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I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.


Forgiveness is complicated. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the person who harmed you to let things cool down for a minute before you can even think about the idea with a clear head.
Unfortunately that's not something Princess Twilight considered when she asked her human friends to befriend the person who made their lives for the past few years a living hell immediately after her biggest attempt to destroy everything they held dear.
But there's something different, something... magical about this lonely girl hated by the entire school, and Adagio wants to keep her close so she can figure out what it is.

Featured: 29/04/2020

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a really good idea to go with that
now, if they only have a magic or something
to turn somepony into a siren and win the loyalty and friendship of sunset ...
and without sunset to inform the twilight about it (since she is the one with the diary and none of the other girls want to imagine, that she has something to be able to communicate directly with twilight.)

Hmmm intriguing.

I like this so far, keep it up!

Wonder how this is going to play out.

Ooo~ I'm hoping this scratches my Sunset Siren itch I continually have.

Yeah, I also felt that the Humane 6 just welcoming Sunset into their friend group was a tad unrealistic. In my headcanon, which I put into story form, Sunset had to show genuine remorse and offer the Humane 6 olive branch before they could ever be comfortable around her.

The Dazzlings exploiting Sunset's loneliness is an interesting dynamic. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Hmm, this is interesting. For want of a nail, eh? Will be watching this.

A little fast paced and telly in places, but overall, not bad. Looking forward to more.

I really hope you don't make the Rainbooms into the villains.

No, I don't see that happening, least hope not.

This is great so far, pacing is getting better and the story itself is pretty cool! Don't be yourself down like that, this is great so far.

Watch out Dagi. It looks like you're getting attached.

Is friendship going to save the day?? :pinkiegasp:

Maybe a lil' smooching too? :trollestia:

They would be antagonists to sunset because there goal's don't match up.

Alright, I don't think I've seen this particular take before. You got my attention.

“I… I don’t know if I can do it.” Fluttershy said. “I know we promised Twilight, but whenever she’s nearby I feel so scared. I can’t just forget years of torment and act like everything is ok! And now I’m having nightmares too; every time I close my eyes I see her like that again – the teeth, the claws, those creepy black eyes… I can’t sleep without my night light on anymore, and now Zephyr Breeze is teasing me about it.”

Zephyr, this is why nobody likes you.


I can see a direction this might be going and i like it.


Hmmm, Don't sell yourself short on what you think others opinions are going to be about the story. Like i keep telling people, 'write what you want and if they like it they like it. Don't try to live up to expectations as it's not going to happen. Some people will like what you write, others will not. Thus far even if it is a simple change you've set up a very interesting premise. Keep going with it.

So far so good!
I'm expecially intrigued by the Trixie and Shadowbolts tag.

I'm liking this so far, and as a previous poster said, don't sell yourself short. Your writing so far is hardly the worst thing I've read on here. Dialogue has been on point and the characterization is quite good. Looking forward to what you're going to do with this next.

Excellent fic! Hope to see more soon.:twilightsmile:

Hey, just a reminder: You don't need to, or aren't even supposed to, use the human tag in EqG fics.

Ah, so Sunset for 4th Siren?

But of course!” Adagio said, once again standing behind her with her hands on her shoulders. “You have to show those people that, no matter how hard they try to knock you down, you’ll get back up again, stronger than before. Like a phoenix!

So Adagio is gonna inspire two songs for sunset, nice

Why do I have the feeling that Sunset will not talk to the Dazzlings about magic until they are in the Final round?

Anyway, great chapter as always :pinkiesmile:

I am hoping Sunset will redeem them, in spite of the 7 doing everything in their power to make the sirens hate and fear the world

Do I smell some SunDagio in the wind?

And Twi, hooves do not go in mouths.

Honestly, I’d be fine with Sunset either reining the sirens in, or joining them in full knowledge given her apparent lack of an alternative support system. I’m not saying Twilight and the Humane Five deserve a bad end, mind you. Their actions here are not unreasonable. But if they’re not gonna properly work the friendship angle, then Sunset is allowed to move on to other ventures and relationships. Also Sundagio is one of the better ships of the fandom, so that’s automatically a vote towards team Dazzling. Excellent chapter!

Hey in the song “under our spell” there is a pretty sick guitar riff in the song, I’m just imagining Sunset really rocking out behind the sirens as they play. (Where they get the rest of the instruments is anyone guess.)


they had been asked by an alien princess that had just granted them magic powers. They'd also seen what happened if it was abused. They may not have felt they had a choice


Was originally going to post the music videos, but it quickly became apparent that the latter was the sort of thing for which viewer discretion would be advised. So, just the music with lyrics.

Anyway, was I right on both counts? The first I'mm confident I was, but for the second it was just the first to come to mind.

I wonder if Sunset might have to choose between Twilight or the Sirens, if the latter remain evil.


Actually, I was thinking of songs that sunset sings. Her part in the Rainbow Rocks finale and the separate song “My past is Not Today”.

