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Lab Matt

I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.


Tales From The Commonwealth: Epilogue · 9:42pm 6 hours ago

I can feel it all over my body; the warm glow of the sun, the gentle spring breeze, the rumbling of the ground when a particularly large vehicle drives past you. I don’t dare to open my eyes, fearing that I’m once again dreaming about my life before the end of the world. Before the bombs dropped.

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Lab Matt's Beg-A-Thon Bonanza · 6:10pm October 2nd

Hello there, good folks of FiMFiction!

It has come to my attention that some people in this website write things in exchange for monetary gain. As someone who never asked for a single cent for the things I did on the internet before, be it drawing, video editing, brainstorming ideas with my peers or the writing you are probably already familiar with, I thought "why not give it a shot? The worst that can happen is I get no money and things stay the same!"

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This wasn't supposed to happen · 4:16am January 25th

All I wanted to do was breathe life into idea I had many months ago, but suddenly I find myself in the Featured box, people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me what I did right and where things went wrong, and in less than 6 hours my story received over 200% the amount of upvotes I expected it to collect in its entire run. Heck, it became my most popular work in less than 24 hours! If only I would have known my rushed project that I brainstormed, prepared, drafted, wrote and edited in

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The Mysterious Maiden Do Well X: Closure · 10:52pm Aug 8th, 2015

Well, since I'm not planning on doing another TMMDW fanfic, the least I could do was give you guys some closure.

Years passed and the Maiden 5 graduated. They still protect Canterlot Town at night, but they also have to work in the morning.

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Keep Your Pants On, Partyrockers · 1:53pm Jul 22nd, 2015

You want more Maiden, you get more Maiden!

Apparently, you all kind of like The Mysterious Maiden Do Well franchise, so I'll be focusing on that for a while!
Of course, I still have some (or lots) of stuff to do before the third installment is done and ready for shipment, I'm just making this blog post to keep the hype going among you selected few who found this fanfiction, either by choice, accident or destiny!

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