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As you can see, my name is above me, but you can call me Displace, for short. Anyway, I am looking for writers to help me out with my stories. Also, Hamster_Master, you are not permitted to be here.


Medics are usually depicted as your best friend on the battlefield. They care for the sick, the dying, and the injured. They stay back from the action to avoid dying, and they are the most useful in wars.

Well, for this Medic, most of that isn't true.

Meet the Medic Bot, a German Robot that does not care for the sick and dying, does not stay away from the action, and is the enemy's worst frickin' nightmare.


Because Fuck you, that's why!

((Note, this is Anime MLP, not just anthro MLP.))

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"CoMe On, WoRk, DaMn YoU!"


"... FuCk It. I'lL tRy AgAiN tOmOrRoW..."

"HmM? aH, hElLo! My NaMe Is W.d. GaStEr, Ex-RoYaL sCiEnTiSt, At YoUr SuRvIcE."

"HmM? yOu WaNt To KnOw HoW i GoT hErE? wElL, tHaT's A fUnNy StOrY..."

((And before anyone asks, no, this is not just an Equestria Girls story. If I do have a story and it has the tag of "Equestria Girls" on it, then it will be crossing over/merging with the normal Equestria... besides, the likelihood of me doing a story that's JUST focused on Equestria Girls is in the same likelihood of there being a Friendship is Manly 3... or 4. Or 5... Solaris Damn it, I jinxed myself.))

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Legends... beings, events, or places that are incredibly well known and historic for battles, deadly endings, or unnatural phenomenon...

... and yet they are all proven to be true, one way or another.

However, Equestria, nor Equis, for that matter, is ready for the newest living legend...

Who is this legend, you ask?

(Chuckles darkly...) YoU'lL hAvE tO sEe FoR yOuRsElF, wOn'T yOu?

((Note: Listen to "God Syndrome" by Madame Macabre and put it on repeat while reading.))

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Lord Blumiere/Count Bleck...

Four villains, four poor, confused as all hell humans, one convention that they should have never gone to, and one new planet...

What could possibly go wrong!?

Probably everything... Well, if they play their cards, right, that is.

Meet the four humans-turned-Mario-Villains. Adam Atamans, now Antasma, Iggy Indomite, now Dimentio, Faux Faw, now Fawful, and finally, Corban Cromswell, now Lord Blumeire/Count Bleck.

After buying missing items from their outfits from a particularly shady merchant (Antasma's bat bow, Fawful's glasses, Dimentio's gloves, and Blumiere's/Bleck's monocle), they were sent to the world of Equestria. Oddly enough, only two of them are bronies (but they have forgotten/are really frickin' good at pretending that they don't know)... the other two don't know what in the name of the Underwhere is going on.

Follow them on their adventure to see what trouble they get into!

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The final battle, between the evil machine known as Star Dream/The Mother Computer and the Heroine and Star Warrior of Popstar, Kirby...

Kirby, thanks to Meta Knight's help, has been able to fight Star Dream, but, suddenly, Kirby's old friends and old "enemies" appear, coming to her aid and helping her defeat this evil, once... and for all.

Or so they thought.

Before the final blow could be delivered, Star Dream used the last of her power (but not enough to end her for good) to teleport not only herself and Kirby and friends, but also the other planets and Popstar, to a distant Star System, far, far away from Popstar's Star System...

Where they landed up, you ask? Equis's Star System, of course!

Trapped in the new, foreign Star System, Kirby and friends must team up with the inhabitants of Equis to defeat Star Dream and her new allies...

Will they be able to defeat Star Dream's team, "The Universe's True Evils", or "T.U.T.E." for short? Or will they be destroyed at the hands of the Universe's newest evils?

Read on to find out what happens in Kirby's Newest Adventure!

(Note: This takes place in EX/2.0 mode, A.K.A. The True Arena. To put it simply, Kirby and her friends will end up on Planet 3QU1S, or Planet EQUIS, the home of many different species. Read on, will ya?)

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Oh, um... Hello. My name is Lewis... or at least, I think it is. I have arrived in this odd place known as Equestria, a continent filled with creatures known as Equines, or Ponies, if you prefer. The world I'm on, known as Equis, Midguard/Midland, or Equus, is also home to Changelings, Griffons, Dragons, and other creatures, some of which are entirely alone in terms of species, like the "God of Chaos" (God of Chaos my ass), Discord, the Draconequus... then there's the Hydras, the Timberwolves, the Manticores, and also the Cockatrices, which I'm immune to, surprisingly... I thank my poltergeist-y-ness... which also kept me from getting controlled by Discord... Anyway, I'll explain what I can remember from my past as much as I can...

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