A Displaced Machine

by Prince_Zodiac

Chapter Three: My Brother The King Of Dragons, And A War Among The Displaced.

Chapter Three: My Brother The King Of Dragons, And A War Among The Displaced.

{Gale's POV/Battle Form}

It had taken me a couple days, but I had finally made it. The dragon country, were I would supposedly find answers about where my brother was. I was in my battle form just in case. After all, I've never meet another dragon besides Spike, and now I'm in an entire country of them. As I walked, I caught sight of a mountain. I ran at the mountain and began to climb. Once I reached the top, what I saw shocked me. There where tons of dragons gathered. I mean like, TONS. I shrugged of my shock, and began walking forward. The dragons then noticed me. A black one walked forward.

"What is your business here displaced one?" he asked.

"You know I'm a displaced?" I asked.

"Indeed, you aura makes it obvious," he replied.

"I'm here to get information about my brother," I stated.

"Why would you come here?" he asked.

"Because he's a dragon, a displaced like me," I said.

"Well," he started, "we can speak across the multiverse, we may be able to find him."

"Why are you so readily helping me?" I asked the dragon.

"Because our lord stated that any and all displaced must be helped should they require our assistance," he replied. "Now, what is your brother's name?"

"His real name is Dan," I started, "but as a displaced, he is known as Alduiin." All the dragons gasped. At first I thought they were reacting badly so I closed my eyes (eye?) and braced myself. However, nothing happened. I opened my eyes, and saw that all of the dragons were, bowing. What?

"Um, what is going on?" I asked.

"Lord Alduiin is our king," the black dragon from before said. "If he is your brother, then you are part of the dragon royal family. We welcome you here, royal one." Wait, so my brother, was the king of the dragons? AWESOME!

"Well, I never expected this to happen," I said. "But, if he is your king, you've got to have a way to him right?"

"Indeed we do royal one," the dragon replied. "You wish to see him?"

"Yea, I haven't seen him in over a thousand years," I said.

"Very well," he said. "Come, we shall send you to his realm." I nodded. I followed the dragon as they began to gather around me. They started to chant. The chanting got louder and louder. Soon a portal began to form underneath me. It began to grow and grow until it was full size. I began to slowly sink in. Soon the portal completely swallowed me up and I fell through the void. I fell for couple seconds, but then I saw a light, another portal.

'Here I come Dan,' I thought.

{Dan's POV}

After the whole fiasco with Buttercup and Jeffery, it was good to be home. Luckily when me and the twins got home the party was still going on. After a couple hours, we were finally heading home. That was, until I saw a portal open. From the portal came a blue bipedal creature, with spikes coming down from it's head. It was upside-down with it's arms crossed. A white aura surrounded it, and it stopped falling, and turned right-side-up. It looked around, then froze when it's gaze came to me.

"D-Dan?" it asked. From the voice it appeared to be male.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" I asked.

"Well, you wouldn't recognize me like this," it said, "but it's me, it's Gale." Gale? Well, the name definitely sounded familiar. But, I couldn't remember anything. Gale, Gale, Gale. That name sounded so familiar but....

"Your brother," Gale said. Brother? Wait, BROTHER! I remember where I heard that name. Gale was my brother's name!

"Argh!" I cried. I suddenly had a really big head ache. Everything started to go dark.

"Daddy?" Plague asked.

"Dad!" Amnesia cried. I wanted to answer, but I couldn't. everything was getting dark. Soon, everything started to go all black.


Me and Gale were walking into the convention. I was dressed up as Alduiin, and my brother Gale was dressed up as Mecha Sonic. We entered the convention and looked all around. It was packed! We went to all of the different attractions and events and we saw some pretty cool costumes. Heck, we saw one dude, who I think was blind, dressed up as Venom and this girl was leading him around. She was dressed up as Buttercup from the Power Puff Girls. Anyways, to end off the day we went to the dealer's hall. There were shops and stuff everywhere. But, there was one shop in particular that caught my eye. It was being maned by some guy who was dressed up as the merchant from resident evil. His shop had a ton of cool things. What really shocked me was the wings that were there. They looked like Alduiin's wings. I had to have them. But, one guy made it to the shop first. He bought something, we couldn't see what, and then fell through a portal that opened at his feet. I looked at Gale. He was as shocked as I was. We both glared at him. We looked at each other again, and nodded.

"Hey!" I called. The merchant turned to us.

