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Knight of Crows

"Why would I need the army when I can literally throw the entire armory at you?" Anyone with powers like Noctis or Archer and Gilgamesh.


I decided to watch an anime that had been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and later play the game if only for old times sake, but when I called it a night I woke up surrounded by guards as the main character with a certain sword and it's other pieces. Hopefully I didn't get his habit of being short on money with this transformation.

In celebration of Orphen's 25th anniversay and reboot this year, I loved this show and the game as a child (looking back the game was meh).

Taking place during season 3.

Highly recommended you watch the first series to avoid the heavy spoilers early in the story, or watch it's remake this year.

Title still a WIP. Was originally called "Outcasted Sorcerer".

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 7 )

seems good have to keep an eye this loved the anime along side S-cry-ed :P both really good animes :D never played that game tho didn even know that there was a game base on that anime o.o

Find playthroughs on youtube or try to find it cheap on something like Steam and play it yourself.

It wasn’t great. It was a PS2 launch title so it felt rushed, voice acting wasn’t bad though.

here's one https://www.mangareader.net/orphen
that's one site and here's anther fanfox.net/

Thank you, hopefully that covers most of the first series at least.

Just finished reading, I feel like there was a lot of missing content, partially because of the major cliff hanger and Orphen and Cleo are supposed to get married and have 3 kids later. Was that not released in America or is the sight just missing several chapters?

you would need the officeiel site

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