• Published 17th Jun 2015
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You, Me, Ponies, and Pokémon - DJSkywalker

Ash and Serena are two lovers that have been separated between the two Equestrias. Will they be reunited or will they forever be apart?

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Chapter Four: Friendship

*One Retelling of a Movie Later*

Serena was quiet as she she stared at Sunset, who was looking away from the other girl with her head hung.

“Wow,” Serena finally said after several minutes of silence. “A she-demon. You turned into a raging she-demon.”

“Yup,” Sunset muttered, pulling in her own legs into a hug. It had taken a good two hours for her to fully explain everything that led up to her current predicament in this world, so the two had made themselves comfortable on the couch. The TV had only been put on mute, the pictures being the only light in the room now.

“That’s just… wow. I… I really have no words right now. Just… wow.” Serena laid her head back against the couch, looking up at the pale ceiling. “That… that must have been something.”

“Yeah, something horrible,” Sunset added. “Pretty much everyone hates me now because of it. Not even my new ‘friends’ are all that comfortable yet. Not that I can blame them.” She sighed and turned to look at Serena. “And, like I said, the portal closed that night. It won’t open again for another thirty moons.”

Serena nodded, heart heavy with disappointment. Save for that one silver lining. “It doesn’t matter when it opens.” Sunset looked surprised, but Serena continued. “I finally found the way back to Equestria. I’ve walked these lands a long time, another few years in a peaceful town won’t hurt.”

“Speaking of ‘walking these lands’, how did you end up here anyway?” Sunset asked, adjusting the blanket wrapped around her shoulders. “I thought the mirror was the only way to this world, so how is it you’re here?”

A humorless chuckle escaped Serena’s lips as her staring began to drift past the ceiling and into her memories. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me,” Sunset suggested.

Serena let out a long sigh, a weight filling her voice, ancient one at that. “I guess if we’re gonna be friends, might as well let there be no secrets between us.”

“Friends?” Sunset asked, blinking a little.

A smile spread across Serena’s lips. “It doesn’t take a magical rainbow cannon to get friends. Sometimes it just takes a common interest.” Sunset had the decency to look embarrassed before falling silent. Serena let the silence hang for a few moments. “It started a long time ago. A long, long time ago on Equestria.” Serena could see the memories as clear as day in her mind; faces of friends long gone, pictures of experiences almost forgotten, and of a special someone that was always on her mind. “My… friend, Ash, and myself used to help Celestia and Luna keep Equestria in harmony with Pokémon so that two never fell out of balance. But there were three dangerous beings that wanted to disrupt our harmony and bring about a new age of darkness. These were the sirens.” Images of three seahorse like creatures filled her mind, envisioned with glowing red eyes and razor sharp teeth.


Serena nodded. “Three beautiful yet dangerous creatures that fed off of negative energy. They began to spread dissent and corruption throughout our lands. Ponies began fighting with each other and the Pokémon along with anything they could get their hooves on. The more negativity the sirens fed on, the more powerful their manipulative dark magic became.” She shook upon remembering some of the scenes she had witnessed as a result of their magic. They still pained her heart to that day. “Their threats just became too much so we had to stop them. Ash had always believed they were after something more than just power, but we never put much into the theory. Until we finally caught up to them and discovered what they were really up to.”

“Which was?” Sunset asked, enthralled as much as a filly hearing an epic adventure tale.

“They were trying to take enough negative energy to revive an ancient Pokémon that was best forgotten to time. One with terrible powers that would destroy all.”

Sunset’s eyes were wide, her voice slightly stuttering, “W-what kind of Pokémon c-could do that‽”

Serena looked right into Sunset’s eyes, her own showing ancient horrors. “Yveltal,” she said with a hollow voice. “The Pokémon of death.”


Serena nodded regretfully. “Those three worshipped Yveltal as their god and wanted to free him from his ancient imprisonment. However, Celestia, Luna, Starswirl, Ash, and I confronted them before they could do so.” Memories flooded Serena’s mind of fierce beasts in battle against two determined humans and three powerful ponies. “The sirens had grown powerful enough to sway some of the most powerful Pokémon to their side, which held us back severely. We only had one shot and that was a new spell that Starswirl had developed-”

“Starswirl?” Sunset interrupted. “As in the Starswirl‽”

“It’ll make sense in a moment,” Serena promised. Sunset huffed, but allowed her to continue. “As I was saying, Starswirl had created a spell that could banish beings to another world where the threats would be drained of their magic. The four of us bought the old unicorn time to cast the spell, fighting harder than we ever had. Ash and I had our most powerful Pokémon battling at the head, trying to take down their leader while Celestia and Luna focused on the other two. I remember the winds blowing fiercer than they ever had, the waves of the ocean crashing down from several stories up, and lighting flashing all around-”

“The weather was that crazy from your battle‽” Sunset spoke out again, her eyes wide.

