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The Everfree forest has many secrets held within its ancient woods. Many are fabled to be able to destroy anypony brave, or stupid, enough to come looking for it. But when a certain pegasus goes inside without looking for trouble or secrets, she ends up finding one of the forest's most treasured inhabitants. And one that will happily be her friend.

"Do you like hunny?"

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"Displaced. It's a word I have only heard in legend. If only I had known. Then maybe things would have been different."

Screwball was living a typical foal's life in Ponyville before meeting the Guardian, a strange pony that lived in a broken down old shed. But it was through this meeting that her life, and the lives of countless others were changed. As she travels through space, time, and everything in between, Screwball has a thought that is always on her mind: Who is the Guardian?

Coverart done by the amazing WildScope

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For over a thousand years, ponies and Pokémon have lived together in peace. And why? Because they were taught to coexist by two great humans. Ash and Serena, two lovers from a distant world, transported as people they didn't used to be. But their past no longer mattered, so long as they stayed together.

But when tragedy strikes and they are taken from each other in a cruel twist of fate, one waits while the other is in a constant race of survival. Centuries have passed and yet their love still burns and begs to be together once again.

With the help of some new friends and their partners, will those years of waiting finally end?

Additional tags: Spike, Discord, Flash Sentry, Trixie, Celestia, and Luna
Edited and assisted by Inazuma
A Displaced story.
Pokémon and MLP: FiM are under their own ownership and I claim no rights to them. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

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This story is a sequel to Gravity of the Situation

The great Gravity Queen, Kat Shifter, the scourge of her Equestria now faces the greatest challenge of her immortal life: living as a pony!

With an eccentric earth pony from another world, a bubbly pegasus, and a neurotic unicorn by her side, Kat will search the universe over looking for a way back to normal. Adventures, monsters, and aliens all waiting along the way... this might take a while.

Cover art courtesy of Equiniox _
With assistance from Golden Script

Theme Song: What the Hell by Avril Lavigne
This story is made in tribute to the Doctor Whooves and Assitant radio show on YouTube. I own no rights to the series (or either Doctor Who or MLP: Fim) and is not intended for any infringement.

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For ten grand years, the world trembled at the very mention of my name. My presence sent women and children running and caused men to openly weep at their imminent demise. I was once the greatest, but I was defeated by myself. I thought I could defeat him and make my future glorious, but I failed.

I was going to make Phantom pay for leaving me at the mercy of Clockwork and the Observers. I was going to remake my future. But fate once again intervened, sending me somewhere far past the ghost zone. It was awful at first, but when I saw how this new world's creatures trembled before me... I just couldn't deny my want for destruction of these pathetic creatures.

If only it had been so easy...

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic nor Danny Phantom. This is made for entertainment only and not to infringe on any copyrights.

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Roxas and Naminé had resigned themselves to their fates, having merged with Sora and Kairi; their short lives had come to an end. What they didn't expect however, was to be drawn into a land of talking ponies. Now they must become its guardians as old enemies from their world's past threaten the future of this one.

Fate is up for grabs in a race against time as this new world around them starts becoming overwhelmed by darkness. Bonds of friendship and greater will be tested time and again as the two Nobodies try to find their place in this new world and keep it from being consumed.

The future is up for grabs, and it will be up to Roxas and Naminé to decide which will come to pass.

A collaborative effort with my friend, shagohad12

Takes place post Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts is under ownership of Disney and Square Enix. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all its subsidiaries are owned by Hasbro. This story is written for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement was intended.

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I've known this man for years, listening to his fantastical tales of wonder and love. I was the first to believe that they were true. And it all started with a simple question: "Have you ever made a promise to someone, a promise so special that no matter what, you had to fulfill it?" As I sit here for his final moments, I look back on all that he told me, all of it for a promise kept, yet never was it forgotten.

Created for GeodesicDragon, for all of his great works.

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Meet Ben, not to be confused with his cosplay character. He considers himself decent, fun-loving, and strong, but only because it is how he copes with the voices in his mind. Ten other personalities that try to dominate him at every turn. It sent him from psych ward to psych ward, but nothing ever improved. He was under constant watch, despite living off the streets. It was only at school where he ever got any food or proper shelter, though he never gave up hope that one day, his luck would change.

One day, at his first Comic Con, dressed as his favorite TV character, Ben meets a strange fate of falling from his world and into one of Technicolor ponies. The voices were finally gone from his mind, freeing him... or so he thought. Now the voices have their own bodies and still haven't given up tying to control their host. This led to many acts of destruction in this land, landing all of them imprisoned for millennia. Now Ben is free, but so are the voices. With some unlikely friends by his side, can Ben finally tame these monsters, or will they finally succeed in taking what they want?

Rated teen for occasional swearing and sexual references. You have been warned.
Featured on February 17, 2015!

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How long have I been here? I don't know and am not sure I want to. All I know is that my old "friend" Discord is free and he is saying that I can be free too. Why would he want that? Doesn't he remember what I promised I would do if I got free? He causes chaos for fun. Me... I cause chaos to destroy. Celestia and Luna will pay for what they did, or so help me I will cause this entire planet to pay!

Meet Allison, a young girl transported to another world over one thousand years ago. Armed with incredible powers, she attempted to be a hero of this new world, but was shunned and feared by its leaders. After a particular incident, she was sealed in stone by the Elements of Harmony. Now that she has been freed, will revenge be her goal or will she focus on returning to a home that may no longer exist?

Rated teen for use of strong language, intense violence, and death. You have been warned.

Based of the PlayStation Vita exclusive: Gravity Rush.
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