A Displaced Machine

by Prince_Zodiac

Chapter Six: Meeting The Sirens

Chapter Six: Meeting The Sirens

{Alduiin's POV

The next day I had gotten to my classroom early. Reason being? I had to review on today's lesson plans. What? I'm a substitute teacher, what did you expect me to do? Anyways, my first class started about half an hour after I got there. In my first class, I had the twins. This class served to be one of my more interesting classes because, well, they weren't old enough to be in this class. To compensate, they would become Epidemic. Now, in this world, Epidemic was smart enough to know not to draw the weird kind of attention. So, he stayed silent most of the time. Everyone stayed clear of him due to the fact that he beat up the three strongest guys in the school when they pissed him off, in thirty seconds, ten seconds for each. Some days, the twins would be him the entire day. Why? No idea. Anyways, along with the twins, or Epidemic, I also had the Sirens. They were always causing trouble. They were always talking and not paying attention in class. Their grades were incredibly low.

I was just finishing up some work when my class walked in. First was Epidemic. He was only a little shorter than me, and he had blood red hair that was spiked back like mine, and blood red eyes. He had a red jacket with black stripes, a black undershirt, black jeans, and red shoes. Then came the Sirens, then the rest of the class. I then started class.

"Good morning class," I said.

"Good morning Mr. Alduiin," the class replied. As tired as ever I see.

"Okay let's see who's here," I said. "Adagio Dazzle?"

"Here," she replied.

"Okay, Sonata Dusk?"


"Okay, Aria Blaze?"


"Okay, Epidemic?"

"..." No reply. I had to look up to see him. I swear, Epidemic gets less and less like the twins each day.

"A 'here' would be appreciated Mr. Epidemic," I said.

"Whatever," he said coldly. In this world, he didn't sound like both of the twins, he just had an older version of Plague's voice. I rolled my eyes and went on with class. Nothing to much of note happened. Unless you want to hear the entire extent of a whole history class lesson, I'll just move along. So, class ends and then I'm on my first break. My schedule was actually pretty good. I taught first period, break second, then continued classes in third, then lunch, then fourth, and then I can head home for fifth. Pretty good schedule. Anyways, I was heading down the halls, till I saw Twilight. She was talking to someone that appeared to be ignoring her. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Flash Sentury. I didn't hear what he said, but Twilight looked dejected, I even saw tears in her eyes. She walked across the hall, then she ran into Epidemic. She must have recognized him, because she cried into his shoulder. He hugged her, and glared at Flash. I was pissed to say the least.

"Mr. Sentury!" I shouted in anger. He looked at me, surprised. "That is no way to treat another student. In my classroom now!"

"But Mr. Alduiin I-" Flash began.

"I don't want to hear it!" I yelled. "In my classroom now!" He walked up to me. He followed me to my class. I swear, this guy was getting detention for at least a week.

{Epidemic's POV}

I was still hugging Twilight as dad took Flash away. He sounded mad, like, REALLY mad. I looked at Twilight. She had tears running down her cheeks. That guy was so getting it after school.

"Come on Twi," I said. I lead her to our next class, which was science. We had it with Sunset. We walked into the classroom, and Sunset saw us.

"Oh my gosh what happened?!?!" she asked. "And who are you?"

"Sunset it's me, the twins," I said. "I'm their combined formed Epidemic."

"Oh," she said. "Well what happened to Twilight?"

"Flash Sentury decided to be a dick today," I replied. "Dad got on his ass. That guy is going to get it after school."

"That's terrible," Sunset said as I let go of Twilight and Sunset hugged her. She had stopped crying, but she was still pretty sad.

"I don't understand why he said those things," Twilight said.

"Well, he might be under the Siren's control," Sunset said. Twilight thought about it.

"Yeah, maybe," she said. She seemed to feel a lot better after that. Pretty soon science class started, and I sat down next to Twilight and Sunset. In my opinion, science was pretty boring. It was easy enough to understand, and that's why it was boring. But who am I to judge? I'm the physical manifestation of the twins negative emotions, in a controlled form. Yeah I can certainly feel positive emotions, and in fact most of the time I've been out here, I haven't really been given a reason to be mad, so I'm not. At least for every time I've been let out for an entire day, the Twins let me burn off a little steam. And I would certainly be calmer once I gave that Flash Sentury ass-hole what he deserved.

{Time Skip}

I was walking home, and I wasn't given the chance to beat up Flash. Apparently his parents came and picked him up, and Dad had already left so I was walking home. Good thing there was that guy who tried to mug me because otherwise I would be pretty pissed right now. I walked away from the mugger's bloody, beat up body, content on my handy work. As I walked home, I sensed them, the Sirens. They weren't too far off. In fact, they were getting closer. I looked behind me and saw they were tailing me. I kept walking and finally stopped in the middle of a park and turned around. They walked up to me.

"What do you three want?" I asked in annoyance.

"Ooo feisty," Adagio said. "Well if you must know, it's come to our attention of all that negative emotion you have."

"So?" I said.

"Well we tried to siphoned some of that negativity out," Aria said.

"But no matter how well we sung, it just wouldn't turn into negative energy that our gems could absorb!" finished Sonata. Oh, so that's what they're here for.

"And?" I said.

"Well the only thing that could resist us that well, is something from Equestria." Adagio said as they started to surround me. "So tell me Epidemic, are you from Equestria?" I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing gets past you three does it?" I asked.

"So you are from Equestria E!" Sonata said.

"Yes I am and- wait, E?" I said.

"That's my nickname for you!" she said. She then pulled a taco out of nowhere. "By the way do you like tacos?" I could hear the twins talk in my head.

'I like tacos!' Plague said in my head.

'Me too!' said Amnesia.

'Quiet you two,' I thought to them. They quieted down and I continued my conversation.

"No, I don't," I said.

"Aw," Sonata said sadly.

"Ahem," Adagio coughed. "Anyways, if you're from Equestria, then you must have been banished right? I mean, only a villain could hold that much dark energy."

"So what if I was?" I asked.

"Then why don't you join us?" Adagio asked. "If we work together, then you can help us get our power back."

"And once we have it back," Aria said as she and Sonata joined Adagio in front of me, "then we can go back to Equestria and take our revenge!"

"And what if I wasn't?" I asked.

"What?" Adagio asked.

"I said, what if I wasn't?" I said. They all took a step back. "Do you really believe that simple words would gain you a new ally? I was sent here along with Princess Twilight Sparkle in order to stop you three. At least, it was at first, but then all of that changed. There is a much stronger and darker power here, and I'm here to remove it." I let energy radiate off of me to intimidate them. They started to back up, getting more fearful with each and every step. I eventually backed them up into a tree.

"I am going to spare you all this one time, and leave you to think," I said. "By continuing with your plan, you will all fail. There is no question about it, you will all fail. Your plans will only slow us down in our search to find the one I'm here for. By slowing us down you may very well kill not only yourselves, but everyone around you. You wouldn't want that, now would you?" They all looked to each other, then back at me. I began to walk away.

"I'll let you three think about what I've said," I said."I hope you make the right choice." I continued my long trek home. Something told me that the Sirens might be less of a problem.