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This story is a sequel to Gravity of the Situation

The great Gravity Queen, Kat Shifter, the scourge of her Equestria now faces the greatest challenge of her immortal life: living as a pony!

With an eccentric earth pony from another world, a bubbly pegasus, and a neurotic unicorn by her side, Kat will search the universe over looking for a way back to normal. Adventures, monsters, and aliens all waiting along the way... this might take a while.

Cover art courtesy of Equiniox _
With assistance from Golden Script

Theme Song: What the Hell by Avril Lavigne
This story is made in tribute to the Doctor Whooves and Assitant radio show on YouTube. I own no rights to the series (or either Doctor Who or MLP: Fim) and is not intended for any infringement.

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Please tell me she'll get her powers back soon


I mean, I was expecting Kat to go all gravity-y and kick the robots robot-y asses and hand... err, hoof, them back to the robots... I had some much expectations, and it was all crushed down.:applecry: You disappoint me.:ajbemused:

With that out of my system... Good chapter, and I hope Kat'll get her gravity powers back soon.

Here, have a :heart:... Or three :heart::heart:

So... does her token still work? Will there be crossovers? Cause I wish for someone to show the Doctor how out of his world stuff can really get!

Insta like and fave.

6048206 This story will have no crossovers with other Displaced.

Ohh, feels just like one of the earlier DW episodes from the Tennant-era. Never quite what it seems to be...

6048241 Alright, just making sure.

The Doctor and Kat glared each other down for a few moments before the pressed their hooves together.

Should the "the" there be a "they" maybe?

“Baron!” Insightful glared. “:Let us go!”

There is a colon before the "Let" and I don´t think that belongs there,

Other than that, this is great. Glad to see the story continues!

(Also, 'Murica!!!!!!!)

very nice so far and it is better than I expected it to be and the touch of her not having her powers was nice because normally a hero would rely too much on their power and this will teach self control as well so may you have vast luck in your writing endeavors :twilightsmile:

A fantastic start to a fantastic story!!!


ALL of my yes! Now that I see you're going to be continuing rather than just be an awesome OP character for crossovers from a sad-ending story, I've got to read the first one.

I was actually considering offering a crossover soon too XD but my main Displaced, Avarice, would probably be the Deus Ex Machina since with his Contract Magic he could essentially even rip Kat's powers from her and put something else in their place as a "trade" or something similar as a "deal" and with his extremely powerful mutagen even alter her to whatever species she wanted, so I'll have to hold off on him since he's too OP for problem solving.

My other, Bronze though, that'd just be a hilarious scenario since Bronze was forced to ascend into an alicorn to survive his powers becoming too much for his body to handle, and his aspect is Space, dimensional, tangible space and all things involving it such as mass, placement, etc, and already nerfed Dox by literally "denying" his teleportation and gravity abilities. He can't even fight right now, but he's terrifying at debuffs. Also his universe forces all who enter into a local species depending on random factors.

But, seeing this, I'd have to see if you're even going to do crossovers with this one. Especially since Avarice would be completely blase, but Bronze would be geeking out if he saw the TARDIS

6049840 Unfortunately, this story is off limits for any crossovers. Any and all crossovers you see around the Displaced multiverse with Kat all take place after this story.

6049879 Darn, oh well, it would've been interesting to see what The Doctor makes of Avarice's universe having the uncanny ability to essentially allow time travel across dimensions, but now I guess I'll never know unless another Doctor decides to pay a visit.

Still going to read anyway <3

Well that was, something. That whole thing went by way to fast, everything just happened so quickly, with no real time to get used to, well, anything really. You need to work on the pacing here, because so many of those character interactions either lacked impact, or felt so, so forced because there wasn't enough time to get really deal with any of it. Still, I enjoyed it for the most part, so I'll be watching.

Spock pony...now i'm imagining the Enterprise overrun by parasprites instead of Tribbles. :twilightoops:

Good to see more of Kat's adventures, in any case. :pinkiesmile:

Good to see Kat back. Now, I need to go catch up on Doctor Whooves and Assistant. I haven't checked on it since the crossover with Doctor Whooves Adventures.

My goodness, with all the praise the doctor receives from every corner of the internet, I never thought I'd see the day when someone would actually talk back to that hypocritical socialist. Well done.

I take it this is before she obtains "Cancer"?

6057708 Many. many years before.

I'll have to wait to read this...my story is behind schedule, but once I get it caught up, I'll be sure to read this!

Wooo Kat returns! I can't wait to see what other things happen to Kat and pals.
Some things are great;others not so much.
Two things that are a bit iffy as I write this are the word count which says

0 words total

Second thing is a typo in the picture. It says assitants instead of assistants.
Other than these I look forward to reading this story.:pinkiehappy:

Why do I get the feeling that the Doctor will laugh when Gilgamesh is missing.

Comment posted by Brony Parasite deleted Jun 7th, 2015

The only thing missing from this was the green lantern.

6057708 for those of you who don't know, it's a klyntar (a symbiote) from another dis-fic.

Sorry about that:twilightblush:
I just really suck at spelling, I'll be sure to fix it.

Thanks for pointing it out:twilightsmile:


6101343 Your welcome friend.

Very nice! Please tell me that Kat gets her shifting powers back though!

This i.imgur.com/OY5FX4F.png
ohh and my god you have made alot of spoilers around the site... like TONS OF IT i even know what she is gonna get and who her BF is going to be..... hooooooleeey crap...... thats alot of spoilers

All a part of my little hype campaign for this story. I let people see what Kat becomes after this story. That way, the interest will not be on what becomes of her after everything, but instead on how she became who she is. People become more invested in the journey instead of the result.

ohh god i forgot to like and fav and track.... gotta be fast

“Oh bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day!”
Ah that jackie chan adventures referance.

While this may be something of news to you,
The Cat in the Hat cares not you'd approve.smdere01.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/cat-in-the-hat.jpg

... This is a modified Dalek Reality Bomb, and I don't know who to blame for the feels from that episode reminder. I want to blame you, but you said this was inspired by a Green Lantern episode, which may have been inspired by the original Doctor Who episode, or the other way around. You begin to see why it's confusing.

I knew it reminded me of "Green Lantern: the Animated Series"! Uniqueium. Hardtofindium. It makes sense!

It also makes more sense to tow the planet instead of pull it into a new reality.

Great job!

There is actually a Doctor Who radio drama episode where they go to the home world of the cybermen, but they don't know it because it's so early in the worlds timeline after it leaves the orbit around the sun and it starts out like this but it gets dark... It could be an actual classic episode, I don't remember.

I think if they learned she had gravity powers in her human form, they would try much harder to get it back.

I had a feeling you got the idea from GL:AS, and I know the exact episode you are referring to

Hey now that Gravity Rush 2 has been announced are there plans for a sequel or a AU of Gravity of the Situation?

6573802 Gravity Rush 2 will have no affect on this story, nor it's planned sequel.

Whats with the 0 word count?


I agree. What's with that?

Might be a small glitch.

6668038 No, cuz theres a lot of stories with that.

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