Metal however turned around and caught the punch, and made a swing of his own, which Gale caught.

"Something I learned from anime, the opponent always teleports behind the main character." The two struggled against each other attempting to dominate their opponents. When neither could overpower the other, they leaped away and glared. Gale was the one to rush forward this time. He threw a punch, which Metal dodged. Metal threw his own fist, but Gale dodged. The two started to throw their attacks at one another. However, neither could land a solid hit. The attacks were either dodged, or blocked by another attack. This went on for a few moments until they both punched with all of their power, causing a massive explosion. They separated and glared at each other. Suddenly, Metal smiled.

“Well, it’s seems that this battle is getting serious. I was planning something else, but it appears I'll have to change to plan B." Metal held up the purple orb again and it expanded, swallowing them both up.

When the darkness cleared, Gale looked around. He was now in a place in the sky, with ruins floating all over the place.

‘Where the hell are we now?’

“Welcome to the Sky Sanctuary!” Gale turned to see Metal floating behind him. “I thought this would be an appropriate place for our final battle.” Gale nodded.

“Well, what are we waiting for?”

“THIS!” As soon as Metal said that the chaos emeralds surrounded him and began to orbit around him at high speeds. Soon, they fused with him, and there was a bright light. Once the light cleared, Gale looked back at his opponent. Metal had gone super. He became all golden, and Gale noted the difference in his power.

Suddenly, he was gone. Gale tried to pinpoint his location, but Metal beat him to it. Metal appeared right behind Gale, and kicked him, sending Gale forwards. He teleported in front of Gale and attacked again, sending him in a new direction. This kept happening and to the onlookers, it looked like a game of high speed pinball. After getting smacked around for a while, Gale was punched straight into one of the ruins, which collapsed right on top of him. Metal just floated there, knowing the battle was not yet over. Suddenly, there was a quake. Then another, then another. The rubble that had landed on Gale was blown away, and Gale was revealed to be charging up power. Metal noticed the rapid growth of his power. His strength had skyrocketed, and was still going.

‘Is this what Marx was talking about? Is this his trick to obtain that power?’ Metal could only watch in shock as Gale glowed white. There was a bright flash and Metal had to avert his eyes. The light disappeared, and Metal looked back at his opponent. Gale had changed.

Gale was still blue, but now he was a bit bigger, had more head spikes, and just seemed more, complete. Metal was shocked. Gale had achieved his super form, without the use of the chaos emeralds.

'WHAT THE HELL? How can he become that powerful without the use of the chaos emeralds?’ Gale smirked.

“Weren’t expecting this were you?” His voice had become noticeably deeper, making him all the more intimidating.

“How in the hell?”

“Simple, the power I was given by the tree of harmony was just enough to push me over the edge and allowed me to obtain my super form without the chaos emeralds.”


“I tell you the rest later, for now, let us continue to see who is stronger!” Gale was suddenly gone. Metal didn’t even have time to wonder where he went because a kick from behind sent him forwards. He went flying through some of the ruins, causing them to collapse. Metal straightened himself out and thought.

‘Good thing this world’s version of the master emerald is still here. I may have to use it if things get ugly.’ Metal flew out of the ruins and went after Gale. He threw a punch, and Gale dodged. He threw another, same result. Metal kept attacking, Gale kept dodging. It was as if he wasn’t even trying. Suddenly, Gale brought up a knee, and nailed Metal in the stomach, shocking him so he would stop his attacks. Gale then punched Metal in the face, and sent him soaring again.

‘Time for a little revenge.’ Gale flew after Metal and started to throw him around with punches and kicks, once again playing high speed pinball. Except this time, Gale was the pins, Metal was the ball. Just before Gale was going to hit Metal agian, Metal recovered and nailed Gale in the face. Metal smirked, then looked in horror when he saw Gale’s head had only moved to the side a little.

“Hmph, I almost felt that one.” He reeled his fist back. “Almost.” He slammed his fist into Metal, sending him into another ruin. A huge dust cloud formed, and Gale just watched it. Once it cleared, Metal was standing there, not looking as damaged as he should be.

‘Near invincibility, forgot he had that.’ Metal just glared at Gale.

“How are you this strong?”



“Look, when you were offline did you have those battle simulations training you?” Metal nodded. “Well, I had them too. But, there’s one difference between you and I. You had those simulations for a decade. I had them for centuries.” Now Metal understood. It wasn’t that they had a huge difference of power, it was that Gale had been using his super form for a much longer time. Not only that, but it seemed that he was able to use this form at any given time due to the fact that he didn’t need the chaos emeralds to turn into this form. Metal could be in trouble. But, he had a back up plan. All he needed to do was find the master emerald. Then, he would be able to put his plan into action. However, he didn’t exactly know where it was, and chances were that Gale was able to sense its power, so he could be driving him away from it. Metal grunted.

“I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU!” He formed two blades in his hands and charged. Gale formed his laser blades from his knuckles and charged as well. They clashed blades, and began slashing at each other, their blades clashing each time. This went on for a few moments until Metal actually landed a pretty good hit, sending Gale flying. Gale recovered pretty fast though, and the fight continued. They kept trading blows, and soon Gale started firing lasers. Metal combated the lasers with his own.

‘This is bad. I can feel the emeralds start to lose power, but as far as I can tell, Gale’s just getting started! I need to find the master emerald now!’ Metal took off, leaving Gale to wonder what he was doing.

“Where in the hell is he going? Unless… no. NO! If he finds the master emerald I’m screwed!” Gale charged after him. By this point, Metal had gotten used to the emeralds power once again, and was now flying away at high speeds, easily breaking the sound barrier. He flew around in his desperate search.

