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Blue_Storm and Red_Toxic

Hi name is Blue Storm. <3 huh <3 Also I am a pegasister! Oh No I am running out of space to write Noooooooo!!! Just kidding hehe. Oh the irony in this well nice meeting you all!


Name Is Blue Storm/Red_Toxic
Love Making New Friends.

I also love to throw on sexy socks and try to be cute!

Blue_Storm Log....Red_Toxic

-Boop a random person. ^^
-Stalk SCP-049
-Eat Cake Like a Boss.
-Want's to be a fish.... Don't ask...
-Updates soon!

Hello everyone. :D

Heart for you Sir!

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You love making new friends?:pinkiegasp:
Me too!:pinkiehappy:

I was just a bit confused over why you had it there when you had no stories... I didn't really see a problem with it...

Which would make my comment more or less useless...


You ask people to read your stories, when there're no stories to read?

  • Viewing 344 - 348 of 348
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