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As you can see, my name is above me, but you can call me Displace, for short. Anyway, I am looking for writers to help me out with my stories. Also, Hamster_Master, you are not permitted to be here.





Lord Blumiere/Count Bleck...

Four villains, four poor, confused as all hell humans, one convention that they should have never gone to, and one new planet...

What could possibly go wrong!?

Probably everything... Well, if they play their cards, right, that is.

Meet the four humans-turned-Mario-Villains. Adam Atamans, now Antasma, Iggy Indomite, now Dimentio, Faux Faw, now Fawful, and finally, Corban Cromswell, now Lord Blumeire/Count Bleck.

After buying missing items from their outfits from a particularly shady merchant (Antasma's bat bow, Fawful's glasses, Dimentio's gloves, and Blumiere's/Bleck's monocle), they were sent to the world of Equestria. Oddly enough, only two of them are bronies (but they have forgotten/are really frickin' good at pretending that they don't know)... the other two don't know what in the name of the Underwhere is going on.

Follow them on their adventure to see what trouble they get into!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 27 )

So, who likes the story so far?

And what do YOU want to see?

I'm all ears.~


Your welcome. Although, I was talking to MStar709 when I did this, so give them some credit, as well.

7430275 Wow, four greatest villains in the Mario and Luigi saga and they are former humans trapped inside the villain's bodies... I like it. I also like to see the look on every pony's faces in shock if they ever tried to fight them off.


Heh, that is true, although... I think they'd be a lot more scared than shocked if Adam were to get pissed from them picking on Faux or hurting him in any way, shape, or form...

While they might not know how to use their powers, Adam CAN go into Antasma's final form OUTSIDE the Dreamworld when pissed off. When he's in the Dreamworld, he is twice as strong...

May Grambi have mercy on their souls.


Oh, and what do ya think of the shocking thing Celestia said near the end?

7431018 Truthfully, I never expected Celestia to have a child that is actually Dimentio. Though I am quite confused on how that exactly it turned out since he was from Super Paper Mario , but I'll just let it slide so that it'll make more sense to me. Wonder how this'll turn out if she sees her child is not the one she knows about, but a human on the inside. I'm guessing that some people were having trouble of knowing if Dimentio is actually a boy or girl.

7430978 Yep, may Faust have mercy on their very souls. I also vote on Fawful and/or Antasma to take on Tirek.


Well, the DISPLACED Dimentio is male. The REAL Dimentio is female, it's just that only Luna, Discord, and Celestia now about this.


More like Faux having to be saved by Adam and Adam getting pissed off at Tirek, making Adam go into Antasma's Final Form...

7431192 Well at least I now know about it, though I do feel bad for Dimentio. I'm sure some other villains felt the same way that people get confused of what genders are they exactly.


Indeed. For example, the Boos could be males... or females. If they are ALL females (except King Boo), then that means that the only way for them to reproduce would be to...


Never forget that fawful is an amazing inventor, he has robots that can build more robots, which he built ALL ON HIS OWN! Please allow him to produce that army


Faux isn't as smart or ballsy as the real Fawful. He's ballsy enough to shoot Tirek in the eye and the hand, but not ballsy enough to do that.

7436486 I thought that his intelligence would be considered a power... sort of like how, if you have ano iron man displaced, he's automatically smart enough to build a new super suit. Or how all of the zerg displaced automatically know how genetics works. Even if the only knowledge he gained was in robotics, at least he would be able to do SOMETHING, and it would keep displaced lore, and power distribution, consistent

7436509 sorry for the typos on this one, i'm typing this on my phone


It's alright.

And it isn't necessarily a power, but Faux DOES have an IQ of 123, evident by the fact that Faux was able to repair a circuit breaker in Adam and his girlfriend's house when he was 11, and there's also the fact that Faux was able to repair Iggy's prototype robo-dog when he was 11 1/2, and THEN there was the time where Faux helped repair Corban's old Wii U and Nintendo 3DS XL when he was 12.

Something i noticed from the cover is they have a severe lack of legs


Well, that image was from before Adam decided to cosplay as the real Antasma. Originally, he wanted to cosplay as a ghostly variant of him. They made the cosplay and everything, but now, it's just collecting dust... thankfully, Adam's girlfriend is using it for Halloween and the like.

They also did a picture of it and they had Adam wear green pants so that it looked like Adam was a ghost.


Ok, so, I might, keyword MIGHT, make Fawful's intelligence a power, but only when Faux either A. Meets the REAL Fawful (Blumiere and Corban have the same body, but they are two different people, so there are going to be the real versions of already existing characters, like Adam and Antasma), or B. He finds out how to make them... their Equestria, and their Equis, for that matter, are not that advanced... well, sort of... Twilight did have a couple of machines before Tirek destroyed the library and almost everything in it, but still...


Oh, and by the way, Antasma, in later chapters, hints that Dimentio was the twin of Dimensio, one of the heirs of the Tribe of Darkness, before he went mad due to his parents sacrificing themselves to save eveyrone, but Dimentio was kidnapped when they were just 1 year old.

They were kidnapped by a force from the future (speculated to be the Nightmare or the Tantabus)... or another realm or reality...

However, this force dropped off the kidnapped Dimentio at the Castle of the Royal Sisters, 1,030 years ago...

30 years after Dimentio was dropped off, they would soon become Prince/Princess Dimentio of Equestria...

Good chapter. One small thing though, please don't take this as an insult, Antasma's accent is slavic. I looked it up and as far as I know it's stated that it's slavic.



Isn't that similar to Russian?

I know this from Jarillo, the Slavic/Russian God of War...

7516756 i know you do a lot of things but i wish you focused more on this. never the less keep upp the good work.

Just passing over here to announce that TheDisplacerOfEquestrias has lost access to his account. Long story short, he's not recovering it back anytime soon. He has, however, an active account in FanFiction.net you can contact him with, it runs under the same username and all: TheDisplacerOfEquestrias.

Sorry for the inconveniences this might have caused.

Nevermind that, he's back now :) .

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