"Oh hello, would you boys like something?" he asked us.

"Yea," Gale said. "We'd like you to atone for what you've done." He looked at us in confusion. Then we jumped him. I grabbed his shirt and threw him to the ground behind me. He got up.

"So you know who I am?" he asked.

"You bet your ass we do," I replied. "Your gonna pay for making all of those people disappear." We ran at him. I grabbed his head and brought it down onto my rising knee. Gale then punched him in the face three times before uppercutting him. He feel onto the ground and so I grabbed him and threw him behind me before jumping up and landing on him with my elbow sinking into his stomach. I picked him up and held him as Gale continuously punched him in the face. Gale then kneed him and I raised him up a little, then fell back and on him. I got up.

"You had enough yet?" Gale asked. He started to get up and coughed out some blood.

"Maybe, but the real question is, have you?" I had no idea what he meant by that, until those wings that I saw before came off the wall, and forcefully attached to my back. Once they did, a portal opened up underneath me, and I fell in.

{Flashback End}

I awoke in my cave, with the twins still fused with me.

"Daddy!" Plague cried.

"Are you okay?" Amnesia asked.

"I'm alright kids," I told them.

"Heh," I heard a voice. "Good thing I've got super strength as a robot huh? If I didn't, you might not be here right now." I turned and saw, Gale.

"G-Gale," I said.

"So, do you remember me now?" he asked.

"Yes, I do now," I answered. "I can't believe I forgot about my own brother.

"Don't worry," Gale said. "When I first got to my world, I forgot all about my life on earth too. If it hadn't been for Starswirl, I don't think I would have ever remembered." I nodded.

"Well, now that you're here, it seems I should introduce you to your nice and nephew," I said.

"Huh?" he asked. Right as he said that, the twins defused with me. The second they were done, they leaped at Gale and tackled him.

"Uncle!" they cried together as they all fell to the ground. Gale started to laugh.

"H-Hey there kids," he said as he chuckled. "How's it going?"

"Good!" they said simultaneously.

"Heh heh," I chuckled. "Gale, meet my son Plague, and my daughter Amnesia." He laughed too.

"So," he started, "who's the lucky mare?" I laughed heavily at that.

"Oh no it's not like that," I said. I then began to explain.

Time Skip

After explaining how the twins came to be, we started to head towards Ponyville. As we headed there, another portal opened up ahead of us.

"Geez," Gale said. "The amount of portals popping open in your world today." I nodded in agreement.As we approached the portal, two beings fell out. They both looked pretty familiar. as we got closer, I listened in on their conversation.

“So what displaced are we supposed to find here?” One asked in a posh voice.

“Someone named Alduiin,” the second one answered in a metallic voice when they landed. I looked to Gale. He looked back at me, then nodded. I then flew to the two beings.

“You two say you’re looking for me?” I asked. They both turned to me, and then I saw why they both looked so familiar, or, at least one of them. The other one not so much.

It looked like Rarity and a grey pegasus. But Rarity looked strange, and the other mare had a machine over her head, making what I assume was an eye-patch. Rarity had a pink mane instead of purple, pink eye-shadow, and her Cutie Mark was different, a pink apple with a silver stalk, and three blue diamonds. The other mare was grey, and had a gold mane. Her Cutie Mark a couple gears, only one looked significant though. It seemed to look like fire.

The grey one spoke. “Is that a dragon?”

The Rarity clone shook her head violently, “Is that a… I don’t know what that is…” She trailed off.

“Rarifruit! Shush! Time Spinner doesn't want us angering anything or anyone! Didn’t that fridge teach you something!?” The grey mare scolded, and ‘Rarifruit’ shuddered.

“You’re right darling.” Rarifruit turned to me and my brother and cleared her throat. “Hello sirs. My name is Rarifruit, or Debra, and this is Derpigun, or Zoey.” She pointed to herself, then to the other mare. “May I ask who here is a Displaced?”

“Um, we both are,” Gale answered.

Rarifruit clapped her hooves together, “Wonderful!” I saw Derpigun roll her eyes.

“So what business do you two have here?” I asked.

Rarifruit looked ready to speak, but Derpigun beat her to it. “We’ve been sent here on behalf of Displacer Time Spinner, Champion Lee Connors, and Dark Lord Folteren, to deliver a message to ‘Alduiin’.”

“Well, that would be me,” I said.

