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Nightshade was a special case. 10 years ago, he discovered that he held powers over smoke and embers, triggered after an accident that unlocked his Conduit genes. Genes he inherited from his ancestor, Delsin Rowe. After 10 years of practice, he has mastered the 'gifts' revealed to him as a mere child. Today, on his 18th birthday, he is on the train to Ponyville, to start a new life there and to continue his training. But he doesn't know of the other 'gifts' he inherited from his ancestor, nor of the new ones he'll get.

Get ready Equestria, cause the Heir of the Conduits is here, but will he be a True Hero or will he be Infamous?

Rating T for now, might change, depending on how the story goes, if starts getting more.....Intense in a way, then it will change.

I don't own anything, except Nightshade

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I recongnize conduits from the infamous series, and smoke and ember powers from Infamous Second Son, but is this just a general crossover or a specific crossover from a specific game?

Edit: After reading the first chapter, I love the Idea, but grammar does need to be worked on, keep at it though, looks like a great story.

4823199 its like a crossover from second son, except I made an oc pony base of on Delsin a bit

4823812 hey be patience, its my first story, cut me some slack

4824092 well no, my native tongue is Spanish, so sorry for the bad grammar, but like I said, first story and for right now am, fixing the grammar, but like I said, be patience with me, first story I write here and am trying my best, just like every other one here that post their first story

4824127 if I was you I'd quickly say that you own nothing besides Nightshade, or you'll have copyright issues

4845266 thanks, being a bit busy, that i didn't notice

Great job! I love Infamous and I'm excited to see an MLP crossover. :twilightsmile:

YES AN IMFAMOUS SECOND SON CROSSOVER.... HUZZAH I will be reading this story till its complete... awesome

4967185 this cona be good cant wate for more

4967185 cant what for mor and in whatever derecton you tack this you shold make a sister story where he does the oppisit

Please go Good Karma, and does he only have Smoke?

Where is the story you based this off of? I want to read it.

5364112 this is all my idea, after playing Second Son and it also came from my own story I made on Fanfiction and no smoke isn't the only one he'll have, a few I had in mind and some of the original from the game, to give it a classic look, but I'll be adding new one's I have in mind

5361321 I was thinking about it actually, after am done with this one, thought of an alternative for bad Karma, maybe a Sequel

A conduit in Equestria? What could get better?
So far this one is good for only one chapter, I'll be looking after this for a long while.
*Thumbs up*



5543519 it's on the way and a special surprise added to the mix

Really like that you went with Barbara rather than Spike. Still, I wonder how he'd interact with the girls throughout the adventure.

5554614 you and everyone else will see my friend, I have big plans for them and depending on my OC's choices will affected them, for better or worse, who knows? stick around to find out :derpytongue2:

5554627 I really hope the next chapter comes soon. Odds are this is going to make my sound like a pervert, but what's Rarity's size? It didn't appear on the description.

5554699 really? dammit!!! I knew I forgot something *runs out the door*

5554732 I am just wating for shit to hit the fan and delson and the others to have to save them.


all the main spike is replaced by Barbara?:rainbowhuh: I feel a shipping or a harem coming up:pinkiesmile:

5555606 heh, your close to both of them, but just wait and see :ajsmug:

very interesting~ thought I don't see any Karma there, is he on Good Karma? or not yet?

5579495 I'll add a Karma choice in a soon to be chapter and ALL of you will decided his faith of Savior or Destroyer

5585546 thanks

5586868, but since he didn't join her, he picked good karma. (I'm way to much of an infamous nut.)

5587354 hey, it's like the game, am giving him two choices, to extends the readers as well, from good to evil, from the votes, I'll pick the choice, since you already said good and I bet will say good, that's one vote for good

5587375, and quick question, why doesn't he have Neon, video, or concrete like Delson?

5587378 well like Delsin, he first started with smoke and during the game, he slowly got those, but here I need to find a way for each one, but I can find a way to add them, plus I got in mind new one's or replacement in case, but if not, he'll have those and new one's

This is good and pretty well written for someone who's natural language is Spanish I'll keep an eye on this for sure.

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