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For ten grand years, the world trembled at the very mention of my name. My presence sent women and children running and caused men to openly weep at their imminent demise. I was once the greatest, but I was defeated by myself. I thought I could defeat him and make my future glorious, but I failed.

I was going to make Phantom pay for leaving me at the mercy of Clockwork and the Observers. I was going to remake my future. But fate once again intervened, sending me somewhere far past the ghost zone. It was awful at first, but when I saw how this new world's creatures trembled before me... I just couldn't deny my want for destruction of these pathetic creatures.

If only it had been so easy...

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic nor Danny Phantom. This is made for entertainment only and not to infringe on any copyrights.

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Man this brings back memories of this show, can't wait to see what happens next.

ALL MY YES! :pinkiehappy:

*wants to do a crossover.*

man it really sucked when the show ended without him making a return, also nice touch at bringing an actual villain to equestria instead of some dressed up wannabe is an interesting spin to the whole displaced genre


I really need to watch all of that show, I saw a good portion of it but not enough.

I like reading crossover stories to see how things get handled in them...but I will freely admit that I have no idea what the crossover for this one is. Could someone please let me know so I can find out a little background on it?


5838420 Danny Phantom

Also, to the author, good job. But it is the Observants, not Observers.

Yes. Yes. Hell yes. Consider me on-board, muh brah.

Saw this in my feed earlier, went "Naaaaah." Now I'm "Hell YES!" I was skeptical at first, but I'm so tracking this!

Then he learns there is Discord on pony side.
After this fic is full of comedy how Dan tries to corrupt Discord, to make princesses get rid off him, and fails all the time.

Hell, it's about time.

Is this really even Displaced? Creeper seems a bit removed. Especially with an actual character and not a human cosplaying. Still, awesome story so far, can't wait to see where it goes!

Great beginning. Loved the Danny Phantom cartoon. Gots it on DVD even! And starring Dan!

You should however consider changing the rating to Teen. You have it under 'Dark.' I don't know how dark you plan on going with the story... Dan IS a genocidal mass murderer...

I watched like, three episodes of Danny Phantom, so I am completely fricking confused as to what the hell is going on right now...Maybe I'll rematch the series after rewatching Spider Riders, and rewatching Magi Nation.

I've got a lot of anime to rematch, other than those two...

Lets go great idea I think

This is fic about evil Danny Phantom from alternative dark future.
Just read this for episode recap.

I love these kinds of stories were the main character is the bad guy. Keep them coming.:rainbowwild:


Another great chapter for this story.

Bruh. You are, like, a f*cking genius. Bravo.

Derpy as a ghost hunter :rainbowderp: was not expecting that

A second castle in two... I doubt it would be the Two Sisters... Sounds too normal to be Discord's... Nightmare Moon Castle?

5867374 so I guess her favorite muffins are fudge muffins?

I am so enjoying this:

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I seriously want to have a cross over with Dan Phantom, even it's just a small Omake where Pecila hugs him in the end.

5891523 Contact me in a few chapters and we'll talk.

pinky counts shes everyones friend

This chapter was great. Really liked Dan's interaction with Derpy and Amethyst.

Not enough, I require more reading material.

Great chapter.

I'm looking forward to when Dan reveals himself.

I hope the Mane six and other ponies find out Dan's history. I think they Luna especially would feel sorry for him.

I could see a confrontation between Dan and Luna happen after she find's out his past. Where Luna say's she no longer hates him only pity's him. Which would really make Dan mad to say the least.

Did… did she say friends? I just made a friend…

This had me laughing, great chapter! :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, at first when reading this chapter I was like: "I don't know, don't feel like reading this.

But at the end I was like: Why was this such a short chapter? :fluttercry:

About crossovers... I think I might be up for such a thing myself.

Glad for the update.

Oh, this will be so delicious when all the emotions come back to him and hit him in full.

5919240 than he might not want to kill the princesses

I almost forgot this was a Displaced fic... My heart. This is great.

5923860 kind of sort of, this is ultimate enemy, not someone dressed as ultimate enemy, brought into equestria.

5925418 It still counts as a Displaced, not every Displaced is dressed up, or even human for that matter. We have Xante for example, fabulous lich king of rainbows and ice magic. He was traveling the universe and tried to stop the merchant who instead made him a Displaced.

A bad guy colt? That's hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Love it! :pinkiesmile:

Just wondering about two points:

1. At the beginning of chapter one, he said, that he didn't need to eat, but here he has to. Just wondering about it. But maybe I just overlooked something. :twilightsheepish:

2. Twilights Tree Castle is already there? I was flabbergasted, since I thought this was Tireks first escape (Guard dog is not there, like in the one episode). But I guess, the guard dog was gone again then. Maybe they should buy a leash for it! :rainbowlaugh:

Adoption! This will certainly be interesting. :pinkiesmile:

1) Sealed in Tartarus, so going with basically being in limbo. No need for anything in there to need sustenance.

2) He wandered the forest for more than a year and a half afterwards, so sped up the time line just a tad bit.

The only problem I have with this (and this is just my opinion) is the fact that you mentioned Dark Danny destroyed Pariah Dark.

6001112 Well, I wouldn't put it past Dan to do so. No possible threats allowed.

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