‘Gotta find it gotta find it gotta find it!’ After a few moments of searching, he sensed the familiar energy. He rushed to it, but Gale blocked his path.

“Ah ah ah.” Gale said while shaking a finger in a “not so fast manner.” Metal just yelled in fury and tackled Gale right into another ruin. Gale kicked him off and blasted him with a laser. They started trading blows again. Whether it was through punches, kicks, lasers, or swords, they just kept fighting. After a few moments, Gale rushed Metal and slashed him with his swords, sending him flying, right to the master emerald.

“SHIT!” Gale tried to get to Metal, but he was too late. Metal got up and stood on top of the master emerald, and started to take in it’s energy.

“You think you can beat me just like that? Well? DO YOU?! BECAUSE I ASSURE YOU THAT YOU CAN’T! YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!” There was a bright flash of light, and when it ended Metal had become a silver color. He drew his hands back, and started to charge up energy. Gale was shocked, but then started to do the same. As he did, he noticed something. Hyper Metal was so strong, that free energy flowed off of him like a fountain. Gale smirked. He took the free energy, and added it to his own as he started to charge up energy as well. After a few moments, they had built up huge lasers.

“AHH!” Metal fired off his attack.

“AHH!” Gale did the same. The two attacks clashed, and forced against each other. There was a massive blast that swallowed the entirety of the sky sanctuary. Once the blast was done, both Metal and Gale could be seen floating in mid air, waiting for their opponents to fall. Suddenly, both of them returned to normal, and fell from the sky. A portal opened up, and they fell through. After falling through the void for a while, another portal opened up, returning them back to the field. They landed in front of the crowd, still unconscious.

"Well how about that folks, it's a draw!"

Author chuckled and put his hands in the air, bringing the chaos emeralds that had scattered around the world to him. "Don't want to have to stay here and look for these things."

"Yeah, I'm going to get sick of you eventually."

Author playfully punched Marx's shoulder and they turned to their broken displaced. Author set the emeralds around the two metal hedgehogs and they slowly repaired themselves. They both awoke at the same time and held their heads.

"So...who won?" The both asked in unison.

"You both did." They looked to see Sonic chuckling. "That was insane, it's a miracle you guys survived that."

They both looked at each other and sighed.

"Well, I think it's best if we both win, that way no one gets butthurt over who wins slash loses." Gale nodded and they shook hands. "You know, I actually planned to go dark super until you transformed."

"I honestly didn't expect Hyper Metal Sonic, I thought your master emerald was broken."

"That wasn't my master emerald, it was this world's master emerald, speaking of which." Metal pulled out the master emerald and gave it to Gale. "I don't need this thing and Sky Sanctuary was kinda destroyed in the explosion. I figured you could probably have use for this thing."

“Yeah probably. But wait, my world had a Sky Sanctuary? Damn it the place could have made an awesome base!”

“Well, we could repair it.” Gale turned to Marx.


“Yeah why not? We came here for damage control anyway.” Marx and Author lifted their hands to the sky. Gale looked up and saw that the Sky Sanctuary was rebuilt above them.


The three hedgehogs ran across the multiple platforms in the sanctuary, looking over all of it since they didn't have a chance to when they fought.

"Why do I feel at home here?" Gale asked to no one but Metal managed to hear it.

"It's likely because this is where your character is from. I felt the same way when Luna and I fought in Stardust Speedway, I just somehow knew where everything was."

Gale nodded and looked around until he saw a large circular platform, most likely where the Mecha Sonic Boss Battle was held in the games. "Looks like we found my new place."

Sonic latched onto Metals legs as they all flew over to the platform. Once they were there they noticed a trap door in the middle of the platform. Metal lifted it off and revealed a small flight of stairs. They reached the bottom and Metal used his eyes like torches in the darkness. "Got a few rooms in here, put some lighting and furniture and you've got yourself a pretty sweet apartment."

"You guys up for a little construction of a man cave?" They all smirked and shot out of the door.

3 hours later

The three hedgehogs stood proudly in the centre of the apartment admiring their handy work. The place was now lit by glowing crystals that they found in a cave, after fighting some diamond dogs and crystal cats of course. The walls were dark blue and the floor glowed under each step. In one of the rooms sat a large couch with a large TV in front of it. They managed to find a PS4, Xbox One, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, NES, PS2 and 3, Xbox 360 and a Gamecube all from the multiverse. They had as many games as they could fit into a wall sized bookshelf.

There was also a bar in the next room, a portal for Metal and Gale to reach each other's worlds in the next. Metal wanted to have a sanctuary for him to hang out with other guys without worrying about some crazed lunatic or demon threatening the world, so they set up the portal in this world and when he got back he would set up his in a secret location.

In the last room Gale's capsule sat in the middle, with multiple glowing crystals surrounding it.

"Well boys, looks like our work here is done." The three of them nodded, proud with their work. They walked outside and up to the shrine. They had moved the master emerald’s shrine to here so Gale could keep an eye on it.

“Hey, do you think chaos will show up in my master emerald?” Metal turned to Gale.

“Nah, I don’t think so. I can’t sense his energy so I don’t think he’s in there.” Gale sighed.

“That’s good. I wont have to deal with that problem then.” Metal and Sonic nodded.

Just then Metal felt a pulse of energy. "Ohhhhhhhh shit....."


"I need to get back to my world, something's happened to Luna."

"Alright then, be sure to visit when you can." Metal nodded and a bright light enveloped him.

"Later you guys, and thanks for that battle. I should be able to learn more from it."

The light enveloped him and he vanished, leaving behind a copy of his token.

Celestia paced back and forth in worry, hoping her message got to Metal. Just then a bright light floated into the room, when it died down Metal walked up to her.

"Ok, what in the fuck happened?"