Rarifruit took this moment to join in. She took out a scroll of paper and began to read. “Dear Alduiin. It’s me, Lee. It most likely hasn’t been too long since you met my sister and the twin’s aunt, Amber. I am sad to say that I will soon be needing your help with a… problem. I was attacked by a Displaced named ‘Darth Folteren’. He tried killing me, and hurt my version of Ponyville. My Twilight was hurt badly, and I ended up hurting a daughter of his. I tried reasoning with him, but he’s so bent on killing me and destroying my Equestria that he’s started a war. We’ll be calling Displaced from all over the multiverse to join. Don’t worry about hurting or getting hurt, it’s set so that if you do, you’ll be healed. Other than that, a Displacer’s been following me, and he asked if I knew any Displaced I wanted to help me. I chose you, my sister(plus the others), and others. If you’re worried about the suddenness of this, don’t bro. Time Spinner assures me this is happening before the attack(P.S. Don’t try and stop it, you’ll break reality in my world because of how fixed everything is). I hate time travel, but it’s the only way to get everyone prepared.

With love, from Lee.

P.S. Give the twins my regards.”

I was shocked. Someone had DARED TO HURT MY FAMILY?!?!?!?!?!

“So, are you going to join?” asked Rarifruit. I looked down at her, and nodded.

“Some fool decided to harm my family,” I said. “I won't let that slide.”

“Neither will I,” said Gale. “I’ve got a new family now. So I’m going to protect them with everything I have.” When he finished talking, the twins decided to voice their opinion. They defused with me, but came out as Epidemic.

The letter said that the healing factor would prevent the displaced from dying right?” they asked. Rarifruit nodded. “Then we will certainly enjoy this ‘Dark Lord Folteren.’ For when we find him, we will torture him. And only when he is begging for death will we let him go. His screams will be music to our ears.

Rarifruit stared at them unblinking. “I think they rival your marefriend’s temper Zoe.”

Derpigun growled, “Boyfriend. Skylar is still a boy at heart, and no, they don’t rival him. He’s the sweetest, most caring and loving guy out there…” I saw hearts appear in her right eye.

Rarifruit rolled her eyes, “Anyway. It’s touching to see how you care about your family. If my sister was hurt, I’d go Hulk on the moron who would dare harm a hair on her head!”

“Indeed,” I said. “Family is the most important thing to all of us.”

“Damn straight,” Gale said. Epidemic just nodded.

Derpigun shrugged, “Don’t care much for family. Only ones I need are my friends and Brutalight.”

“She was an only child.” Rarifruit confirmed.

“Family can be more than just those you are related to by blood,” I said. “Your closest friends are your family too.”

Rarifruit smirked smugly, “See! Lee isn’t the only one, so you can’t say they’re all crazy!”

Derpigun sighed. “I got the same lecture from Lee… I guess you might have a point. Sky did call the other kids at the orphanage family… I’ll try… Oh, I need a rest. I know as soon as we get back, Time’s gonna put us back to work. Mind us staying here a bit?” I smiled.

“Not at all,” I said. She sighed in relief.

“Thanks,” she said. “So, where are you guys going?”

“We were heading over to Ponyville, care to join us?” I asked.

“Of course!” Rarifruit answered. I lowered my head and they hopped on to my back. Epidemic merged back with me, and we took off, with Gale flying right next to me. After a minute or so, we finally arrived in Ponyville. I landed in the town square, and then the mane-6 approached.

“Hey Alduiin,” Twilight said.

“Hello Twilight,” I replied. As I said that, Rainbow Dash took notice of my passengers and Gale.

“Um,” she began, “who are they? And does she look like Rarity, and why does she look like Derpy?”

Before I could say anything, the two jumped off my back. Derpigun’s right foreleg turned into a Mini-Gun, and she said. “I’mma Derpigun bitches!” She shot a couple times, and Rarifruit slapped her upside the head.

“She’s a moron, that’s what she is.” Rarifruit said, to which Derpigun glared. “Anyways, her name is Derpigun, and mine is Rarifruit. As for why we look like you, we are from another dimension.”

“They are displaced like me,” I finished for them. “And as for him,” I gestured to Gale, “his name is Meta, and he is my brother.”

Derpigun fired into the air again, and a bird bumped off her head. “Yeah, what they said… Call me Gun if you get confused, and call that idiot over there Fruit.” She pointed her Mini-gun at Rarifruit, who ducked behind a bush. Derpigun grumbled, “You're such a Scootaloo…”

“Knock it off you two,” I said. I looked at Twilight. She gave me a questioning look. Yeah, I had some explaining to do.

