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Equestria's Heir of Conduits - Akuma Kazama

They say they were a legend, but one survive and now his son will take his place, to show them that they were never monster they thought they were, but he'll show them, he isn't but with they choices he make's will change the course of

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Chapter 1: A Conduit's Arrival (Edit)

The low rumbling sound of a train and the conductor’s voice could be heard. “Alright, last stop: Ponyville.” A pair of orange smokey eyes opened for the world to see.

The owner of the eyes, Nightshade, was an Earth Pony Stallion, 6 foot 9, light grey, almost a color of ashes, with black mane and tail in an unkempt style with red tips. He wore a black and red plaid shirt, skinny jeans, Eris black sneakers, a black sweatshirt with a hood was on the other side of him, next to the sweatshirt was a sleeveless custom made jacket, on the back of the jacket was a two headed bird in a star position, one half red, the other blue.

Nightshade slowly got up and stretched his sleeping muscles, cracking his neck to the side. “Damn - Now I know why Sis said not to sleep in the cart section,” he said to himself. Nightshade looked towards the window to see the slightly modernized town of Ponyville in the distance.

He quickly put on his black sweatshirt and pulled the hood up, only his muzzle visible, then put on his trademark jacket. Searching one of his pockets, he found his phone. Checking the time, he then pulled a duffel bag out from under his seat, in which he had a few sets of clothes, some bits, his computer equipment and his Playstation 4, which he got for Christmas from his aunt. Nightshade then checked through the rest of his things to find his headphones, some games for his PS4, and his sketchbook.

Once he checked that everything was there, he pulled out a guitar case from under the seat. Opening it, he checked to ascertain his acoustic’s condition. Satisfied, he closed the case and sat on his seat, waiting to get into town and to find the house his mother got him. His eyes softened a bit, remembering that day. His father died in a car crash, his mother and sister were the only others to survive unharmed. Shortly afterwards, they were admitted to a Manehattan hospital, but they were surprised to find Nightshade’s whole body covered in smoke, ash and orange embers. At first they panicked, but they couldn't find any burns, nor could any other injuries be found on his body. His aunt, who had come to visit, was shocked at what she saw, and after that their aunt took them in and helped them in any way she could.

A soft smile appeared on his face, as he remembered what his aunt said.

-10 years ago-

Nightshade was in his aunt's library, looking around awe in all the books surrounding him- as a child, it seemed to tower above him. He turned his head the left and saw his aunt with a book. “Night, sweetie, come here,” she asked in an elderly voice. Nightshade complied and went to his aunt.

He took a seat next to her and saw the book in front of them, he read the title ‘Family Tree’. His aunt looked towards him and said “Nightshade, what am about to show and tell you is one of our family secrets, so promise me, you won't tell anyone except your mother and sister.’ Her voice was serious, and so Nightshade nodded his head in understanding.

So his aunt went on to explain what he was; a Conduit and what that was, and the descendant of one of the most noble ones at that: Delsin Rowe. She explained how there were humans in Equestria before, and how this lone Conduit, helped everyone to coexist together, about how he fell in love with a mare and had a family, his good deeds, his powers and everything else.

Nightshade was in admiration and awe at all of this. He looked down at his hand, smoke and embers dancing and swirling around his hand and arm. He clenched his fist, determination in his eyes and with one thought in mind. ‘I’ll make you proud Delsin... and my family too.’

-Present day-

Nightshade had trained his powers since then, improving them as much as he could, discovering new ways to use his abilities; he even made some for magic tricks. And on his 18th birthday, he decided to move to Ponyville. He also learned that he got his powers from his father’s side, to which he would promise to use them, in his memory and honor.

He gave a heavy sigh, which made a smoke ring came out of his mouth, in the shape of a star with two eagle heads. Giving a slight smirk, he quickly absorbed the smoke, luckily before a conductor came asking for his ticket. Nightshade gave him the ticket, to which the stallion ripped it in half, giving him the other half and wished him a nice day.

A few minutes later, the train slowed down as it approached a station. “Last stop Ponyville, please wait for us to stop and remember to take your belongings. Have a nice day.” After that, Nightshade got up, scooped up his duffel bag and guitar case.

He got off the train with the crowd of people that came to Ponyville. After getting clear of the crowd, he put down his duffel bag and pulled out a piece of paper to see where his new house was. Seeing how low the sun was in the sky, he remembered the the Sunset Celebration was tonight. He quickly asked around for direction and the time of the celebration before setting off to find his new home.

Exploring a little, he found the Town Hall as a landmark, he checked the note again, then looked around for a while until he found the two story house he was meant to find. Approaching it slowly, still looking around with a slight feeling of nervousness, he unlocked the door with the keys he had been given then quickly got inside, closing the door behind him quickly. “Ah... Home, sweet home” Nightshade said, a content smile on his face.

