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As you can see, my name is above me, but you can call me Displace, for short. Anyway, I am looking for writers to help me out with my stories. Also, Hamster_Master, you are not permitted to be here.


Legends... beings, events, or places that are incredibly well known and historic for battles, deadly endings, or unnatural phenomenon...

... and yet they are all proven to be true, one way or another.

However, Equestria, nor Equis, for that matter, is ready for the newest living legend...

Who is this legend, you ask?

(Chuckles darkly...) YoU'lL hAvE tO sEe FoR yOuRsElF, wOn'T yOu?

((Note: Listen to "God Syndrome" by Madame Macabre and put it on repeat while reading.))

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i like it, huge fan of terraria, one question tho. . . do you plan on involving any "players" from the game?

I'm hoping to see....(pause for dramatic effect) the hard mode bosses actually help the ponies.



You mean the ones you create in the game?

Of course I plan to do that.

In fact, I'm willing to include your Terrarian Players... and even your own NPCs...


Oh, they will.

He will make sure of that...

However, the Hardmode Bosses, and the other bosses, will mistake the ponies as those that want to cleanse the Corruption...

However, I got a question...

Who or WHAT do you think should be the Main/Major villains of this story?

And no, the Moon Lord and/or the Cultists are not the MAJOR villains... they are the minor villains.


Anyway, I need some help on finding the Terrarian of this story a theme song/music piece... something that is from Terraria, but isn't one of the original music pieces... something that is dark, mysterious, and a little bit... Corrupted.

Also, whoever guesses which Terrarian is in this story and is spreading the Corruption correctly, I will allow them to choose how the story goes next: a fight with Discord, Luna, Celestia, Twilight, and Cadance, or what starts out as a fight... only to be stopped by a mystery being of their choice...

The answer lies in one of the chapters of The Newest Displacer... I won't say which, though...


I'll update faster when I don't have over 50 dislikes on The Newest Displacer.

eagerly waiting for more:pinkiehappy:



Although, I need help...

You see, I'd like for the Terrarian Lord to have his own theme song, but I need lyrics for him.

I definately like the idea, but it's a bit rushed and chaotic. Maybe slow the pace a bit, and add more explanation to everything that's happening? Hope to see more :)





7537473 Well I certainly wouldn't call myself an editor, so it's a bit difficult for me to explain, but it seems a lot of the plot is a bit forced much too quickly to fit into one chapter. And this is just a personal preference, so ignore it if you want, but i think you may be personifying the antagonists a bit too much, much too quickly. You should try a bit more world-building before you do that. The Terrarian seems more crafty than anything else from the way he talks, and he would take things slowly. Watch the ponies go about their business before raining destruction upon them all. Hope this helped at all!


Thanks, but there is one problem:

The Terrarian Lord is not in fact the big bad bad guy that everyone pictures him to be. He only appears this way because his wife was taken away from him 1,250 years ago... he has yet to find her. He was almost driven insane by this, and being imprisoned CERTAINLY didn't help his sanity!

He's only trying to find his wife, but the ponies keep getting in the way... but that won't stop him...

7540151 Well I certainly like the sound of that! I wish you luck on getting those upvotes. You certainly got one from me!

Ok, so, I decided to give you all an example of what The Terrarian Lord himself would sound and what his voice would be like if he were in real life, along with a bit of a bio towards three of his emotions at the moment...

What does he sound like?

Well, he sounds like Ashe in Madame Macabre's song: God Syndrome.

A voice filled with mystery, slight insanity, and also a few certain emotions... Fury, Chaotic Joy*, and my personal favorite... slight Distrust.

What are the three emotions he feels at the moment?

1. Fury. He wants to unleash his fury upon those that trapped him (Discord, Selena, and Solaria), but he knows that if he does, he will be hunted down, and so will those that he wants to protect... he ISN'T the last Terrarian, after all...

2. Slight Insanity. However, he is also slightly insane, but only to the point where he feels almost NO PAIN. He's like the Joker in terms of pain tolerance! Because of this, he is chaotically joyful when fighting, loving when he gets hurt, loving it when he gets stabbed- he LOVES the adrenaline a fight gives him. That, along with how many times he's hit, no matter HOW many times he's slashed, stabbed, lit on fire, electrocuted, etc., he will ALWAYS get back up, not even getting fucking TIRED!

3. Slight Distrust. And finally, he distrusts the ponies... but only slightly... 1,111 years he waited to be freed from the prison that Discord, Selena, and Solaria trapped him in... over the years, he grew hateful towards them, but after finding Curseioux in his sword, the True Night's Edge, he stopped hating... and he began to tolerate them. Sure, he's not willing to let up his secrets or his past, but he can still tolerate the ponies... oddly enough, he gets along just fine with the other races, ESPECIALLY the Changelings... Queen Chrysalis knows him VERY well... she was the first one to know about his past, and what he has been trying to do for the last 1,250 years...

So yeah, that's him...

Question, boys:

If Lord Darkness were part of the DC Universe and was part of one the Lantern Corps, what ring would he have, or would he have multiple... or would he have his own Lantern Corp?

wow uh was not what i was expecting at all

7738946 7676534
Just passing over here to announce that TheDisplacerOfEquestrias has lost access to his account. Long story short, he's not recovering it back anytime soon. He has, however, an active account in FanFiction.net you can contact him with, it runs under the same username and all: TheDisplacerOfEquestrias.

Sorry for the inconveniences this might have caused.

Nevermind that, he's back now :) .

7547868 Waow........:rainbowderp::twilightoops:*sweat rolls down brow* I guess my current almost endgame character would have his hands full with this one? Ooh! Can you ad my character? I have an excellent build and all that!! I've fought and defeated all bosses except for Ocram, and I'm currently working towards perfecting a pumpkin moon farm! Send me a PM if you're interested!

Holy shite!!! Gryphons and changelings live to be OOOOOOOLLLLLDDD!!!!!

Hey, is the lord of purity allied, or against, the other dude?


Allied. Every Terrarian Lord is allied with each other... that, and they are best friends.


Although, after being trapped in their temples for so long, the Terrarian Lords assume that the others are dead, specifically, each other. Like Lord Blanka thinks Lord Darkness is dead, when he really isn't. Although, Lord Darkness CAN sense their life forces, like how a Lucario can sense Auras and see the Aura of others. Their life forces are still around, still strong and powerful, even when they're kilometres apart, so Lord Darkness knows they're alive, because if their life forces were gone, they would be dead. And before you ask, Lord Darkness is the ONLY Terrarian Lord that has this and can use it.

Okay, for those that are still reading this/waiting for a new chapter, the new chapter will unveil the next Terrarian Lord, but, there will be a poll for which one I'm doing next.

Note that I've already showed two of the five Terrarian Lords that are mine. The ones that have been submitted by you guys will not be appearing for a while.

If any of you have questions on what the three Terrarian Lords are the rulers of, respectively, then I will gladly explain in a private message. Although, the first Terrarian Lord might give you a clue as to what he rules over.

Here you go, boys.

Whats with all the elipsis (triple periods)?

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