Oh, okay. That was kinda my first thought, but I don't know the words to that first song, and I'd forgotten until just now that 'like a phoenix' is an actual part of the song. The only phoenix-like part of the song I remembered was the symbolic imagery at the end of the video, so it didn't make sense to me at the time for that to be it. Thus I looked elsewhere.


I am hoping Sunset will redeem them, in spite of the 7 doing everything in their power to make the sirens hate and fear the world

Five. Sunset is on their side, and for all that she keeps on saying they're evil, Twilight isn't so much against them as she is pro-world saving. The five have their unresolved issues with Sunset ratcheting things up, Twilight has her feelings toward Sunset ratcheting things down. She wants to be on the same side as Sunset, and she's trying to be nice to Sunset. Aside from her slip up here, she's succeeding on the second part.

Because of said-slip up, she's more likely to be apologetic than confrontational.

Then there's the fact she went from this:

“You need to distance yourself from them.” Twilight urged her. “No good can come from being ‘friends’ with sirens.”

to this:

“If you truly believe you can get them to stop then you have to do it soon

in a very short time.

If Sunset talks the sirens into abandoning their evil scheme, Twilight's already said she's ok with that outcome. She's only planning on unleashing the weaponized rainbows if, as she fears, Sunset doesn't get the sirens to change their ways.

As the only non-Dazzling who's friendly with and welcoming to Sunset, she's the only one giving any of the four a reason to choose Team Good. For Sunset, that's pretty straight forward, for the Dazzlings it's a bii more indirect, to wit: Sunset is the best indication the Dazzlings have of what they'd be facing if they weren't using their magic to control people. Without Twilight, it would look like the choice was "Keep doing what we're doing, or have the entire world against us." With Twilight, it's more like, "Keep doing what we're doing, or have a real friend outside the four of us."

Twilight's not in the same pigeon hole as the five. She's like Sunset: part of the band, but not a member of the core group.

Aaaah! I just found this story and read it through. I'm absolutely loving it! I relate to this version of the story so much right now haha, and this dynamic between Sunset and the Dazzlines, while the intentions are grim from what I've seen thus far, the actual interactions are adorable and feel like such a dream come true for Sunset. I know you said some kinda self-deprecating stuff at the beginning of your previous entry for this story, but I think you've been doing really well with it. I for once am looking forward to more, and don't worry - I haven't forgotten that it's a part of the Slice of Life category. ^u^ I do understand feeling that kind of pressure, but I think you should learn to believe in yourself more <3 Or at least be nicer to yourself, since even that much can be challenging.

It's good that Dagi was the big spoon, if she was the little spoon Sunny would have suffocated in her hair. :twilightoops:

I love this idea so much. Sunsets good and is being good. The rainbooms failed on their promise but are the “real good”. Sunset back up her friend? Twisting the ironic black and white of what FIM means. Tragic and interesting idea.

“Well… I just wanted to know… does the word ‘Equestria’ mean anything to you?”

Kudos to you, Sunset, you are faster than I thought :rainbowderp:

“Can… Can I think about it?”

Susnet will try to go to Twilight, right? She will try to talk to her so they would find a better solution without a rainbow, right?.......right? :fluttershysad:

Oof. The Dazzlings made it hard to say no to the offer. Since the Rainbooms (understandably) didn’t give her a chance like they promised Princess Twilight they would, Sunset has nothing to lose if she chooses to become a siren.

I say Sunset should take the deal.

Please say yes, Sunset, please say yes.

A fairly reasonable argument by Adagio, one I’ve also expressed in regards to the changelings prior to their to unfortunate accident in a skittles factory. Still, we all have the meta knowledge that being 🌈 blasted will relieve them of their need to feed in that manner, while also stripping them of what makes them unique.:ajbemused: Still I gotta admit, I prefer the idea that shattering their gems doesn’t automatically make the sirens into a (humanified) pony equivalent anymore than hacking off a pegasus wings or a unicorns horn would produce an earth pony. It just cripples them. Anyway, still a nice chapter!

Which road will you take Sunset? Which road will you take?

“The only line I’m about to blur is the one between my hand and your face if you don’t shut up.”

These are words one would say when they want to end a conversation, because they know they don’t really have solid arguments.

In other words, she is lying to herself.



She does risk going down the same rotten path she was on.

Just going by the cover image, I'd imagine Sunset's gonna accept, but the way she'll convince herself or possibly be convinced by others reinforcing her grouping up with the Sirens will be interesting to see.
Thanks for sharing this with us!

And what does Sunset have to gain in choosing to stay with the Rainbooms? It’s clear that don’t want her and won’t be open to the idea of welcoming her into their group anytime soon. As for the Dazzlings, they let her join their band, truly treated her like a friend, and were upfront with her about everything as soon as she mentioned Equestria and even warned her about the choice she’d be making if she chose to become a siren.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be evil and wanted than good and alone.



I'd rather not be with evil people, because their relationship with me is built around self-interest. The second I stop being useful, they'll give me the boot.

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