Serena only nodded. “Those three had done what was unheard of: they took control of the Earth Mover and the Water Riser.”

Eyes wide, Sunset couldn’t help but suck in her breath. “Kyogre and Groudon.”

Again, the other girl nodded. “They made two peaceful Pokémon rise up and attack their own world. And the five us were the only ones with the powers to take them down. Every attack could have been a death sentence in and of itself, but that didn’t stop us. We couldn’t let them revive Yveltal at any cost. For every Hydro Pump fired at us, we put up an equal Fire Blast to turn it into harmless steam. Every Earthquake countered with a Magnitude. For what felt like hours we put everything we had into defending our home. Finally, Starswirl sent out the call that the spell was ready. As best we could, we surrounded the sirens and Starswirl cast the spell. Above those three demons opened a tear in the fabric of space and time; a portal to another world. It’s power was immense and easily caught the sirens in its vacuum like pull, ripping them and the ground they stood upon up into the vortex.”

“So they were banished?” Sunset questioned, now clutching one of the couch pillows to her chest as she hung on every one of Serena’s words.

A long, deep sigh escaped Serena’s lips as her eyes darkened from the memory. “If only it had been so easy. The sirens wouldn’t go without claiming some kind of victory. The leader used her long, fish-like tail and slammed it into the ground in front of Ash and myself. His Charizard thankfully was able to grab to him safety, but my Gardevoir was unable to keep us safe. She did get us both out of the way of the shrapnel and debris, however we were also caught in the pull of the vortex.” Serena stopped for a moment when Sunset let out a gasp. “The two of us tried our hardest to grab onto something that would have kept us from getting sucked in, but there was nothing but open air. Ash tried to get Charizard to come after us, but Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl stopped him with their magic and their bodies, trying to also grab Gardevoir and I out of the air. The sirens wouldn’t allow it; using their tails again, they wrapped around me and pulled me into the vortex.” A lone tear fell from Serena’s eye as her fists clenched on her knees. “I can still hear Ash calling my name, his voice strained to a hoarse sore, as I reached out to him.”

Serena felt a warm touch on her shoulder, looking up to see it was Sunset of course, her eyes bright and moist. There were no words between them, but it was enough. After a silent few moments, Serena continued. “When we arrived on this world, the sirens weren’t quite quick to adjusting to their new bipedal forms. That, along with a quick attack burst from my Gardevoir, gave me the chance to slip away and head out into the world. I ran as fast as I could, no plan in my mind other than to get away from those monsters and find a way back to Equestria. I was lucky to find a few spots where I could lay low for a while, but they always found me somehow. Either through bribery or using their now heavily limited magic, they always caught up and I was forced to move again. I forget how many times I’ve run around this planet, doing what I could to survive without destroying myself. I worked hundreds, if not thousands, of odd jobs to get by, even resorting to theft when I was desperate. I forget exactly how long I’ve been on this world, but if I would have to guess, it’s been at least a thousand years.”

“A thousand years‽” Sunset practically screamed, accidentally jumping back from Serena. This was a mistake on her part as their was little to no couch behind her, making her end up sprawled out on the floor beside her couch.

“You alright?” Serena called out, sitting in the same spot she was with a blank look on her face.

Sunset groaned, rubbing her head and back as she sat up on the floor before leaning over the couch arm. “Yeah, I’m good. But seriously‽ A thousand years‽” Serena could only nod, her eyes closed. “Holy Celestia. A thousand freaking years. And I thought my story was farfetched.” A snort escaped from Serena, making Sunset roll her eyes. “Hardee har har. That joke has been done to death even before your time.” She went quiet for a moment as the gears in her head started to move around from the tale she had just been told. “Wait… the princesses, Starswirl, a charizard, and a lost love…” Her eyes went wide, pointing a finger at Serena as she backed away a bit. “You’re Green!”

“Excuse me?” Serena inquired with a bewildered look.