He explored the house for a bit, and after that he set up his game system on the living room, his guitar case in his new office/music room and his duffle bag in the master bedroom, he then decided to take a quick and refreshing shower, after the long trip. After that, he went to his duffle bag, grabbing a grey shirt with his star logo on the left side, loose fit black jeans, a pair of black converse all-star, he rolled the sleeves on the shirt up to his elbow. He clipped his wallet chain tight and secure, grabbed his phone and checked himself in the mirror, deciding to let his hair down for a change.

Nightshade looked towards the window, seeing the night coming in. “Well, better hurry, don’t wanna miss seeing a goddess,” he said to no one with a light chuckle.

Nightshade made it on time to the Town hall, he got inside to hear the Mayor begin to address the crowd. "Mares and Gentlecolts! As Mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!" she said to kick off the celebration, which was met by a chorus of cheering. "In just a few moments, the town will witness the magic of the sunset, and celebrate this, as the longest day of the year!"

Nightshade felt a sudden change in the place, he looked toward a window and saw the moon had an image of a mare, but the image swiftly vanished, after four points of light merged into the moon.

"And now, its is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria..."

"R-Ready?" asked a light yellow pegasus mare to a flock of birds, the birds then began to sing a song "...Princess Celestia!" said the Mayor...
But the Princess did not teleport in. Ponies began to whisper, some were worried, others scared, but Nightshade still felt something was going to happen. 'This doesn't feel right' he thought "Please r-remain calm! There must be a reasonable explanation!" said Mayor Mare, trying to calm the crowd.

Suddenly, a large navy blue cloud resembling the night sky swirled up and became a tall Alicorn, similar to Celestia, but much darker, black in color. She stood around 7 feet tall, her mane was that of the cloud before her and the color of her pitch-black coat and wings. She also wore a light blue dress that show her impressive H-cup breast, the dress was cut on her left side that show a symbol that got his attention; a white crescent moon. Icy blue-green eyes with slitted pupils gazes over the crowd before they shut then the strange Alicorn stretched her wings out to their full length of 15 meters.

"Ah...it feels good to get out and stretch one's wings after a thousand year nap," joked the Alicorn to herself before addressing the crowd of stunned and horrified ponies. "Oh, my precious subjects! I've missed you... it's been far, far too long.." Everyone was froze in fear "What?" she asked in a regal, yet somewhat cruel, voice, "Has it been so long that my own subjects don't recognize me?"

"What'd you do with our Princess?!" demanded a rainbow maned Pegasus girl before trying to rush at the strange Alicorn, but an orange mare with stetson hat stopped her by grabbing her tail. "Am I not familiar to any of you? Has my imprisonment hindered your memories of the legacy of the crown?" the Alicorn asked as she hovered over a frightened light pink-haired mare. "Do none of you know the legend? Has no-one seen the signs?!" Nightshade scanned the area, then saw some smoke coming out of a small air vent, he slowly backed towards it, never breaking eye contact with the Alicorn, who for some reason was looking at him.

Suddenly a purple unicorn spoke up "I did! I know who you are, you're the Mare in the Moon; Nightmare Moon!" The gathered ponies gasped in fear, while Nightmare Moon smirked revealing the fact that she possessed fangs. "Well, well, well...someone remembers me...but do you know why I'm here?" The unicorn gulped in fear "You're here to... to..."

"Remember this day, little ponies, as if it was your last! For from this moment forth, THE NIGHT SHALL LAST FOREVER!" said Nightmare Moon as lightning flashed and sparked from both her body and struck the building, breaking windows open.

Nightshade had heard enough. Holding his hand out towards the smoke, it glowed orange as it flowed through the air, around and into his arm, getting the attention of all present, as well as Nightmare Moon "An interesting ability, young stallion" said Nightmare Moon with some boredom in her voice. Nightshade simply smirked "Yeah, well... had to get your attention somehow," he said, smoke and ember dancing around his arms.

Both Nightshade and Nightmare Moon look at each other. Everyone else took cover from them, knowing a fight would happen. Nightshade extended his right arm towards her, as if he was going to catch something, but more smoke and embers swirled around the arm, some fire visible in the black smoke. Nightmare Moon's horn glowed a night blue and an ethereal broadsword appeared, which she took hold of, pointing it towards Nightshade.

"Never fought a Goddess before.. this will be fun," Nightshade mentioned. Nightmare Moon had a cold look on her face. "And to whom are we giving the honors?" Her voice had a bit of sarcasm, but also sounded just slightly intrigued.

He smirked and fired a ball of compressed smoke and fire at the Alicorn, who simply deflected the projectile with her ethereal weapon. "Name's Nightshade. But to you, your opponent."

Author's Note:

Well hope you all like my new story of Equestria's Conduit Prince, this is base of an Fanfic call Minecarftia's Prince of Conduit, remember leave a comment to tell me how it is, good or bad, if ya like it, please favorite and give it a like

and also special thanks to Stormcloud1120 for editing it and helping me out with it!

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