Derpigun smirked, “As Lee would say, Q&A time. Who want’s to go first!” Her gun fired at where she was pointing and hit where Rarifruit was. “I guess that wasn’t a good idea.” Her gun disappeared as she gave a sheepish grin.

“Oh geez,” Gale said as he walked over and picked up an unconscious Rarifruit up. “So, are we planning on nearly killing anyone else?”

Derpigun put a hoof to her chin. “Celestia?” She burst out laughing. “A-anymore q-q-questions? Any of you six?” Everyone glared at her.

“Not funny,” we all deadpanned.

“Are you kidding!? I was shot, burned, ripped apart, and nearly raped by her, and ever Displaced I’ve met has at least tried to kill ‘er. Heck, even Lee did after she sent a task force against him! Folteren dethroned her, and Time Spinner’s killed five! It’s pretty funny from my point of view. Heck, I’d kill all of ya in my home!” She pointed at the six Elements of Harmony.

“One,” Gale began, “tense on was. Two, every displaced has tried to kill her, whether in self defense or because they wanted to. It’s like an initiation thing. And finally three, if you tried to kill any of us, not only would I kill you myself, but I would scan your anatomy and personality, then I would replace you.” As he said that last part he put his face in her face and his one orange eye seemed to get redder.

“You are an idiot…” Derpigun started. “I’m a servant of a Displacer. My boyfriend is an Alicorn with the fire power to actually kill Celestia, and my death would bring all them, plus Darth Folteren and all his Displaced allies.” She moved her face closer, “Plus, I was talking about my Mane Six dufus. Don’t make threats to those with powerful friends. And don’t piss me off.” She backed away a bit, “And I have a friend that could eat everypony here in ten seconds flat.”

“Well,” Gale replied, “could any of them survive in a fight against something that can scan them, learn how they think in an instant, can copy all of the benefits their being, while disregarding any flaws that it sees fit, that can use but a piece of itself, get it into any one of their blood streams and forcefully control them, and gets stronger, faster, and smarter with each hit that it retains?”

She face hoofed, “Yes. You wouldn’t even see him. He’d just go back in time, and to your homeworld and kill you as a kid. Why are we even arguing. I just said I didn’t mean you guys.”

“Well,” Gale began, “I guess there’s always that option.”

Derpigun seemed grumpy, “Anyway! Anymore questions?” She looked at the girls, “Anything you’d like to ask?” They shook their heads. “Damn, thought they’d have at least one question. Even Twilight isn’t questioning me! And my Twi used a net on me to get me to talk! I think...”

“Well,” I interrupted, “I believe we’re all tired, we came here for relaxation not arguments.” Everyone nodded in agreement and we went on our way.

“Fine! I’ll just get myself a smoothy…” Derpigun looked over at Rarifruit, and smirked. She pulled a marker out of nowhere, and took off the cap. She then drew a mustache.

After that, she looked at a label, and her smile faded. ‘Permanent Ink’.


“I’ll just go get me a milkshake…” She turned around and yelled, “Where’s a place I can get a milkshake!?”

“You can get one at Sugarcube Corner!” Pinkie yelled.

Derpigun mumbled, “Yeah… Thanks…” I detected a hint of sadness, but before I could even ponder it, she flew off.

I sighed. ‘Maybe we shouldn’t have let them stay.’

“That went well,” Gale said. I glared at him. “What?” I shook my head.

“Come on let’s go to Sugarcube Corner,” I said. “I feel like treating my sweet tooth.”

“You know,” Gale said, “that’s the least serious thing you’ve said all day.” I groaned.

{Unknown Location, Dovakiin’s POV}

I trudged through the cavern that I called my temporary home. I finally made it to my camp. I sat down next to the fire.

So, how did it go?” a voice asked me. I didn’t answer.

So I can assume you failed?” I still didn’t answer. Out from the shadows walked a creature that I could consider the only ally I had in this desolate land. It was a bug-like pony, a changeling I think their called.

Do not worry, there will be more chances,” she said. She walked up to me, her turquoise chitin armor glowing from the fire’s light, her red mane flowing down her back.

“I don’t know, he is much stronger than I remember,” I said. “But, if you are sure, then we will continue as planned, Infestation.”