“Green! The… oh, just hold on.” Sunset got up and went down the hall to, supposedly, her room and start rustling around inside. “Oh I know it’s around here somewhere,” Serena heard Sunset say to herself as it sounded like she was tearing her room apart. “Aha!” She came back out of her room, carrying a big, dusty book that she slammed on the coffee table (Serena was thankful the table was just wood and not one of those fancy glass ones).

Serena leaned over and read the title aloud, “Legends of Equestria: Tales and Trials of Yore? What is this?”

“Required reading for Mythology 101 back at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns,” Sunset said with a smirk. She opened the book and started flipping through it. “Ah! Here, it is!” She passed the book over in front of Serena, pointing to the page she turned to. “‘Red and Green were two of the greatest Pokémon trainers to ever exist in Equestria. Legends claim that these two helped shaped modern relations with these strange creatures, in a sense bringing ponykind and Pokémon together. Red was the greatest trainer who is claimed to have created the original Pokémon league and Green is credited with bringing into the eventual existence of contests and the Grand Festival that ponies look forward to every five years. Not much is known about these trainers, save for their tragic end where Green mysteriously vanished, leading Red to stand at the edge of Equestria, staring into the horizon as he waited for his love to return to him. Standing there for days on end, never moving, he watched and waited, until one day turning to solid stone that forever waited there. It is believed this is the same statue that currently resides in the Canterlot Gardens, but there are no credible records to account for this, leading the legendary trainers surrounded in myth and rumor.’” Sunset closed the book looking at the now wide eyed Serena who had a hand clamped over her mouth. “You’re Green, the trainer who created contests and was partners to my hero, Red. I can’t believe it.” Sunset sat down on her rear, shaking her head before putting it against her hand. “I’m actually meeting a living legend. The Green, right here in my home and now my roommate. Un-freaking-believable.”

Serena was silent, just staring at the now closed book. “I’m a legend,” she said just above a whisper.

“What was that?”

She looked up at Sunset. “I’m actual legend. All this time, ponies didn’t forget about me.”

A smile formed on the former-pony’s lips. “Of course not. Contests are just as, if not more, popular as back then. Heck, when I left Equestria, there was talks of starting Pokémon musical competitions as well, even possible movies. You helped bring about the world I grew up in; a world where ponies and Pokémon are together as partners. Even if you are a legend, Equestria owes its future to you, Gre-er, I mean, Serena. So, thanks for that.”

Serena stared at Sunset for a moment before she smiled back. “Thanks, Sunset. It’s nice to hear that from a friend.”

Sunset blinked for a moment. “Friend? You mean, you actually want to be friends with me‽ After everything I told you‽” A simple nod and a smile was what she got in return. “Wow. I… I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. It’s what friends do.”

“Friends…” Sunset chuckled just a bit, shaking her head again. “This is way too wild.”

“Trust me, you don’t know wild until you’ve been chased around the world several times over.” She and Sunset both started giggling at that snide remark. “So, what kind of a trainer are you, Sunset? You mentioned Ash is your hero, but you didn’t go too much into that.”

Red is my hero,” she clarified. “I’m betting Ash is quite different from how he’s portrayed in the legends as ‘Red’. That doesn’t really answer the question, though, does it?” Sunset moved to the couch, laying back and looking at the ceiling in thought. “I like to think I’m a pretty good battler. A good fierce battle to get me pumped and have that fire burning inside of me.”

“So does that mean….”

“Yep!” Sunset nodded, smiling. “I’m a fire-type trainer!”

“You actually have fire-types? But those are only found in volcanoes and in the Dragon Lands of the south.”

Sunset chuckled. “Yeah they are! Took me years to get the ones I have. And they burn hotter than any other Pokémon out there! In a Pokémon battle, I’ve only ever been defeated by Princess Celestia herself!”

“Really?” Serena questioned with an eyebrow quirked and a sly smile on her face. “I might just have to be added to that list of those who defeated you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Sunset Shimmer, I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!” Serena declared, standing up in the same motion. Sunset could only stare off into space as Serena smiled at her.

With the declaration of this challenge, has Serena put friendship on hold to relive an old rush? Or does the legendary “Green” have something else up her nonexistent sleeves? Stay tuned to find out.

Author's Note:

Little shorter than I would have liked, but I promise I'm working on the next one as we speak and it's going to be epic!